Sunday, October 29, 2006

On the Chopping Block

Well I see my tongue and cheek post yesterday went over real biggley[sic]. Apparently no one shares my thoughts on alien species. Oh well.

Today I will be brief and describe my thoughts about the upcoming election and add my two cents regarding the outcome.


There, now the next topic regarding Bushes handling of the Iraq war.


There is the trillion dollar budget deficit threatening to cave our economy in.


The general summation of all issues facing the country, add up to,


Why vote? to unscrew our existence.(a remote possibility)

OK now for the bad news(for some it could be good) I will be out of commission, not writing due to long needed elbow surgery Monday. Being a heavy equipment mechanic for many years has taken a toll on my joints. My elbow has been at 60% motion available for twenty years, now I have the opportunity to make it 100% with surgery.

I do not know when I will be able to start blogging two fingered again, a week or two possibly.
Kinda getting used to everyday publishing and I will return ASAP.

So in the mean time get out and VOTE DEMOCRAT! Forget the third party candidates this year, the only option we have is the DEMS right now. We have to reclaim our Constitution from the fascist bastards that claim it is a "goddam piece of paper"

Vote for America, vote for a return to American principles and values.

And if someone you know will vote Repub. Take away his/her car keys on Nov. 7 and hide them.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Blame It on Aliens

Aliens have infiltrated every aspect of human life on earth today.

In a sinister attempt to claim Earth for themselves, aliens have been infiltrating the human race. As energy, they transfer theirs into a human host. We are helpless to stop this transferrence, they have developed a lifeform generator of sorts that moves right into our beings. They infest groups of people and their ruthless likemindedness, excercise their sinister plans in an effort to get us humans to get rid of ourselves.

What genosuicide? Yes, by getting humans to kill each other in large numbers it ensures a more thorough coverage in all the nooks and crannies. They want Earth themselves, they do not intend to share, but they do not want to destroy all life on the planet, rather, an excisement of humanity from it.

As young adults in Earthtime standards, we humans have a lot to learn. In so many ways humans are childlike in their actions, bickering, lying, crying, sniveling. We are an easy mark for planetary pirates because of this naivete.

Look around, see the world today. It is a bizzaro type world where everything right is wrong and up is down, death trumps life. We have become collective victims of interplanetary crime.

How do we fight this collective assault on ourselves? By staying FOCUSED. Know that what you see and hear is a product of planetary pirates, tweeking our youthfull minds to their advantage. We must strive to enhance goodness among each other. That means smiling and greeting others in a friendly manner. Sure we are all confused about the state of the world, but do not let that confusion inspire adverse behavior, instead practice a lighter, less angst ridden tone, we are all in this together.

Do not let the aliens succeed in their conquest!!

Friday, October 27, 2006

Recommended Reading

My brain is tapped for ideas today. Instead I will send you faithfull over to Rolling Stone where a young writer by the name of Matt Tabbi has written one of the most telling articles on our US Congress called "The Worst Congress ever".

Here's a clip:

"There is very little that sums up the record of the U.S. Congress in the Bush years better than a half-mad boy-addict put in charge of a federal commission on child exploitation. After all, if a hairy-necked, raincoat-clad freak like Rep. Mark Foley can get himself named co-chairman of the House Caucus on Missing and Exploited Children, one can only wonder: What the hell else is going on in the corridors of Capitol Hill these days?"

"These past six years were more than just the most shameful, corrupt and incompetent period in the history of the American legislative branch. These were the years when the U.S. parliament became a historical punch line, a political obscenity on par with the court of Nero or Caligula -- a stable of thieves and perverts who committed crimes rolling out of bed in the morning and did their very best to turn the mighty American empire into a debt-laden, despotic backwater, a Burkina Faso with cable."

The rest of the story can be found HERE

Thursday, October 26, 2006

The Worlds' Busy Bodies

Gladys Cravitts would be proud. Gladys, if you are old enough to remember was the sneaky-peeking neighbor on the television series, Bewitched.

This is not meant to be a Halloween theme in this story, but unfortunatly it does possess a scary scenario. The real story here is the penchant of humans to mind others business, a one sided view of anothers life from the point of view of someone with nothing better to do but observe them.

This was Gladys, always peeking out the window and watching the unusual goings on at the Tate residence and egging her husband Abner to come look.

Well in the case of Bewitched life does imitate art. All across America, Americans are minding other Americans business and reporting their findings to the nearest person willing to listen.
Human nature? Mostly. People learn from observation of other people as is evidenced raising kids. Children observe parents behavior and mock it to their friends as if the kids know better than their parents.

This behavior transititions to adulthood, Mocking others is a great pastime between adults, every one talks about others and what they do. 'Hey did you hear Joe was getting some from the girl in the front office, I saw them together by the cooler'.

This could be an ordinary work relationship, working closely on a project and nothing else. But the damage has been done. Others being told of the percieved romance will watch them and see that indeed that was the case because 'I saw them leave work together' or something similar.

The bad part is it corrupts a persons credibility with out that persons knowledge and as gossip is very harmful. When the perceptions result in a person losing his/her job it is even worse.

When we take this busy body behavior to the world arena, it turns into something else however just as nasty. We tell countries that they need to hold elections to be a Democracy but since we do not like the prospects, we supply the candidate for them. In other words 'we feel you will elect someone that will not do what we want them to so you cannot have him as a candidate'.

This is what is happening in Nicaragua right now. The people of Nicaragua have decided to have Daniel Ortega as a candidate, but the US does not want him there because they claim he led the Sandanistas back during the Iran/Contra period.

Even though Reagan and downline operatives were supporting the Contra killing squads, goons run by the CIA, that does not matter. The busy bodies in the US government, many of which are left overs from the Iran/Contra days insist he not run. None other than Ollie North made the trip to tell them electing Ortega would be "the worst thing" for the country.

OK I do not want to go way into that but the point is, as with Iraq, Afganistan and Venezuela, the US has been the worlds busy body, minding other countries business, and the regretable results of doing so. We are up to our eyeballs in alligators on the world stage right now, with more and more former allies hating us for busy body, bully behavior.

We as a people must realize, what others do is none of our business until they prove themselves to be a threat, premption is folly.

