Thursday, November 16, 2006

War Criminal in Chief

US Law Concerning War Crimes

TITLE 18 > PART I > CHAPTER 118 > § 2441

§ 2441. War crimes

(a) Offense.— Whoever, whether inside or outside the United States, commits a war crime, in any of the circumstances described in subsection (b), shall be fined under this title or imprisoned for life or any term of years, or both, and if death results to the victim, shall also be subject to the penalty of death.
(b) Circumstances.— The circumstances referred to in subsection (a) are that the person committing such war crime or the victim of such war crime is a member of the Armed Forces of the United States or a national of the United States (as defined in section 101 of the Immigration and Nationality Act).
(c) Definition.— As used in this section the term “war crime” means any conduct—
(1) defined as a grave breach in any of the international conventions signed at Geneva 12 August 1949, or any protocol to such convention to which the United States is a party;
(2) prohibited by Article 23, 25, 27, or 28 of the Annex to the Hague Convention IV, Respecting the Laws and Customs of War on Land, signed 18 October 1907;
(3) which constitutes a violation of common Article 3 of the international conventions signed at Geneva, 12 August 1949, or any protocol to such convention to which the United States is a party and which deals with non-international armed conflict; or
(4) of a person who, in relation to an armed conflict and contrary to the provisions of the Protocol on Prohibitions or Restrictions on the Use of Mines, Booby-Traps and Other Devices as amended at Geneva on 3 May 1996 (Protocol II as amended on 3 May 1996), when the United States is a party to such Protocol, willfully kills or causes serious injury to civilians.

Anyone with any doubts as to the intentions of the Administration to violate International Law, needs to go here.

Scroll down the page and ready yourself for a LARGE dose of reality.

The MSM would not dare mention this on the air, because to do so could spark rioting in the streets. The severity of crimminal offenses leaves a bad taste in my mind.
This is stuff right out of the Nazi playbook, and WE ARE FOOTING THE BILL!

It is our tax dollars supporting the Bush Administrations' war on terrorism, our hard earned money paying to torture, rape and kill. We as loyal American citizens should be asking for and receiving accountability for the carnage being conducted on our behalf. It has quickly turned from being a campaign to get OBL, to a campaign to enrich the corporatists involved without regard to human rights.

Not since World War II have such evil and atrocious crimes been perpetrated on our fellow man. THIS MUST BE STOPPED!!
Dennis Kucinich has demanded an end to funding for this illegal war. This must be acted upon to prevent further troop losses and further finacial gain for the corporatists using the troops' blood to enrich themselves.
It is time for Congress to do the job the Administration has failed to do, bring an end to this bogus war and bring the troops back home, ASAP!

The Iraqis do not want us there, the American people do not want us there, only Bush Cheney and their corporate cronies do. Death and destruction mean nothing as long as they get what they want. They should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law for their crimes against humanity and not rewarded by remaining in office. INDICT NOT IMPEACH!

Pure evil MUST be overcome by good, if not we are doomed to extinction.


DEN said...

Yesterday I made a suggestion to circle the wagons so to speak.
The more thought I gave to that the more I was convinced we need to pack up our stuff and get everyone back here where they belong.

We need a good defense against any possible terrorist attacks right here at home in the USA.

I want to thank my "Chicks" for the high degree of civility and intelligent dialog they bring with them. You have truly brightened up my blog! Keep up the great work!

Carey said...

Haven't even read your post yet Den. Will do now but wanted to get this news out.

House Democrats Name Hoyer to No.2 Spot

Wow! Most pundits thought since Pelosi had endorsed Murtha that Dems would follow suit. Interesting. What does mean for the Democratic platform of redeployment?

Alan said...

But when General Abizaid predicts that the "turning point" on violence is in "four to six months" I want to take him by the shoulders and shake him and say, "Stop with the wishful thinking!"

Micki, they started calling them "Friedmans" after Nobel-winning columnist Tom Friedman kept writing the same thing. We're on about the seventh "friedman" and it still gets worse and worse. The idiots!

DEN, I agree on the war crimes post, except if we de-fund the war unilaterally, the repugs will just use that against us politically in the next elections. We need to force decisions out of these white house criminals first, I'm afraid.

Trying my copied link code again...


Alan said...

K, I went to a HTML code web site and copy and pasted the code again, right under my copy and they look identical. Mine wouldn't work on this site, but the new one did. *tosses up hands* I SWEAR they look identical! ugh

Carey said...

That states it pretty damn clearly. Den, articulate and strong writing! Thank you.

