Thursday, October 12, 2006

Horror of War in the 21st Century

650,000, dead Iraqis since the imoral invasion of Iraq. 40 US troops killed in September alone.
1 out of 4 returning troops applied for service connected disabilty after being discharged.

All because of the actions of the White House with the blessings of Congress.

Who will stop this madness?

Are people so insulated by their denial that death does not matter?

Of course there are a few caring folks willing to voice opposition to the war mongers but a few is not enough to overcome the gross stupidity being put forth by the Bush Administration. They have determined there is somehow a justification to mass killing on the scale that rivals ALL other previous wars.

This war mentality is sick, abhorrent behavior from the minds of sick politicians who seem to be the reincarnation of WWII's Nazi goons, devoid of emotion, ruthless, tyrants and just plain evil.

These thugs have been accusing certain nations of being "the axis of evil" while performing the most evil acts to be committed by any human since Hitler.
They have authorized the use of torture, destroyed the Bill of Rights, eliminated Habeas Corpus, and gutted the Constitution.

All the while this countries' citizens watch TV, mental masturbation, the 21st Century equivalent of Nero fiddling while Rome burned.

These citizens think very highly of themselves and will waste no time minding their neighbors business and gossiping.

But where are these people when they are needed to contain a vicious would be dictator named Bush? They can be found at the Mall, consuming Chinese manufactured goods, and of course, watching TV.

Without a unified populous we are at the mercy of our bloodthirsty, war loving politicians.

United we stand, divided we fall. We are falling right now and a heartbeat away from hitting bottom.


gerald said...

den, your blog sums it up!

Who will stop this madness?

No one will stop the madness. Here are five reasons -
1. Silence of the American people is deafening.
2. Americans are in a state of denial.
3. There is no outrage from the people toward our mass murders and war crimes.
4. Americans are indifferent toward the plight of other human beings.
5. Americans are a selfish people who are into immediate gratification.

gerald said...

Think You Know Helen Keller?

It bothers teacher and writer Ruth Shagoury Hubbard that Helen Keller is depicted in most children’s books simply as "a brilliant deaf and blind woman who surmounted incredible obstacles."

Keller, born into a wealthy Alabama family in 1880, triumphed over major disabilities partly because of "the advantages of my birth and environment."

But Hubbard says, "Here is a woman who worked tirelessly as a radical advocate for the poor, but she is depicted as a kind of saintly role model for people with handicaps."

Hubbard thinks more could be done to convey her courage: she studied speech to more effectively "promote the social justice she believed in." She supported women’s right to vote as well as unions. She questioned why a wealthy nation tolerated great poverty. And after visiting Hiroshima and Nagasaki, she recommitted herself to the anti-war movement.

There’s more to most people than meets the eye. Look for it.

Many women have done excellently, but you surpass them all. (Proverbs 31:29)

Thank You, Redeemer, for courageous people who work for the common good.

gerald said...

How We Can
"Support Our Troops"

Chris Carney visited Walter Reed Army Medical Center and found that members of the military recovering from injuries received in Iraq lacked support and necessities.

Moreover, "these kids…are scared of what’s next, of how they’re going to feed their families,"
Carney said.

Deciding to make the ubiquitous "Support Our Troops" slogan meaningful, Carney arranged a coast-to-coast bicycle trek and raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for the Wounded Warriors Project.

"Chris made it possible for us to pay for 2,400 backpacks (each containing a CD player, clothes and toiletries) – two years’ worth – plus pay the salary of a full-time counselor at Walter Reed to help the disabled vets with benefits and jobs," said Wounded Warriors founder John Melia.

In the words of President Lincoln, what can you do "to care for him (and her) who shall have borne the battle?"

Come you that are blessed by My Father…for I was sick and you took care of Me. (Matthew 25:34,36)

God, we lose the treasure of our young men and women in war. Show us how to find peace and justice.

gerald said...

Advice for Newlyweds

In an article in Marriage magazine, Carolyn Vinup offers some words of advice for newlyweds.

Here are a few of her tips:

Laugh, hug and touch every day.

Look your loved one in the eyes and say "I love you." Keep looking…

Give up the Power/Control game right away.

Apologize after a fight; forgive and then let it go.

And always, listen more than you talk.

Make your marriage a priority and schedule regular dates.

Simplify your life; remember who and what are important.

Surrender with your heart; love grows deeper when you do.

These tips will work well for long-married couples, too.

What can you add to this list from your own experiences?

Let marriage be held in honor by all. (Hebrews 13:4)

Keep us honest, loyal and loving in all our relationships, Faithful Savior.