Thursday, December 28, 2006

Dog Eat Dog World

Pardon the reference to mans best friend, but the world is going to the dogs, isn't it?

Actually the dogs of which I speak are the human variety, nasty, stinky, angry dogs with attitudes. Dogs that would kill their own kin just to make a buck, or get ahead.
You know, the corporate elite and twisted politicos, whose main goal is to enrichen themselves
to the point of being filthy stinking rich. Yachts, Ferraris, palatial estates, servants, etc.,etc.

Shrouded in the veil of "success" it implies that those less fortunate, are not a "success", thereby branding the lessors as inferior. Not necessarily physically or spiritually, but monetarily. It is another form of discrimination, nothing else.

Watching the exodus of the masses from the Squaw Valley parking lot years back (80's), showed me the self importance some people had over others. I watched as all the SUV's converged on one of two entrances, pushing and shoving of automobiles commenced. No one looked to the side, only forward in and attempt to ignore others trying to merge in. If they did not see them they did not exist. Pushing closer to the car in front to not allow merging to the point of shoving other cars along was an exercise in selfishness I not seen on such a grand scale prior to this. Dogs against dogs.

It is the same way in DC with politicos shoving stubbornly ahead into the supposed end but in reality causing the end to become further and further away. Bush is shoving others along forging his way through the clogged masses, ignoring all sides to further his agenda.

Is this the way Americans should behave? Should not reason and prudence prevail?

They are humans, behaving badly, dogs eating dogs to get ahead.

Time to be human.


Micki said...

Den, not to be flip but man has been characterized and categorized as a "higher animal" partially on the basis of intelligence, an ability to plan and consider the future, and the ability to express emotions.

So.......look around. There's the adage, "any organization is an extension of the person at the top." Take our so-called leader, George W. Bush, the man at the top -- he lacks intelligence as defined by the "skilled use of reason," he does not consider the future, as he said to Bob Woodward (paraphrasing slightly), "History? Who knows about history? We'll all be dead." And he is demonstrably unable to express emotion.


BTW, Den, I love the cartoon you posted!! Hilarious!

DEN said...

The story should have read; When Stupids Rule the World!!

Do you think Bush's IQ even breaks 60?

Micki said...

O'Reilly -- from previous thread -- With the price of veal being what it is, perhaps you should concoct a recipe for CITY VEAL and use chicken! hahaha

Be sure to serve your fabulous risotto.

Micki said...

As my husband says, "bush's IQ is lower than room temperature."

Micki said...

BTW, we keep our house VERY cool.

º¿carol said...

I saw Laura Bush on one of the Sunday morning shows and she said George is a good listener. Naturally, I laughed out loud.

º¿carol said...

When I make the City Chicken I won't use veal. I'll use pork.

Carey said...

"Success", defined as having power and wealth, has roots in the Calvinist/Protestant traditions. It developed into American "rugged individualism". That's just one of the many strains of thought people twisted into knots to exculpate themselves throughout history, perverting their animal-like behavior and selfishness into God-given and deserved qualities. Darwin's theories of natural selection were supplanted with eugenics and "survival of the fittest". It just never ends.

Here's another example of Bushco greed.

In Somalia, a Reckless U.S. Proxy War

NAIROBI: Undeterred by the horrors and setbacks in Iraq, Afghanistan and Lebanon, the Bush administration has opened another battlefront in the Muslim world. With full U.S. backing and military training, at least 15,000 Ethiopian troops have entered Somalia in an illegal war of aggression against the Union of Islamic Courts, which controls almost the entire south of the country.

As with Iraq in 2003, the United States has cast this as a war to curtail terrorism, but its real goal is to obtain a direct foothold in a highly strategic region by establishing a client regime there. The Horn of Africa is newly oil-rich, and lies just miles from Saudi Arabia, overlooking the daily passage of large numbers of oil tankers and warships through the Red Sea. General John Abizaid, the current U.S. military chief of the Iraq war, was in Ethiopia this month, and President Hu Jintao of China visited Kenya, Sudan and Ethiopia earlier this year to pursue oil and trade agreements.

The U.S. instigation of war between Ethiopia and Somalia, two of world's poorest countries already struggling with massive humanitarian disasters, is reckless in the extreme. Unlike in the run-up to Iraq, independent experts, including from the European Union, were united in warning that this war could destabilize....

Jeanne said...

The leadership in the country steers the country. They don't live by ethics and it shows in how we conduct our affairs everywhere. The companies don't feel they need to act compassionately toward the employees. The congress at State and federal level don't care about minimum wage, health care, education, on and on.

It even reaches into the daily life of all of us. It really is dog eat dog. My mom owns a duplex. The last two renters have been, as my sister would say..."sacks of shit".

