Friday, November 17, 2006

Police Your Power

What in the world happened at UCLA?

Anyone who has not seen the disturbing video taken yesterday by a student at the UCLA library, please go here to view it.

This shows what can happen if police power is given free reign to trample the laws put in place to protect us. Alarm bells keep going off in my mind watching these THUGS in their best imitation of Gestapo goons. They must be stopped, take that taser away from them, STOP THIS FROM HAPPENING! NOW!

What had the student done to justify being tasered, did he threaten someone with bodily harm? did he brandish a weapon? What was the reason for such overwhelming force to be used against an unarmed student?

He did not have an ID and took too long to leave the library, thats it!


Actions of cowards with one thing on their narrow little minds, power, power enough to debilitate another human being to the point of total breakdown.

What you saw was brutal beyond belief in a civilized society, and even more so in a library on one of the most prestigious universities in America. Surroundings based on knowledge and understanding, a place for learning.

We have indeed learned a valuable lesson through all this, to never allow authority the power to beat and torture another human being into submission when NO crime has been committed.

The worst part, all the while this was taking place, no one, not one person had the courage to take the taser away from these goons or restrain them in any way, no one helped that man, no one. They justed watched in disbelief, deer in the headlights.

If you were being beaten by supposed police for no cause how would YOU feel?

Who have we become? Our brothers keeper?

Or have we become accomplices to our brothers brutalization?


DEN said...

Americans are hungry right now!

Please donate to Americas Second Harvest to help.


Carey said...


Don't you mean Americans are experiencing "low food security"?

As you undoubtedly know, Olbermann covered the UCLA incident last night. According to an UCLA newspaper reporter, gathering witnesses were told that if they came near, they too would be tasered. The video is horrific to watch. UCLA police tasered the young man, he fell limp, they ordered him to stand, which, of course, he could not do. So the police continued to taser him. Ay! Of Middle Eastern background, the young man will certainly be encouraged to sue. To be sure, UCLA students will not take this lying down.

Carey said...

Den--I love the title today, "Police Your Power", tres clever!

Hearing Gen. Abizaid's call for 20,000 more troops yesterday and Bush's coinciding idea of a "big push" reminds one of Vietnam. The war was going badly so Nixon decided to carpet bomb North Vietnam and invade Laos and Cambodia in one last desperate push for an unobtainable victory There was never going to be one and there was never going to be one in Iraq. It is beyond immoral, then and now, to put our troops in such horrid, life-threatening conditions for the sake of political victory.

I mentioned Bush's purposeful ignorance of what the nation showed him it wants in the election in the last thread. This is beyond apalling.

The New Media Offensive Against Withdrawal

Alan said...

Here's another lil something you can do to help fight hunger... and also vote for your fav NFL f'ball team too. It's the Campbell's Soup thing for '06, like they did last year.

Click for Cans

Carey said...

Thought ya'all might want to check this out.

Pelosi drops the ball - AIPAC takes all
Pelosi may not have gotten everything she wanted this midterm election - but AIPAC sure as hell did.

House Speaker-elect Nancy Pelosi managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of her own personal victory yesterday, losing the battle to name Rep. Jack Murtha as her own second-in-command.
House Democrats instead voted by a resounding 149-86 for Maryland Rep. Steny Hoyer as their new majority leader - a solid rebuke to Pelosi’s ham-handed attempt to install the ethically dubious Murtha.

Pelosi apparently saw no irony at all in vowing, “We will not be dazzled by money and special interests,” and then immediately nominating Murtha, who has spent a lifetime in Congress being coddled by the defense industry and taking good care of its practitioners in return.

And who coddles Hoyer?

Why AIPAC, of course - that's in addition to the Defense industry.

And, he's not the only staunch Zionist heading the Democratic House - Rahm Emmanuel takes fourth place, to head the Democratic caucus.

What a line up - AIPAC couldn't ask for anything more.

Meanwhile, Americans voted themselves out of one Zionist House and into another.

How many times must congressmen (and women) be stacked in AIPAC's favor for Americans to realize that the game is rigged?

Posted in AIPAC | Corruption | democrats | lobby | politics | war | zionism Submitted by qrswave on Fri, 2006-11-17 06:39.

Carey said...

Shoot, the copy and paste didn't reproduce the pie chart I wanted to show you:


Anonymous said...

TASER-Related Deaths Increasingly Frequent; Total Exceeds 150, Reports Amnesty International
TASER Use Amounts to Torture in Some Cases


Anonymous said...

Democrats "Divided," or Democratic?  t r u t h o u t | Editorial

On another matter...I think we're going to see more attention to a Middle East peace process. That is my hope -- and I don't have my head in the sand, as some have accused. Time will tell. The Dems aren't even in "power" yet and they're already being vilified.

