Thursday, November 30, 2006

Abundant Zealotry

Other than the Neo-cons, the biggest troublemaker in the world today is Religious Zealots.

Too many zealots spoil the world as can be plainly seen anywhere you are willing to look.
What can be seen as a benevolent and assuring God is now armed to the teeth and more than willing to eliminate all seen as enemies. The Muslims, Jews, Christians, and others have turned away from the principles of peace and brotherly love to a more aggressive outright attack on those that would believe differently. Substitute guns and ammo for peace, brutality for brotherly love.

Most religions today have there teachings intended to produce a favorable result to believers.
By study and diligence of a particular religion you are guaranteed a place in "the afterlife", abundant in everything not found in this life. This would supposedly be a place of peace and tranquility, and in some cases many blessed virgins with which to cavort and carry on, some say Heaven, where all is at peace and all needs are met without effort, we would not need food or drink.

Well I'm here to tell the so-called religions, you can have a lot of these things right here on the face of the earth, today, right now. First put away your AK47's, Uzis, M16's, cluster bombs, white phosphorous, conventional bombs, suicide bombers, and atomic weapons, long enough to look each other in the eyes and realize; we all want the same thing for ourselves and our children. We all want to live long prosperous lives with our families.

Instead religion has taken up arms against other religions believed to be inferior to their own.
Jews against Muslims and Christians against Protestants. They do not accomplish anything other than destruction of each other. It DOES NOT ELIMINATE the other religion, just the followers.
They all have to get used to the fact that religion aside they are all HUMAN BEINGS, not religious entities. None has more rights than the other, none have an inherited right to kill the other. Teaching such imperils us all.

So maybe this is a human condition and a condition of humanity, but until religion is put back into the place it should be, the churches, synagogues, temples, and shrines, the world will never see peace.

Bringing religious zealotry to the streets in the form of violence, brings us all down the evolutionary ladder many steps and forever condemns us to lives filled with sorrow.


Anonymous said...

Den, some people say that human nature cannot change.  To me, the signs show clearly that profound and revolutionary changes in human ideas and institutions are now in progress. The question is:  what will those changes bring?  We need to eradicate religious zealotry from government because fanatical devotion in decision-making to benefit the greater good is an impossibility.

We Americans think we can solve just about anything with technology -- bigger this, bigger that, bigger bombs, smarter bombs, gadgets, widgets, gee-whiz crap!

The marriage of technology and fanaticism is a sobering and frightening possibility. We'd better figure out how to put the brakes on that marriage! Or, we are DOOMED! We'd also better figure out what "morality" truly is -- too many people have subordinated morality strictly to the dogma of theology, as though one has to be *religious* to be moral. Not! Their devotion to their religion is stronger than their sense of justice -- many *religious* people are blinded by their faith and it keeps them from undersanding what is required to develop and maintain peaceful relations with their fellow man.

Pacem in terris. Sure.

I do believe that one religious person, among others to be sure, did try to work towards Peace on Earth. Back in 1963 while the world was locked in a Cold War nuclear arms race, Pope John XXIII, issued a Papal Encyclical entitled Pacem in Terris, Peace on Earth.
In that document, Pope John XXIII called on all peoples to begin an authentic dialogue in the quest for peace and human fulfillment.  He articulated four dimensions of the human spirit "truth, justice, love, and freedom" as prerequisites for lasting peace.
More than 40 years later, warfare remains an urgent reality in our violent world.  Almost 20% of the world's population -- 1.3 billion people -- live in a region of war or violent conflict.

I'm just rambling, thinking about your essay, wondering if it's our nature, as humans, to want discord over peace and accomodation. I mean, look at us on these blogs! We've been balkanized by our own actions.

But, I prefer it on this side of the line. ;-)) I remain filled with hope!

Anonymous said...

Oh, on another matter...that Iraq Study Group Circle Jerk...

bush will stand pat and look to General Rove to come up with a new slogan and that's about it.


DEN said...

Iraq Study Group is just a fancy name for a bunch of poppys crony assholes trying to retain control of a very profitable war for their own gain and fuck the troops!

Jr. screwed the pooch, now the puppetmasters show their faces to curb their losses.

DEN said...

Anyone wishing to read the Iranian Presidents letter to the American people, can read it HERE

Heavily burdened with religious overtones, he strikes several important chords regarding our political concerns and makes them his concerns.

Sorry I am wary of zealots in logical clothing, they are seldom logical.

Carey said...

Micki and Den,

I've only read the first two posts and already have a comment.

Micki, the marriage of technology and fanaticism is a phrase that once again calls me to bring up Marx. In fact this whole discussion does. [organized] Religion is the opiate of the people. Everything we see happening to religious zealots he warned against. He was never against God. That's a myth. In fact he was born Jewish and late in life converted to Christianity. All the destruction of the followers Den, Marx saw as part of a larger tool utilized by powerful owners (corporatists) as a means of control.

But leave it to us petty humans to take this phenomenon and run with it to our graves. People become obsessed with who is better, who God likes more. It's a such a waste of good humankind. Popes, Rabbis etc. down through history have wielded such undeserved power. God is in each and everyone of us. Every spiritual entity is valuable. That includes animals and plants of course.


