Friday, October 20, 2006

Now Hear This!

Wake up!!! People of earth!!! Anybody listening? This is your planet speaking!

You humans have been a thorn in my side lately and you better listen up!

I can handle you digging in my outer crust to recover the substances you think will make your life better, I can also accept the removal of of the life from the land and the ocean for your subsistence, I understand your need to feed yourselves.

I do not understand your persistence toward construction of fossil burning devices and factories that continuously give me a snootfull of BAD AIR. You have not realized you are slowly committing myself and all occupants on me to suffocate with these noxious substances. Cough! Cough! Will you stop it already!!!

First you started with the coal burning, now it is oil burning, stinking, foul, burnt oil! You make chemicals I never heard of and pour them onto the land and the sea, not caring the slightest bit about who you are hurting...ME! This stuff you call radioactive is making my crust itch! Knock it off! Or I will be forced to knock YOU off, like fleas you are infesting every square inch of my beautiful toposcape with your debris.

Right now my southernmost side is getting bombarded by excessive solar radiation because you humans have created the largest hole in the ozone I have ever seen.
I do not have enough sunblock to stop the burn I am getting down there.

My waters are becoming barren as well with more and more dead areas in my oceans!
How do you expect ME to fix that? I cannot even get the carbon dioxide reduced because you chopped down my rain forests that were there to do just that!
I am sick and tired of this mess you keep creating on my surface!

I have decided I cannot fight the human race by complaining so I have decided to face my fate. Barring an unforseen comet or asteroid hitting me and shaking you people off, I will from this point on no longer fight this impending planetary doom. I must accept my death and that is that.

I was once a young planet, teaming with all kinds of life, proud of my coverings of trees and oceans. I had great plans for my future, to be the only life sustaining planet within lightyears of any other. What a priviledge it was indeed. Future looked so bright. Until humans showed up that is, it went downhill from there.

NO MORE! You people PISSED ME OFF FOR THE LAST TIME! I am done with you.
You and I, are going to die. Death will be slow, first the heat will come due to a breakdown of my protective atmosphere. You food sources will become fewer and fewer.
The ocean will be next as the water turns acid, the occupants there will follow you with slow death.

My death will be the slowest most agonizing journey of all, I will slowly lose all protections from the sun and will become a dry wasteland similar to my cousins, Mars and Venus, and will never again have lifeforms as residents, just dust and wind, and the everpresent Sun.

Thanks humans, for ruining the only chances we had to achieve greatness for us both.
Thanks for thinking only of yourselves, and not about me.


Saladin said...

DEN, The earth has survived a lot worse than anything we could ever do, monstrous meteors slamming into it, super volcanoes erupting constantly, violent earthquakes rending the continents, radiation bombardment, massive die offs of entire ecosystems, it is part of the nature of the planet. Unlike what many people like to tell themselves, nature is NOT balanced, it is always changing, many times to the detriment of the life it sustains. If humans can't learn to live in harmony the best way we can we will simply go the way of the dinosaurs, just a hell of a lot sooner! Pretty ironic that creatures with a brain the size of a walnut count their years in the hundreds of millions while we, the "masters of the universe" have managed to pollute ourselves to the very edge in less than 10,000 years. But if we send ourselves into extinction, the earth will abide as always, probably be a lot better off without us too. We don't deserve what we have if we are not capable of appreciating it.

gerald said...

DEN, another thoughtful post! As stewards for our planet we have failed. As my wife says to her Nazi sisters, "In twenty years it won't matter anymore." It really won't matter for me as well. PEOPLE GET WHAT THEY DESERVE!!!!! We have raped and pillaged our planet and we will get what we deserve.

erling krange said...

Den, this is why I fear the future. On the other hand, I am one of the consumers. Which has to do with: "My children should have a better life than I had!" I am driving a five year old Toyota Camry, have my own house, have no complains, but I am still a consumer. What can I do?