Carey said...

You would think, Micki, that Dems are unkempt slobs who all hate each other judging from the press.

Naturally, following Clinton's and Carter's lead, Democrats will lean toward restarting a Middle East peace process. My biggest concern is Netenyahu (sp?). A wholly unlikable neocon, his coming to power is imminent. He already runs much of the Israeli show.

I would urge all to read Corn's current post on Reid's proposed Democratic agenda.

Carey said...

Well, screw it.

The Senate's "Horrible Mistake"
by John Nichols

For decades, the official policy of the United States has been to discourage nuclear proliferation, particularly in southern Asia.

But the U.S. Senate now says: No more.

At the prodding of the Bush administration, the Senate voted 85-12 to allow the U.S. to ship nuclear fuel and technology to India as part of an initiative to encourage the expansion of nuclear programs in that country. At a time when the Bush administration is suggesting the U.S. might need to go to war to block nuclear proliferation in Iran and North Korea, the Senate has given its stamp of approval to proliferation in one of the most volatile regions of the world. Describing the vote as "a horrible mistake," Senator Byron Dorgan, D-North Dakota, said the vote repudiated decades of U.S. policy of "telling the world it's our responsibility and our major goal to stop the spread of nuclear weapons."

The White House says that the scheme to have the U.S. supply the building blocks for a nuclear arsenal to India will not actually do so. The spin claims that the U.S. will only be supplying civilian nuclear fuel. But, of course, by filling the demand for civilian fuel, the U.S. will free India up to use domestic uranium for development of nuclear weapons. That, in turn, will almost certainly lead to moves by neighboring countries -- particularly Pakistan and China -- to build up their nuclear stockpiles.

Most Democratic and Republican senators backed the India Nuclear Cooperation Promotion Act, which will now be reconciled with legislation endorsed in July by the House. To make matters worse, the Senate overwhelmingly rejected an amendment by California Democrat Barbara Boxer that would have asked India to cut off all military-to-military ties with Iran and an amendment proposed by Wisconsin Democrat Russ Feingold to require "that United States nuclear cooperation with India does nothing to assist, encourage, or induce India to manufacture or acquire nuclear weapons or other nuclear explosive devices."

Joining Dorgan, Boxer and Feingold in voting against the measure were nine other senators: Hawaii's Daniel Akaka, New Mexico's Jeff Bingaman, West Virginia's Robert Byrd, North Dakota's Kent Conrad, Minnesota's Mark Dayton, Iowa's Tom Harkin, South Dakota's Tim Johnson, Massachusetts' Ted Kennedy and Vermont's Patrick Leahy.

It fell to Feingold to sum up the disappointment of the few who tried to maintain a U.S. commitment to preventing proliferation when he said of the legislation: "It fundamentally changes over 30 years of nonproliferation policy and will have serious consequences for our national security. This bill, supported by the same Administration that has failed to stem the nuclear weapons efforts of North Korea and Iran, flies in the face of our country's nonproliferation obligations and only contributes to a developing nuclear arms race. Unfortunately, my amendment to ensure that this deal would not break our nonproliferation obligations and help India's nuclear weapons program failed. The U.S. relationship with India is one of our most important, and I fully support developing closer strategic ties with India. But I had to vote against this bill because it hurts, rather than helps, our national security."

Carey said...

Just read all of everyone's posts from last night. I'm rarely on at night, so I have to catch up. Great posts all!

Gerald said...

Let us remember that Charlie Rangel was the person who called for a reinstatement of the military draft. Hoyer, a Democrat, is a hawk's hawk. The Democrats want to look strong. Hitler Bush has the Democrats by the short hairs and it hurts. Try pulling on your short hairs and see how it hurts.

Never forget that the return of the military draft will mean that endless wars will be part of the deal.

Nazi America is synonymous with massive murders, massive torture, and massive war crimes.

If you love Nazi America, you will love the dismemberment of human body parts flying all around us.

How to Have a Happy Holiday

If you live in Moline, Illinois, you never have to worry about being alone at Thanksgiving. Folks there know that if they head for a local mall’s food court, they will be welcomed to a free dinner by Bob Vogelbaugh, nicknamed “Mr. Thanksgiving.”

The celebration started more than thirty years ago when Vogelbaugh, who owns a grocery store, realized that some of his customers had nowhere to go for Thanksgiving. So he invited seven guests to join him for a potluck dinner. The event kept growing. In 2003, more than two thousand people came to dinner.