We must mind our OWN business right here at home, where there is more than enough work to do correcting our own issues.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Help Wake America From Its' Sleep

We are faced with choices once again. Do we allow the ruling party to maintain the current stranglehold on the political process? Or do we install new Senators and Representatives.

The problem with this years elections as has been in prior years is a lack of participation by the citizenry. Folks just do not like politics, it is viewed by many as a neccessary evil of life here in the US. What can anyone do to engage John Q. Public enough to make him actually get off his ass and vote?

The answer is quite simple. Make voting tax deductable.

The setup would be simple, for taxyears in which national elections take place, allow an extra $200(est.) to be deducted off the bottom line (tax due) or added to any refund due the taxpayer, for each eligible voter that voted in the household. Of course the Election Boards would have to document the voters that cast their ballot and provide receipts to the voter.

This is an incentive for all Americans to get out of their armchairs and vote. Without incentives we will still be one of the lowest voter participating countries in the world, not a thing to be proud of. Shamefull non-participation in the election process is what got us where we are today.

I am a person that sees a problem and tries to fix it, been doing so all my life. Try to fix problems rather than create more. Some will feel my approach is not the right one, well I am open to suggestions.

Some times it is an idea that will make the difference between whether we end up sliding down that slippery slope into the fascist abyss, or not.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Stay the Course?

Yesterday the administration announced the end of the "Stay the Course" rhetoric.

Could it be the administration(Rove) believes a simple change of words will make a difference in next months' election? Well evidently they feel it will make a difference somewhere. These people choose their battles carefully.

Question is will the American people catch up to the new rhetoric to effect the outcome of the election? I think not. The Administration has maintained it's other war, the war against liberals, for a long time. This ploy is just that, a ploy to attract Republicans that might otherwise have lost faith in their party and might swing over to the Democrats.

The Administration is in effect saying,"We want the war to end too". The problem is they will say or do ANYTHING to remain in power. Lying has been proven effective in the past and there is no reason to think it will not work now. As long as the citizens of the USA keep believing the lies, why not keep it up.

The key here is what will happen AFTER the election is over. I suspect the fascist Military Commisions Act will be put into force and the "dissappearing" will begin. They have a mere two years to wrap up dissent prior to the 2008 elections so it will be full steam ahead quenching the rebellious liberals making their little governmental overthrow so, so, difficult.

The war in Iraq will continue despite what they say now, more young Americans will be asked to sacrifice their future for the PNAC doctrine. Iran will follow the road to war agenda and who knows which country is next. The PNAC bunch does not accept defeat very well, so "Stay the Course" will still be in play, contrary to whatever they are saying now.

What kind of human being relishes battle? A sick, twisted, and deluded person indeed.
A person with no moral scruples, war for wars sake, money, oil, and death.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Time To Vote

With the election two weeks away, people are starting to worry about the electronic voting machines and the penchant they have for errors. ABC news is reporting the story, along with CBS news in an unprecidented action by the MSM.

Both the elections of 2000 and 2004 went by without anyone in the MSM giving these machines the vote stealing attention they deserve. However now they are at the forefront of controversy.

Whether they are replaced by the original paper ballots cannot be said at this point, but just looking into their vulnerabilities brings their use under the magnifying glass. Elections officials need to realize electronic machines cannot be depended upon, mostly I believe because companies like Diebold which have a heavy corporate influence by the Republicans, can be programmmed to reset vote counts, the Princton study showed how easily a machine could be manipulated.

The important thing to remember here is that EVERY able person in America needs to get out and VOTE, regardless.


There are lines, sure, there are other issues but when it boils down to the basics, our democracy is at stake now like never before, and THE PEOPLE must step up and make their voices heard, NO EXCUSES!

Truth is because of the failure of so many of our citizens to participate in the voting process, is why we are in such a pickle in the first place.

Ever wonder why voting is not mandatory? The politically empowered like it that way, as long as the American public stays away from the polls, they can carry on their sinister agendas with impunity.

We must vote this year, en-masse. Over load the system with mass participation would ensure votes get counted the right way, insist on paper ballots if possible, register to vote, engage freinds and relatives to do the same.


Sunday, October 22, 2006

Don Williams new column

As Darkness Falls

by Don Williams

If you grew up in a place like East Tennessee, where I did, you were probably raised a Republican. Maybe you can’t conceive of voting for a Democrat. If so, then this column’s not for you. Nothing I can say will sway you.

If you’re open-minded enough to entertain another point of view, read on, for there’s a danger in staying the course, something you should remember come Tuesday, Nov. 7. Here in Tennessee, we face a dramatic choice when it comes to filling the seat being vacated by Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist. The race is tight between Republican Bob Corker and Democrat Harold Ford, Jr., but to me, it’s a clear and simple choice.

I believe that the path we’re on is so destructive, so devoid of light and intelligence that change is a moral imperative. Every day our current leadership takes us deeper into darkness. The loss of civil liberties, crimes against humanity, economic inequality, destruction of the Earth, dishonesty, corruption, greater oil dependency, insecure ports, horrors in Iraq and other disasters and insults await at every turn, often covered up by cries and slogans and name-calling meant to instill fear, alarm, and shame. If you agree with this assessment, then you have an obligation to help put this country on a less hysterical and fear-driven course.

It’s never been more important to use the brain God gave you. And it’s never been more important to vote. I know it’s tough, but try and forget what the negative and dishonest ads say on both sides. Please try and bring perspective to what even your pastor and fellow Christians might demand, when it comes to how you spend your precious vote. Don’t let them do your thinking for you. No one has a lock on morality. But what about gay marriage and abortion, you ask? Here’s my answer. Jesus never said a single word about either issue, as far as I can determine, but even if these were the only issues you considered over the last three or four elections, ask yourself this. What have the Republicans done for you? Is the family stronger? Republicans have held the presidency for 26 of the past 38 years. They’ve had majorities on the Supreme Court and in the Congress for more than a decade. What have they done besides cynically use such issues to evoke fear and prejudice while diverting us from our true problems? Abortion remains legal after all this time and all this fuss. It’s clear from recent revelations that Karl Rove and other cynics in the Bush administration have taken your vote for granted, mocked you behind your back, and bent your support to their own purposes.