I agree that man can change and he better fast. Global warming is not kidding around. Soon it won't matter what gosh darn religion you are, survival will be paramount.

Nobody rambles when it comes to matters of such importance. Besides, it is Christmas. As we celebrate this most precious of combined religious holidays, it's difficut to watch what perceived religions are doing to people

Carey said...

The Iraq Study Group is moot. Whatever they suggest, and I did have some hope that a bit of rationality might enter policy, will be "vetoed" by General Rove and Cheney.

Happened by the press conference while almost asleep last night. Witnessed al Maliki doing his best to survive, which I'm sure we all here predict will not be long, by telling the Pres. no outside interference will be tolerated. This occured several times. Bush sat there "calmly" (but with rigid posture and that stupid resolved but confused look) and recited his f*&king al Queda-9/11 crap. Natch, the whole thing was a waste of time. Not even King Abdullah's influence could help this ungodly mess.

What the hell were they thinking leaking the Bradley memo to the NY Times? Okay, let's just see them really kill each other now! Giggle, snicker. We're big, tough guys.

Carey said...

I rest my case.

Study Group to Call For Iraq Withdrawals--Bush Remains Obstinate

DEN said...

Ok you budding young scientists!

Your assignment is to go HERE to observe photos of the Aurora Borealis.


Lots of good information about the Earths magnetosphere too.

Changes in the Magnetosphere combining with pollution issues, I believe is responsible for the weird weather and possibly global warming.

DEN said...

Hop-heads! your turn:

A medical marijuana user plans to see in the New Year on an all-time high -- by rolling the world's biggest joint.

Los Angeles resident Brett Stone said he aims to usher in 2007 by building a .91-meter (three-foot) cigarette using around 112 grams of marijuana.

Stone said he was inspired to try for a record after learning that the previous biggest joint was made with 100 grams.

"I thought the world's largest joint would have been a lot larger," said Stone, 48, who runs the medical marijuana website

Medical marijuana use has been legal in California since 1996, when voters passed a law allowing the drug to be used as a pain reliever.

Stone said he would be careful to ensure that his record attempt would remain legal, indicating that the joint would be smoked in a local medical marijuana collective.

"We're probably going to do it as a fund raiser," he said. "And the mayor and police chief would be most welcome if they have a doctor's note to consume cannabis."

Stone said he plans to roll an even bigger joint to mark the US football final at the Super Bowl next February -- and has asked companies if they can provide custom made rolling papers to help the attempt.

"I think a meter (3.3 feet) would be a good, smokeable size joint," Stone said. "I'm not looking to make a torpedo I'm looking to make a smokeable joint."

Far out man!

Carey said...


All I can say to Brett Stone is: SHARE, SHARE, SHARE!

I'm afraid we might not be off to such a good start. I haven't seen enough and there hasn't been enough actions to make accurate, real assessments of the routes the Dem congress might take, but if this is any indication....

William Greider

Same Old, Same Old

Now, onto the pretty pictures of Aurora Borealis.

Den, your thoughts about the Magnetosphere are shared by others. Some have speculated it's how the Dems won. (The switching of magnetic poles--that's not the same thing is it? Or is it?) I don't know, I picked that up a while ago over at AR.

Carey said...

If this isn't about as concise enough a summary of where we stand, I don't know what is.

Robert Scheer: Learning to Live With the Ayatollahs

DEN said...

Ok I cannot leave the sameold, same old story go unchallenged.
From the Nations own reference come this: article.

And this:
Robert Edward Rubin (b. August 29, 1938) is a banker who served as the 70th United States Secretary of the Treasury during both the first and second CLINTON Administrations.

I am getting sick of highly paid professionals dissing peoples motives(Dems) all the time, no offense to you Carey.

DEN said...

Carey, thanks, I like this part a lot: Simply put, the neoconservative geniuses who believed invading Iraq would bolster both U.S. and Israeli interests in fact have accomplished the exact opposite—handing both military and public-relations victories to their sworn enemies. Similarly, the international movement to restrain the proliferation of nuclear weapons has been struck a possible death blow as a desperate United States may be forced to accommodate Iran’s nuclear ambitions, just as it did those of Pakistan.

Ah yes, they don't call it BLIND AMBITION for nothing.

Carey said...

Den, it occurs to me that your blogettes might not provide you with enough scientific interest. Try us on for size. You'd be surprised.

Loved the picture. That gives one pause at the wonder of this earth and its celestial surroundings. I would hope it affected back-easterners as such during their busy lunch hours.

On the Same Old, Same Old, as I said, I really haven't given it too much thought because the situation in the Middle East just sweeps over me. I was putting it out for thought exchange. I do worry about the strong emphasis on how wonderful the free market can be.

On Scheer: Den, check out the comment just below mine. Intereeesting. The quote you cited also made me think of Sibel Edmund's article.

To the powers controlling the U.S. and Israel: When will they learn there is a dialectic karma?

Anonymous said...

Ya wanna see a great photo of The Northern Lights, the Aurora Borealis? It even includes The Big Dipper!

The photo was taken by Eric Engman of the Fairbanks Daily News Miner, above the Cripple Creek area off of the Parks Highway outside of Fairbanks.