Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas Day Is Here!

The long awaited day has arrived!

Christmas Day, the culmination of retailers dreams for bountiful harvest of cash flow is upon us. Those of you with young children will undoubtedly be woken up by their gentle pleadings, can we open our presents now?

Well enjoy it while you can, little children grow up to be big children and the demands increase accordingly.

I have really enjoyed this last week with everyone here. This is a real first for me having a blog, and to have such wonderful folks to share their Christmas's past, has been a real treat.

Egg Nog is in the corner and fresh baked Christmas cookies on the side, make yourself at home.



Gerald said...

I Dislike the Christmas Season

Dear Posters:

Let me start by wishing everyone a Merry Christmas to you and yours!

The Christmas season starts about three weeks before Christmas and ends after New Year’s Day.

The reasons for my dislike for the Christmas season are that Christmas is too commercialized and there are too many goodies to eat. Just saying “no” to the goodies in front of you is easier said than done.

I can overcome the commercialization but how do you push yourself away from the goodies? My Love is an excellent cook. The meals are great and the desserts are fantastic. We have little serving in the desserts other than around birthdays and Christmas. Pumpkin pies are served at Thanksgiving and assorted chocolates around Easter.

For me Christmas is the birth of the Christ child. The day is a holyday, a blessed day, and a precious day. Christmas is one of the two most blessed events on the Christian calendar. It is the day that God became human and He took up flesh like you and me.

The second blessed event is Jesus’ death and resurrection. Christianity is hard to comprehend for non-Christians because why would the Supreme Being become human and die for us. These two events are hard to comprehend but they reveal our God’s deep and lasting love for you and me.

The best Christmas I ever had was one Thanksgiving when we exchanged gifts. One of our sons was going to be out of the country for Christmas and so we exchanged gifts on Thanksgiving Day. That Christmas was celebrated with the true meaning of Christmas as a holyday, a blessed day, and a precious day.



Gerald said...

The Christmas Spirit: Twelve Months of the Year

Gerald said...

Acts of service
“God has no hands or feet or voice except ours and through these He works.”
— St. Teresa of Avila

What is the spiritual value of love in action?

“To me, God and compassion are one and the same,” said Mother Teresa of Calcutta. A specific religion “has nothing to do with compassion. It’s our love for God that is the main thing…The way we can show our love for Him is to serve others.”

Most people reach out in their own communities, but others travel to fulfill their mission.

As part of the Haiti Parish Twinning Program, doctors, nurses, pharmacists and others traveled from the United States to the Caribbean. Setting up temporary clinics, they treated TB, tetanus, burns and more.

They got as much as they gave, feeling a deepening of God’s presence in their own lives because of the persevering faith shown by their patients in desperate circumstances.

Another group of faith-inspired people went to Africa. “So many young people were dying of AIDS,” said surgeon Dr. Caren Gaines, “that there was little I could do to help them. If I didn’t have my faith, I could not have managed…

I have to be present to people who are suffering, to suffer with them.”

Doug Kieffer, an engineer, observed that “in Uganda, hardship strengthens faith. People count their blessings, not their troubles.”

• • • • •

Gerald said...

This Christmas let us count our blessings and pray to end the oppression from Hitler Bush and his minions!!!

Carey said...


Who said anything about gentle pleadings? Actually he was a relatively good boy yesterday as his Dad and I freaked over getting everything ready in time. We hosted the big Tallulah last night.


And pray for our troops that they are safe and not suffering too much from homesickness on this day.

Den particularly,

I hate to be the bearer of bad tidings but.....

Pentagon Says Downwinds From Bomb Tests Will Not endanger Utahns

This is short, but mighty scary.

This is another reason to pray, for no nuclear annihilation or poisoning.

DEN said...

Oh yea, I believe everything the Pentagon tells me.......NOT!!!!

Hope they get an earful at the hearing.

We DO NOT need more stinking bombs!

Carey said...

Been scooting around the web. Wow, Wayne Madsen is full of complexities. Sheesh! I can't keep up. I hadn't read him for a while, just like everything else.

I've been thinking as I read all of the posts from the week past. About the biggest memory I have from each Christmas, besides my sister hating the clothes Mom would buy her (there was something going on there) is the profound year-end disscussions of world events and politics. I would glean much from these over the years.

Of course, in my family, political discussions were always going on. But these Christmas talks seemed to take on extra importance.

I'm going to go enjoy Christmas day with my extended famliy.

One last thought:

Gerald and all,

One thing about the hatred of the commercialization. I find that it melts away on Christmas Eve and Day as we come to allow those feelings of worship, reverence and joy take over. I finally love the carols that I sung all my childhood.

I fear that my son has missed out on that sentiment. They don't sing Christmas carols in school anymore. I often wonder about all of the political correctness.

Gerald said...

carey and all, no more Christmas plays and no more Christmas carols! We have to be politically correct! That is why I am a full fledge member of the KMA club. I am tired of always trying to be politically correct. Last Sunday, December 17, 2006, Oprah Winfrey had a great piece on starting her school for Black children in South Africa and this time she will succeed. She mentioned that she tried a school for Black children in the USA and the children were mocked at home for trying to improve themselves. For years the whites did no say anything because they did not want to appear racist. I say it is time to tell it like it is. No more bullshit!!!