Now that Israel plans a preemptive on Iran using our satellite technology and weaponry and Netanyahu (a completely yuckie neocon-type person) poised to take the reins in Israel, your hope of bringing the troops home, Den, takes on much more significance. These policies ensure a terrorist attack within U.S. borders.

Alan and all,

The talk on nonpartisanship lasted, what three days? Basically, the quotes out of the White House are implying no such cooperation on Iraq/occupation policy. Bush/Cheney has no intention of redployment. They want to make permanent our bases there and solidfy some form of occupation. It has always been about the oil, not for every neocon, but certainly those in power.

Hence my concern over the naming of Hoyer as House majority leader.

Alan said...

Yeah, I haven't heard a word about those large permanent bases that were being built.
What tha hell, let's redeploy out of the Green Zone to those bases, like bushco wanted in the first place... at least our troops would be safer there. Let's see what happens among themselves when our guys aren't patroling and backing them up.

Carey said...

Wayne Madsen writes more on the struggle between Cheneyco and Bush 41 people coming in. This is going to be soooo interesting. Who wants to see Cheney fry?? I DO! The man is pure evil.

November 16, 2006 -- Signs of Bush 41-Cheney clashes arise in contradictory administration policy decisions.

One of the signs that there is an intensive clash between the increasingly influential James Baker, Robert Gates, Brent Scowcroft group affiliated with George H. W. Bush and the remaining administration neo-cons centered around Vice President Dick Cheney is the battle to keep John Bolton at the US Mission to the UN. The neo-cons in the administration are trying to come up with ways to keep Bolton in his position even though the current Republican-led Senate Foreign Relations Committee (with the support of defeated Rhode Island Republican Senator Lincoln Chafee) does not look likely to approve Bolton's nomination. Incoming chairman Joe Biden said as far as he is concerned the Bolton nomination is dead.

Bolton: Cheney is fighting to keep another one of his allies from being tossed by the Bush administration.

However, neo-cons, including Cheney, are toying with the idea of appointing Bolton to the third ranking position at the UN mission, which does not require Senate confirmation. By not filling the vacant ambassador position, Bolton would serve as an unconfirmed acting ambassador. It is well known that following Donald Rumsfeld's ouster at the Pentagon, Bolton is one of Cheney's sole remaining allies. Bolton is also vehemently anti-Iranian and opposed to the Baker-Hamilton committee's outreach to Tehran. Therefore, it is important for Cheney to keep Bolton at the UN to rattler sabers at Iran. Bolton is also supported by the Israeli lobby in Washington that does not want to see any Washington-Tehran talks dedicated to working together on Iraq.

There is also another wild card working in Bolton's favor. While he was at the State Department Bolton gathered a number of NSA intercepts on US persons and may be using their content to blackmail members of the administration and Congress to support his continued tenure at the UN.

WMR reported on Bolton's involvement in the NSA surveillance on May 15, 2005:

According to National Security Agency insiders, outgoing NSA Director General Michael Hayden approved special communications intercepts of phone conversations made by past and present U.S. government officials. The intercepts are at the height of the current controversy surrounding the nomination of Undersecretary of State John R. Bolton as ambassador to the United Nations. It was revealed by Connecticut Senator Christopher Dodd during Bolton’s Senate Foreign Relations Committee nomination hearing that Bolton requested transcripts of 10 NSA intercepts of conversations between named U.S. government officials and foreign persons. Later, it was revealed that U.S. companies [also treated as "U.S. persons" by NSA] were also identified in an additional nine intercepts requested by Bolton. However, NSA insiders report that Hayden approved special intercept operations on behalf of Bolton and had them masked as "training missions" in order to get around internal NSA regulations that normally prohibit such eavesdropping on U.S. citizens.

Carey said...

I just finished reading David Corn's posts from the last few days. (I've been away from the computer.) Be certain to read them. On the Hoyer/Murtha issue, he has some very interesting insights. He cites the liberal-bashing that Murtha has engaged in, and his ehtics issues and problems with the House Ethics Committee. I did know about Melanie Sloan's (CREW) concerns. David thinks Pelosi made a big strategic error endorsing Murtha. He worries what pundits and enemies of ehtics reform will do to her after this loss.

Carey said...

Now read Robert Scheer on the Murtha/Hoyer issue. This is fascinating. I tend to lean towards this view more. Corn and many others have cited the exit polls showing public interest in ending corruption, but I think there's a larger concern to end the occupation.

Murtha's No Lefty, But He's Right

DEN said...

Carey and everyone, if you have not seen Murthas' interview on Hardball yesterday please watch it.

