Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Wall is Crumbling

It appears the wall separating the elitists in power and ordinary citizens is crumbling, and fast.

With the recent election establishing a Democrat majority for the first time in 12 years, comes a re-evaluation of all policies generated during the previous parties' rule. Suddenly what was dark is becoming light, what was wrong is being made right.

We are given a hint of things to come by the recent filing of charges by a German court. The Center for Constitutional Rights has filed a criminal complaint against outgoing Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld. The complaint requests that the German Federal Prosecutor open an investigation - and ultimately, a criminal prosecution - looking into the responsibility of high-ranking U.S. officials for authorizing war crimes in the name of the so-called "War on Terror. Also included are AG Gonzales and former CIA director Tenet.

There are serious efforts underway to repeal the Torture Bill also.

All of these things should once again restore our faith in the political process to correct the actions of a few affecting the many.

My prediction today is the indictment of Bush on similar charges, he along with Cheney have been placing their own agenda ahead of the will of the American people and as such will pay the price for their criminal behavior.

The fascists are being held at bay for the moment, we can rejoice in the fact the system does work when truth prevails. Let us be ever vigilant for the future holds much promise for the world, we must work hard to preserve freedoms and rights for all people.


º¿carol said...

Scott Ritter was in Michigan at Olivet College. There was a short article in the Lansing State Journal about it. "Ritter called Americans "extremely ignorant" of America's military involvement in the Middle East. He encouraged the mixed crowd of students, faculty and community members to educate themselves on the issues and question why America is in Iraq, rather than "waving a flag around and nodding your head dumbly like blind sheep, like most people in our country do."

Go, Scott!

Anonymous said...

JURIST - Legal News & Research: Rumsfeld War Crimes Complaint Filed in Germany

Fascism was growing in America under the bush regime and most people refused to see it. It was gradual, almost imperceptible, especially to those who don't think critically. Life seemed pretty ordinary to them, but something happened! I think November 7, 2006 will be noted in history books as the day that put the brakes on the United States' slide into fascism.

Let vigilance be our byword.

Because if we don't pay attention, participate in our communities -- and VOTE -- they'll come back with a vengeance.

Anonymous said...

Oh, oh! The old man isn't a fave of mine, but.....Little georgie would go into conniptions if his handlers let him see something like this CITIZEN'S POLL ON AOL:

Whom will history judge as the better president?

Former President Bush..............81%
Current President Bush.............19%

Total Votes: 111,885

Should President Bush seek policy guidance from his father?


Total Votes: 111,916

Oedipus complex at full throttle!...georgie breaks out the bottle.

º¿carol said...

The brakes on! If that turns out to be true it will be almost like a miracle.

DEN said...

Hey, this is tooo funny not to share.

HAPEVILLE, GA—Calling his recent layoff "just the kind of a kick in the pants" he needed, former Ford Motor Company autoworker Chris Thaney announced the creation of the Thaney Motor Company Monday.

"Losing my job was the best thing that could have ever happened to me," said the 34-year-old Thaney, who made $57,000 on the production line as a door fitter until the Hapeville plant closed down last month. "I know cars. I've been around cars for nearly a decade now. I don't need to work for a big, corporate auto manufacturer to do what I love."

"It's going to be great," Thaney continued. "Finally I get to be my own boss, set my own hours, and make my own cars."

The rest here.

This guy is a real industrialist!

º¿carol said...

Yes, he'll resent his father's respect because he's a knuckle-dragging, low IQ, neanderthal with no education.


DEN said...

Micki, could be that a lot of folks never knew it was fascism at work, they just noticed the dead troops.

Americans do not like war, that is a good thing, we must still keep an eye on these guys, the sneaky weasles are still running things and if left alone will do us more harm.

Poppy Bushes pals are up to their eyeballs in crooked dealings too, more big money interest trying to keep their accounts full.

Jeanne said...

Good essay Den.
Did you watch Democracy Now? Excellent show on the war crimes filing. You guys should watch the show.

Jeanne said...

I was believing that story about the auto worker. Did you ever look at the items for sale at the onion? Look at the tee shirts and then look at the picture of the guy holding the totebag.

DEN said...

Jeanne, I would call The Onion and odd place to visit that I would describe as outside the box, now that I have visited the store, well......
definitly twisted.

And I did see the show. Good one!

º¿carol said...

Jeanne, where and when can I find Democracy Now?

DEN said...

Carol, I can help, HERE

DEN said...

g-nite ladies!

Anonymous said...

DEN sed: Micki, could be that a lot of folks never knew it was fascism at work, they just noticed the dead troops.

Well, you're right there DEN, but I also think they had this nagging thing eating at them, that it was also about corruption, and that corruption fueled the false lead-up to war, and that corruption was tied to corporate America. and so on....

Maybe they couldn't equate it to fascism per se, but they damned sure knew it didn't "feel right."

