Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Fascist Takeover is Underway

Warning!!!! The government of the United States is no longer "For the people, and by the people".

While we were out working and playing our governmental officials have been stocking the governmental closet with unelected bureaucrats intent on replacing our way of life with a new one.

These individuals are loyal to one thing and one thing alone, the relentless pursuit of money and all that it contains. Corporations today have tremendous influence in the political process. So much so that they have been able to significantly modify the Constitution of the United States of America to serve their own purpose.

Laws governing the treatment of persons suspected of attempting to circumvent the assimilation into fascism no longer have any protections from the law whatsoever.

No longer can we speak freely against the government, we would be considered terrorist sympathizers and therefore we would be detained indefinitely to keep us from spreading the word of the unjust and fascist regime currently being put into place.

One does not have to further than the nightly news to see what is happening.
It is not what is being said that is so important, it is what in NOT being said that carries the most weight. For a large number of American citizens this will go completely unoticed because they have not been taught critical thinking in politics or just find it boring to think about. Most think they have better things to do.

Now you may say, why should we vote, our vote does not count. This is an untruth propagated by the lazy of mind, unwilling to give the country that has nurtured and guarded them, a moment of time. This my friends is a known by the forces that wish to claim the US for themselves and their corporate bretheren, and DO NOT for one second, think they do not know this.

For it is with the very act of innattention by the citizens that we are where we are today. Had we concientiously selected proper candidates for public office, we could be a lot better off. Because of intellectual laziness we are taken down the road of no return. Every elected official brings with them their own people, and this crew is making a mockery of all our country has held dear.

Make no mistake, corporate takeover of America is NOT in our best interest, only the corporations will benefit. We the people will be secondary in consideration.

This is a warning to all! Diebold is not your friend! Major election fraud is not just a myth, it is reality. These fascists will stop at nothing to claim the power they need to control everything in our lives. This is capitalism gone wild, beyond profits beyond all reason. Voting is the last vestige of freedom we have and the corporatists are making inroads there as well. I recommend paper ballots, they worked for 200 years. Electronic voting is a great concept but bad in practice due to the vulnerabilities to malicious tampering. Absentee ballots take the fraud out but sometimes are counted last. We need to insist on the return of paper ballots to the voting process.

As Americans we can no longer afford to be asleep at the switch. The fascist agenda is being brought to the forefront by the Republican party much to the dismay of long time party members. Corruption and hedonism are that parties agenda. That needs to change, those are not OUR values, we can no longer sit on the sidelines and do nothing, for to do so would be at our own peril.

Awaken citizens of America, the devil is at your doorstep, and the devils name is fascism.


gerald said...

Great article!!! No one could have said it better.

Awaken citizens of America, the devil is at your doorstep, and the devils name is fascism.

Plus, Bush and his cabal are a knocking!

gerald said...

Spirituality of Peace

gerald said...

Some words from Spirituality of Peace!

"Nobody can be a Christian today without being a peacemaker," Henri wrote in Peacework. "The bombing of Hiroshima and the nuclear arms race that followed have made peacemaking the central task for Christians. There are many other urgent tasks to accomplish -- the work of worship, evangelization, healing of church divisions, alleviating worldwide poverty and hunger, and defending human rights. But all of these tasks are closely connected with the task that stands above them all: making peace. Making peace today means giving a future to humanity, making it possible to continue our life together on this planet."

Finally, Henri's spirituality of peace centered on a simple matter -- our sense of "belovedness." We are the beloved sons and daughters of God, he taught over and over. The more we become aware of this our true nature, the more we plumb this spiritual understanding of life, the more we will reach out in love for every human on the planet. Because we are God's beloved children, we will recognize every other human being as our beloved sister or brother. When we manage that, the business of death will fall: war, poverty, injustice, nuclear weapons. All will live in God's realm of peace.

" 'Blessed are the peacemakers,' " said Henri, "are the key words for Christians today."

gerald said...

den, I have your blogspot on my favorite column but others may not. Dancing with Fools does not come up on Google! What is your address for Dancing with Fools. I have asked Alternate Reality posters to read your articles and the article, Spirituality of Peace. Fortunately, I can link Dancing with Fools but other posters may not.