Murtha: We should be dealing with war, not ethics
Nov. 15: In an exclusive interview, “Hardball” host Chris Matthews talks to Rep. John Murtha about the fight for the No. 2 leadership position in the House, the war in Iraq and ethics in Congress. HERE

Carey said...

This is laugh out loud funny.

40 States is Plenty

Carey said...


I did see the interview. That's partly why I thought he might win. I did not like, however, his comments on ethics reform. And his answers on ABSCAM left something to be desired. Murtha, afterall, never reported the bribe offer.

Melanie Sloan does point to Murtha's many earmarks which helped his brother's military contracts and some campaign contributors. I did hear that Murtha voted against investigating fraud in Iraq contracts. Still, I liked Scheer's arguments.

DEN said...

Carey, Too funny! Haliburton already owns Wyoming as I discovered in a stopover at Rock Springs a few years back. Halliburton trucks everywhere.

Lake Wobegon it is not!

Anonymous said...

More Americans Say Iraq Is the Nation's Most Important Problem --
Only 31% of Americans are satisfied with the way things are going --


Anonymous said...

Not taking any sides on this, because a crime is a crime is a crime... but John Murtha's involvement in the ABSCAM scandal is pretty much on a par with John McCain's involvement in the KEATING FIVE scandal (based on the available evidence, that is).

I mention that similarity because the pundits pile-on when they figure they're going to get the most mileage out of their gibberish. Murtha was in the spotlight...

When McCain's presidential plans get into high(er) gear, will the yakkers and gasbags bring up the fact that McCain was accused of strong-arming federal officials to back off their investigation of Charles Keating, the former chairman of the Lincoln Savings and Loan Association? (McCain was joined by five Dems in the strong-arming, to be fair.)

Anonymous said...

John Murtha, IMO, deserved Nancy Pelosi's support for the #2 House spot -- after all, he was willing to stick his neck out and change the national debate on bush's War of Choice on Iraq. Murtha was the catalyst that got the ball rolling for the Dem win on November 7th.

I don't think Pelosi lost any prestige or leadership advantage by her willingness to support Murtha.

She showed that she was willing to take a leadership position, even if it wasn't "popular" with opposing segments.

Let the people's work begin.

Anonymous said...

Carey -- I love Garrison Keillor!

I read some of the comments in response to his essay -- jeez louise! Some people have NO sense of humor.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the memories...

Published on Friday, August 2, 2002

Where Is the Voice of Dissent?
As we weigh an attack on Iraq, we need someone like the Vietnam era's Wayne Morse.

Appearing on the CBS program "Face the Nation," Morse objected when journalist Peter Lisagor said, "Senator, the Constitution gives to the president of the United States the sole responsibility for the conduct of foreign policy." The senator responded sharply: "Couldn't be more wrong. You couldn't make a more unsound legal statement than the one you have just made. This is the promulgation of an old fallacy that foreign policy belongs to the president of the United States. That's nonsense."

When Lisagor prodded him ("To whom does it belong then, senator?"), Morse did not miss a beat: "It belongs to the American people.... And I am pleading that the American people be given the facts about foreign policy."
When his questioner persisted--"You know, senator, that the American people cannot formulate and execute foreign policy"--Morse became indignant. "Why do you say that?" he demanded. "I have complete faith in the ability of the American people to follow the facts if you'll give them. And my charge against my government is, we're not giving the American people the facts."

DEN said...

Check this out!
Dodd Introduces Effective Terrorists Prosecution Act; Brings Terrorists to Justice, Honors America's Good Name.

Details here

It would be nice if he could get this done!

Carey said...


Maybe the pundits won't dig up the Keating scandal facts on McCain, but his opponents sure might. On second thought, since it involved Dems, they might not.

DEN said...

And on a disgusting note, Nazi-esqe thugs tasered a guy in the UCLA library, you tube video is very disturbing. HERE

Anonymous said...

I just moseyed over to David Corn's (so-called) blog...I say "so-called" because it doesn't take comments...well, anyway...

I think Mr. Corn has been hanging out with waaaaaaaay too many, inside the beltway types who yammer the same talking points, so as not to diminish their chances of an invite to appear on, yet another, gasbag show or a holiday cocktail party.

Enough already, Corn!, with the self-inflicted wounds Nancy gave herself. I'd like to tell Corn he's losing HIS credibility -- there was a time when he was a more independent, novel thinker.

Anonymous said...

...way to go Chris Dodd! -- thanks DEN.

“I take a backseat to no one when it comes to protecting this country from terrorists,” Sen. Dodd said. “But there is a right way to do this and a wrong way to do this. It’s clear the people who perpetrated these horrendous crimes against our country and our people have no moral compass and deserve to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. But in taking away their legal rights, the rights first codified in our country’s Constitution, we’re taking away our own moral compass, as well.”

