Sunday, November 12, 2006

Friends and Bloggers

It is Sunday, for most a day of reflection, for others a day to get things done before the workweek starts up again.

I will choose reflection in this case, reflecting on recent events causing much disharmony in the blogosphere.

The blogosphere presents itself as a forum for differing viewpoints and discussion without the normal attachments of friendship. You are able to post comments on issues important in your life along with many other folks in the cyberscopic world of the blogosphere. Everyone is a faceless entity, unencumbered by issues that are present in normal one to one exchanges. You can be as rude or nice as you want to be without fear of repercussions. Slinging verbal shit where otherwise a more thoughtful approach in real life would restrict that.

What strikes me is the sheer gaul of some to post vile and vicious comments that they would not dare say to their mothers or fathers, or even friends. Rudeness rules the roost in a lot of areas, where friendliness once existed.

The Golden Rule has not been banished yet and still should apply to all forms of communication. "Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you" is not just a cute phrase, it is a WISE phrase. Following the simple phrase should allow fair and equitable discussions in most cases, that is the general intent. Harmony among humanity is not easily achived, as anyone that survived childhood can attest. So it is that it takes a certain amount of effort to forgive ones grievous errors and move on. The inability or unwillingness to put forth forgiveness, stifels growth and smothers the fragile flame of friendship.

Some folks believe no matter what is said, they are right, and will not budge in their opinion. Others believe they are right, but when offered a different viewpoint, will reconsider their position, if it is deemed appropriate.

We must remain flexible enough to accept change and differing viewpoints, stubborness and self rightousness do not allow personal growth, rather they stunt it, leaving us stuck in the mire of non-growth. Easy to understand if you look at the music today and how you view it. Do you view it with disdain? "those young kids and their crummy music" or "I listened to Coldplay and really think they are great". Two opposite viewpoints created by two different personalities, one willing to look forward, one stuck in the past.

We cannot change our past, we can only move forward, lets move forward to a better world, leave the past behind, forgive your enemies, refuse to carry those grudges around, to do otherwise is at our own peril.


Micki said..., I'm trying again.

DEN, your essay is an intelligent, insightful reminder -- and I take it to heart.


(here goes, fingers crossed....)

Micki said...

Yea! Now, I hope it works next time.

Micki said...

This is one of the things I tried to post earlier...I went away and came goes again...!

Aide says: Bush open to commission's ideas for Iraq

— President Bush's chief of staff said Sunday "nobody can be happy with the situation" now in Iraq and the White House would consider the idea of U.S. talks with Syria and Iran if a blue-ribbon commission recommended that.

We'll see...but, come to think of it, when was anyone happy with the situation in Iraq? Other than the likely suspects. Maybe Family Consigliere Baker can whip Junior into line?

Micki said...


France Urged to Admit Colonial Crimes

- - - - - - - - - - - -

November 12,2006 | ALGIERS, Algeria -- Algeria's leader has called on France to recognize colonial-era crimes in his country.

Prime Minister Abdelaziz Belkhadem, speaking at a Saturday party conference ahead of Monday's start of a two-day visit by French Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy, said France and Algeria have "friendly" relations.

But "these relations cannot mask collective memory," he said.

Algeria is "ready," to cooperate with France "so that it recognizes crimes committed against Algerians ... The Algerian can forgive, but will never forget," Belkhadem said.

Polls in France show Sarkozy is the top center-right contender to succeed President Jacques Chirac in France's presidential contest next spring. Chirac has not said whether he will seek a third term, but it appears unlikely.

Sarkozy, in an interview with the French-language magazine Jeune Afrique published last week, said that the colonial era "had its dark moments" and that the slave trade was a crime.

He insisted however that the "duty of memory" about the injustices of the colonial system must not be confused with the French people who lived in, helped build and "loved Africa."

Sarkozy was expected to focus on joint efforts to battle illegal immigration and terrorism during his meeting with Algerian leaders.

The former crown jewel of France's North African colonies, Algeria was under French rule for 132 years before Algerians won independence in 1962 following a brutal eight-year conflict.

Bilateral ties soured last year when France's parliament passed a law requiring textbooks to show the "positive role" that France played in its former colonies. The law embarrassed the French government, and Chirac ordered it revamped.

Micki said...