In doing so, they’ve led us all to a dark, dishonest place. More soldiers are dying in Iraq than ever, as this is written. A controversial new study suggests more than 655,000 Iraqis, mostly civilians, have died there since we invaded. Our president and a Republican controlled congress have passed laws making deliberate cruelty legal, even though it’s clear such a tactic led to many of the lies used by our leaders to bomb, invade and occupy Iraq three years ago (Google “al-Libi” for ample evidence). I’m sorry if you think speaking such things out loud insults the brave soldiers fighting there, but you’d be surprised to learn how many of them recognize the truth of what I say.

Things are just as dire on the domestic front. Our accrued national debt is so great that it cannot be paid by this or the next generation. Our healthcare system is so broken and cynical that breast-removal-surgery is treated as an outpatient procedure under some insurance plans. It’s so broken that some of our pharmaceutical companies sell drugs to Canadians more cheaply than to Americans.

If you think things are going terribly wrong in this country, then tell your friends to vote for change. The coming election is a referendum on the policies of George W. Bush. To me, a vote for Corker, or most any other Republican on the federal level, would be a vote for more uncritical support of our president’s disastrous and insulting policies, while a vote for Ford would be for someone who, at a minimum, recognizes that the war in Iraq was a bad deal and that global warming is real. True, neither candidate is perfect, but to sit this one out or throw your vote away on a third candidate would only reward failed policy. Better a divided government than more of the same.

Please don’t reward deliberate cruelty, loss of habeas corpus, illegal wiretapping, destruction of a dozen treaties that six or seven presidents sweated blood to produce. Don’t vote for destruction of rain forests and a future filled with monster hurricanes, droughts, dying oceans and drowned cities. Don’t vote for death to songbirds. For landmines, biological weapons and nuclear testing. Don’t vote for federal deficits as far into the future as you can see. Don’t vote for selling our fiscal well being to the Japanese and Chinese, who are floating our deficits. Don’t vote for selling our seaports and exploiting the disaster in New Orleans. Don’t give Halliburton a pass for war-profiteering. Don’t vote for more scandals by the likes of Tom Delay, Ken Lay and Jack Abramoff. Don’t vote for secret energy deals, lower gas mileage for our cars. Don’t reward those who bombed, invaded and occupied Iraq based on lies from a tortured man. Do something to help save us from the dismal swamp we’ve been led to. Vote for change before total darkness falls.

Don gets my vote!------ Be sure and vote Nov. 7, cause if you do'nt, THEY WIN!

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Earth is Home

I guess it would not be right to post what is wrong with our environment, and not address what can be done to improve the planet we are on.

First and formost to be a good steward to the planet, we must create a mindset.
This involves thinking about what you do during the day that affects the air we breathe or the water we drink. For example, do you use squirt type bottles or pressurized cans for your cleaning applications? For those using pressurized cans be mindful they contain chemical propellants that project sprays way beyond the area of intended application.

The same applies for you gardeners, do you realize the course taken for the pesticides and fertilizers that you might use? Rainwater sends it into the underground water table and into lakes and rivers.

Have you looked at your streets? notice where cars normally park contain dark stains?
That oil leakage also runs off into the lakes and rivers. Keep your cars maintained tuned up and smog compliant, if you notice oil spots from your car on the road, you need to have a mechanic fix it.

In general a common sense approach works best, recycle your old appliances by donating them to charity. There are many that refurbish these as a part of a jobs program so use them often. Recycling cans, bottles and paper saves having to dig up more bauxite for aluminium and cut more trees for the paper.

Dispose of old oil, household cleaners, paint, etc. at collection sites if avaiable.
Too bad we do not have more corporate help establishing collection points, the earth would be better off.

Electronics like radios, TVs, and stuff like that contain lead and should NOT be thrown into the landfills, rather should be recycled by donation to charity or elecronics recyclers.

Use the directories in your area to find scrap and salvage yards near you. Aluminum cans are good revenue for kids to make extra cash, so encourage them to join in.

You know, we cannot force mega-corporations to clean up their act, but we can alleviate some of the guilt related to trashing of the Earth by doing our part to be good stewards of the Earth.

Ever little bit helps, RECYCLE!

Friday, October 20, 2006

Now Hear This!

Wake up!!! People of earth!!! Anybody listening? This is your planet speaking!

You humans have been a thorn in my side lately and you better listen up!

I can handle you digging in my outer crust to recover the substances you think will make your life better, I can also accept the removal of of the life from the land and the ocean for your subsistence, I understand your need to feed yourselves.

I do not understand your persistence toward construction of fossil burning devices and factories that continuously give me a snootfull of BAD AIR. You have not realized you are slowly committing myself and all occupants on me to suffocate with these noxious substances. Cough! Cough! Will you stop it already!!!

First you started with the coal burning, now it is oil burning, stinking, foul, burnt oil! You make chemicals I never heard of and pour them onto the land and the sea, not caring the slightest bit about who you are hurting...ME! This stuff you call radioactive is making my crust itch! Knock it off! Or I will be forced to knock YOU off, like fleas you are infesting every square inch of my beautiful toposcape with your debris.

Right now my southernmost side is getting bombarded by excessive solar radiation because you humans have created the largest hole in the ozone I have ever seen.
I do not have enough sunblock to stop the burn I am getting down there.

My waters are becoming barren as well with more and more dead areas in my oceans!
How do you expect ME to fix that? I cannot even get the carbon dioxide reduced because you chopped down my rain forests that were there to do just that!
I am sick and tired of this mess you keep creating on my surface!

I have decided I cannot fight the human race by complaining so I have decided to face my fate. Barring an unforseen comet or asteroid hitting me and shaking you people off, I will from this point on no longer fight this impending planetary doom. I must accept my death and that is that.

I was once a young planet, teaming with all kinds of life, proud of my coverings of trees and oceans. I had great plans for my future, to be the only life sustaining planet within lightyears of any other. What a priviledge it was indeed. Future looked so bright. Until humans showed up that is, it went downhill from there.

NO MORE! You people PISSED ME OFF FOR THE LAST TIME! I am done with you.
You and I, are going to die. Death will be slow, first the heat will come due to a breakdown of my protective atmosphere. You food sources will become fewer and fewer.
The ocean will be next as the water turns acid, the occupants there will follow you with slow death.

