Wednesday, November 15, 2006

To Go or Not to Go

Since the election the call has went out to get the hell out of Iraq, but is that the best solution?

We are literally up to our collective asses in alligators in Iraq. We have pissed off the entire world community with the invasion and subsequent shock and awe, blowing up stuff to show our mighty firepower with the hope of intimidating the Iraqis into bending to our supreme power.

Well let me say right off, that power has shrunken to the size of a pea and frankly we are the laughing stock of Arabs all over the Middle East. They know we are being drained, day by day, of our strength to keep things together over there. However our fearless leaders are unwilling to admit they have lost, so here we continue on an uncharted course the Adminstration set us upon.

The unwillingness to realize we screwed up is making this so-called war an ongoing bloodfilled massacre a war without end, without any plan for exiting the region. Recognizing ones mistakes and attempting to correct them is a sign of personal growth. So far the only growth shown have been the insurgents'. The Republicans still insist more troops are needed, why? We have expended all the energy in our volunteer services now, do we want a draft to enslave more young people to a war without end? I would hope not.

Right now it is time for the military to backup and re-group. Our bases must be hardened to provide at least a one mile perimeter around them as a buffer zone to protect from RPGs and assault. Those with any less should be closed and the equipment moved to a base with sufficient buffer zones. Next get the troops off the streets and into the bases and keep them there. Let the chips fall where they may between rival factions for a while. Let us see how they would act without Americans on the streets. Maintaining forces on hardened bases for a period of time would allow for a reduction in troop casualties at the same time allowing Iraqis to control their own destiny.

Going from an active role to an overseer role would give us some time to evaluate the Iraqi's willingness to go it alone. Eventually the dust would settle in the region and large scale withdrawal would be possible. If we do not allow the Iraqis a chance to take charge of their own affairs, we will never know if they can truly do so.


Micki said...

As a followup to DEN's TO GO OR NOT TO GO, I got this from -- a little activism reqstd:

Dear MoveOn member,

Last week Democrats won Congress. Tomorrow they will vote on their own leadership.
Nancy Pelosi is expected to be elected Speaker. For Majority Leader—the person who leads Democrats on the floor of Congress—two veteran Democrats are competing for the post—Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-MD) and Rep. John Murtha (D-PA).

Democrats are already staking out progressive stands on some key issues. But we need to hold their feet to the fire on one big issue: Iraq, Iraq, Iraq. Democrats need to stand up to President Bush and demand a responsible end to the occupation.

Can you call your Democratic representative and deliver that message?
Call: Congressman Richard Larsen
Phone: 202-225-2605

Tell the staffer who answers something like the following:

"I understand that Democrats are voting on leadership positions. Regardless of who you vote for in the leadership race, I want Democratic leadership on Iraq. This is no time to go along to get along. There are many big issues facing the country. Iraq is one where it is absolutely critical that Democrats stand up to President Bush."

Then, please report your call by clicking here:
Report results of your call here

The choices that Democrats make could set the agenda facing the country. They could aggressively push the Bush administration on Iraq—or they could move slowly or not at all.

MoveOn is not making an endorsement one way or another in the leadership race. Both leaders have strengths and weaknesses. But it is critical that Democrats provide leadership on Iraq.

Please call. Thanks for all you do.

Gerald said...

Why IAm Going

Micki said...

It's going to be an interesting two years!

Trent Lott wins #2 minority whip slot in a 25-24 vote, up against Lamar Alexander.

The GOPhers continue their inexorable march backwards. I guess they saw the percentage of the black vote that went to the DEMS, and decided to hell with pretending they give a damn.

Gerald said...

U.S.'s other war

Micki said...

Gerald, yes, it's a good thing to remind us of the United States' very own terrorist training camp.


Micki said...


Gerald said...

If you will read my two recent posts, you will know why I believe Nazi America is the leading terrorist nation.

Gerald said...

As I read the posts from DEn's blogspot, I realize that he is attracting the Dixie Chicks to post. Why you may ask? Well, he is single, intelligent, creative, and he lives in a beautiful part of California.

Nearly one billion human beings are starving daily on our planet.

Dr. Joseph Mercola.s website has an article that says persons with frequent sexual orgasms are healthier and they live longer. Maybe now you will know why the Nazis in America are into porn, lust, copulation, and fornication.