I just read that bush actually suggested that we should be proud that the elections weren't cancelled!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He has said some nutty things (and I haven't forgiven him...sorry 'bout that!): But. in his radio address yesterday, he said:

"One freedom that defines our way of life is the freedom to choose our leaders at the ballot box. We saw that freedom earlier this week, when millions of Americans went to the polls to cast their votes for a new Congress. Whatever your opinion of the outcome, all Americans can take pride in the example our democracy sets for the world by holding elections even in a time of war."

We should be "proud" that the bush govt didn't cancel our elections???? It is essential that we move forward, but comments such as bush's sure put a bump in the road to reconciliation!

DEN said...

It does my heart good to hear that Bush is willing to hear other viewpoints, however I suspect he is not genuine in his concern.

Leaving Iraq is an enormously daunting task. We have created so much damage to the people over their, nothing short of immediate withdrawal would please them.

However the result of immediate withdrawal would be disasterous for Iraq. The Iraqis who up to this point have assisted the US would be subject to the wrath of the people and the scene would end up similar to the looting and killing that took place at the onset of our invasion.
The Administration has by invasion created a hotbed of hatred among the people of Iraq, and deservedly so. Right now we have no other choice but to assemble a coalition of various factions and tribes, and hammer out a plan for leaving.
First a ceasefire of sorts must occur between rival groups, That would allow talks to begin in earnest. The insurgent issue must be addressed also.
We must allow the Iraqis complete control of discussions to avoid any possibility of charges of "US domination" in them.
Bringing in Daddys old cronies to supposedly settle this is not going to help IMHO. Kissinger,Baker,and Gates have caused problems every single time they have been involved in anything and I still do not trust them.

DEN said...


Bush is in a vise and the Dems are tighening the screw, it does not surprise me he would try to make nice.

He is up to his eyeballs in war crimes and I predict he will not make it to the end of his term without indictment, Cheney is toast also.

Allowing us to vote? What a nice guy!

DEN said...

Waxman to probe areas of Bush government: Picking which candy will be the most difficult.

There’s the response to Hurricane Katrina, government contracting in Iraq and on homeland security, decision-making at the Environmental Protection Agency and the Food and Drug Administration, and allegations of corporate profiteering, Rep. Henry Waxman, D-Calif., told the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce.

"I’m going to have an interesting time because the Government Reform Committee has jurisdiction over everything," Waxman said Friday, three days after his party’s capture of Congress put him in line to chair the panel. "The most difficult thing will be to pick and choose."

More here

DEN said...

Russ Feingold NOT Running for President in '08 - Keeping Seniority in Senate.


If only we had more people like Russ!

DEN said...

I am re-thinking my simplistic approach to leaving Iraq.

So many individual bits to the issue prevents having one simple solution.

It is one major issue best left to the people that are trained in diplomacy, instead of those trained in killing.

Been there done that.

Jeanne said...

Good essay Den.

I watched Biden on this morning. He has one of the more thoughtful approaches to leaving Iraq that I've heard. The Democrats had ideas and were ignored. Now they can't be.

Micki said...

Oy! I got back in! I admit it's by hook or by crook...but I'm getting the hang of it. And I am going to stick with this site until I get it right (or whatever!).

Hey, Jeanne. I didn't see Biden on the Sabbath Gasbag show, but I'm liking what I hear from him in general. I heard on ABC News the other night that he said Bolton's confirmation is DOA! That's a start that resonates with me!

DEN, I think you are the epitome of the EVOLVED MAN -- you've got us "Chicks" on your blog.

Micki said...

Bush Faces GOP Ire Over Rumsfeld Timing

The (other) scapegoating begins. Let the games begin. Now, the Repubs are pointing fingers at the ineptitude of the busheviks. I just want some movement forward. I think the New Congress will provide least, I will remain hopeful...they deserve a break, and a chance, dontcha think?


Jeanne said...

The trick, I believe, is to sign up everytime you come to the sight. At least that's what I've had to do. Use the same password everytime.

I want the investigation concerning Sibel Edmonds to come to the surface. I hope now that the Democrats are in the majority all those thing will come out.

But I also want progress. I swear the Republicans are all about sending us back to the 1950's.
Raise the minimum wage. Support fuel efficency by supporting car manufacturers that take progressive steps forward. Bring in a good national health care so that companies aren't struggling with the burden that it has become.

Jeanne said...

Everytime you come to the site...

