Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Gloom and Doom and Oil

The oil flow must not be stopped!!

The oil junkies cry loudly when the prices go up, wa wa wa wa! we cannot afford to feed our giant SUV's!! $2.65 per gallon gas prices upset the Stepford crowd in their Suburbans and Land Rovers.

Well better button up your sniveling yaps! The END is near and not the end of high gas prices, the end of freedom to move about the country using gas to do it, don't worry diesel will not save your traveling asses either.

Once the war with Iran commences the prices we pay at the pump now will seem like the gas wars of the 60's. Expect to pay $5.00+ per gallon to go to the Mall in your gas sucking pig.
OPEC has been the object to be defeated in the 'war on terror' not terrorists. When banks send out warnings of impending financial doom if a war with Iran starts up, you better get you butt down and trade in that gas pig on an economical car or plan on walking to the Mall for your China goods.

It appears there is no one in this country willing to step up to the plate and whack the fascists in DC hard enough to dislodge their money grubbing asses from their offices. Instead heads are in the sand about the goings on with an 'ignore it and it will go away' attitude pervading society.

As long as Bush and his cronies are in power we as a free society are at risk. They have been busy setting up the laws in this country to favor a fascist-authoritarian-totalitarian state to replace the one we have all have been used to since 1776. Bit by bit, piece by piece we are being set up for the kill.

Political posturing is irrelevant at this point, full scale rebellion is in order, with tar and feathers. Right now, no one really cares to take the steps necessary to stop the wheels from taking us down the road to oblivion and that is our downfall.

When we wake to the reality of a full scale war with Iran it will be too late.

So carry on with your rampant consumerism, it will all be over soon.


DEN said...

Micki? You are always first to post, hope you are OK.

Gerald said...

den, great words and thoughts!!! The vote is in and the Nazi cabal has voted to NUKE Iran and cancel the 2008 elections.

The prayers were not enough. My guess is the God is letting us dig our graves through our free will.

Nazi America for the second time in history will be the only nation to use nuclear weapons against another country.

Nazi America's manifest destiny is to Nuke the world. Remember Nazi America's goal is to eliminate 6 billion people. PNAC's theory is that our planet can only sustain 500 million people.

When will people start to believe the USA, aka the devil incarnate nation, is the most evil, vile, and wicked nation the universe has ever known.


Here is another prediction: CONGRESS WILL PASS A LAW TO CURTAIL THE USE OF THE INTERNET SO AMERICANS WILL STOP SHARING THEIR IDEAS, INFORMATION, AND THOUGHTS. Congress is scared shitless with the internet and its use to secure the truth by the citizens. The truth will set us free!!!!!!!!!!!

Gerald said...

Dear God, please have Nazi America unchain me from this torture as the devil incarnate nation, a nation that is ruled by the devil's disciples!!!

Gerald said...

Is Hitler Bush following Jesus' agenda or Lucifer's agenda? You decide!!!

Gerald said...

Despite Charges, There Is No Evidence

Living under Hitler Bush and his Nazi cabal is a prelude to the eternal hell that awaits Nazi America.

Gerald said...

92,000 More Soldiers

Gerald said...

Nazi America is synonymous with death and destruction.

Gerald said...

Thinking, the Unthinkable

DEN said...

Gerald there is a video on You Tube that sums it up pretty well.

Go: here

Gerald said...

Deferring War Costs

Mothers, what awaits Iran and Nazi America's dropping of nuclear weapons upon that country is the dismemberment of human body parts. Mothers, picture the scenes of small babies having their tiny fingers, tiny toes, and tiny heads severed from their tiny bodies. Their tiny bodies will be vaporized to the concrete walls and streets. As a Nazi American will that make you feel glorified?

Gerald said...

den, that video does a good job of summarizing what awaits Iran this Spring under Hitler Bush and Nazi America!!!!!

Alan said...

Soldier’s Wife Confronts Iraq War Architect

Gerald said...

Springtime in Nazi America is a wonderful time for death and destruction. The vaporizing of human flesh on the walls of buildings is a glorious sight.

Gerald said...

Alan or any other poster, here is my question. Has Richard Perle ever served our country through military service? I believe that I know the answer but I need confirmation of my belief. Thank you for any help!