Gerald said...

carey, we must pray to bring the troops safely home. We must say no to wars. Hitler Bush is a MURDERER AND A WAR CRIMINAL. HE MUST BE TRIED IN THE INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL COURT AS A WAR CRIMINAL!!!!!

Alan said...

K, back on the Dell in the living room, and I got to "comments" just fine this time. Guess the prob yesterday was on my end. I'm still curious Den, if you've switched over yet to 'blogspot 2' or whatever they call the new and improved.

I've got my brother and his family over right now. We've just eaten and he's nodded off in a reclining chair right now, with Ryan (his 21 y/o son) in the recliner next to him. hehe My neice (25) was nodded off in the other room, but now is up and gone for a walk with my mom (her grandmother) and her mom, (my brother's wife) to burn off some calories. "whewww" I should've went with 'em, but the Cowboys' f'ball game is starting.
That means I g2g.
byeeeeeeeeee, and Merry Christmas you guyz,
much love... Alan

Gerald said...

The Christophers believe that every positive change in our world starts with one person. Carrying the Christmas spirit beyond the season and then “pouring” out that spirit during the year is not an insurmountable task. If we each did it in our own little world it wouldn’t be long before it started rippling further and further into the bigger world. All it would take is one person to start the ripple and, in doing so, make this a “softer and more beautiful” world every day.

Let each one of us start the ripple effect to make our world softer and more beautiful.

Gerald said...

Just What Nazi America Desires

Gerald said...

Verbal Poison

Gerald said...

I Have No Country

Gerald said...

However, he related, that and his belief that he’s always done his "best for me and the men by my side," are his only sources of pride in the time he’s spent in uniform. He has no more belief than I (an English professor in one of the bluest states!) in the stated objectives for the military actions in which he participated. "How are we fighting for our country? For democracy? Against terror?"

While trying not to seem smug, I said that I’ve asked those questions from the day this Administration put a price on Osama bin Laden’s head. "I know," he said. "I wondered those things, too. But one thing the Marines teach you is never to doubt yourself, your commander, your country. The problem is, most of us never think about what ‘my country’ or the orders we’re given actually mean."

I thought – but didn’t say – that he just articulated one of the reasons why the military enlists or conscripts young people: Most of us haven’t asked, much less answered, those questions in any meaningful way by the time we’re 19 or 20. I know I hadn’t. Some people never do.

Gerald said...

What each of them told me will have to do for now. After he yanked the check away from me and paid (I insisted on leaving the tip.), Steve and I left the restaurant and wandered the circuitous maze of Chinatown streets. I was scanning brightly colored porcelain objects and silk garments in the windows and stalls and his eyes followed young women. He told me that even though he’s officially finished his commitment to the Marines, he might be forced to stay on. That is one aspect of enlistment that few people knew until the current war dragged into its third year: That the military is not obligated to release anyone who has completed his or her commitment. They are free to keep enlistees in and keep them for as long as they are "needed." So, he explained, "I could end up there again."

"Oh, no!," I exclaimed.

"Unfortunately, yes."

All I could do was to get him to repeat a promise he’s kept so far: Wherever he is, he’ll stay in touch. A man who understands that he has no country may be more mature and stronger in character than most people. But he still needs other people, for he understands that we’re all he has. No country can give him, or us, that.

DEN said...

Alan, check your privacy settings on the computer that is behaving badly, might be set too high and the cookies are not getting set.
Check the browser privacy settings too. Usually under TOOLS, OPTIONS, PRIVACY.

Gerald said...

He told me that even though he’s officially finished his commitment to the Marines, he might be forced to stay on. That is one aspect of enlistment that few people knew until the current war dragged into its third year: That the military is not obligated to release anyone who has completed his or her commitment. They are free to keep enlistees in and keep them for as long as they are "needed." So, he explained, "I could end up there again."

Gerald said...

Enlistees have no out dates and no light at the end of the tunnel. Enlistees are just cannon fodder to be killed or maimed.

º¿carol said...

The festivities are over. All the presents have been opened and gone home with the kids a couple hours ago. The place is starting to look normal again. I was forced to make a turkey dinner today. We ate at 2:00 it's now 8:23 and I'm STILL full.

My son got me a T-shirt that I can't WAIT to wear around town! Wait till the girls at the library see it.


º¿carol said...

Pete also got me something I've wanted for almost 40 years. A LAVA LAMP! Cool!

Alas, he has to exchange it because being a man the colors I requested on my list were not remembered. He got me pink! Blech. We ran it today and I couldn't get used to the awful color even though I gave it every chance. He's going to get me clear with green blobs. That's the ticket.

Still, I have a lava lamp! Did I say, cool?

Carey said...


Your hopes of extending the wonderful feelings of Christmas year-round are wonderful!

Yes, the whole notion of military service and the systems of volunteer vs. draft is up for major overhaul. Needless to say, Rumsfeld, Cheney and Bush have so abused the system, there must be a total revamping of the whole ballgame.

