Sunday, October 29, 2006

On the Chopping Block

Well I see my tongue and cheek post yesterday went over real biggley[sic]. Apparently no one shares my thoughts on alien species. Oh well.

Today I will be brief and describe my thoughts about the upcoming election and add my two cents regarding the outcome.


There, now the next topic regarding Bushes handling of the Iraq war.


There is the trillion dollar budget deficit threatening to cave our economy in.


The general summation of all issues facing the country, add up to,


Why vote? to unscrew our existence.(a remote possibility)

OK now for the bad news(for some it could be good) I will be out of commission, not writing due to long needed elbow surgery Monday. Being a heavy equipment mechanic for many years has taken a toll on my joints. My elbow has been at 60% motion available for twenty years, now I have the opportunity to make it 100% with surgery.

I do not know when I will be able to start blogging two fingered again, a week or two possibly.
Kinda getting used to everyday publishing and I will return ASAP.

So in the mean time get out and VOTE DEMOCRAT! Forget the third party candidates this year, the only option we have is the DEMS right now. We have to reclaim our Constitution from the fascist bastards that claim it is a "goddam piece of paper"

Vote for America, vote for a return to American principles and values.

And if someone you know will vote Repub. Take away his/her car keys on Nov. 7 and hide them.

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Saladin said...

Sorry DEN, doesn't matter who we vote for, it's already been decided, just like the last 3 elections. Even if everyone wrote in Mickey Mouse the repubs are still likely to win. I'm really tired. I guess it's possible that in 2010 when the North American Union is scheduled to be up and running voting may become a thing of the past. I sure don't hear any dems talking about that though. In fact, the only person who has addressed it at all, and railed against the implications, is a republican from Texas. Now, THAT'S scary! Neofascistsocialism is the wave of the future, might as well get used to it.