Gerald said...

What I love about the chickenhawks is that they push for more and more wars but they have never served in harm's way. Gutless chickenshits rule this country!!!!!

Gerald said...

Does Hitler Bush have a vaporized brain?

Gerald said...

Jusy the thought of Hitler Bush makes me puke!!!

Gerald said...

Humanity should question itself, once more, about the absurd and unfair phenomenon of war. Pope John Paul II

Total non-mortal casualities in Iraq: 47,657!!!

Gerald said...

The Pieces Are Now in Place

Gerald said...

Just as Iran is supporting Hamas, two weeks ago we found out the United States is supporting arms for Abbas. Just as Iran and Syria are supporting Hezbollah in Lebanon we’re now learning the White House has approved a finding to allow the CIA to support opposition groups inside Lebanon. Just as Iran is supporting Syria, we’ve learned recently that the United States is going to fund Syrian opposition groups.

We learned this week the President authorized an attack on the Iranian liaison office in Irbil.

The White House keeps saying there are no plans to attack Iran. Obviously, the facts suggest otherwise. Equally as clear, the Iranians will read what the Administrations is doing not what it is

Gerald said...

Nazi America will set off the spark!!!

The White House could be telling the truth. Maybe there are no plans to take Iran to the next level. The fuel for a fire is in place, however. All we need is a spark. The danger is that we have created conditions that could lead to a Greater Middle East War.

Nazi America has created the conditions for a nuclear war.

Gerald said...

Bill Moyers: "This is the moment freedom begins"

"Big Media is Ravenous. It Never Gets Enough. Always Wants More. And it Will Stop at Nothing to Get It. These Conglomerates are an Empire, and they are Imperial."

"Virtually everything the average person sees or hears outside of her own personal communications, is determined by the interests of private, unaccountable executives and investors whose primary goal is increasing profits and raising the country's share price. More insidiously, this small group of elites determine what ordinary people do not see or hear. In-depth coverage of anything, let alone the problems real people face day to day, is as scarce as sex, violence, and voyeurism are pervasive."

Gerald said...

It is a condition of wisdom in the archer to be patient because when the arrow leaves the bow, it returns no more.

It should make you shake and sweat,
nightmare you, strand you in a desert
of irrevocable desolation, the consequences
seared into the vein, no matter what adrenaline
feeds the muscle its courage, no matter
what god shines down on you, no matter
what crackling pain and anger
you carry in your fists, my friend,
it should break your heart to kill.

-- By Gary Kamiya

David B. Benson said...

Certainly not in favor of war. Am in favor of very high taxes on petroleum products (say, $5.75 per gallon for gasoline) and a much, much, much higher one on coal...

Carey said...

I am having so many problems with this foul machine. Let me try to rewrite again.

Excellent, excellent, right on with precise timing Den.

Oh I can't remember everything.

Dr. Benson, Absolutely we need those oil/gasoline taxes.

I just heard on Air America a presidential historian say with validity that there's no way Congress can stop Bush from attacking Iran. The precedent was set back with Truman when he went into Korea without any consultation with the legislative branch. So much for that. I don't know about all of you, but I sensed that futility.


I don't know if it's America's destiny to nuke us into nonexistence. But how did any of us know that America, the "free" country could go this low?

When Gerald sounds this loud an alarm, there is always truth in it, I'm sorry to say.

Yes, Gerald, the U.S. is involved up to it's teeth in the Palestinian civil war between the Fatah party and Hamas. We're arming Fatah alongside Britain.

It's the apocalyptic vision that the Middle East must go up in flames. I don't think Jesus or God take kindly to this manipulation of nature.

But, I wonder. Greed and egomania have alot to do with these decisions. Not so much the apocalyptic vision.

I'm not making much sense. It's a jumble in my head today. Sorry 'bout that.

You probably all read David Corn's recent tribute to Chuck Hagel, a heroic Viet Nam vet. Well, now here's Robert Scheers. I'll post the link in the next post, having too much trouble with the computer.

Chuck Hagel for president!