Micki said...

Gerald, even when you're serious, you've always been able to make me laugh!

So...that explains their proclivities!

Gerald said...

Torture is sin

Gerald said...

micki, my health is such that I cannot engage in fornication so I can only hope that laughter and a sense of humor will be of some help.

Gerald said...

Eyeless in Gaza

DEN said...

You realize of course the reason we are in this predicament is due to the inattention paid to the politics in this country by its citizens.

It takes situations like this to bring out peoples passion for change, when your house is full of water you will remember the faucet you had been meaning to fix.

We must never be afraid of change, nature changes and so should we. Strive for a better existence through participation at the grass roots level.

Change takes time but it IS time for a change.

Carey said...

Excellent essay Den, as always. Gen. Abizaid (SP?) is now claiming that timetables are dangerous, as are a drawdown of the troops. As reported in Salon, he says the next six months are critical in Iraq and might require more troops! Can you believe this nonsense? Salon points out that we have heard "the next six months will be critical in Iraq" a number of times over the last few years from a variety of sources.

It occurs to me that yesterday's massive kidnapping of Iraqi education agency civilians by Iraqi police, indeed, was a turning point. The Iraqi government has no control whatsoever. The Shia militias within the Iraqi army and police were trained by us. What a horrendous debacle!

Welcome back Gerald. Go over the posts from last Thursday on at the shadow blog and you'll understand why the "Dixie Chicks" are hanging here.

Been away from the computer for a while, on purpose. I'm also way busy. Hope everyone's doing fine.


Rahm Emanuel and James Carville have been written about extensively in Wayne Madsen. He cites their actions (Emanuel's mostly) in pulling Democratic funds from House races across the nation. I was aware of this working for Francine Busby here in San Diego. All Dem Party funds were pulled from here after the runoff with Brian Bilbray in June. They were running for the seat left by Randy Cunningham. Bilbray is corrupt! Currently, he's being investigated by the FBI for falsely acquiring residency tuition benefits in Virginia for his childrens' college. His residence is obviously supposed to be here in North San Diego.

I loved Howard Dean's 50-state plan which Emanuel adamantly opposed. Now Carville is espousing dropping Dean as chairman and pushing Harold Ford Jr. Madsen refers to these two and other members of the DLC as neocon liberals. Their tactics are pretty questionable.

Jeanne said...

Look who Carvelle is married to. I think Howard Dean has done pretty good for himself. He took the bull by the horns. I'm not sure anyone else could have done what he did. It's insulting now to imply that he's not needed anymore and he should go home.

Jeanne said...

Hey Gerald,
The Nazies fornicate in the closet.

DEN said...

Howard Rocks!!

º¿carol said...

Dixie Chick, Carol, reporting. I saw Alan popped in on the other thread. Hello to you!

I watched a bit of C-Span this afternoon with my lunch. A bunch of repugs elected to leadership positions. I almost gagged with all the yammering about bipartisinship. I would LOVE to ask them to explain why they couldn't do that the last six years. One of the repugs said their new situation would only be for two years. Yeah, right. And what a time to talk that way, you jerk.

Micki said...

Howdy, Carey -- Hey, Howard Dean clearly demonstrated that his 50-state strategy had legs, didn't he?

We'd have a lot less to be cheering about if Dean had abandoned that idea. Dr. Dean knew that rebuilding the Democratic Party, state by state, from the grassroots level is a winning strategy. The Dems are just acting like ... well, like typical Dems.

Go, Howard!

PS Jeanne -- I wonder if Carville and Matalin have separate bedrooms. How can one wake up to that in the morning? Strange bedfellows, indeed!

Micki said...

Carol, bipartisanship to the Repugs is telling the Dems ahead of time what they'll never agree to...then saying, let's discuss this.

Jeanne said...

I was thinking the same thing but I guess I'm not as mean as you so I didn't write it.

Micki said...

No, you're from the state of Clean Gene! Not Mean Jeanne!

Jeanne said...

Where was Alan? I have to email him and find out how his little grandbaby is. That's right HE'S A GRANDPA.

Jeanne said...

Actually Micki, I come from the state where we label passive agressive behavior as MN nice.