When I said on the "other" blog that this election was a referendum on the stupidity of the American people, I meant it, even though I stated it in "negative" terms -- I should have said it was a "referendum on the ability of the American people to show that they get it"...

Obviously, they "got it." Yea!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Well, well, well...here's an interesting development on global warming

Aussies shift position on carbon trading.

Anonymous said...

"No greater legacy" for Bush than climate deal: UK

By Alister Doyle, Environment Correspondent

NAIROBI (Reuters) - Britain's environment minister urged President George W. Bush on Tuesday to agree cuts in emissions of greenhouse gases, saying there could be "no greater legacy" for his last two years in office.

Touring east Africa's biggest slum on the outskirts of Nairobi during a November 6-17 U.N. climate conference, David Miliband also said the world faced a "massive challenge" to help Africa to overcome poverty and global warming.

He said that 189-nation talks in Nairobi should seek ways to widen the U.N.-led fight against global warming to all nations, including the United States, after a first period of the Kyoto Protocol runs out in 2012.

"It's essential that the United States is part of a global agreement to binding global carbon reductions," he said as he toured the muddy Kibera slum, where a million people cram into tiny homes made of corrugated iron, mud or wood.

"I can't think of a greater legacy for the last two years of the Bush presidency than to work on a bipartisan basis with Democrats as well as Republicans" for a deal to cut emissions, he said.

He declined to say whether he reckoned it was more likely that the United States would join a long-term fight against climate change after the Democrats won control of Congress in elections last week.

Bush pulled out of Kyoto in 2001, saying that its caps on emissions of greenhouse gases, mainly from burning fossil fuels, would cost U.S. jobs and that the scheme wrongly excluded developing nations from the goals for 2012.

Alan said...

Hey DEN! Hey Micki and Carol and Jeanne!
Micki, I seen the poll at AOL also... there's tons more have voted since you posted.
A'ight, thought I'd holler at you guys. Nice job you're doing DEN.

Anonymous said...

Yikes Alan!...I was just ready to post this update and there you are...synchronicity or what? Seriously! Hey to you!

Looking at the citizen readers' poll later...

Whom will history judge as the better president?

Former President Bush...................81%
Current President Bush...................19%

Total Votes: 246,025

Should President Bush seek policy guidance from his father?


Total Votes: 246,181

Alan said...

I read that 'other' blog a couple of times. Too fkn negative over there. They went from dogging on repugs to immediately dogging on dems once the elections were over. WTF?? They have to have something to bitch about or their life has no purpose, I guess. ugh!

Alan said...

My link code didn't work, said "Your HTML cannot be accepted: Reference "http:" is not allowed:, so... y'all go to http://billmon.org/

Ha ha. Look at the fake Newsweek cover!

DEN said...

Alan, welcome to the "Henhouse" where all the "chicks" come to roost.(TIC)

Some of the finest political analysis on the planet gets posted by them here and I am gratefull they chose my blog to do it.

I do not have a famous reporter to quote daily just my opinions and the comments that are posted.

We try not to get too negative here.

DEN said...

Democracy Now is a must see today!!

Dennis Kucinich, George McGovern and an American Enterprise Institute Righty, Joshua-somebody, duke it out in a verbal boxing match of biblical proportions!

It is not up at their website yet, too early.

Anonymous said...

This article should have been on A1 -- not A29, but anyway...

These memos undoubtedly were a factor in the bush administration rushing the Military Commissions Act through Congress -- attempting to get amnesty for high-level busheviks who participated in the authorization of torture. Man, the ACLU is going to be mighty busy in he months ahead!

CIA Acknowledges 2 Interrogation Memos -- Papers Called Too Sensitive for Release

Anonymous said...

YouTube Video -- 2:15 TRT -- it's kind of sappy, but ole Satchmo makes it!

Got the link off of John Conyers' blog....

Gerald said...

DEN does a good job with his creative blogs.

DEN said...

Gerald, Thanks and great to have you back!

DEN said...

Micki, great video! Dems are just what we need to restore hope to a hopeless situation. The next two years ahead leave many monumental tasks to be completed.
This illegal war must be stopped, it is draining our young troops and the US budget way too fast.
Then get the chickenhawk war-mongers OUT!

Anonymous said...

DEN does a good job with his creative blogs.

I like creative blogs, too.

Anonymous said...

THIS NEEDS TO COME TO THE TOP OF THE PRIORITY LIST -- along with all the other priorities...

Nature News -- Kofi Annan deplores leadership in fight against climate change

Annan was speaking at the beginning of high-level meetings at the 12th UN Climate Change Conference in the Kenyan capital Nairobi.

When asked if he was referring specifically to the US, the world's largest emitter of greenhouse gasses, which has not ratified the Kyoto Protocol, Annan said he was urging all leaders to act.
'I want leaders around the world to really show courage and to know that if they do, their people and the voters will be with them,' he told reporters.

'If they don't, the people and the voters should take the lead to let them know they consider climate change serious and that there may be a political cost.'

DEN said...

OKIE DOKIE new post, running late today!