If it ever narrows down to a choice between him and some Democratic hack who hasn’t the guts to fundamentally challenge the president on Iraq, then the conservative Republican from Nebraska will have my vote. Yes, the war is that important, and the fact that Sen. Hillary Clinton of New York, the leading Democratic candidate, still can’t or won’t take a clear stand on the occupation is insulting to the vast majority of voters who have.

Carey said...


Carey said...

Below, oh crap, I'm just so angry.
My bold italics indicate a paragraph that's key here. The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court already had jurisdiction and was sidepassed routinely by executive. This is utterly ridiculous, Gonzales is basically saying we'll give them the power. THEY ALREADY HAD IT!

Secret court to govern wiretapping plan

By LARA JAKES JORDAN, Associated Press Writer
54 minutes ago

WASHINGTON - The Justice Department, easing a Bush administration policy, said Wednesday it has decided to give an independent body authority to monitor the government's controversial domestic spying program.

In a letter to the leaders of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales said this authority has been given to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court and that it already has approved one request for monitoring the communications of a person believed to be linked to al-Qaida or an associated terror group.

The court orders approving collection of international communications — whether it originates in the United States or abroad — was issued Jan. 10, according to the two-page letter to Sens. Patrick Leahy (news, bio, voting record), D-Vt., and Arlen Specter (news, bio, voting record), R-Pa.

"As a result of these orders, any electronic surveillance that was occurring as part of the Terrorist Surveillance Program will now be conducted subject to the approval of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court," Gonzales wrote in the letter, a copy of which was obtained by The Associated Press.

"Accordingly, under these circumstances, the President has determined not to reauthorize the Terrorist Surveillance Program when the current authorization expires," the attorney general wrote.

The Bush administration secretly launched the surveillance program in 2001 to monitor international phone calls and e-mails to or from the United States involving people suspected by the government of having terrorist links.

The White House said it is satisfied that the new guidelines meet its concerns about national security.

"The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court has put together its guidelines and its rules and those have met administration concerns about speed and agility when it comes to responding to bits of intelligence where we may to be able to save American lives," White House press secretary Tony Snow said.

Snow said he could not explain why those concerns could not have been addressed before the program was started. He said the president will not reauthorize the present program because the new rules will serve as guideposts.


This is complete BS.

DEN said...

Carey, for the sake of argument, why is this BS?

Now they have collected all the info they need so they decided to let FISA do their job like they should have to begin with.

I figure the plan they have going will come to fruition soon and FISA will be a blip on the radar anyway.

DEN said...

The smugness displayed by the CIC on the Newshour says to me these turds are up to something and I do not think we will like it.

Jeanne said...

Hi guys. Democracy Now was good today. They had a segment on the secret spying on finacial records and the administrations desire to keep record they have obtained even if the person was found innocent.

Wrongly Accused Ex-Gitmo Chaplain and Spy Target James Yee Speaks out on Newly Revealed Pentagon Surveillance

Gerald said...

carey, I remember a saying that if someone decides to fall off a cliff, would you follow him or her? Millions of Americans are falling off the cliff for Bush.

People, remember that Bush is a FALSE PROPHET!!!

Bush leaves vaporized bodies in his path that leads Americans to death and destruction. We must run away from Bush. His whole life has been a miserable failure. Even as president he is a miserable failure. Promoting justice and peace takes courage!!! Any stupid person can kill another human being. Compassion is a strength. Do not sell your soul to Bush, the false god!!!

Gerald said...

There is no stopping the screwball Bush and his nuclear war plans for Iran, North Korea, China, and Russia.

China and Russia will not let this jerk, Bush, push them around.

DEN said...

Gerald, pray he snaps mentally like the rest of the psycho leaders in the past.

Jeanne, I saw that show this AM and it was real good. I liked Bill Moyers yesterday too.

Carey said...


It's BS because this is the MO of all the legal arguments proposed by the executive branch. Suddenly the FISC is now the court that approves secretative evesdropping. They always have been. Those protections were already in place. They're just now announcing this, as if FISC is just now getting this jurisdiction. Therefore, any cases brought against executive legally are without merit. Do you see? I'm having a hard time explicating complicated thoughts today.

On the other hand, I can most definitely be wrong today, I'll grant that.

