Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The Critters Need Attention

This little bird a Yariguines Brush Finch was recently discovered in the Cloud Forest in Columbia. Note it's size compared to the persons fingers.

Of all the species of critters on earth the birds are some of the oldest residents of planet Earth.

This is one example of many birds inhabiting our planet, surviving the advancing human race.

It is no longer untouched by humanity though as many bird species have been. Now it's secret lair has been uncovered, ornithologists wordwide will attempt to spot more of the species, and capture some, because it is a NEW previously undiscovered bird.

I feel it is a wonderfull creation of nature and as such deserves to be left alone as it has been for so many years. Perhaps when the initial studies are done it will be able to return to it's home.

If you like to watch birds this is the time of the year to do so. Migration is in full swing and a well stocked bird feeder will yield a peek into the bird world.

Mother Nature was very generous, populating the Earth with critters, birds are the only ones fitted to overcome the forces of gravity that hold the rest of us down to the planet.

Birds are the epitomy of freedom in that regard, and the United States has selected the Eagle to represent our freedom with grandeur. The mighty Eagle, powerfull, swift, with a sharp eye for prey. But as mighty as it might be, the Eagle like the rest of the birds pay a price for their freedom, they are fragile. Their bones are built with light weight and strength in mind and a small encounter with a plate glass window or hunter will take the life of the bird, swiftly.

So it is we must learn that freedom is a fragile thing also. Freedom soars and carries us all along our life journeys in the United States, bringing many successes and failures but we are always free, until now.

Our free flight is being threatened by the blunt object called fascism. Corporate control is threatening to bring our flying high days to a screeching halt. The American way has become an endangered species of late. We are being forced into wars which we do not want by certain persons who would rather fatten their wallets than feed their fellow poor citizens.

Profit will be the plate glass window, our freedom cannot see the glass but it is still there.
The quest for the dollar will mean or Eagle will collide with the glass, unknowing but still will not survive the hit. It will be the demise of freedom as we know it, replaced instead by a neo-coporate existence, not found in nature, this existence will not be pleasant.

The Neo-corporate machine will be the only freedom we will see, individual freedom will be eliminated. We will be subserviant to the corporate masters and will have little choice in the day to day activities. We will essentially be slaves with the corporations as the masters. Anyone who would dare to defy them would be dealt with swiftly.

Treasure the critters folks, grab your kids, go out to the woods, listen and watch nature interact in harmony.
Get a pair of good binoculars and watch the birds, they are the truly free.


gerald said...

den, thank you for an informed post! Most people do not appreciate the beauty of birds and their flight because we feel that birds will always be here. Yet, we must remain vigilant against the practices of corporations and humans doing damage to our environment. The envrionment, like the human body, can only tolerate so much abuse before the problem becomes irreversible.

Saladin said...

DEN, I am blessed to live where I do, the array of birdlife is just fantastic, from Snowy Egrets and Blue Herons to Banded Kingfishers and Gold Finches. I love birds, they are the absolute epitome of freedom. Thank God bushco can't interfere with that, not yet at least.
Great essay, thanks.


DEN said...

Sal, guess you could call us a couple of bird brains, HA!

A lttle Titmouse hit our living room window a couple of years ago, I held him for a little while to make sure he was not going to die, he didnt. I put him in a shoebox with a towel and he sat in there for about two hours.
I opened the box and the little guy looked at me for a while, then flew off.
Ever since then the Titmice have become residents and can be found munching out at the feeder every day.
Nifty critters.

DEN said...
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gerald said...

The birds, like the trees, meadows, lakes, and skies, are part of the simple life that should be enjoyed by all.

gerald said...

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