My death will be the slowest most agonizing journey of all, I will slowly lose all protections from the sun and will become a dry wasteland similar to my cousins, Mars and Venus, and will never again have lifeforms as residents, just dust and wind, and the everpresent Sun.

Thanks humans, for ruining the only chances we had to achieve greatness for us both.
Thanks for thinking only of yourselves, and not about me.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Fear this!

Fear, we are taught from an early age to fear. Fear of heights, fear of large crowds, fear of failure. This emotion is presented as survival instinct to help us overcome that which would devour us. Understanding fear and it's mechanisms can be accomplished through ones own self analysis.

Why do certain things provoke a response while others remain benign? It all boils down to our developing years as children. We learn that bullies create fear through intimidation, exploiting ones weakness through the use of actions that cause us harm. We learn that there is no boogeymen in the closet or under the bed which allows us more freedom from fear.

So basicly there are two areas of fear, real threats and perceived threats. Real threats are immediate and perceived threats are just that, unsubstantiated, irrational and without a base. Percieved fear can be projected and disseminated through media and by political means.

There is a way to overcome both types of fear and that is by rational thought. Our minds respond to immediate fear by analysis and response. We need to train that portion of our mind that controls fear in order to make our lives more livable rather than an existence. We employ the Police to reduce our fear, and elect politicians to govern through law so fear will be pushed from our daily lives. To some extent long term "fear prevention" provides us security, the rest is up to us.

There are unscrupulous individuals who would study fear and use it to produce a certain response so they can acheive goals that are known to them alone and guard them so as to be able to control other people similar to a parent instilling fear into a child to get the desired effect. This effort at controlling people is very effective and has proven usefull in the past and is still used today.

Essentially we must look at current events and determine what is immediate fear and what is perceived. It is up to every one of us to make that analysis and respond accordingly. We must strive to understand what is being presented, if we leave it to others we cannot complain when it all goes very wrong. We must be vigilant and keep both eyes open to the world and what it contains and not rely on one source for information but view many sources and decide what there is to really fear.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Battle Has Begun

Welcome to the Twenty First Century, hope you do not mind a few wars.

The battle has begun between Good and Evil. No longer contained in the binders of books the battle between the two biggest forces in the universe has begun right here, on Planet Earth.

There are those that would deny the existence of God, but to do so would be denial of our existence. The narrowness of the human mind makes denial of truth easily acceptable to many. It is in this denial that Evil supplants itself into the minds of man.

Without truth and justice all is Evil, with it all is Good. This is the divide we face today and it is quite the chasm indeed.

The most powerful nation on the Earth declared yesterday the intention of waging war against Good all over the world. By doing so it has essentially declared it is more than a mere world leader, instead it has become the world hater. The extreme nature of hate and the resulting death and suffering can be seen by anone willing to open their eyes and look. We look at the record and trail of dead and tortured souls that lie in the wake of the institution we call the US government. 365,000 Iraqi civillians, 3000 coalition forces, and untold amounts of disabled. That is the true face of Evil.

In the name of Terrorism, or is it? Evil has proven in the past to have many faces and fought many wars for one reason or another. Deception is Evils greatest asset.
With deception it can convince even the most timid of souls to do it's bidding.

There are ways to fight Evil as it exists, one is to deny it quarter in your soul. Evil knows man is weak and many times unable to resist it's overwelming power. Only the strongest among us can naturally resist the lure of Evil, most need some sort of religious connection with which to reinforce internal fortitude and overcome Evils' influence.

I believe we as a human race are being tested on a regular basis, to see if we still have enough goodness to overcome the forces set upon us that would do us harm. We must be carefull with this fight for humanity. To kill all that we percieve as being evil, brings us down to the level of the very enemy we face.

So how then are we to fight this war? Quite simply by refusing to be intimidated by Evil, instead deprive the forces of evil a place to exist in our souls. To some this would mean defining their religious inner self and using it for internal reinforcement, to to others recognize Evil for what it is, violence, death, torture, and refuse to allow it to control your life. Humans have a unique makeup that allows us to say NO, we do not have to submit to anyone.

The forces of Good outnumber the forces of Evil by a substantial amount but the inherent non-violent nature of Good causes it to be passive in many cases allowing Evil to maintain it's dominance. Realizing the potential to be better than Evil is a great start. Recognizing the fight is on right now is another positive step and possibly the most important one.

The fight between Good and Evil is in full swing, the fate of mankind is on the line.

Which side will you be on?

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Fascist Takeover is Underway

Warning!!!! The government of the United States is no longer "For the people, and by the people".

While we were out working and playing our governmental officials have been stocking the governmental closet with unelected bureaucrats intent on replacing our way of life with a new one.

These individuals are loyal to one thing and one thing alone, the relentless pursuit of money and all that it contains. Corporations today have tremendous influence in the political process. So much so that they have been able to significantly modify the Constitution of the United States of America to serve their own purpose.

Laws governing the treatment of persons suspected of attempting to circumvent the assimilation into fascism no longer have any protections from the law whatsoever.

No longer can we speak freely against the government, we would be considered terrorist sympathizers and therefore we would be detained indefinitely to keep us from spreading the word of the unjust and fascist regime currently being put into place.

One does not have to further than the nightly news to see what is happening.
It is not what is being said that is so important, it is what in NOT being said that carries the most weight. For a large number of American citizens this will go completely unoticed because they have not been taught critical thinking in politics or just find it boring to think about. Most think they have better things to do.

Now you may say, why should we vote, our vote does not count. This is an untruth propagated by the lazy of mind, unwilling to give the country that has nurtured and guarded them, a moment of time. This my friends is a known by the forces that wish to claim the US for themselves and their corporate bretheren, and DO NOT for one second, think they do not know this.

For it is with the very act of innattention by the citizens that we are where we are today. Had we concientiously selected proper candidates for public office, we could be a lot better off. Because of intellectual laziness we are taken down the road of no return. Every elected official brings with them their own people, and this crew is making a mockery of all our country has held dear.

Make no mistake, corporate takeover of America is NOT in our best interest, only the corporations will benefit. We the people will be secondary in consideration.