º¿carol said...

Carville and Matalin has always mystified me. I mean, they even have kids! I can't imagine that they even got together. What do they talk about....without arguing????

º¿carol said...

Jeanne, Alan was on the last thread. Wrote a couple posts there.

Jeanne said...

He and Pandemoniac made me have respect for Texans.

Jeanne said...

Oh and your folk Micki.

Jeanne said...

You guys are probably wondering what the Christian right are attacking now that the gay issue is going flat.

Well...I have the inside scoop.

As more graphic novels appear in libraries, so do challenges

Carey said...


Ask Alan to send you pics of the little one. So cute! If you need his email I have it.


You ask how Matalin and Carville are married? Precariously. Heck I'm married to an Independent who voted for Arnold. He does hate Bush though, thank God. Separate bedrooms? Not here, but you do have to wonder about Matalin and Carville. What a pair.

Micki said...

The American Library Association gives good advice to librarians when a title is challenged by the Morality Police (my words - not ALA's):

When responding to a challenge, focus on four key points:

* Libraries provide ideas and information across the spectrum of social and political views.

* Libraries provide choice for all people.

* Parents are responsible for supervising their own children's library use.

* Collection does not imply endorsement

º¿carol said...

"Does this community want our public library to continue to use tax dollars to purchase pornography?"

All over TV, in every magazine, every ad and movies men and women dress skimpily. LOTS of bodies showing. People freaking out over what a kid might see is nuts. What the hell are they afraid of? Every one has a body and the kids shouldn't be brought to think it's an unmentionable. Sheesh.

I'm going to ask one of the girls at my library if they have any of them. Must see this new invention.

Thanks for the info, Jeanne.

Jeanne said...

You'd be surprised at how many movies have come from comics (graphic novels). 'From Hell' with Johnny Depp. Sin City. to name two.

My daughter took one of my short stories and is making it into a comic. I'm excited. I think it will look good as one.

Jeanne said...

Hey Gerald. GERALD!!

How are your foxes?

Micki said...

There once was a blogger named DEN,
"Chicks" flocked to his site, not the wren,
His dancing with fools,
Was ripe with word jewels,
Refreshing, not boring as back *then!*

Micki said...

There once was a lass known as Carey,
Who blogged with aplomb, but grew wary,
She took a strong stand,
For some folks in blog land,
Her conviction to truth ne'er did vary!

Micki said...


I realize that gag cartooning and graphic novels are not the same genre, by any means, but I think there is a symbiosis. Roz Chast rocks, IMO.

Another chick....

Gerald said...

Jeanne, I have added Debi Smith to the list of foxes. There are twenty-three foxes on the list.

Dear World

Alan said...

Speaking of my granddaughter... I babysat for her all day Monday while my daughter went to Louisiana for a funeral. She's almost 2 months old now and no trouble at all. A real sweetheart! her Mom. *smiles*

Alan said...

See if this link works...


Alan said...

Picture of my granddaughter Katelyn at this url...

The code for links at Bushlies doesn't work here, so how do y'all do it?

DEN said...

use the same, a href=" etc. you used at the DC blog. If you get a message that sez your html cannot be accepted, means an element like " or> is missing but the formula does work, Ive used many times.

Very cute baby pic! G-Pa!

Jeanne said...

I look at that picture of your grandchild and I smile. I feel like there is hope again for her future.

Micki said...

Alan...very cute. Before you know it, Katelyn will be saying, "Grandpa, let me show you how to make a hyperlink...."

Micki said...

I will never pretend to understand WAR. It is the ultimate folly. But when General Abizaid predicts that the "turning point" on violence is in "four to six months" I want to take him by the shoulders and shake him and say, "Stop with the wishful thinking!"

Why don't these prognosticators just face up to the fact that when you start a War of Choice for no good reason, with no practical strategy, with no exit plan, you get what you bargained for: NO GOOD OPTIONS!

Remember when Rummy talked in terms of, "maybe six days, maybe six weeks, but certainly NOT six months" when he was playing the Role of Prognosticator?

Hey, guys. Face it. You have no good options. So, suck it up. Throw in a dose of realpolitik and make it clear that your "theoretical" objectives have failed. Bring 'em home.

DEN said...

New post!