Sunday, October 15, 2006

Feeling Numb yet?

Another Sunday morning and the morning talk shows are spooling up.

The constant dull roar of political rhetoric beamed coast to coast, live for all to see.

What are we going to do about North Korea?

Who wants the former war adversary to rear its warring head once again?

Will UN sanctions work to slow the nuclear process?

And there is the election upcoming in November.

Will the Democrats be able to make hay while the Republicans feign being gay?

What about the case for continuing the Iraq war? Who voted to go, who did not.

In general a wide ranging discussion of wide ranging subjects by a wide range of pundits.

Pundits inteviewing fellow pundits about political events they cannot control, passing judgement on politicians for their positions.

Sorting the Sunday morning talk shows panel discussions into usable components is not a job for the squeamish.

It is with that that I close today, for Sunday is supposedly a day of rest and reflection before resuming the next week, and I am behind schedule.


gerald said...

den, Sunday is a good day to reflect.

Another great article, Feeling Numb yet, to use our thinking processes!

From the previous blog, the young people need to wise up and realize that we have a coward in chief in the WH and he cares zilch about dead people and death counts.

Security moms are as useless as nipples on a bull. They are with Bush and they are into murders, war crimes, and torture.

Smirking Chimp generally has great articles. It is my go to website. There are other good websites but the Smirking Chimp seems to have articles that give me information.

gerald said...

den, here is a thought. With your blogs and the frequency of the blogs you may want to write a book. Gather all your notes and thoughts and combine them in a book!

erling krange said...

Den, today is monday. I hope that your pencil has been sharpened during the Weekend. I've been a bit busy lately. Visiting family in Oslo, among other things. Would'nt it be nice if the coming midterm elections resulted in 2/3 majority for the Dems? Then GWB would lose his ability to Vetoe. But I'm afraid this is a dream that will not come true.


DEN said...

Erling, GW has not vetoed a single bill yet, it is the signing statements that need correction, like take his pencil away!
Dems will pull ahead and pass the repugs, and even diebold cannot help the sorry ass repugs now!
Gerald, I am no where near being able to write a book yet, could use the money though, HA!

Anonymous said...

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