Saturday, October 21, 2006

Earth is Home

I guess it would not be right to post what is wrong with our environment, and not address what can be done to improve the planet we are on.

First and formost to be a good steward to the planet, we must create a mindset.
This involves thinking about what you do during the day that affects the air we breathe or the water we drink. For example, do you use squirt type bottles or pressurized cans for your cleaning applications? For those using pressurized cans be mindful they contain chemical propellants that project sprays way beyond the area of intended application.

The same applies for you gardeners, do you realize the course taken for the pesticides and fertilizers that you might use? Rainwater sends it into the underground water table and into lakes and rivers.

Have you looked at your streets? notice where cars normally park contain dark stains?
That oil leakage also runs off into the lakes and rivers. Keep your cars maintained tuned up and smog compliant, if you notice oil spots from your car on the road, you need to have a mechanic fix it.

In general a common sense approach works best, recycle your old appliances by donating them to charity. There are many that refurbish these as a part of a jobs program so use them often. Recycling cans, bottles and paper saves having to dig up more bauxite for aluminium and cut more trees for the paper.

Dispose of old oil, household cleaners, paint, etc. at collection sites if avaiable.
Too bad we do not have more corporate help establishing collection points, the earth would be better off.

Electronics like radios, TVs, and stuff like that contain lead and should NOT be thrown into the landfills, rather should be recycled by donation to charity or elecronics recyclers.

Use the directories in your area to find scrap and salvage yards near you. Aluminum cans are good revenue for kids to make extra cash, so encourage them to join in.

You know, we cannot force mega-corporations to clean up their act, but we can alleviate some of the guilt related to trashing of the Earth by doing our part to be good stewards of the Earth.

Ever little bit helps, RECYCLE!

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