This is a warning to all! Diebold is not your friend! Major election fraud is not just a myth, it is reality. These fascists will stop at nothing to claim the power they need to control everything in our lives. This is capitalism gone wild, beyond profits beyond all reason. Voting is the last vestige of freedom we have and the corporatists are making inroads there as well. I recommend paper ballots, they worked for 200 years. Electronic voting is a great concept but bad in practice due to the vulnerabilities to malicious tampering. Absentee ballots take the fraud out but sometimes are counted last. We need to insist on the return of paper ballots to the voting process.

As Americans we can no longer afford to be asleep at the switch. The fascist agenda is being brought to the forefront by the Republican party much to the dismay of long time party members. Corruption and hedonism are that parties agenda. That needs to change, those are not OUR values, we can no longer sit on the sidelines and do nothing, for to do so would be at our own peril.

Awaken citizens of America, the devil is at your doorstep, and the devils name is fascism.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Monday, Monday!

Ah delicious Monday! The day meant to spark renewal of a new week, put the working public back in their workplace, another five days of nose to the grindstone.

The best America has to offer, rather HAD to offer are dilligent, trained and ready workers. Toiling and churning out products to be distributed worldwide, in a continuous stream, the products of a well trained workforce are always top quality.

But wait. Had to offer? Oh yes "HAD" to offer. We have rapidly declined from the worlds most envied product manufacturers to a second class "SERVICE" provider of sorts.
Instead of making toasters, clothing, shavers, TV's, radios and appliances, we are now making.....burgers, coffee, and shopping malls.

Basicly we are all service workers, being paid to be of service to others for financial gain, then take our gains and order a pizza, and get our hair done. This a completely different self supporting economy than was present a mere twenty years ago. Back then we produced the steel used in manufacturing goods here, we would dig the iron ore out of the ground, ship it to Pittsburg, where they would mold and shape it for other manufacturers to use to build products we all bought for use in and out of our homes.

Now suddenly we are immersed in a so-called "Global Economy" which is basicly a fancy word for MORE PROFITS with LESS EXPENDITURE.

This "Global Economy" has allowed Wal Mart, K Mart, Target and others to flourish by retail sale of goods produced elsewhere in the world. The real production jobs have been replaced with servitude labor, here and abroad, mainly working for those retailers.

The result? Crummy products! Stuff that in the past would last ten to twenty years of steady use, now, if you are lucky might go five, or less.

We must turn away from so much dependency upon foreign goods. Can we do that at all?
Are we so far down the path of Globalization we can never return to being self sufficient? These questions beg for answers. Are we doomed to be at the mercy of worldwide corporatists forever? Or can we regain a degree of self sufficiency with out tossing out the baby with the bathwater.

Last week a report from China stated Chinas' desire to embrace worker rights and that dirty word in the corporate world, UNIONS. Yes the return of union labor to set corporatists into fits of anguish, wringing hands, and......labor shopping, the practice of finding another third world country to provide cheap labor for the corporatists.

With the rest of the world unwilling to "work cheap" the pendulum could swing back to the good old USA, which could return to its former manufacturing glory, a self sufficient, production based economy, once again a workforce to be reckoned with.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Feeling Numb yet?

Another Sunday morning and the morning talk shows are spooling up.

The constant dull roar of political rhetoric beamed coast to coast, live for all to see.

What are we going to do about North Korea?

Who wants the former war adversary to rear its warring head once again?

Will UN sanctions work to slow the nuclear process?

And there is the election upcoming in November.

Will the Democrats be able to make hay while the Republicans feign being gay?

What about the case for continuing the Iraq war? Who voted to go, who did not.

In general a wide ranging discussion of wide ranging subjects by a wide range of pundits.

Pundits inteviewing fellow pundits about political events they cannot control, passing judgement on politicians for their positions.

Sorting the Sunday morning talk shows panel discussions into usable components is not a job for the squeamish.

It is with that that I close today, for Sunday is supposedly a day of rest and reflection before resuming the next week, and I am behind schedule.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

More Don Williams Wisdom

GOP Should Lose Seats for Reasons Greater Than Foley’s Lust

by Don Williams

Item: “The aircraft carrier Eisenhower, accompanied by the guided-missile cruiser USS Anzio, guided-missile destroyer USS Ramage, guided-missile destroyer USS Mason and the fast-attack submarine USS Newport News, is, as I write, making its way to the Straits of Hormuz off Iran,” writes author and former New York Times Middle East Bureau Chief, Chris Hedges, for on Oct. 9. Seymour Hersh and others have also reported the hasty buildup.

Item: A controversial study by the English journal, Lancet, estimates the war in Iraq has claimed about 655,000 lives, mostly civilians.

Item: CNN predicts half-a-million American troops will have applied for disability checks before the war ends, and that up to one-third of them will suffer post-traumatic stress syndrome.

Item: New regulations that do away with habeas corpus protections don't distinguish between combatants and American citizens. Our government could "disappear" you or me tomorrow and administer torture without legal redress, if the right officials sign off.

Item: North Korea likely has joined the nuclear club.

Item: The army has plans to keep 140,000 troops stationed in Iraq at least through 2010.

Surely these breaking stories are more important than Mark Foley's clumsy passes at pageboys.

If I were a registered Democrat, maybe I’d be doing handstands. The Foley story has legs (not to mention other body parts). It’ll cost the Republicans votes, and dominate media for weeks, opening closet doors on still more gay congressional staffers and others before it’s over.

Moreover it’s removed a key Republican issue and cut into the party’s religious base. After all, this was the party that was going to save the American family from homosexuals, dontcha know.

The fact that Foley was head of the Congressional Missing and Exploited Children's Caucus makes it all the more hysterical. But in the end, the whole thing’s just too sad to stay funny. The next election should not turn on how We The People react to media hype about Foley’s attraction for boys or young men, depending on definitions and sources.

I know, it’s poetic justice at work. If Bill Clinton’s fibs about consensual sex with a grown women cost his party lots of votes, then it’s only fair that Foley’s advances on pageboys cost Republicans some votes.

Yet history shows we’d have been better off spending less time in the nineties talking about Monica and more time discussing Osama, not to mention Iraq, global warming, nuclear proliferation and election reform. Those are the questions we should be focused on now.

