Monday, November 27, 2006


The advent of the computer age has brought with it many benefits as well as pitfalls.

The latest in pitfalls for me is Dell Financial services. As with many corporate entities, Dell has it's share of bullshit loops one has to go through to get help, to actually talk to a real live person today will definitely take some sleuthing techniques.

My experience this morning was like many others trying to pry their way into the nether world of technical support. I was attempting to pay off my newest computer acquisition through Dell Financial, when confronted with the brick wall of automated answering systems, press 1 for this, press 2 for that, and with every number pressed, nothing but an automated voice telling me everything I never needed to know about my Dell account, not including how to pay it off.

Dell Financial is a TOTALLY SCREWED UP ABYSS OF IMPERTINENCE!!!! After finally reaching a live body through Bringo, I was told the only way I could pay the balance off was to provide my banks checking account and routing number, without these I was dead in the water.
NO CREDIT CARDS ALLOWED!!!! Which in this era of instant credit approval is ludicrous and invasive into a persons privacy requiring information that would allow access by Dell Financial to my checking account.

That is the ONLY way to pay, period, end of story, forfeit your information or go away. If I did not care about my credit I would tell those information sucking parasites where to put it! And stiff them for the entire amount. I explained to the customer service rep. that I would tell everyone I new what I thought of their payment options, so here it is for the whole world to see.


If it only helps one person, I have done my job.


Anonymous said...

The CIT Group Extends and Broadens Financial Services Relationship With Dell Computer Corporation

Den, any company that claims it's going to do this for its shareholders, probably isn't too interested in customer service: "The Dell relationship is a significant one. The extension of our relationship is an important step in assuring our shareholders that CIT will deliver on its expansion into the technology sector."
"Dell Financial Services is strategic to Dell in enhancing our customer's
experience and Dell's beyond-the-box activity," said James Schneider, Dell's
Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer.

Also, CIT was associated with Tyco -- that "other" exemplary corporation! Maybe DFS is only interested in the BIG GUYS -- and the individual customer, like you, can take a flying leap.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they're trolling for information so they can share it with other entities to raise interest rates on outstanding balances on other accounts?

Anonymous said...

Or maybe they're CREATING payment problems, so that they can say a customer is delinquent, so they have the rationale to raise interest rates on other accounts.

CIT would benefit from that arrangement!

DEN said...

Micki, I wish I knew what these people are up to, I'm throwing a big clamp on my account for the one transaction through my bank if I can.

This shows how they can bully people into providing their personal bank information, which will land in some giant database that we will read a month from now was hacked and all customer info was compromised.

Oh yea the reason I am paying it off now is the 20% interest rate they charge, loan sharks!

Anonymous said...

I have to tell you a funny story...before we were FINALLY successful in putting ourselves on the DO NOT CALL list for telemarketers, this fella calls, I answer -- and for some inexplicable reason -- I listen to his spiel.

I tell him "no thanks" -- he insists on yakking. I tell him "no thanks" again. He persists. I say, "What part of 'no thanks' don't you understand?" He raises his voice and chastizes me, "Listen, you can't talk to me that way. This call is being monitored for quality control!"

I laughed so hard I about died!

DEN said...

Stock market tanking, DJIA down 145 points, holding there.

Carey said...

Wow! I just finished reading Den's thoughtful and contemplative essay from Saturday and the many wonderful comments about art and how it interacts with one's mind and whole sense of well-being. I was feeling so calm, then I read all of this.

Geez Louise how frustrating. Carol had something akin to this happen to her just the other day that completely pissed her off too. We got to wondering about how the Dems might deal with the horrendous bankruptcy law which, of course, plays into all of this. How mind boggling and numbing.

Your experience Den jives, as you noted, with so many others nowadays. It all comes down to the shareholders and corporations and their displacement of ordinary buying citizens. This is where Marx so portentously warned capitalism would take us.

Well you two, I was all set, after reading the weekend's posts, to offer this gem It's Molly Ivins at her most satisfying.

One Last Helping of Graditude Before We Go

Carey said...

Off subject here but been doing much contemplation of the whole Iraq crap especially with Bush off to Jordon to "look into the eyes" of Maliki. I was so proud this weekend to hear the late King Hussein's son, the Crown Prince of Jordon, remark that this meeting could not be just another photo op. He ominously said that the whole of the Middle East is on the verge of three civil wars: Iraq, Lebanon (the assasination last week) and the ultimate prize package--Israel and Palestine. I had always held King Hussein with extreme personal admiration.

Just after 9/11 when we were all in that horrid frozen state, it became crystal clear to me that the only way to prevent further terrorism and false flag assasinations was the big one with the Israelis and Palestinians.