Wayne Madsen:

January 16, 2007 -- The trial of Vice President Dick Cheney's former Chief of Staff Lewis "Scooter" Libby began this morning at the US Court for the District of Columbia with jury selection. Special counsel Patrick Fitzgerald, who was rolled over last May at the 11th hour under pressure from the White House in declining to prosecute Karl Rove for criminal conspiracy in the outing of CIA covert agent Valerie Plame Wilson and her CIA counter-proliferation covert team operating under non-official cover, has declined to call Rove as a witness for the prosecution. Instead, Rove, as well as Dick Cheney, will appear as witnesses for Libby.

Libby trial begins today with jury selection.

The much-talked-about deal with Rove attorney Robert Luskin failed to materialize because Fitzgerald took the easy road in going after Libby, and only Libby to date, with difficult to prove perjury and obstruction charges. According to seasoned legal experts, "He said, she said" charges based on who recalls what and when are much harder to prove to a jury than criminal conspiracy.

The belief by legal experts is that Fitzgerald, already shown to have covered up critical evidence in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing that would have implicated Osama Bin Laden, who, at the time, was still under the operational control of the CIA and Britain's MI-6, has taken a dive for the Bush administration. The Democratic Congress should begin the process to restore the position of Independent Counsel to prevent future GOP political hacks like Fitzgerald from upending prosecutorial integrity.


This is annoyingly terse. What it's refering to is that Fitzgerald, being a N.Y. (or U.S., can't recall) District Attorney, in 1995, bypassed implicating Osama in the Cole bombing because, as I recall, it would have adversely affected a friend of Fitzgerald's and himself. He couldn't reveal that Bin Laden was on the CIA payroll. I cannot provide you with much detail, because it's been a while since I read about this. But mostly it has to do with the fact that Bin Laden was on the CIA payroll until 1995, and thus, it was beholden upon Fitzgerald not to pursue the prosecution of Bin Laden. People had these facts on Fitzgerald and that's why he couldn't push through the Rove indictment.

Granted, that was a horrible explanation. But it's part of why I don't believe the Libby case, which is based on small stuff as it is, will not lead to any sufficient enlightenment.

David B. Benson said...

I guess what I want is a carbon tax. This would encourage the building of coal-fired electrical power generation plants which sequester the carbon dioxide. Also, make transportation uses of gasoline or diesel, including biodiesel, much more expensive.

Do you really need to make that trip? What have you done to encourage mass transit (which is more energy efficient)? Etc.

DEN said...

Carey, no big deal, just wondering what you meant, all is well now.

Carey said...


No problem. I'm well aware I'm not making myself very clear today.

This morning on Air America I listened to David Brock of Media Matters tell the story of a certain blogger "Spocko" and his campaign against an ABC affiliated radio station in San Francisco and their staff's violent rhetoric. When I heard the whole story, I was shocked about what some powerful media will resort to.

My point is that it's not just Bushco we're up against here. From Media Matters:


Carey said...

I just get so angry when Bush and Company utilize absolutely meritless arguments and get away with it.

kathleen said...

Most of us are up to our necks in the blood of people who have died due to our need to access their oil.

Although the Bush administration is drowning.

rory o'connor is one of the bloggers who has access to the Libby trial.

Have you seen the OCCUPATION PROJECT WEBSITE. Turning up the heat!

kathleen said...

Have you been to Rory O'connors blog?

Amy Goodman's coverage of the Libby trial terrific. She had Murray Waas on!

Bill Moyers speech at the Media reform conference incredible!

John Dean's latest article (number 3 or three part series) having to do with congressional oversight and impeachment is worth reading.

The "Occupation Project" is ramping up the pressure on congress. Check out there website

Raw Story finally posting articles about Israels expansion of illegal settlements. Finally

If so inclined contact Talk of the Nation and The Diane Rehms show ask them why they did not devote an hour to the life and work of DR. Martin Luther King Day on his holiday. Very negligent!

DEN said...

Kathleen, I can help with that,


Saladin said...

"So carry on with your rampant consumerism, it will all be over soon."