Yes, Harold Ford should win Bill Frist’s senate seat, because a counter-balanced government is more important than ever.

Yes, Republicans deserve to lose majorities in Congress, but they should lose them because of other issues, like these:

* A current foreign debt greater than that accumulated by all previous 42 presidents combined.

* Suppression of reports on global warming.

* A war based on lies gathered in part through torture. Google “al-Libi” for more.

* Destruction of a dozen international treaties that took seven presidents half-a-century to forge.

* The subversion of federal regulations by putting foxes in charge of henhouses at the Environmental Protection Agency, Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Food and Drug Administration, Depts. of Treasury, Interior, Justice and so on.

* New revelations showing the president’s advisers had ample warnings about Osama bin Laden before 9/11.

* Our lowest standing in the eyes of the world in 30 years.

* The most American troops killed in 30 years.

* The 800 signing statements Bush has attached to laws passed by Congress—more than all previous presidents added together--signaling Bush’s belief that he’s above adhering to such laws.

* The largest corporate and congressional scandals in decades, including crooked acts by Jack Abramoff, Tom Delay, key Enron executives, and more.

* Conflicts of interest regarding voting machine manufacturers and the Republican Party.

* The disenfranchisement of thousands of minority voters.

* Use of banned weapons such as white phosphorous in Fallujah and elsewhere.

* The destruction of Lebanon.

* The widening gap between rich and poor.

* Failure to protect ports and borders.

* Failure to manage leftover Soviet nukes.

* Failure to do anything meaningful about Darfur.

* Failure to become less energy-dependent.

* Use of congressional “ear-marks” to take home the pork.

* New rules that stymie congressional debate.

* The New Orleans debacle, showing just how vulnerable American cities are.

* A deliberate strategy by some to starve social programs by over-spending on armaments.

* New generations of nuclear weapons.

* A deal to supply India with nuclear fuel that could be used for weapons.

As a friend likes to say, “These are not your daddy’s Republicans.” They’re radicals who should be turned out. But not, sad to say, because Mark Foley lusts after pageboys.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Don speaks truth to power. We the people need to regain control of our government.
Neglecting the political process has left us with a government out of control.
We must be ever vigilant for those intent on making rules that exclude us from the process, for to do so will mean the certain death of democracy.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Don Williams Speaks For All of Us

Take Your Torture And Go, George

by Don Williams

George Bush 43, Commander-in-Chief, Decider, Your Royal Highness, however you’d like to be addressed….

For God’s sake, take your torture program and go. Take your secret prisons, your attack dogs, your electrodes, your water boards, your feeding tubes, your ceiling restraints, your whipping wires, your excruciating music, your sleep deprivation, your hobbles and cuffs. Take all such instruments and go. They’re making things much worse, as I will show.

I saw you on CNN, Sept. 15, and you said that unless Congress “clarifies” Article 3 of the Geneva Accords, “the program is not going forward.” You sounded like a spoilt child threatening to take his ball and go home. But you weren’t talking about a little ball, you were talking about torture, though you wouldn’t call it that.

So, if you’re that oblivious to how the majority of us feel about torture and the Geneva Accords, then please, maybe it’s time you took your “program” and went home to Texas. Heaven curse the day you ever decided to leave there.

As Colin Powell suggested in his recent letter to John McCain, your undermining of the Geneva Accords threatens to take away whatever moral high ground our nation has attained. It’s demoralizing our troops and further dividing the country.

Worse yet, it’s ineffective. Tell me what your “program” has done for us? You claim it shut down another attack on the homeland. Can you provide a shred of hard evidence? I can name a dozen things you got precisely wrong—and in a very loud and petulant voice—leading up to the war in Iraq.

One of them is especially pertinent, because it was based on torture. Over and over you suggested Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden were in cahoots, and in February of 2003, you sent Powell over to the UN to make that claim to the world. Turns out the information he cited was based on lies told by a man undergoing torture.

I can show you where Newsweek, the New York Times, the New Yorker and others have documented that Powell unwittingly based his claim on lies told by one Ibn al-Sheikh al-Libi.

Al-Libi, a man with serious mental problems, told his interrogators in Egypt—where he’d been sent by the CIA for torture--that Saddam Hussein was teaching al-Qaeda how to make chemical and biological weapons. Powell didn’t refer to al-Libi by name, rather he called him “a senior terrorist operative,” according to the New Yorker. Later, al-Libi recanted and said he’d made such false statements in order to end the torture. Unfortunately, by then it was too late. It’s likely that more than 100,000 people have died as a result of that bad information.

That’s how torture works. Bad information begets bad action. Ask Maher Arar, an innocent Canadian engineer who was mistakenly put on a watch list in Canada. Snagged at a U.S. airport in 2002, our government flew Arar to Syria, in secrecy, and against his protests. There he was beaten with cables and forced to live in a tiny underground grave, as he called it, unable to communicate with the family he’d left behind. He was released without charges one year later thanks to pressure from the Canadian government.

So yes, George, Your Highness, please, take your torture and go. It isn’t working. While you’re at it, take your signing statements and all the cute titles for programs that mean the opposite of what you name them, and give us back our Constitution and our country.

Try not to nuke anybody on your way out, as Seymour Hersh and several other reporters believe you’re itching to do. Just take your phosphorous, your depleted uranium, your cluster bombs, your secret labs and everything else you’ve unleashed contrary to international law, and go away. If not now, then soon. At least say you’ll go quietly come 2009 and not try slipping back into power, as some suggest you’ll do, heaven help us, through one of the loopholes you’ve blasted in the Constitution.

Try to understand that, while some of us who loudly complain against you don’t hate you, as our critics charge, we’re heartsick and angry at what you’re doing to our country, its reputation, its once-generous soul, its capacity for optimism, joy, empathy and rational debate. We’re heartsick at what you’re doing to our beautiful blue-green world. So please, take your talking points, your Karl Rove, your Condoleezza Rice, your hunting buddy Dick Cheney, your Alberto Gonzales, Paul Wolfowitz and secretary of offense Donald Rumsfeld. Take all the wolves you placed in charge of all the henhouses—at Treasury, Interior, FCC, Education, Labor, FDA, NRC. And then please let someone, anyone—maybe your father—take you by the hand and lead you away, to a very safe place.


