Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Ho, Ho, Holidays

Well today seems like a better day. After a totally relaxing weekend I was not ready to face the corporate demons at DFS. Matter of fact I was not ready to face anything that would interrupt the peaceful bliss of the holiday season.

Sometimes the balance just has a way of catching up with you. I knew the bliss would not remain but I stubbornly refused to let go to the illusion. Now time to move forward into the "Taint" of the holiday season. Taint T-day and taint Christmas yet.

Which brings me to the subject of Christmas and the Stock Market.

Yesterday the Dow dropped 158 points yesterday. Seems Wally Mart had poor sales after T-day on Black Friday and caused concerns on Wall Street. I am no expert on the Stock Market, in fact I am financially disadvantaged, but Wally Mart? How can the number one importer of China goods cause a runaway freefall in stocks? Why is Wally Mart the indicator of holiday spending? What happened to everyone else?

Well actually the Dow tanked because of the weakened dollar overseas. It take almost two dollars to buy one British pound, and a dollar thirty to buy one Euro. So from this I assume Chinese goods will cost Wally Mart and others more money to purchase and the famous "Price Rollback" is not happening. The playing field has leveled out. Durable goods purchases are down also.

I fully expect the cost of producing stuff in China will increase, adding to that is the rise of labor unions which are fully supported by the Chinese government. Our almighty dollar is going the way of the Dodo bird folks, if the Chinese were to call in the debt right now, they would OWN America. The Corporatistas have engorged themselves with profits by being able to go to places for cheap labor, like China, for years, now we must pay the price.

It always falls to us the consumers to pay for corporate profiteering, but we buy right into it don't we? We must buy stuff, lots and lots of stuff, buy more than lots of stuff, buy containerloads of stuff, from China. Like the spoiled children we are we wallow in our stuff, we rent storage facilities to contain our excess stuff, we fight the hordes and masses for our stuff.

No wonder the rest of the world thinks we are spoiled, we are! Spoiled by the Corporatistas waving stuff under our noses in an effort to get us to bite the hook of consumerism. Well we can choose to bite or not. Using credit cards with impunity we head off to Wally Mart and others to support the Corporatistas and all they do to keep us full of.......stuff. Stuff that due to cheap construction will end up in a landfill before next Christmas rears its head once again.

I oppose pending needlessly if you already have enough stuff. Instead of making your holidays a stuff filled extravaganza, consider filling the stockings of those unable to afford the most basic of necessities, food and shelter. Donate to local food banks, give to others unable to make it alone in this consumer based society.

Somtimee in the near future you might be joining the ranks of the poor. Would you want to be ignored?


Carey said...

Part of this "buy, buy,buy" phenomenon is recklessly shoved up our noses by the media. Everday, the local and national media speak endlessly about shopping, how to shop, where to shop, who's spending more, how your shopping-style indicates what type of personality you have. Yikes, LEAVE ME ALONE! That's three-quarters of what I dread, and I'm sure all of you. Can't take it. Our family just consists of younger folks (if you count over 50 but less than 75 younger). None of us shop for each other, only for my younger son. My two older guys don't expect anything. I only exchange cards with people, even my New Orleans family. That came about due to lack of funding, but once it provided a unique de-stresser, it remained permanent. Besides, shopping as you said Den, only contributes to the people's downfall.

My focus is on what Bush will do in Jordan. Nothing. Now he's blaming al Queda for the torrential violence. That's what he's going to tell Maliki. This isn't a civil war or rampant sectarian fighting, IT'S AL QUEDA! This in the face of all kinds of statistics that say otherwise. We'll never get out of there unless Americans make a stink ala Vietnam.

After reading all about this in What Really Happened, I came upon this which raised my spirits.

Are Cheney's Days Numbered?

DEN said...

Cheney will leave in cuffs for his part in the war crimes committed by this administration within 1 year.(He hopes with fingers crossed)

Micki said...

Carey, hmmmm...I think the only way the dick will go is if the noose tightens after the *general* investigations begin on no-bid contracting, etc.

We could see a reprise of the Spiro Agnew/Dick Nixon sequence of events. But, dick cheney will leave the veep's office through death or impending criminal charges -- not just because he's not enjoying himself. He enjoys bullying the world.

Den, I hate to shop -- always have, always will. We are a family of low consumers -- and are non-acquisitive. We do like experiences, however. Who are these people who live and breath for the Doorbuster Specials?

On another note:

Ad Blitz Satirizes Lebanon's Divides

IMO, this is an interesting article, but I'm afraid that many will not "get it" -- however, it is a sign of hope that this advertising campaign even got off the ground. Being a person who engages in informed hope, perhaps this will show to many that sectarianism is senseless.

Carey said...

Holidays do leave one busy. I, for one, did not notice until I started pouring over nonread newspapers piled in the corner that UCLA administrators were forced by a strong student protest to order an outside probe on the Taser arrest. HURRAY!

I couldn't link the article dated Nov. 18. Too long ago to retrieve. It did say, though, that it actually is university police policy to Taser "on passive resisters as a pain compliance technique, Assistant Chief Jeff Young said in an interview Friday."

