Thursday, October 26, 2006

The Worlds' Busy Bodies

Gladys Cravitts would be proud. Gladys, if you are old enough to remember was the sneaky-peeking neighbor on the television series, Bewitched.

This is not meant to be a Halloween theme in this story, but unfortunatly it does possess a scary scenario. The real story here is the penchant of humans to mind others business, a one sided view of anothers life from the point of view of someone with nothing better to do but observe them.

This was Gladys, always peeking out the window and watching the unusual goings on at the Tate residence and egging her husband Abner to come look.

Well in the case of Bewitched life does imitate art. All across America, Americans are minding other Americans business and reporting their findings to the nearest person willing to listen.
Human nature? Mostly. People learn from observation of other people as is evidenced raising kids. Children observe parents behavior and mock it to their friends as if the kids know better than their parents.

This behavior transititions to adulthood, Mocking others is a great pastime between adults, every one talks about others and what they do. 'Hey did you hear Joe was getting some from the girl in the front office, I saw them together by the cooler'.

This could be an ordinary work relationship, working closely on a project and nothing else. But the damage has been done. Others being told of the percieved romance will watch them and see that indeed that was the case because 'I saw them leave work together' or something similar.

The bad part is it corrupts a persons credibility with out that persons knowledge and as gossip is very harmful. When the perceptions result in a person losing his/her job it is even worse.

When we take this busy body behavior to the world arena, it turns into something else however just as nasty. We tell countries that they need to hold elections to be a Democracy but since we do not like the prospects, we supply the candidate for them. In other words 'we feel you will elect someone that will not do what we want them to so you cannot have him as a candidate'.

This is what is happening in Nicaragua right now. The people of Nicaragua have decided to have Daniel Ortega as a candidate, but the US does not want him there because they claim he led the Sandanistas back during the Iran/Contra period.

Even though Reagan and downline operatives were supporting the Contra killing squads, goons run by the CIA, that does not matter. The busy bodies in the US government, many of which are left overs from the Iran/Contra days insist he not run. None other than Ollie North made the trip to tell them electing Ortega would be "the worst thing" for the country.

OK I do not want to go way into that but the point is, as with Iraq, Afganistan and Venezuela, the US has been the worlds busy body, minding other countries business, and the regretable results of doing so. We are up to our eyeballs in alligators on the world stage right now, with more and more former allies hating us for busy body, bully behavior.

We as a people must realize, what others do is none of our business until they prove themselves to be a threat, premption is folly.

We must mind our OWN business right here at home, where there is more than enough work to do correcting our own issues.


gerald said...

Great blog! Our Nazi government has that fault of telling people what is best for them even though we fall way short of high ethical and moral standards. Sovereign countries do not want a morally corrupt country like the USA telling them what is best and who to elect. Our rulers need to look into a mirror and see the dry rot just below the skin surface.

Micki said...

The world has always had its busybodies, with many of them leading their countries into war. But, even busybodies who don't lead us into war, are mean and destructive.

I'll betcha the world would be a better place right now if it wasn't for the prissiest busybody in recent times -- Kenneth Starr. His prurient "busybodiness" into President Clinton's marital infidelity helped set the stage for the MESS WE ARE IN TODAY.

Down with busybodies! Up with MYOB!