Don Williams is a prize-winning columnist and the founding editor and publisher of New Millennium Writings, an annual anthology of literary writing. His awards include a National

Endowment for the Humanities Michigan Journalism Fellowship, a Golden Presscard Award and the Malcolm Law Journalism Prize. He is finishing a novel, “Red State Blues,” set in his native Tennessee and Iraq. His book of selected journalism, “Heroes, Sheroes and Zeroes, the Best Writings About People” by Don Williams, is now available for ordering. For more information, email him at Or visit the NMW website at

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Horror of War in the 21st Century

650,000, dead Iraqis since the imoral invasion of Iraq. 40 US troops killed in September alone.
1 out of 4 returning troops applied for service connected disabilty after being discharged.

All because of the actions of the White House with the blessings of Congress.

Who will stop this madness?

Are people so insulated by their denial that death does not matter?

Of course there are a few caring folks willing to voice opposition to the war mongers but a few is not enough to overcome the gross stupidity being put forth by the Bush Administration. They have determined there is somehow a justification to mass killing on the scale that rivals ALL other previous wars.

This war mentality is sick, abhorrent behavior from the minds of sick politicians who seem to be the reincarnation of WWII's Nazi goons, devoid of emotion, ruthless, tyrants and just plain evil.

These thugs have been accusing certain nations of being "the axis of evil" while performing the most evil acts to be committed by any human since Hitler.
They have authorized the use of torture, destroyed the Bill of Rights, eliminated Habeas Corpus, and gutted the Constitution.

All the while this countries' citizens watch TV, mental masturbation, the 21st Century equivalent of Nero fiddling while Rome burned.

These citizens think very highly of themselves and will waste no time minding their neighbors business and gossiping.

But where are these people when they are needed to contain a vicious would be dictator named Bush? They can be found at the Mall, consuming Chinese manufactured goods, and of course, watching TV.

Without a unified populous we are at the mercy of our bloodthirsty, war loving politicians.

United we stand, divided we fall. We are falling right now and a heartbeat away from hitting bottom.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The Critters Need Attention

This little bird a Yariguines Brush Finch was recently discovered in the Cloud Forest in Columbia. Note it's size compared to the persons fingers.

Of all the species of critters on earth the birds are some of the oldest residents of planet Earth.

This is one example of many birds inhabiting our planet, surviving the advancing human race.

It is no longer untouched by humanity though as many bird species have been. Now it's secret lair has been uncovered, ornithologists wordwide will attempt to spot more of the species, and capture some, because it is a NEW previously undiscovered bird.

I feel it is a wonderfull creation of nature and as such deserves to be left alone as it has been for so many years. Perhaps when the initial studies are done it will be able to return to it's home.

If you like to watch birds this is the time of the year to do so. Migration is in full swing and a well stocked bird feeder will yield a peek into the bird world.

Mother Nature was very generous, populating the Earth with critters, birds are the only ones fitted to overcome the forces of gravity that hold the rest of us down to the planet.

Birds are the epitomy of freedom in that regard, and the United States has selected the Eagle to represent our freedom with grandeur. The mighty Eagle, powerfull, swift, with a sharp eye for prey. But as mighty as it might be, the Eagle like the rest of the birds pay a price for their freedom, they are fragile. Their bones are built with light weight and strength in mind and a small encounter with a plate glass window or hunter will take the life of the bird, swiftly.

So it is we must learn that freedom is a fragile thing also. Freedom soars and carries us all along our life journeys in the United States, bringing many successes and failures but we are always free, until now.

Our free flight is being threatened by the blunt object called fascism. Corporate control is threatening to bring our flying high days to a screeching halt. The American way has become an endangered species of late. We are being forced into wars which we do not want by certain persons who would rather fatten their wallets than feed their fellow poor citizens.

Profit will be the plate glass window, our freedom cannot see the glass but it is still there.
The quest for the dollar will mean or Eagle will collide with the glass, unknowing but still will not survive the hit. It will be the demise of freedom as we know it, replaced instead by a neo-coporate existence, not found in nature, this existence will not be pleasant.

The Neo-corporate machine will be the only freedom we will see, individual freedom will be eliminated. We will be subserviant to the corporate masters and will have little choice in the day to day activities. We will essentially be slaves with the corporations as the masters. Anyone who would dare to defy them would be dealt with swiftly.

Treasure the critters folks, grab your kids, go out to the woods, listen and watch nature interact in harmony.
Get a pair of good binoculars and watch the birds, they are the truly free.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

What are we afraid of?

Recent events have struck more than a few nerves with folks. Many people have chosen to isolate themselves by ignoring the news reports of violence and death.

Instead they engage in distracting activities as well as personally destructive ones, all the while trying to disengage themselves from the daily drama unfolding in the world.

This approach might be OK for some, but most people would benefit more if they would merge together with like minded persons and pool their intellectual resources.

There are a large number of people that cannot tell you who the Attorney General is by name.
Others cannot tell you the name of the mayor of their hometown.

We must realize that school did not teach us what we need to know about living in the USA, and our social responsibility toward our fellow citizens. Sure we all know we do'nt pitch our lawn clippings over the fence in the neighbors yard,(well some anyway), but do we know what it takes to be a good citizen of the USA?

Lets start by reading The Constitution of The United States. This document was carefully crafted by the original builders of our great nation. It is with this document all order has been established for the future, with the ability to add to it as the need arises.

It is this document that establishes how the goverment shall be divided into separate entities, each with the shared responsibilities of maintaining a democratic society in which we can all live as a nation. It is from the words we obtain our strength as a nation, and as a nation we all need to understand this document IS the rule of law.

Right now we have a threat to this nation building document, ones that would see it trashed for their own gain are rapidly neutralizing features built in by the authors that would comprimise the very integrity built into it.

The President himself has declared it a "goddam piece of paper"!

What exactly do we have to fear here? We have to fear a would-be dictator establishing a fascist society in which The Constitution would become a meaningless and unenforceable document, an uneeded piece of history so-to-speak.

But what to do? First, let us unite as a people. Talk to friends and neighbors about what is happening to the world they have known. Most will not understand a lot about politics because they have not been taught to do so. It is very important to explain SIMPLY and CLEARLY how their lives will soon be affected by the current regime, and ask if they are open to recieving information, providing copies of well written articles by knowledgeable folks to illustrate the current situation would be extremely helpfull.