"Under UCLA policy, Young said, officers can use the weapons after considering the potential injury to police and to the individual as well as the level of resistance and the need for prompt resolution."

Sheriffs and police aren't even allowed use of those techniques. As it turns out the arrested was Iranian who thought he was being singled out for discrimination. He started to walk out, then officers took his arms and he went limp. That was considered "passive resistance." Obviously it wasn't quick enough for them and they claim he was a 200 pound man. So they Tasered him four times. According to witnesses, they threatened to Taser them if they came near.

Jesus Christ!

I gather nothing will come of this investigation since it was university police policy and the officers haven't been suspended. Probably the result will be a rethinking of the policy. ABOUT TIME!

Carey said...

Micki, an intriguing idea, the satirization of differences and how it affects the populace. It might work. But there's always those intervening variables and groups/nations that don't want peace in Lebanon. The one thing going for the beseiged country is that it does have some democratic structures already in place.

Jeanne said...

The christmas picture is just precious. Thank you for posting it. What a great family photo. The morals just shine. Don't they? *sigh*

One question...why does Barbara always have such low cut bodices?

DEN said...

Micki, sectarianism, a fancy word for discrimination. More religious self righteous bullshit. These people will never advance until the discrimination stops.
Religion once again proves it is divisive not inclusive.

Carey, Tasers resulted in over 180 deaths among recipients. More than enough evidence to have them outlawed. The rent-a-cop that did the tasering was psycho.
Read this

Micki said...

I know it's a gag (in more ways than one!) X-mas card, but it looks like Laura is photoshopped in, Stepford-style.

Please sign Barbara Boxer's Petition to prez bush telling him to work with the Democrats to bring the Troops Home from Iraq

This and a quarter....

But, hey!

DEN said...

Micki, I got that too. Why can't these politicos figure out dubya has no interest in solving problems, just causing them?

Micki said...

Now, Jenna is the blonde and Barbara is the brunette, right? Seems to me they both have a history of wearing low-cut bodices.

When Jenna had her "wardrobe malfunction" at the 2001 Inaugural Ball dancing with her clumsy 2-far right-footed papa and got such a lot of attention, perhaps twin Barbara, because they are very competitive, is hoping for the day her cup runneth over, too, and she gets ALL that attention?

I'm just guessing, ya know?

Micki said...

I'm going to go out and shovel some more snow. But, I love the Internets!

Den, if we click on your site enough times, will it RISE TO THE TOP OF A LIST? And make you famous, if not rich?

Micki said...

Keeping in mind, that there needs to be a full, complete, and honest investigation about the NYPD actions and the hail of bullets and the death of a groom...

MICAH SCHAFFER, micah@deathoftwosons.com, http://www.deathoftwosons.com
    Schaffer is director of the just-released movie "Death of Two Sons."
He said today of the film: "It's about how we value black life less. It's about the Diallo killing and the death of Jesse Thyne, a Peace Corps volunteer who was then living with the Diallo family in Guinea and attended Diallo's funeral. Within a year he was brutally killed in a car accident in Guinea. The taxi driver responsible for his death spent three years in prison; Diallo's killers walked free."

Micki said...

bush says U.S. Won't Pull out of Iraq

Full speed ahead. Stay the course. Democracy is on the march. They want freedom. When they stand up, we'll stand down. Blah blah blah.

bush is a moron. Bush pushed back against skeptics of his goal of spreading freedom across the Middle East. "I understand these doubts but I do not share them," the president said.

So.....is the Family Consigliere going to be ignored. Is the "report" going to be riddled with bullshit?

BTW, why are we using air power in Iraq? The silence over the bush administration's continuing use of air power in Iraq has finally been broken. Not by reports of daily bombing of urban and rural
neighborhoods on so-called 'dual use targets' (including medical facilities and shopping malls) or the devastation to Iraqi civilian life and limb. No, it comes with the downing of a U.S. Air Force -16CG
fighter jet outside of Baghdad. I'll wager there's more to come...

DEN said...

Micki, fame and fortune is all I seek........NOT! Donations accepted however. I may be crazy but I ain't stoopid! HA!

Micki said...


º¿carol said...

I believe the poll. People are basically self-centered and ignorant and our society keeps them that way. Offered a list of 20 people to rate, the apathetic people would naturally pick a name they've heard before not knowing ONE thing about them.

Gosh, I sound like someone, ah...who? Gee, someone. Hmmm.

º¿carol said...

Den, does everyone have to get a Google account every time they want to post and type in the secret word? I didn't have to do that when I posted on Capt's blog. It remembered me. Do you have a different setting here, or am I doing something wrong.

Micki said...


Anonymous said...

Testing again.

Santa Claus said...

...and again.

Micki said...

Hmm. This works better. I had been having the same trouble as Carol has.

DEN said...

Ok back to letting in the Nony_mousers cause I am unwilling to leave my chicks out in the cold!
Nu post, aint much, writers block!