Sunday, December 31, 2006

Old Years Day

Welcome to the old year day celebrations!

First order of business, reminisce on the past years nightmares.

2006 was almost too bad to review; Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld,Saddam Hussein, Robert Gates, Condaleeza Rice, Scooter Libby, Bob Woodward, Kim Jong Eel, John Roberts,
Sam Alito, Joe Lieberman, Abramoff, Delay, Haggard, and many many more individuals that managed to screw more stuff up than help.

The continuous flow of corruption and deceit out of the government was in full spew and guess who got splattered with the results? Yup, the working, taxpaying citizenry right here in the good old USA.

Another year of souls in the thousands lost to a wacko, out of control President and his minions and puppeteers.

No wonder everyone gets drunk on New Years Eve, trying to forget, drown the pain, relieve the pressure.

This one has the makings of a real whopper!


Jeanne said...

Ok...I'll start the ball rolling. The big story of the year was the elections. Oh my...who was expecting a democratic majority in both the house and the senate? I think we bloggers had a thing or two to do about it. We didn't let things fade away. Things like global warming and the problems with the Iraq war, the war in afghanistan and the aftermath of katrina. We didn't let the wiretapping story die or the torture and renditions stories go away. Oh...and of course the Cheney shooting of his best friend. Unbelievable. And people learned where to look for real stories. The pulse was on the net and we were part of it.

The big story for 2007? There are going to be too many to count. I think one that people are ignoring right now is the immigration round up from december. Latinos are going to begin to really come together as a force in 2007.

I also thing net neutrality is going to be very big in 2007. The FCC has made decisions, well actually three of them, for the nation. There have been millions of complaints and emails sent to them and they voted in favor of the big guys anyway. ATT being one. Democracy Now did a program on it last week I believe. This story will also galvanize a lot of people.

I think the impeachment train is picking up steam. I smell tar and feathers and the horse that carries the thief to his doom. It's going to get ugly next year I think.

Gerald said...

Delight not in the death of any man

Gerald said...

The Buck Stops Everywhere

Gerald said...

Little baby Bush!

"We tried"? Hardly. "We did everything we could"? But no. They gave the PR a shot ("weapons of mass destruction"), but in the end, they were indifferent to everything about the war except George W. Bush's mood. When his mood was good, they told him some nice things about Iraq, and when his mood was bad, they kept the bad news from him so his mood wouldn't get worse. Remember how the former British Ambassador was warned by Condi Rice as he went into a meeting with Bush, "Don't make him angry"?

Gerald said...

Three thousand wake up calls in Iraq

Jeanne said...

I keep thinking that before we are through 'liberating' Iraq there won't be any Iraqis left to liberate.

Gerald said...

Yet, the 3000th American death in Iraq should serve as a rallying point for our resolve to end the Iraq occupation and bring our soldiers safely home. Every time Bush and his minions insist that they are still looking for some sort of "success" in Iraq using our troops, they should be reminded that 3000 of our servicemen and servicewomen lost their lives trying to achieve it.

Three thousand tragic mistakes will be mourned by Americans as this new year arrives. One overriding resolution this year from us -- apart from Bush's feint concern for our soldier's safety as he drives them forward in Iraq -- should, undoubtedly, include our own resolve to achieve just one more meaningful milestone as we urge our troops home.

Bush should be forced to explain just what in Iraq he believes is worth the sacrifice of more of our soldiers. Orwellian pipe dreams about increasing the force in Iraq and "surging" to victory should be put aside, and, instead, be replaced by a credible exit plan as American voters demanded from Bush in November. Three thousand unanswered wake-up calls . . . and Bush is still dreaming.

Gerald said...

Jeanne, with Hitler Bush in command that is a strong possibility!!!

I believe that we want to exterminate the Iraqis and the Iranians and I also believe that Israel wants to exterminate the Lebanese and the Palestinians.

The Project for a New American Century is well on its way to the extermination of 6 billion of God's children. Americans love to swim in human blood.

Jeanne said...

Snow here. A winter storm warning. I never thought I'd be so happy to see snow.

Carey said...

Excellent introductory thoughts Jeanne.


Remember the theories that Israel, in cahoots with the U.S., wants to kill off all Arabs. Each have different reasons while they scratch each others back.

Speaking of.....

Former Longtime Confidant Accuses Ariel Sharon of Assassinating Yasser Arafat

Stephen Lendman

December 30, 2006

Longtime and now recently deceased confidant to former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, Uri Dan, published a book in France that may have been his 2006 one titled Ariel Sharon: An Intimate Portrait in which he accused the former prime minister of assassinating Palestinian Authority (PA) President Yasser Arafat by poisoning him. Dan claimed Sharon got approval from George Bush by phone early in 2004 to proceed with his plan after he told the US president he was no longer committed to "not" liquidating the Palestinian leader who then was under siege and practically incarcerated in what remained of his Ramallah compound, most of which had already been destroyed by the Israelis in a lawless act of retribution against him.