The one she has now moved in with the check. The check bounced. Now the eviction process starts. My mother has owned this duplex since I was about 10 years old. She has never had these kinds of problem. People like this are around but now the families involved don't care who these people hurt. They just want them out of their lives. That's what I mean about leadership. It used to be that families felt embarrassed by the behavior of one of their own and tried to keep it within the family. Now they don't care.

Carey said...


What timely poignance you possess.


From yesterdays's thread and your post on Iran, I absolutely agree. Thoughtful analysis simply won't be allowed, period. With reference to Micki's comparisons of the words "hope" and "optimism" made yesterday, they exactly apply here.

Optimism, at this point, is futile and silly. One can hope that military reality might take over. High doubts, though. But unfortunately, if Bush/Cheney and their sycophant generals don't deal with reality on the ground, there's no hope either.

Remember, in Hubris, the descriptions of Cheney's self-absorption and conceit. He's thinks he's some God Damn General Patton or something. There's no room in their "precious" minds to consider such bothersome facts as death and destruction. Cheney thinks it's grand to be so disliked.

Jeanne said...

I'd like to amend my post. My sister calls them "lying sacks of shit".

Gerald said...

micki, Eric Erickson in his book, "The Eight Stages of Human Development," states that BASIC TRUST is the first stage and probably the most important stage because without it a person can never reach the eight stage which is integrity. Hitler Bush has no integrity because as a child he never gained basic trust from his parents. Barbara Bush's sons call her NUTCRACKER. Do you have any doubts, why?

Jeanne said...

As we progress with the eviction I will keep you informed as to what my brothers call this new tenent. It will be colorful. And almost poetic.

Jeanne said...

My mother and I trusted her new tenent. I don't think we're going to get to the eight stage with this guy. I think we are going to get to the 'here's my boot and here's your ass' stage.

Gerald said...

Yet, Hitler Bush rules Nazi America. The man at the top sets the standard for our country. Hitler Bush does not offer basic trust and integrity. Do the countries of the world have trust in Nazi America? Does Nazi America exude integrity? Can be no doubt that Nazi America is the devil incarnate nation!!!!!

Gerald said...

jeanne, tenants have some responsibility to pay their bills. Renting to tenants is not easy. Many tenants leave the place worse off than when they began to rent. Some tenants are only a notch above that of pigs.

Yet, property owners should not be slum lords and there are many slum lords. A prime example of slum lords are in college towns who fleece the tenants or college students.

Our son went to Berkeley and I can tell you many a story of slum lords.

Jeanne said...

Wouldn't it be great if we could use the 'here's my boot and here's your ass' impeachment process with Bush and Cheney?

DEN said...

The Cabal at work:

December 28-31, 2006 -- California attorney and journalist Paul Sanford, Michael Newdow's attorney who argued before the US Supreme Court why "Under God" should be excised from the Pledge of Allegiance but who is best remembered for asking Bush Press Secretary Scott McClellan in 2005 why the leaking of CIA agent Valerie Plame Wilson's name by the White House should not be considered an act of treason, died suddenly at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Seaside, California on Christmas Eve.

For over a decade, this reporter has been cited as a modern-day Osiris in trying to alert the world to the suspicious deaths of journalist colleagues -- from Danny Casolaro and Paul Wilcher to Gary Webb and Dale Solly. Unfortunately, there is now again reason to believe that a journalist's death may have not been what is being reported. The suspicious deaths of opponents of the Bush Crime Family, from journalists and intelligence agents to businessmen and other private citizens, has reached epidemic proportions.

According to police who spoke to the Monterey Herald, Sanford, who was married with two children, "probably" jumped between 9 and 12 floors above the hotel's atrium to his death in what is being called a "suicide." Odd behavior for someone who had just bought his mother's home in picturesque Pebble Beach where he planned to retire in the future. Sanford, an advocate for progressive causes, was a strong believer in the US Constitution who always carried a copy with him. In 2005, Sanford represented a Santa Cruz homeless man who was cited by police for violating a city ordinance against using "profane or abusive" language in soliciting for money. The man had a sign in his straw hat that read "Fuck the Pigs." By pigs, the man meant the police. City prosecutors later dropped the charges.

Sanford's friends expressed disbelief that he would put his family through such a trauma resulting from a suicide.

Sanford was not checked into the hotel but often met contacts at the neighboring Chili's Restaurant. His car was parked next to the Embassy Suites. Police had no clear evidence to rule Sanford's death a suicide other than some hotel cleaners' statements that he was seen pacing an upstairs hallway prior to his death.

@Wayne Madsen

Micki said...

