Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Stay the Course?

Yesterday the administration announced the end of the "Stay the Course" rhetoric.

Could it be the administration(Rove) believes a simple change of words will make a difference in next months' election? Well evidently they feel it will make a difference somewhere. These people choose their battles carefully.

Question is will the American people catch up to the new rhetoric to effect the outcome of the election? I think not. The Administration has maintained it's other war, the war against liberals, for a long time. This ploy is just that, a ploy to attract Republicans that might otherwise have lost faith in their party and might swing over to the Democrats.

The Administration is in effect saying,"We want the war to end too". The problem is they will say or do ANYTHING to remain in power. Lying has been proven effective in the past and there is no reason to think it will not work now. As long as the citizens of the USA keep believing the lies, why not keep it up.

The key here is what will happen AFTER the election is over. I suspect the fascist Military Commisions Act will be put into force and the "dissappearing" will begin. They have a mere two years to wrap up dissent prior to the 2008 elections so it will be full steam ahead quenching the rebellious liberals making their little governmental overthrow so, so, difficult.

The war in Iraq will continue despite what they say now, more young Americans will be asked to sacrifice their future for the PNAC doctrine. Iran will follow the road to war agenda and who knows which country is next. The PNAC bunch does not accept defeat very well, so "Stay the Course" will still be in play, contrary to whatever they are saying now.

What kind of human being relishes battle? A sick, twisted, and deluded person indeed.
A person with no moral scruples, war for wars sake, money, oil, and death.


gerald said...

The Nazis are staying the course by flooding television and radio with political advertising. The talk of a Democratic takeover of the House or Senate is no longer in sight. The Nazis will continue to rule both Houses. More evidence of rigged elections surfaces everyday. Where has our nation been these last six years? Have the Americans been sleeping? Do Americans want clean government or have they accepted staying the course of corruption, lies, mass murders, and war crimes?

Carey said...

I'm afraid Gerald, and yesterday, rs (I believe that's Robert Schwartz), have a point. The money is about to pour in for GOPers. That and the election fraud and the gerrymandering. I'm not at all sanguine about this election, despite the salivating pundits. They just want grist for their columns.

Den, this was beautifully written. Could you believe it last night on Olbermann, with Tony Snow actually claiming they quit using the term "stay the course" because it was misunderstood by "critics"? Then there was the clip of W. actally claiming to George Stephanopoulus (sp) that they had never said "stay the course".

DEN said...

Carey, KO is getting the story out but is still percieved as a "Lefty" by the reich.
The scare commercial with "Special Comment" afterward rocked!
Gerald, I wish I could be optimistic and think the election will matter, but there are too many idiots that will not vote or vote repug because they are idiots.