Friday, November 10, 2006

Keep an Eye Out!

There is something about victory over impending doom that makes the world seem a bit better.

Some folks have difficulty adjusting to the uptick in the political climate since the recent election. With a big win under their belt the Dems appear poised to bring balance back into the political arena that for the last six years has been dominated by one party.

The sudden shift to positive polarity has created many a sceptic. Sceptical of the motives of the new Congress. Many times in the past there have been huge letdowns after elections requiring the electorate to suck it up and move on.

This time it is different. Now after six years of being led down the path of attempted fascist overthrow, we have been returned to a better place, a place of Democracy, a place for a change in direction.

It must be kept in mind that the neo-cons are still there, lurking as only they can do, waiting to bash any effort to redirect their own agenda. Though we have gained victory, we cannot let our guard down. We must remain connected to the wonderful folks we elected. Keep in touch with your senators and representatives, let them know what is important to you.

Those of you with flaky congressmen, like Doolittle for me, would be better off directly challenging their actions when they serve their cronies rather than their constituants, not just the rich ones either. The attitude by some career politicos toward the underfunded public must not be tolerated. We must hold their feet to the fire of progress for ALL Americans, not just the rich few.

It is our duty as citizens of the USA to become active members in our government by writing and contributing to progress. Otherwise we will be back in sinister hands in no time.

As the past weeks events indicate, Democracy works when citizens get involved.

Keep up the great work!


Anonymous said...

DEN, Democracy does indeed work when citizens get involved! There is much damage to fix and a great need for reconciliation to move forward -- but, we now have the possibility that that can happen!

Virginia may be the bellwether of better things to come -- the citizens of the Commonwealth of Virginia made a choice on Tuesday. A great part of that choice was a repudiation of bush's War of Choice on Iraq, but also a rejection of the top-down, polarizing, ideological Repub form of government. Virginia voters said in exit polls, that they got tired of bush's style.

Virginia is a state in which Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, Richard Viguerie -- and, yes, even Karl Rove have roots. (Rove was the Finance Director of the Virginia Repub Party in 1976.) Tuesday may have been a repudiation of the moralsuperiority group, too -- but, time will tell on that.

Virginia isn't so red any more -- albeit, it's not blue, either. Jim Webb wears combat boots! But, he has the good sense to call a bad war what it is -- and that got him elected!

Let the hard work begin -- and let's all give it our best shot to be a part of the solution! Let's make it a national trend! (She said, trying not to sound like a cheerleader...)

Anonymous said...

Oh, BTW, what lake(?) is that?

Nice pic.

Anonymous said...

EXIT POLLS -- by gender, race, age, income, etc.

Just got this link from a friend, an African-American women, who is the executive direction of a peace an justice organization. She added, "Black folks weren't fooled."

Anonymous said...

DEN, what am I doing wrong? Even though I signed up, each time I come here, I have to go through a bunch of hoops, then it keeps telling me that I pasword is incorrect. I keep fiddling -- and by hook or by crook -- and my post appears, but not w/o doing a lot of back n' forth.

Is there something I'm missing.

DEN said...

The lake is French Meadows Resevoir 35 miles east of Foresthill CA. in the backround is Granite Chief, as you can see it looks like an Indian Chief laying on his back sleeping, beyond that is Lake Tahoe.

DEN said...

Micki, I am a cheerleader too, we have been beat down by the neo-cons too long, to not be happy about the election results, talk about a mandate for change. I just hope people will stay engaged and do their part to bring us back from the brink.
Still must be vigilant.

Free at last, free at last!