Based on his record during his tenure as Texas governor, when he authorized more death row inmate executions than any US governor in history (and was called by some the Texecutioner), this revelation should come as no surprise. It's even clearer based on Ariel Sharon's boast once about his relationship with George Bush saying: "We have the US president under our control."

Arafat died in Paris on November 11, 2004 at age 75. He was taken there on October 29 that year and hospitalized for treatment for an undiagnosed illness that began developing in April and became serious enough for him to need special care. It may have already been too late when he arrived as he slipped into a coma on November 3 and remained in that state till his death eight days later from what was explained at the time as complications from a blood disorder. Indeed it may have been true if his blood was poisoned by a substance able to work slowly and from which no cure was possible at least once the former Palestinian leader arrived in Paris.

To those knowledgeable about Israel's history since it became a state in 1948 and earlier, this revelation, if true, should come as no surprise. All Israeli governments have a long and disturbing record of conducting targeted assassinations in Israel and abroad as it suited them against all persons thought to be a threat to the Jewish state. From his earliest days in 1969 as Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) Chairman and President, Arafat went from enemy to ally and back to enemy again under various Israeli governments depending on his willingness to deny his people their rights in service and pledging fealty to Israeli authority as he did in agreeing to the Oslo Accords, or Declaration of Principles (DOP), signed at a White House ceremony in September, 1993.

This was an agreement from hell, a disgraceful act of surrender, giving Israel what it wanted and Arafat and his cronies a "get-out-of-Tunis-free pass" (where they took refuge when forced out of Lebanon after the 1982 Israeli invasion) to return to the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT) where he agreed to serve as Israel's enforcer against his own people. As it always was earlier and since that time, the Palestinians got nothing but the right to have their lands stolen and lives immiserated with the help and duplicity of their own leader and those complicit in his Fatah-led government.

They endured this fate until the outbreak of the al-Aqsa Mosque (or Second) Intifada on September 28, 2000 following Ariel Sharon's provocative visit to what Muslims call the Noble Sanctuary in occupied East Jerusalem. It's gone on since unabated up to and following Arafat's death and led to the democratic election of a Hamas government in January, 2006.

Fed up with the corrupted Fatah party under Arafat (now under Palestinian President and loyal Israeli servant Mahmoud Abbas), the long-suffering Palestinian people voted them out in an election the Israelis and Bush administration thought they had "arranged" properly enough to assure their preferred quisling party would remain in power but learned to their dismay it didn't turn out that way. It also didn't turn out as Palestinians hoped either as Israel and the US, with complicity or silence from the West, conducted a scorched earth campaign against a defenseless people through invasions, daily attacks with sophisticated and powerful weapons (supplied by Washington at US taxpayer expense), targeted assassinations and other daily killings, mass arrests and incarcerations, a systemic policy of torture, destruction of property, and denial of the most basic rights and services essential to life and survival. And that leaves out all the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) did to the Le!banese people over the summer that will take a least many years to recover from if Israel will even allow it to happen.

Throughout it all, the courageous Palestinian people continue struggling daily for their freedom and the right to be treated as human beings to live in peace in their own land - against the greatest odds with virtually no outside support or any show of caring about their desperate state even from within the Arab world.

If Ariel Sharon murdered Yasser Arafat, it should surprise no one, and further, if proved beyond dispute, it would never be reported in the US corporate-controlled media even if it made headlines in Israel which might be possible in a country allowing far more press freedom than the total lockdown of it in "the land of the free and home of the brave" where no press freedom is allowed through dominant news and information sources and only is through alternative sources like the one through which readers are now receiving this report. As we begin the new year with the 110th Congress about to convene on January 4, it's one of many issues to reflect on and consider what we ought to be doing about it in our own behalf.

Now that the old badger's dead the dark secrets will come forth.

Carey said...

Remember David Corn's post about Iran's misuse of it's oil supplies. David's intent was to illustrate that perhaps, just perhaps Iran actually needed nuclear energy for energy purposes.

Last night my brother (in-law) told me about the tons of Halliburton's contracts for nuclear supplies to Iran. He heard it on Air America. The piece stated that that fact alone would be cause for the U.S. not to attack Iran.