Gerald said...

Another great article from DEN and his Dixie Chick followers. We should end the funding now for the Iraq war.

Gerald said...

The Gerald Plan

Here is my plan for Iraq and America.

Leave Iraq now!

Use Debi Smith’s letter as an apology to the world!

Once the Iraqi government comes to grips with resolving their plans and problems, we can give massive aid to reconstruct a country that we broke through a wrong and an immoral war.

Open dialogue and no more talk of “my way or the highway” from a low life creature named Bunnypants!

Investigate the abuses of Hitler Bush and share findings with the International Criminal Court at The Hague, Netherlands!

Join the International Criminal Court and become part of the world community!

Post all of Hitler Bush’s abuses toward our laws on all municipal government buildings to use as a guideline against future abuses by another low life slime ball!

Commit our great country to love, mercy, justice, and peace!

Gerald said...

Dear World

Gerald said...

Unleashing the Christ Within

Gerald said...

Dismay Grows

Gerald said...

Dismay Grows

Gerald said...

Corruption and Ethics

DEN said...

Gerald, thanks for posting the excellent articles, you have a good eye for a good story.
Both Smirking Chimp and Common Dreams are an excellent source of thought provoking essays, I read them daily, and believe everyone should.

Carey said...

Yes Gerald, thanks for the links. I find it fantastic that Latin Americans are co-protesting the School of the Americas!

Anonymous said...

Nat Hentoff
bush Revives Espionage Act -- bush's war on the disloyal press climaxes in a trial on classified information

This is the first prosecution ever of private citizens for receiving and distributing classified information. —Floyd Abrams, "The State of Free Speech," New York Law Journal, October 18.

These charges potentially eviscerate the primary function of journalism—to gather and publicize information of public concern—particularly where the most vulnerable information to the public . . . is what the government wants to conceal. —Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, with which this Voice columnist is affiliated

Not many Americans know about this trial, slated for next January, that could result in future government suppression of news stories—based on classified information—such as The Washington Post's reports by Dana Priest of CIA secret prisons in Europe and the James Risen–Eric Lichtblau New York Times revelations on the National Security Agency's secret, warrantless spying on Americans.

Anonymous said...

David Corn is coming closer to calling it what it is in Iraq - Civil War. Here's his new post, in part...

This tussle illustrates the fundamental problem for the United States: what is its role in the Shiite-Sunni conflict Bush's invasion of Iraq has unleashed? Support a government that includes parties in league with death squads? Support the Sunnis allied with forces looking to bring down the central government? Or muddle along in between? There may be no good options--and perhaps no workable ones, either.

Posted by David Corn at 05:57 PM

No good options??? Gee, I said that earlier on this blog and I'm not even a pundit or a famous writer. ;-))

DEN said...

One option and one only. GET OUT NOW!
And while we are at it get that gang of neocon criminals called the Administration OUT TOO!

It will take years and years to repair our image as a world leader, no time like the present to start the repair work.

DEN said...

David has avoided the tough issues as long as I have read his stuff, always behind the bandwagon, never in front.

Jeanne said...

I just watched the U Tube video of the kid in the library. Good God. Who hired those fucking idiots? A tazer is used only if the person is out of control, violent, or threatening an officer. The cop uses the tazer rather than using a gun. And then telling the kid to get up and walk out. Hello! Just carry him out. Get up...good God. They were basically saying "it doesn't hurt that much. Now get up." Any cop who's been tazed in training will tell you they only want to be tazed once in their life and these lunatics tazed this kid about 5 times. If I was that kid's parents I'd be finding the best lawyer I could find and I would be talking to the president of the school and the mayor of the city.

Gerald said...

Robert M. Gates

As a side note I thought that I heard Olmert in Israel has a 7% approval rating.

Gerald said...

More Troops, More War

More killed, more maimed!!!

Gerald said...

When will people start to believe that war is outmoded?

Alan said...

Ron Paul WAS my congressman until Tom Delay pulled off the re-districting, and I ended up in his district... which will be Nick Lampson's in January. Did y'all hear about the repug bytch that won to finish off Delay's term? That all the staff in that office in D.C. mutinied on her azz! Anyways, Ron Paul will still answer my contacts with his office. Here's the latest...

Dear Mr. xxxxxx:

Thank you for contacting my office regarding your dissatisfaction with the current direction of the government. As you may know, I have been speaking out against the unnecessary and unconstitutional Iraq war since it was first revealed that plans were being made to go to war with Iraq. I have also spoken out against the waste of taxpayer funds on the war, since that money would be better spent to improve the lives of the American people than on war.

