Thursday, October 19, 2006

Fear this!

Fear, we are taught from an early age to fear. Fear of heights, fear of large crowds, fear of failure. This emotion is presented as survival instinct to help us overcome that which would devour us. Understanding fear and it's mechanisms can be accomplished through ones own self analysis.

Why do certain things provoke a response while others remain benign? It all boils down to our developing years as children. We learn that bullies create fear through intimidation, exploiting ones weakness through the use of actions that cause us harm. We learn that there is no boogeymen in the closet or under the bed which allows us more freedom from fear.

So basicly there are two areas of fear, real threats and perceived threats. Real threats are immediate and perceived threats are just that, unsubstantiated, irrational and without a base. Percieved fear can be projected and disseminated through media and by political means.

There is a way to overcome both types of fear and that is by rational thought. Our minds respond to immediate fear by analysis and response. We need to train that portion of our mind that controls fear in order to make our lives more livable rather than an existence. We employ the Police to reduce our fear, and elect politicians to govern through law so fear will be pushed from our daily lives. To some extent long term "fear prevention" provides us security, the rest is up to us.

There are unscrupulous individuals who would study fear and use it to produce a certain response so they can acheive goals that are known to them alone and guard them so as to be able to control other people similar to a parent instilling fear into a child to get the desired effect. This effort at controlling people is very effective and has proven usefull in the past and is still used today.

Essentially we must look at current events and determine what is immediate fear and what is perceived. It is up to every one of us to make that analysis and respond accordingly. We must strive to understand what is being presented, if we leave it to others we cannot complain when it all goes very wrong. We must be vigilant and keep both eyes open to the world and what it contains and not rely on one source for information but view many sources and decide what there is to really fear.


gerald said...

I fear that Hitler Bush is a despotic dictator who displays a depraved indifference toward his slaughter of human beings.

erling krange said...

Den, my greatest fear these days are: "What sort of a world will my grandchildren grow up in?" I've got eight of them. (+ one great grandchild!) The warmongers and the corporations don't give a f... how the world will look like in the future, their concern is how to make as much money as possible at present. Glaciers are melting around the world due to global warming. This is now proved by scientists to be manmade. All because large corporations don't give a damned about the rest of us.