Monday, October 16, 2006

Monday, Monday!

Ah delicious Monday! The day meant to spark renewal of a new week, put the working public back in their workplace, another five days of nose to the grindstone.

The best America has to offer, rather HAD to offer are dilligent, trained and ready workers. Toiling and churning out products to be distributed worldwide, in a continuous stream, the products of a well trained workforce are always top quality.

But wait. Had to offer? Oh yes "HAD" to offer. We have rapidly declined from the worlds most envied product manufacturers to a second class "SERVICE" provider of sorts.
Instead of making toasters, clothing, shavers, TV's, radios and appliances, we are now making.....burgers, coffee, and shopping malls.

Basicly we are all service workers, being paid to be of service to others for financial gain, then take our gains and order a pizza, and get our hair done. This a completely different self supporting economy than was present a mere twenty years ago. Back then we produced the steel used in manufacturing goods here, we would dig the iron ore out of the ground, ship it to Pittsburg, where they would mold and shape it for other manufacturers to use to build products we all bought for use in and out of our homes.

Now suddenly we are immersed in a so-called "Global Economy" which is basicly a fancy word for MORE PROFITS with LESS EXPENDITURE.

This "Global Economy" has allowed Wal Mart, K Mart, Target and others to flourish by retail sale of goods produced elsewhere in the world. The real production jobs have been replaced with servitude labor, here and abroad, mainly working for those retailers.

The result? Crummy products! Stuff that in the past would last ten to twenty years of steady use, now, if you are lucky might go five, or less.

We must turn away from so much dependency upon foreign goods. Can we do that at all?
Are we so far down the path of Globalization we can never return to being self sufficient? These questions beg for answers. Are we doomed to be at the mercy of worldwide corporatists forever? Or can we regain a degree of self sufficiency with out tossing out the baby with the bathwater.

Last week a report from China stated Chinas' desire to embrace worker rights and that dirty word in the corporate world, UNIONS. Yes the return of union labor to set corporatists into fits of anguish, wringing hands, and......labor shopping, the practice of finding another third world country to provide cheap labor for the corporatists.

With the rest of the world unwilling to "work cheap" the pendulum could swing back to the good old USA, which could return to its former manufacturing glory, a self sufficient, production based economy, once again a workforce to be reckoned with.


gerald said...

den, thank you for your thoughts! We have massive problems in our country and our rigged elections will only make things worse. I do not like to be labeled a defeatist but I see America's path as being similar to the paths of Rome and Nazi Germany.

erling krange said...

Den, same thing has happened here in Norway. It seems to me that most toys, electronics, shoes and clothing are Made in China these days. Like you said, corporates are constantly looking for countries with cheap labo(u)r.