Sunday, January 21, 2007

Beam Me Down Scotty

White Mountain Sunrise

Photo courtesy of Saladin

Sunday, a day of worship for some, reflection for others and yet another day for many.

It has been a virtual cosmically proportioned event barrage, with the multiple hats being flung into the 08 election ring and the Chinese provoacatory satellite removal.

I won't talk about politics and elections today, instead the Chinese have made the real headlines here.

If you have not read the story yet because of MSM ignorance, go here for the story.

I do not have to tell you the PROFOUND implications this has on all currently orbiting satellites and the Space Station. With the pinheaded decision by the Chinese they have put everything up there at risk of damage from debris from their "little experiment".

I thought George Bush was the biggest idiot on the planet, now I'm going to have to add more idiots to the pile. This action by the Chinese is reckless and shows willful disregard for others interests. The very introduction of space debris into orbit endangers the lives of the Space Station occupants and any Shuttle trips. Willful disregard of human life is a felony offense.

Don't be surprised of your Satellite TV goes away or Cell phone loses service.

Send the Chinese Space Gang a Thank You card.


Alan said...

Far be it from me to defend the Chinese, but this isn't the first time a weapon such as that was tested. It's just the first since the 80's. We've done it ourselves, so they want to show they can do the same back at us. Hopefully, it's more for show, than anything else.

Alan said...

Now, I'm "ready for some footballlll".
*signing off

David B. Benson said...

Alan --- Yup. The US did it, the USSR did it, so the CCP has to show they can do it too.

The debris does increase the risk of losing something, but one might like to check just how much 'space debris' there was already...

Hajji said...

Certainly I'll not support such a stupid action, but fortunately the former satellite was in a very low orbit and much of the debris will burn up in the atmosphere.

The International Space Station and most geosynchynous satellites are in much higher orbits and unlikely to be subject to damage from this particular space debris.

Craft traveling to, or home from such lofty climes are certainly at greater risk from such space junk.

Where has man NOT explored that his garbage, his national flags included, mark his passage like the scat of a drunken bear?


David B. Benson said...

Yes, I greatly enjoy the White Mountain Sunrise pic. Thanks.

O'Reilly said...

Alan, Chi has a 11 point lead over the Saints at the beginning of the 4th. I prefer the Bears win but I still think the Saints are a team of destiny. Good game, huh? Do you think the Pats can do it one more time?

O'Reilly said...

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Saladin said...

DEN, what a surprise to see that photo here! Hope you're having a nice weekend.


DEN said...

"Where has man NOT explored that his garbage, his national flags included, mark his passage like the scat of a drunken bear?"

Yup,pretty much sums it up Hajji!

Sal, that pic is too gorgeous not to share, WOW!

Jeanne said...

Hey everybody. Been kinda busy. I watched a little of Sunday Morning and saw Gov Richardson. What do you think of that guy? He sounded like a good candidate for prez.

Brombeck on the other hand spent his time trying to figure out what to say to garner the most votes. Clueless.