When I read that the bush administration announced it is proposing to protect the polar bear under the Endangered Species Act, my antennae went into high alert level and I thought, "What kind of bullshit stunt are they trying now?!"

If they are serious about saving the polar bear, then they are going to have to get serious about the ravages of global warming, which would require LEADERSHIP! I'll make a prediction: their proposal is just that, a proposal and nothing more. It'll turn out that they can't get the proposal off the ground because they'll convince enough selfish, greedy dullards that saving the polar bear will wreck the economy -- the big industrial polluters will get to keep on polluting. bush made the announcement over the holidays to fool us into thinking they suddenly give a damn.

We should make saving the polar bear a priority, because to design a recovery plan for the polar bear means we need to implement BIG PLANS to stop the pollution that's causing the problem.

I think george and laura laugh at the rest of us a lot.

Micki said...

Paul Sanford decided in recent years to add journalism to his many occupations.

Almost immediately, he caused a stir after he joined the White House Press Corps in 2005, making waves as the first reporter to ask then-White House press secretary Scott McClellan whether the leaking of CIA agent Valerie Plame's name might be considered an act of treason.

"There has been a lot of speculation concerning the meaning of the underlying statute and the grand jury investigation concerning Mr. Rove," Sanford asked. "The question is, have the legal counsel to the White House or White House staff reviewed the statute in sufficient specificity to determine whether a violation of that statute would, in effect, constitute treason?"

McClellan was apparently flustered by the question and replied that "those are matters for those overseeing the investigation to decide."

The man who asked the wrong question

When does Libby's trial commence?

º¿carol said...

When tennents don't pay, trying to get them out of the place is a struggle. The judge always gives them another month, then another month. It can go on forever and in the meantime the landlord is paying all the bills, like the electricity.

Carey said...


People say that ownership of income property is such a top-notch way to invest. It's always struck me as chock-full of trouble and hassle.

The polar bear "crisis" sure got alot of media attention, didn't it? An abnormal amount I thought. The features reeked of fake, planted "news".

Yes Micki, it's highly suspicious. What are they distracting us from, the imminent "surge" of troops in Iraq? Or perhaps an upcoming attack on Iran?

My son doth protest loudly. Time to let him have his computer.

Micki said...

We sure do live in a bizarro world!

Thatnon-journalist author, Bob Woodward tells us that President Ford strongly disagreed with bush's decision to start the Iraqi War. Huh? If Ford so strongly disageed, why didn't he say something publicly in advance of the invasion, rather than give an interview that was embargoed until after his death? I doubt Ford's opinion would have influenced The Decider's decision to invade a sovereign nation in an unprovoked war of aggression, but Ford could have done the right thing by putting his opinions into the public record.

Here we go again turning a medicore guy into a courageous hero. Ford committed a cowardly act in requiring his comments be kept secret until after his death.

Then again...maybe that a**hole Woodward is lying to us.

DEN said...

I do not trust Woodyword one bit, he pops up with this stuff, why?

Self promotion, talk appearances.



Once again the doofus sits on a story, and makes money doing it!

Gerald said...

Jeanne, Bush should be impeached but conviction will be more difficult.

Please remember posters that we are only cannon fodder and mushrooms. The Nazis keep us in the dark and feed us shit. Babes are born in Nazi America to fight endless wars and to be maimed or killed. Babes are born to protect the lifestyles of the rich, the federal government, and corporate America.

When the military draft is reinstated, no person serving in the military will have an outdate. Babes born will be government property until they die or are killed in our endless wars.

Gerald said...

Bush's legacy is to be glorified when Americans are fully and totally dead.

Gerald said...

The Bush crime family wants Saddam dead

Micki said...

Oh, oh. If this guy knows his craft, this is not encouraging news regarding Senator Tim Johnson's condition.

Dr. Keith Siller, director of the Comprehensive Stroke Care Center at NYU Medical Center and assistant professor at the NYU School of Medicine, said it is unusual for a patient to be sedated after brain surgery for more than a few days.

"The two-week period is longer than I would be happy with," he said.

•c•arol said...

Oh, god, now we have to start worrying about Tim Johnson again. The fickle finger of fate is sure playing it close these days.

Micki said...

From The New York Times...

As St. Paul Goes ...
In Minnesota, Case Study for Political Shake-Up

Jeanne and Den -- so what do you think? Does this article accurately describe what's going on in Minnesota politics?

DEN said...

Micki, I am not that familiar with MN politics these days not being there and all, when I was the Jesse(The Body)Ventura was Governor and Norm Coleman was a carpetbagger from the East Coast, Wellstone was still there too. Used to be the Dems (DFL) ran everything then the self righteous Repugs moved in with their money and it was never the same politically again, Humphrey gone, Mondale gone, Wellstone gone.

New post too!