Saturday, October 28, 2006

Blame It on Aliens

Aliens have infiltrated every aspect of human life on earth today.

In a sinister attempt to claim Earth for themselves, aliens have been infiltrating the human race. As energy, they transfer theirs into a human host. We are helpless to stop this transferrence, they have developed a lifeform generator of sorts that moves right into our beings. They infest groups of people and their ruthless likemindedness, excercise their sinister plans in an effort to get us humans to get rid of ourselves.

What genosuicide? Yes, by getting humans to kill each other in large numbers it ensures a more thorough coverage in all the nooks and crannies. They want Earth themselves, they do not intend to share, but they do not want to destroy all life on the planet, rather, an excisement of humanity from it.

As young adults in Earthtime standards, we humans have a lot to learn. In so many ways humans are childlike in their actions, bickering, lying, crying, sniveling. We are an easy mark for planetary pirates because of this naivete.

Look around, see the world today. It is a bizzaro type world where everything right is wrong and up is down, death trumps life. We have become collective victims of interplanetary crime.

How do we fight this collective assault on ourselves? By staying FOCUSED. Know that what you see and hear is a product of planetary pirates, tweeking our youthfull minds to their advantage. We must strive to enhance goodness among each other. That means smiling and greeting others in a friendly manner. Sure we are all confused about the state of the world, but do not let that confusion inspire adverse behavior, instead practice a lighter, less angst ridden tone, we are all in this together.

Do not let the aliens succeed in their conquest!!

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Saladin said...

I guess that's one explanation! There's also demon possession! Nothing would surprise me anymore. Just when you think you've seen the worst, it get's a LOT worse. UGH.