DEN, that is just what my friend WTF would say! And you're both right.
Mr. Benson, I have a bad feeling that huge price increases for energy are closer then we might think. I don't know what the low wage workers will do, the only beneficiaries are the same ones who always benefit. When gas goes up like that what do you think will happen to the price of basics, like bread and soap? You should think hard on the long term results and suffering before wishing for something like that. EVERYTHING in our economy, from production to transportation of food and goods, basic and otherwise, depends upon petroleum of some sort. And again the rich will not suffer or do without, the rest of us will be in bad shape, especially those who are not in a position to grow their own food. I think we need to come up with a less harsh, but long term solution. We can go to Mars, I wonder how much petroleum that takes, why can't we figure this out? I guess incredibly corrupt and greedy management is a huge factor in this clusterfuck.

Gerald said...

den, I suspect that Bush has serious mental problems being controlled by drugs. I also question his lack of conscience regarding his treatment of people. Bush comes across as being mentally deranged and demented. To be elected requires a crooked or sick personality.

David B. Benson said...

Saladin --- I don't propose an immediate large carbon tax. It ought to start small and increase every six months or a year...

Remember the response to last year's jump up in the price of gasoline and diesel. Everybody (almost) started economizing and so'nuf, the price of fuels came back down. People will respond to economic pressures.

If you are concerned about the very poor, well, promote a 'living stipend' or at least a 'negative income tax'.

By the way, another thing I favor is soak the rich!

But doing nothing is not acceptable. Some people on RealClimate are asking when will famine strike America? Sooner than you think if everybody continues with business as usual...

Saladin said...

Mr. Benson, don't get me wrong, I agree that we need serious change, but I hate to see the people who already struggle suffer more, and that will happen. As much as we must find energy alternatives, we also need to protect those who will be the most negatively impacted by such harsh measures as a $5 tax on fuel. Mass transit is an important step, but so is getting our rail system back up and running. I don't know if you've been to the Long Beach Ca. area but the sheer number of 18 wheelers on the freeways is staggering. I can't understand why trains are not utilized more efficiently. Big rig trucks should be used only for local delivery. This is one area I see definite room for improvement. But the cost for food will skyrocket if we don't address the basic needs of the people. We all have to eat, the question is, how to do so in the most cost and energy efficient manner. That is the $60,000 question!

Anonymous said...

The poor are tremendously resourceful people. If a graduated carbon tax was imposed, they'd be the first to figure out how to get to work on time, not bitch and moan, and put in an honest day's work.

They plan for the future, day by day, sometimes hour by hour. Don't get them wrong.

Saladin said...

WOW! That is a fantasy if I ever heard it. First we are all SO concerned about what they will do without the extra 25 bucks a week, minus tax. But then we are reminded of how resourceful poor people are, so not to worry. Which is it? Will the poor people make it, or not? And, how do you know? $5 a gallon for gas, or an equivalent for mass transit, let's just guess $5 round trip to work and back, HMMM, that will eat up the raise right off the bat. Good thing they're resourceful. I love short-sighted thinking, but it is I who would keep the people in their place, right micki? I'm just the same as bush! Even WORSE!

Alan said...

Carey, you should take Madsen in small doses, and not very often. Some of what he says is interesting, and alot of what he says is pure b/s. Take this part for example...

Fitzgerald took the easy road in going after Libby, and only Libby to date, with difficult to prove perjury and obstruction charges. According to seasoned legal experts, "He said, she said" charges based on who recalls what and when are much harder to prove to a jury than criminal conspiracy.

A total crock. It's Libby's DIRECT TESTIMONY that he's being prosecuted on, not someone else's testimony (he said, she said). If he could get Libby to roll over, especially after a conviction but before sentencing, then Fitz might be able to go another rung up the ladder. See his track record in Chicago for reference/verification. These things take time, and his is a slow march through the roadblocks.

The rest of Madsen's article is a bunch of hooey as well. Fitz is a future GOP hack and he ran interference for OBL??? That's way too funny to be taken serious.

DEN said...

I think you are all wrong!

We don't need more TAX on anything!

We need to get going and get electric vehicles up and running and build them to be lower cost than fossil fuel vehicles are now.

Affordable transportation is the key. sure mass transit is OK for some but not everyone goes to the same place everyday, mobility is needed.

Good one for todays main post.
Better get on that.