As a member of the House Committee on International Relations, I will continue to work to expose the fallacies behind the arguments for war and combat those who would spend American blood and treasure on their misguided visions of empire. I will also continue to fight against expansion of the PATRIOT Act and all schemes to restrict individual liberty and expand the police state.

Thank you once again for contacting my office. Please feel free to do so in the future with any other questions, comments, or suggestions.


Ron Paul

Gerald said...

Having a difficult time sleeping I awoke to some sad news. has written its R.I.P. epitaph. I have read many good articles on that website. I hope that Justin Raimondo will find some place to share his thoughts. I want to thank for their service to America and the American people. You will remain in my thoughts. Sincerely, Gerald

Gerald said...

Remember this article in 2008 if we are still able to vote in presidential elections

Gerald said...

Around 25% of the soldiers returning home from Iraq do not have their jobs waiting for them. What a country? What loyalty to our military men and women who are risking their lives to save a Nazi nation?

I have this strange feeling that the U.S. Congress that is controlled by the Democrats will call for the reinstatement of the military draft. Hoyer and his goons and thugs are war hawks. The more things change, the more they remain the same!!! Only in America!!!!!

Alan said...

I have this strange feeling that the U.S. Congress that is controlled by the Democrats will call for the reinstatement of the military draft.

That's just crazy Gerald. The Dems won both Houses because the people have rejected more wars and want to extract us out of Iraq. No, I don't agree with your statement that anyone is going to bring up reinstating a draft. Same as I didn't agree with your and Capt's posts about a repug landslide in the '06 elections.

Anonymous said...

Action Alert


Charge Rumsfeld with War Crimes

...CCR filed a criminal complaint in Germany under their universal jurisdiction law charging Rumsfeld, Gonzales and other high-ranking officials in the Bush administration with war crimes. We’ve taken this step on behalf of 11 Iraqis , and one detainee at Guantánamo Bay subjected to torture and abuse there under Rumsfeld’s specific authorization.

If Rumsfeld is going to be held accountable for authorizing torture and other human rights abuses, we need your help.

The German Prosecutor has discretion to decide whether to initiate an investigation. It is critical that you write to her so she knows that people around the world support this effort. Please urge the German Prosecutor to open an investigation into this case.

Anonymous said...

From the Brownsville, TX Herald, November 15, 2004 -- Government looking at military draft lists

The above cited article has some interesting info in it -- remember when talk of the draft possibility was flying fast and furiously 2 years ago?

I have a friend, a black woman, who is the exec director of a peace & justice organization, who wonders out loud, at times, if a draft would make things more equitable -- would maybe put the kibosh on more war? She's totally against bush's Wars of Choice, the bush doctrine...well, she can't stand him...but some people think if there was a draft, people would be marching in the streets, moms would be shouting from the rooftops, the people would be incensed, NO MORE WAR.

...then there is the clear and present danger of unintended consequences!

Anonymous said...


If you're in the mood for some ridiculous spin, you should read this article at (of all places!!!). The writer, Mark Benjamin, must be working on Condi's "exploratory committee" for a possible presidential run in '08! Spin, spin, spin.......

Condi as heroine on the Iraq War! What bullshit!

Anonymous said... Thanksgiving approaches, we have the busheviks here to remind of us our bounty! From Tim Grieve,

America's hungry? They're just suffering from "low food security"

What do you call that phenomenon you feel when you need something to eat but can't afford to put any food on the table? We might call it "hungry," but then, we're not Bush administration officials who'd rather not acknowledge that the number of "hungry" people in America has increased over the last five years of "compassionate conservatism."

As the Washington Post reports this morning, Bush's Agriculture Department has struck the word "hungry" from its annual report on what it's now calling "food security."

The report measures the number of Americans who can't afford to put food on their table during at least some period of the year. The Agriculture Department's Mark Nord says "hungry" is "not a scientifically accurate term for the specific phenomenon being measured" in the report. Thus, people formerly described as suffering "food insecurity without hunger" -- meaning that they'll probably get something to eat, somehow -- and "food insecurity with hunger" -- meaning that they'll go without food for stretches of time -- shall henceforth be known as sufferers of "low food security" and "very low food security."

Oh, and then there's this. The hunger/food insecurity report usually appears in October. This year's version -- the fifth straight to show an increase in the number of hungry Americans -- was held for release until after last week's election.

DEN said...

No one in this grand country should be hungry today!

Donate to Americas Second Harvest to help.

DEN said...

New post up!

Thanks everybody!