Wayne Madsen:

November 27, 2006 -- While much attention is being paid to the Baker-Hamilton Iraq Study Group (ISG) and its recommendations due to be released soon, there is little notice of the neo-con Trojan horses embedded in the group. Not only is former Attorney General Ed Meese - connected to various Christian Right figures through his core membership status in the Fellowship Foundation -- a member of the ISG, but, according to the December issue of The American Prospect, Cliff May, President of the neo-con Foundation for the Defense of Democracies (FDD), serves as an "expert adviser" to the group. May is joined as an expert by another noted neocon, former CIA analyst Reuel Marc Gerecht. According to the Nov. 26 Washington Post, the American Enterprise Institute's (AEI) Michael Rubin was an ISG expert until he resigned, charging that neocons were underrepresented as advisers.

With some members of the ISG engaged in backchannel talks with Syria, Iran, and the Iraqi insurgents, the danger that their efforts could be undermined by Trojan horses working for neo-con interests cannot be overstated.

May wrote the following op-ed piece for Scripps-Howard on November 23 and his sympathies to the neo-con cause are exemplified by his rhetoric:

"Iraq is a mess. We have come to that conclusion because virtually every day we see innocent Iraqis slaughtered by suicide-bombers. Of all the possible responses, the most perverse may be this: To propose that Americans pull out of Iraq, abandoning innocent Iraqis to the tender mercies of those dispatching the terrorists . . . Gemayel’s murder tells the world that Hezbollah, Syria and Iran will not be bound by even the most basic international laws."

Here is an "expert adviser" to the Iraq Study Group who argues against pulling out of Iraq and blaming, without a shred of evidence, Syria, Iran, and Hezbollah -- parties the ISG must engage -- for the assassination of Pierre Gemayel in Lebanon.

In a recent article in The Weekly Standard, Gerecht trashes the notion of dialogue with either Iran or Syria and goes so far as to degrade those ISG advisers who advocate talks with Tehran and Damascus, including former ambassador and Special Envoy to Bosnia, Kosovo, Haiti and Somalia James Dobbins of the Rand Institute and, more importantly, James Bakers' friend and director of the Baker Institute in Houston, former U.S. ambassador to Syria Edward Djerejian.

With such moles as Meese, May, and Gerecht involved in the activities of the ISG, the anticipated report of the group may not be worth the paper on which it is printed. The only thing neocons are good at is destroying the peace progress, whether it is in Iraq, Lebanon, or Palestine.

The FDD is as much a nest for the neocons as is AEI. Its board of directors include Jeane Kirkpatrick, Steve Forbes, and Jack Kemp. Its "distinguished advisers" are Louis Freeh, Jr., Joseph Lieberman, Newt Gingrich, and James Woolsey. Its advisory board includes Gary Bauer, Charles Krauthammer, William Kristol, Donna Brazile, Eric Cantor, Frank Gaffney, Zell Miller, Richard Perle, J.D. Hayworth, and Eliot Engel. Many FDD staffers are long-time opponents of the Arab World and Russia whose polemical screeds have appeared in the Weekly Standard, Wall Street Journal, Washington Times, and National Review.

A number of neocons, including Ken Adelman, William Kristol, Henry Kissinger, and Richard Perle, are beginning to distance themselves from their disastrous Iraq war. They should not be permitted to escape from the scene of the crime that they helped engineer.

Neocons changing their spots to avoid the blame for spiraling Iraqi genocide.

DEN said...

Carey, sorry to spoil the mood(which will return tomorrow) but I have little patience for an American company that does not accept any credit cards for payment. They want to access you checking account, to snoop around.

Privacy advocates ought to be all over this kind of BS.

DEN said...

Running away like cockroaches when the light is turned on. The light in this case is the Dems victory.

Henry Waxman seems to be intent on going after the neo-cons, I hope he does.

Enough war criminals to fill a small city.

ISG is a joke carefully concocted to have the appearance of genuine care about the war THEY started using the doofuss-in-chief and his friendly band of thugs.

Carey said...


I was kidding. You can't hold on to a good mood easily these days. I absolutely agree your experience should be brought to consumer unions attention and privacy advocates.

A report by Israel's civil administation has been leaked to researchers of the Peace Now Movement. It illuminates with more clarity just how much ursurpation of Palestinian-owned land has occured.

This is what we need: legal documentation of just how far Israeli and international law is actually being broken. Just as we need the Supreme Court to tell Bushco off over the destruction civil rights.

The Lie Beneath Israel's Settlements: Settlers or Squatters

Carey said...

When I heard Ed Meese was a member of this group I sooo shuttered and realized right there--this is all bullshit.

It doesn't really matter anyway. Bush will never go for the proposed talks with Iran and Syria. As Jeanne's husband said, what a buffoon.

The whole tragedy of this catastrophe is that there is no good solution. I liked David C's post from last Wednesday on this. There's no way to avoid the ultimate bloodshed that's in store for Iraq. It was inevitable the moment we invaded. Actually, once Bush whined his way into office in 2000.

DEN said...

Funny story about Meese, back when he was AG under Raygun. He came out to CA to Placer county. Got on a helicopter and went up in the hills to participate in busting a pot grower. After that he promptly returned to DC and resigned. One last get for the "gipper"

Carey said...