With the support of donors and hundreds of volunteers, Vogelbaugh serves turkey, stuffing, salad and more. “As for dessert…people show up with a half-dozen pumpkin pies, stacks of angel food cakes,” says the host. “We always have enough for everyone.”

Think about ways you can extend your hospitality to others. You might start a tradition of your own.

Give thanks in all circumstances. (1 Thessalonians 5:18)

Generous God, thank You for Your overwhelming blessings. Inspire me to share Your bounty with others.

Anonymous said...

What happens to you when you are shot by a taser or stun gun?

Tasers and stun guns are high-voltage, low-current stimulators that can cause involuntary muscle contractions, loss of body control, and sensations such as pain and extreme fatigue. They are used as police weapons as a person can be immobilised without the injury or death that would normally result from the use of a normal police revolver.

Both tasers and stun guns produce electrical stimuli in the form of shocks of about 50,000 volts that last for a fraction of a second. In a taser, an electrode is shot out as a dart and impacts upon the body. In a stun gun, the electrodes are fixed into the gun itself.

If taser darts are shot into a standing person's thigh at 10 inches apart and from a distance of six feet away, the leg will be locked into a flexed position and the person will be unable to continue to stand. If a stun gun is shot at a standing person's rib cage from a distance of six feet away for four to five seconds, the person will be considerably weakened and in most cases brought to their knees.

Stephen Juan, Ph.D. is an anthropologist at the University of Sydney.
So, how was this guy supposed to "GET UP!" ???

Anonymous said...

Another day, another outrage...

Family planning chief seen as political pick
President's choice from group opposed to contraception

Appointment Angers Family Planning group

...another example of bush "working in his bipartisan" manner! I heard on Rachel Maddow (sp?) today that this "family planning" expert thinks that pre-martial sex is "germ warfare." Wow! Welcome to the 21st century!

Jeanne said...

I've already commented on the tazer thing here and on Crooks and Liars. It was incompetence gone bad. The Bush administration on a small level.

It was like watching someone try to fit a round peg into a square hole. Get up, Get up!,...You know those guys were just wanting get out of there and they knew what they did was out of line. There suspect was making the whole situation worse for them. What a couple of sorry assed losers.

The lack of compassion in this country is amazing.

Jeanne said...

I've seen a tazer used in a demonstration. I didn't even want to be in the same room when it was being shot off. The cops in my city are given very extensive training in the use of the tazer and most of them, I'm sure, don't like using it. The cops I know care about the suspects more than the average citizen would. The guys in that video were rent a cops.

DEN said...

Watched Olberann and the lawer for the kid that got zapped. He seemed to think it was poorly trained officers, responding badly.

He seemed to think it is a disturbing trend in the LA area as there have been several of this type of event involving young security and police personnel.

It seems there are officers needed so badly they allow mentally defective idiots to obtain jobs as police and security officers.

The problem I see is a willingness on the part of some Americans to brutalize the hell out of people they have determined, to need their have their ass kicked, does not help being of foreign origin.

This is not good!

This shit cannot be tolerated in a so-called civilized society,

Jeanne said...

That family planning chief is another example of G Bush and his lunatic ideas. The family planning clinics are used by the poor. This is discriminatory.

DEN said...

Jeanne, do you believe Bush gives a shit about the poor?

We cannot get that bunch out of power to soon to suit me, elitist pigs, feeding at the money trough.

Anonymous said...

He seemed to think it was poorly trained officers, responding badly.

...or it was today's officers who thought it was the way things are done these days, emulating the guys at the top.

Have you ever heard of the theory that every organization is an extension of the person at the top?

DEN said...

Micki, it stands to reason it would be true due to the deliberate hiring of those they feel can do the job they want them to do.

I am remaining somewhat flexible here and render judgements as I see the information come in regarding motives , but we can all agree it is not right by any stretch of the imagination.

Truth is the severe disfunction of the family unit leaves a lot of fearfull children that grow up vowing to overcome their fear by brutalizing others so they will never feel the fear and insecurity that haunt their lives.

On the edge of psycotic behavior, ready to snap, not a good type to "serve and protect" others.

DEN said...

Speaking of abhorrent behavior, did everyone see the "Running of the Gamers" in Fresno?

Living proof of the phrase I chose by Friedrich Nietzsche to reside in a place of prominance under my blog title.

DEN said...

Civics , CIVICS!

Richard Dreyfus said on Bill Maher that we need to teach Civics to our young people.

I hope someone posts a clip of Richards brief statement somewhere. It is very apropriate in todays a-political environment.

I did not realize that Civics was no longer required in school, been away too long.

If there is any hope of a better tommorrow, it is with our kids. We must give them the right tools to keep Democracy from ending up a failed experiment.