Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Help Wake America From Its' Sleep

We are faced with choices once again. Do we allow the ruling party to maintain the current stranglehold on the political process? Or do we install new Senators and Representatives.

The problem with this years elections as has been in prior years is a lack of participation by the citizenry. Folks just do not like politics, it is viewed by many as a neccessary evil of life here in the US. What can anyone do to engage John Q. Public enough to make him actually get off his ass and vote?

The answer is quite simple. Make voting tax deductable.

The setup would be simple, for taxyears in which national elections take place, allow an extra $200(est.) to be deducted off the bottom line (tax due) or added to any refund due the taxpayer, for each eligible voter that voted in the household. Of course the Election Boards would have to document the voters that cast their ballot and provide receipts to the voter.

This is an incentive for all Americans to get out of their armchairs and vote. Without incentives we will still be one of the lowest voter participating countries in the world, not a thing to be proud of. Shamefull non-participation in the election process is what got us where we are today.

I am a person that sees a problem and tries to fix it, been doing so all my life. Try to fix problems rather than create more. Some will feel my approach is not the right one, well I am open to suggestions.

Some times it is an idea that will make the difference between whether we end up sliding down that slippery slope into the fascist abyss, or not.


gerald said...

DEN, people get what they deserve. The voting percentage should be at least 75% and not 35 to 40%.

I oppose incentives to vote. People should take pride in their vote and their desire to cast a vote.

I had a friend who taught in high school. He had to offer treats to have the students work. He taught in a large city school. Students should take pride in wanting to learn. Bribing students to learn is not good practices at the high school level. In the first three or four grades it may have some merit.

Employers in America seek workers from foreign countries because they take pride in a completed task. Americans do not reveal the same pride. I see more problems for the American worker in the years to come.

When American unions were powerful, I consistently said that labor, corporations, and government needed to work together for common objectives. Labor did not work with the corporations and now you see that labor has little power. We are all Americans and as Americans we must work together to resolve differences and problems.

DEN said...

Gerald, there is incentive for everything we do. For instance the incentive to work is money.
Incentive makes the economy go around.
I am "old school" about work ethics. Fix it RIGHT the first time! My incentive is to have happy customer that I can count on for future business.
People respond to incentive naturally like the donkey with the carrot on a stick.

I'll buy if you fly!

Saladin said...

I have three more ideas to get people to vote. One, give them someone to vote for, I mean someone who isn't bought and paid for by one lobby or another. Two, get rid of these bullshit electronic machines. Everyone leaves with a paper copy of their paper ballot that has been hand counted. And three, do away with that archaic electoral college system. That may have been fine back in the day, but it is a bad idea in today's political climate.
OK, that's my two cents worth!

DEN said...

Sal, actually about 15 cents, but who's counting. HA!