Once you're at the site you are fine.

DEN said...

Micki, I might have to rename the blog the "Coop" with all you "Chicks" hanging around.
I DO like the company I keep!

Jeanne said...

The Republicans are destroying themselves. It's almost frightening to watch. On the other hand we don't have to waste our time doing it.

I saw the head of the MN Republican Party on TV this morning. Pathetic. He thought Ellison was going to be a disaster. Yeah right. And Bachman was going to be wonderful. She is so out there. You should have heard the Young Turks describe her. They HATE her. She's a flake. I don't know how these flakes keep getting elected in MN. The Republican Party supports them and the religious right pockets in MN vote for them.

DEN said...

Jeanne, this is like finally being let in the toy store, with the Dems taking over. A huge veil has been lifted.
I just hope they remain sincere in their promise to end the fiasco that has been going on.
Jo Biden, Dennis Kucinich, Nancy Pelosi, and many more, what a team!
Lots of work picking up the stuff bush broke, but then he always needed someone to clean up after his useless self.

DEN said...

When I heard Max Cleland speak at a pro Charlie Brown rally, describing the Republican party imploding, I hoped he was right.

He was!

It is good to remember we need more than a single party, but no party should be corrupt.

Jeanne said...

Here's an interesting article

Rep. Kucinich: America Needs Iraq War Hearings

Jeanne said...

I have to work tomorrow so I'm signing off. Bummer.

DEN said...

A word of advice to posters of comments.
If you use Firefox and do not want to log in each time you comment, click "file" and select "new tab". Leave the tab there and you should be ok till you close the tab or your browser.

I love tabbed browsing for posting stuff from other sites I have tabbed, EZ access.

If you use Explorer 7.1 it has tabs also and works the same way, earlier Explorer versions do not have tabs available.

I recommend using Firefox as a browser because it is so much quicker than IE. You can have both browsers installed on your computer with no problems.
Go here to get Firefox if you like.

Micki said...

Waxman set to Probe Bush Government

Republicans have speculated that a Democratic congressional majority will mean a flurry of subpoenas and investigations into everything under the sun as retaliation against the GOP and President Bush.
Not so, Waxman said.
"A lot of people have said to me, `Are you going to now go out and issue a lot of subpoenas and go on a wild payback time?' Well, payback is unworthy," he said. "Doing oversight doesn't mean issuing subpoenas. It means trying to get information."
Subpoenas would be used only as a last result, Waxman said, taking a jab at a previous committee chairman, GOP Rep. Dan Burton of Indiana, who led the committee during part of the Clinton administration.
"He issued a subpoena like most people write a letter," Waxman said.
Waxman complained that Republicans, while in power, shut Democrats out of decision-making and abdicated oversight responsibilities, focusing only on maintaining their own power.
In contrast to the many investigations the GOP launched of the Clinton administration, "when Bush came into power there wasn't a scandal too big for them to ignore," Waxman said.

I think we're heading in the right direction. The people's work!

DEN said...

Nite Jeanne!

Time for me to hit the hay also.

Nite all!

Micki said...

I'm a Mac user. Is that my problem? (No, I can't blame it on that!)

But, I did get back in here. G'nite Jeanne!

Micki said...

G'nite DEN.

Micki said...

As Sonics Pack to Leave Town, Seattle Shrugs

I don't live in the Seattle-area, so I did not vote on this issue. But, I think it's an interesting one, to be sure -- public financing of professional sports teams.

Not the most important issue, but...

I think I read once that the Green Bay Packers is the one and ONLY honest-to-goodness "hometown team."

Micki said...

Bush and Rove Blew the Elections on Purpose?

Methinks not! But, this is an interesting article from E&P, nevertheless -- cites Will Bunch @ Attywood.

The people spoke!

DEN said...

Micki, there was a similar NBA issue in Sacramento also.

The Kings owners have a 1 billion dollar net worth, but were trying to stick the people of Sac. with the bill for a new arena, the people said no.
They want to build it on top of an old railyard, which if you know anything about toxic waste, is saturated with PCBs and other chemicals.

Micki said...

DEN, I recall when GWB and his rich pals stuck it to the people of Arlington, Texas, when the Texas Rangers "needed" a new ballfield. GWB walked off with a load of money, at taxpayer expense, after the arena was built.

Then all he did for a living was sign balls!

DEN said...

New thread!