Further, the story pointed out that we got into a nuclear contract with India, not for strategic purposes, but business motives since Halliburton also had many nuclear contracts there. The argument proceeded to claim that all countries should be allowed to develop nuclear energy for supplemental designs. No one is for a nuclear buildup, but in fairness, that's absolutely true.

Interesting, isn't all of this.

In yesterday's thread I linked a Seymour Hersch article for The New Yorker titled The Next Act. It's an escellent read. It goes into detail about the C.I.A. analysis that debunks many of the neocon/administration's allegations on Iran's progress towards enrichment.

Yesterday, in the LA Times I saw this:

The Case for Iran

Alarmist assessments of Iran's nuclear program lack a key component: evidence.

Anonymous said...

...just got back home from Mount Vernon -- down the road a piece -- and Bill and I talked coming and going about the big story of 2006. We both agreed that it was the elections -- not so much the election per se, but what the elections mean potentially.

I see Jeanne thinks the big story was the election, too. All those close races in the House and Senate went into the Dem column because of hard work by ordinary citizens who realized that our country and the world were counting on us. It's part of the big story that critical state and local offices moved into the progressive colum, too.

BUT...we still have to prove that we'll use that new-found power productively -- the outcome of the elections will be wasted unless we focus on global waming, health care for all, ending the disastrous war on Iraq, halting the corruption in government, and firing more of the incompetents in positions of power.

I've said it before, even though bush/cheney deserve to be impeached, if the focus is on impeachment rather than on oversight and investigations, the rightwing Republican juggernaut will come back with a vengeance in '08. Impeachment will not result in a conviction, unless there is a HUGE change in attitude, allegiance, and party loyalty in the Senate. There are not 66 votes to convict! So, even if bush/cheney were impeached in the House, what has been gained?

Investigations can lead to uncovering criminal activity that will result in bush and/or cheney's resignations -- or, if they refuse to resign -- they can be charged, indicted and tried in due form of law, when they leave office.

I hope the Democrats in the House and the Senate do not spend valuable time, assets, and momentum on impeachment. We can get the bastards in the courts. Impeachment is a political process -- which some people view as a vendetta -- and, in this case, the impeachment process could rob us of the opportunity to end the U.S. occupation of Iraq, which will result in more deaths and a broader, intractible war.

To me, impeachment is a non-starter -- keep in mind, that the Rovian message machine will spin it into a retalitory, hostile, vengeful attack on our government, at a time when we're at war and have troops in "harm's way." (That'd be bullshit, but that's what he'd do.)

I repeat, I think they deserve impeachment -- but, I believe criminal charges are the better solution. We need to get on with the people's work!

Jeanne said...

It has always really disturbed me that this country through Halliburton has been supplying these states with weapons and at the same time planning their demise. What bothers me too is that Halliburton has continually made money selling to Iran and Iraq even though there are embargos. I don't know why that has never been an issue with congress.

Jeanne said...

I'm all for investigations. I want to know what has been going on beneath the surface. I think the more they uncover the more the American people are going to want investigated. Lord only knows what the Bush administration has been doing 'under the cover of darkness'.

I'm really excited about this Professional Union because it's a grass roots action group that's interested in the health of the middle class. This group is going to go to washington to be heard.

Professional Union

They are also going to, as the numbers grow, be able to go to Insurance Co and banks to find good rates. I am excited the Barbara Ehrenreich is part of it.

Anonymous said...

In 2007, I hope the biggest story is CLIMATE CHANGE and BIODIVERSITY. I hope we see the names Thomas E. Lovejoy, Lee Hannah, and Elizabeth Kolbert more and more often.

I hope the "non-news" of global warming becomes the biggest news of the century, beginning on January 1, 2007.

We are going to have to learn to adapt. Make changes. We think of ourselves as so technologically advanced, yet we are, in essence, destroying ourselves. We are ignoring the biggest story in the history of humankind.

I hope the United States regains his moral compass by providing leadership -- becoming stewards of the earth through focusing attention, assets, hardwork, committment, etc. to GLOBAL WARMING.

Anonymous said...

I just realized I said "his" moral compass...hmmmm. What a telling typo.

Anonymous said...

Okay, here would be another BIG story in 2007 -- if Condoleezza Rice accomplished anything, other than implementing bush's flawed foreign policy agenda, that would be a HUGE story. So far, she's a failure. She's been Secretary of State for almost 2 years -- what has she accomplished?

Does she have the capability, the moxie, the moral independence (as opposed to the rest of the amoral busheviks) to work hard and make the Arab-Israeli peace process work? If she can do that, that would be a BIG 2007 story.

Anonymous said...

You can tell we don't go out on New Year's Eve.

I wish you all a Happier New Year!

Good night...and good luck.

DEN said...

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