A lot of folks need to be educated about current events, they have been taught by the MSM how to view a topic, all the while not taught critical thinking skills with which to question what they are told.

With a population of almost 500 million people, the United States has the power to circumvent any assault on The Constitution brought by the mighty mental midget, neo-cons.

The few must not control the many, their agenda is not acceptable on any level, we have the numbers to stop them.

We cannot and must not let The Constitution slip from our grasp, for to do so, it it at our own peril.

Do not be afraid, be knowledgeable, help others to gain the same knowledge, for with knowledge comes power, and with that power we can defeat the forces that would make us captives in our own country.

We OUTNUMBER the neo-cons 100,000 to one, why should we submit to their control?

"The only thing we have to fear is FEAR itself." FDR,1941

Monday, October 09, 2006

Veterans VS Chickenhawks

I met these two fine men at a town hall meeting Saturday, Charlie Brown on the left is running against John Dolittle for Representative in my District.

Together they brought a message to us "This election is not about left and right, it is about right and wrong".

They spoke of the lack of funding for veterans healthcare and lack of government support of the very troops returning from the current Iraq with PTSD and other maladies.

Max spoke elouquently of his own battles off the battlefield with PTSD, how it never is to far from his mind and has recently had to seek help for a revisitation of the trauma, it can leave some individuals in a state of almost unretrievable limbo.

Charlie Brown recieved a Distinguished Flying Cross for a rescue mission in Viet Nam, where he piloted a helicopter. He did not go into details as he is a modest man and gentle soul.

Both these men know firsthand the horror of war and the injustices contained therein. Returning from Viet Nam Charlie and a lot of veterans like him were treated with indifference by the people in America, even though vets like Max gave the country an arm and two legs doing exactly what the Military expected of him, to help his country counter Communist aggression.

We know now the war was more about furthering the financial gains of government contractors than stopping Communism, not much different than Iraq in many ways with no-bid contractors reaping huge financial rewards, while our young troops absorb the IED's and car bombs.

The VA has underwent massive cuts in it programs at the hands of the Neo-cons in control, and it is not expected to improve anytime soon. This was heavily emphasised in both their speeches.

We are asked to support our troops in Iraq, while the Chickenhawks that never served a day of their lives in any war, decide the troops fate upon returning. Forcing these young men and women to basicly fend for themselves medically and finacially.

What a big fat double standard! The cold ruthless warmonger chickenhawks will not be supporting the troops! The bloodless snake vermine have the guts to pull the rug out from under the very troops they require to do their bidding, have no intention of caring for them once they are spent out and try to restart their shattered lives, all the while spending more and more on Blackwater type thugs, which are disposable, pay-per-troops.

It is time for all good men to come to the aid of their country, NOW!
Time to get fired up! This Administration is the "Axis of Evil".

If you know a veteran that needs help, support them, understand them, talk to them.

Just as we should support the troops now in harms way, so must we support those who have returned, and continue to do so, the government has signed off on them and they need your help.

Find out who the candidates in your area are veterans, support them, help them to get elected, and replace the worst bunch of Chickenhawks ever to poison our shores.


Friday, October 06, 2006

There is hope in forgiveness

Yesterday the first of the children killed in Lancaster county were interred in private ceremonies.

The manner of the killings is beyond belief. Cold and calculating , the killer planned each step to accomplish his goal of revenge for an event over 20 years ago supposedly involving child molestation.

The demons were hard at work in the mind of the killer, guilt, paranoia, frustration. Like a time bomb, reached the point of no return that day and committed one of the most brutal crimes in this new century.

Yet through it all, the Amish folk stayed true to their religious roots.

They forgave this brutal killer.

Who among us would be willing to do the same if it was our children in the classroom that day?
Most would be frustrated, unable to get beyond the thought of revenge, torn internally by rage, forgiveness would be the last thing on most peoples mind.

The killer leaves behind a wife and children who through no fault of their own have to bear the brunt of the hatred from others. They will not recieve hatred from the Amish folk, rather they have taken this unfortunate family and embraced them with love and forgiveness.

How many of us would step up to do the same?

Forgiveness practiced well, relieves a tremendous amount of internal mental angst and pain.
With it we can move ahead to recovery, without it we stagnate, forever wallowing in thoughts of misery and sadness.

We can all learn a valuable lesson from this event the way the Amish look at it and cope with the slaughter of their innocent children, forgiveness of the wrongs brought against us, makes us stronger because of it.

Religion is often the root cause of problems, this time it is clarifying, cleansing, and formost forgiving.

We could learn alot from this, question is will we?

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Where have all the heros gone?

In the past heros have been known by their ability to rise above the frey and rescue people from burning homes, saving flood victims as with the Katrina disaster or in general helping others survive an otherwise fatal situation.

Today we have a fatal situation facing the entire country.

Our United States Constitution is near death. Dying from a neo-con assault, attempted murder on the backbone of our democracy.

All our forefathers had established to ensure our democracy flourishes is in danger of being wiped out and replaced with a fascist regime whos' only intent is to further the profit making potential of mega-corporations and enslave the American people to them.

Who among us has the strength to overcome this assault?

Right now the fascist dictator Bush and his minions are working hard to make sure you do not know what they are doing. This Administration which is the most secretive since the Nixon era
is infiltrating the depths of government to ensure they can gain complete control of all aspects of the government, witnessed by the dismantling of the EPA, the FCC, the US Forest Service and many others, essentially nullifying any rules that would interfere with their goal of domination.

This authoritarian regime has rendered pollution laws intended to keep us safe, moot.
The Congress has proven they are completely incapable of stopping this abuse of power and have basicly rubber stamped every bill requested to accomplish the Administrations goals.

The Administration has started an unjustified war against a sovreign nation, Iraq, to further the mega-oil corporations agenda of world oil conquest. President Bush has declared the Constitution a "goddam piece of paper" Now an illeagal assault on Iran seems entirely possible, even with an obvious lack of support worldwide.

This assault on the core values of America continues unabated and without mercy.

Who will be the hero/heros? Will it be you?