I had read about this someplace earlier, but this editorial out of an ever-increasing LA Times?

Bush's bizarre appointment
Erick Keroack is too extreme to head the federal office for family planning.

November 27, 2006

PRESIDENT BUsh made some winningly conciliatory remarks the day after his party's Nov. 7 electoral drubbing, saying he looked forward to governing in a more bipartisan fashion. Then he turned around and started naming kooky ideologues to key posts.

The latest recess appointment, Eric Keroack as head of the federal government's family planning office, is an extremist so out of line with scientific thought that it is difficult to describe his views without laughing.

As medical director of A Woman's Concern, a small chain of nonprofit pregnancy counseling clinics that offer no information on birth control, Keroack has agitated against abortion and even contraception — including for married women. The organization continues to push the discredited nonsense that abortion increases a woman's chances of breast cancer and is more dangerous during the first eight weeks of pregnancy (when, in fact, the risk of complication is actually at its lowest). Birth control, according to A Woman's Concern's tortured logic, is somehow "demeaning to women." And Keroack has argued that women who have sex with multiple partners alter their brain chemistry in the process, making it harder for them to form close relationships.

This is the man who will oversee $283 million in annual Department of Health and Human Services grants for providing access to family planning education and contraceptives "to all who want and need them."

The administration is still wasting $158 million a year on abstinence-only education programs that the Government Accountability Office concluded this month have not been shown to work and at times put forth misleading information about condoms and AIDS.

Keroack does not need Senate confirmation, so there is little Congress can do about a president who continues to select anti-scientific ideology over basic competence, aside from making it clear that funding for these programs depends on HHS using the money as intended.

But the real check on Bush's silliness comes from voters. On Nov. 7, efforts to limit women's reproductive rights were routed not only in California and Oregon but in South Dakota and Kansas. Appeasing social conservatives is not just bad policy, it's becoming losing politics as well.


That involves a recess appointment, but I'm sure you've all heard about his court re-nominations.

Reject Bush's Lame-Duck Re-Nominations: PETITION

Anonymous said...

GWB Presidential Library to Cost Half a BILLION BUCKS!

When I read this article, I laughed out loud that bush's presidential library will include a "think tank" -- but, of course, that's not funny at all. To think that this totally incompetent, corrupt excuse for a president will probably be able to generate the obscene amounts of money for this cockeyed venture is astounding. His Lie-Berry will be located at Southern Methodist University, which should be ashamed of itself. If I were an SMU alumna, I'd be raising Holy Hell about locating bush's legacy-polishing phoney-baloney institute at my school! (But, the chances of me going to SMU were very remote, to say the least!)

"...Bush sources with direct knowledge of library plans told the Daily News that SMU and Bush fund-raisers hope to get half of the half billion from what they call "megadonations" of $10 million to $20 million a pop.
Bush loyalists have already identified wealthy heiresses, Arab nations and captains of industry as potential "mega" donors and are pressing for a formal site announcement - now expected early in the new year...."

The scariest aspect of this venture is that it will have a "think tank" associated with it -- I can only imagine the "thinking" that will be done there that will surely generate more horrible, life-shattering, world-damaging policies.

PS to Carey -- signed the petition. I'll still sign them!

Jeanne said...

Thanks for the advice Den. Actually, my next computer will be an Apple. I've already decided that.

Jeanne said...

A half a billion bucks for one book?

Jeanne said...

Speaking of Credit card companies, I would love to see the Democrats go after them. Have some legislation that works to help the middle class. They would be voted in forever.

Jeanne said...

I miss Don Knotts. I miss Ed Bradley. *sigh*

Anonymous said...

Jeanne, yeah, I wonder if the author of "My Pet Goat" will have an honored position at the GWB library.

We've been among the Apple faithful for eons. It may not be trendy and hot, but I love my eMac.

ยบ¿carol said...

All that money for a presidential library? I can't imagine anyone giving ANY money to a presidential library at any time, for any president, but giving it for GWB is outrageous. What's in it for the rich people anyway? Do they get their name on a plaque? What a waste of good money, I swear.

Anonymous said...

I think a presidential library can be an asset, if the exhibits and information offered are historically accurate, rather than skewed to falsely enhance the past president's image.

I read that some major donors to GWB's proposed library will remain anonymous, which is legal, so I guess we'll never know directly "what's in it" for them.

Anonymous said...

Come to think of it, President Clinton's library even deals with the impeachment -- albeit it does so in the context of the struggle for power with the Republicans! (Which is an honest approach, IMO.) It even mentions Monica Lewinsky and Clinton's testimony. It also includes Clinton's collection of Elvis memorabilia.

True to form, however, not everyone likes the architecture -- the Economist labelled it "trailer-home chic". The Boy from Hope probably thinks, "So what! I come from humble beginnings."

Word is out that Clinton's enemies are planning to build a "Counter Clinton Library" -- to tell their version of the darker side of the Clinton years. Surprise, surprise!