I tell you what, I'll read your linked articles tomorrow when the energy flows back up to my head and not lodged in my stomach.




You must feel right now like I felt last night--totally exhausted but happy and full.

Oh God,

I just saw that you got a lava lamp. Ask your son where he got it!!!!! My young son really wants one. We couldn't find one anywhere, but his birthday's coming up in January.

Can you believe my almost 12 year old wants a lava lamp? What's going on? RETRO?


I loved your "Bong Crosby" from the last thread. I bent over in giggles. How apropos somehow!


I know you're all in rapt attention. I hereby announce that I believe pumpkin pie with whipped cream is my all-time favorite dessert!

Carey said...

I like pink! How about peach, the way I've been picturing it in my head? Wasn't that the standard color, or was it pink>

Carey said...

I mean, are there choices? Really, I'm serious about this. Brandon is keen on it.

Carey said...

Wait--do you mean the color of the glass? Or the goo itself? I thought the glass was sort of a smoke color or something, with flourescently colored goo inside.

Carey said...

Oh my gosh, you actually requested this Carol? You and Brandon should get together.

You are such a kick!

º¿carol said...

When I got the bright idea to put the lamp on my list, I Googled Lava Lamps to look at colors. However, Pete didn't get it on-line. He got it at some store in Lansing. That was shocking because he orders most of his stuff on-line.

I'll ask him where he got it, but my bet is a store in the Okemos mall called, Spencer Gifts. They sell novelties.

º¿carol said...

Pete said he forgot something at home for me that went along with the T-shirt. I said, "I HOPE IT'S A BUMPER STICKER!" I'll take "MY BOXER IS SMARTER THAN YOUR HONOR STUDENT" off the back window for an anti-Bush sticker.

º¿carol said...

Got a second political T-shirt, from my daughter and her boyfriend.

(their photos)

The back has a list of their war crimes with dates just like a concert shirt would have. It also has the logos of their sponsers, like Haliburton and the flag of Saudi Arabia. Cool! I'll be wearing THAT one to the library, too.

º¿carol said...

Carey, the glass is clear but the liquid in the lamp was pink and the blobs a darker pink. Just too much of that color for me. I want the liquid to be clear so the blobs stand out more. Since my whole house is suddenly turning green with my choice of paint, green for the blobs, too. Although I would take clear with purple or black.

º¿carol said...

If you want the lamp to color a room, get one with color liquid.

Here are some rules about it. We had it in the bay window for a couple hours and it didn't do anything so Pete decided to read the rules. "Don't put it in a cool place". Ok, we moved it into the computer room. The other rule is to not have it sit in the sun. Well, the bay window is both cool AND facing South. When I get it back it will live in the computer room with me.

Oh, one final rule. Don't leave it on over 8 hours.

Carey said...

One hot political Mama out there in Lansing!

So, you're saying that if we Google it we'll find choices. It was my sister who was trying to get this particular gift on his list. That surprises me, because like your son, she usually shops online too. I'll ask.

So the choices get complex, do they? Let's see, we just painted his bedroom, by his request, a Bayou blue. (He played a Bayou frog in a play this summer called "Froggy Goes A Courtin'", like the Louisiana song. His Daddy's an old Louisiana coot too.

º¿carol said...

Do you have a Spencer Gifts in a mall near you?

Carey said...

Shoot fire! He's not a good one on rules. And to think we just got him a cell phone. He was so busy unwrapping things last night, he almost gave it a toss to one side. We were on his ass in a minute!

"You don't understand, young man, with these grownup gifts come rules and responsibilities."

Does that somehow sound familiar, like from some distant past? I know you've all been through it, but when my Mother's and Grandmother's voice comes out of me, it sends me for a loop everytime. Then you decide, well, shit if that's the way it's done, so be it.

I know, I know. I don't know what's in store once he hits those teen years.

Carey said...

Ill have to check on the Spencer's Gifts thing.

We should probably be carrying on this conversation in private, huh? We're boing everyone.

º¿carol said...

You got him a cell phone? Phew, you'd better watch the bill! Kids can't quit talking and texting. I'm so glad I raised my kids pre-cell phone.

º¿carol said...

There's no one else here, Carey, and tomorrow Den will have a new post. I think we're ok.

Carey said...

Oops. Boring everyone.

Carey said...

He's on our family plan. It's tightly regulated and his school has very harsh rules. Yea!!! Listen, I don't even own a cell, so I'll tend to be rather strict.

No chance in hell can he get chatty. Only on our regular land line. But then, that's to be expected isn't it?

Afterall, we did it too when we were young.

I actually better go as I have to call Brandon. He's at his aunts and they just came back from a trip to another extended family excursion (my sister's biological father's house).

How did you figure I was getting so much time on the computer anyway? He's not here.

I'll let you know what I found out about lava lamps.

º¿carol said...

Nice talking to you. Good-night, Carey.

Jeanne said...

You want retro???? I got the McCloud series on DVD. I loved that show. And I got Harper and Absence of Malice with Paul Newman. I love Paul Newman.

I had fun this Christmas.

©¿©¬arol said...

McCloud was a show I liked, too. Everything is coming out on DVD. We have all 4 seasons of SOAP.