Wednesday, January 31, 2007

To Flee or Not to Flee

Mired in Iraq quicksand, Bush attempts to screw up even more stuff than humanly possible with his new decree.

The story in the NY Times describes the deciders' wish to become the BIGGEST screw up ever to occupy the Oval Office, (Guiness are you getting this?)

"In an executive order published last week in the Federal Register, Mr. Bush said that each agency must have a regulatory policy office run by a political appointee, to supervise the development of rules and documents providing guidance to regulated industries. The White House will thus have a gatekeeper in each agency to analyze the costs and the benefits of new rules and to make sure the agencies carry out the president’s priorities."

Priorities? this idiot has priorities? He cannot stop screwing up stuff now he wants control over everything done at every agency of the Federal Government?

This guy has been a solid screw-up since childhood and now is at the helm of the most armed-to-the-teeth nation on the face of the Earth and he wants to micro-manage every step of government so only 'acceptable' information is disseminated to the public. Since when did anyone elect this goomer to be King? Putting firecrackers up the butt of government for laughs is his idea of fun?

If this psycopath is not removed from office and damn soon, we will all suffer the fate of another life failure of a self absorbed lunatic.


Anonymous said...

Den, getting rid of One Nut -- George W. Bush -- would not solve this crisis. Getting rid of Two Nuts -- GWB and Dick Cheney -- would not solve it either. The removal of GWB and DC as the solution is too simplistic and dangerously ineffectual. I think a better use of time, energy, and resources would be to find ways to end the bloody conflicts that bush and his boyfriends know are to their long-term benefit, whether they remain in office or not.

With that said, I'd be pleased to see investigations that lead to their trial and conviction in an international court.

Alan said...

I dunno Micki, if we got rid of those to idiots... the next in line is Speaker Pelosi. That sounds like a good plan to me.

Alan said...


Alan said...

Froomkin changed the name of his column. He mentioned and linked to, David Corn also.

"White House Watch."

DEN said...

It is necessary to remove each nut from its shell to rid US the American people of the fascists infesting the government.

How can you end conflicts with an ineffectual Congress?

Non-binding resolutions?

How about a binding revolution!

Carey said...


I posted about the executive order yesterday, knowing full well what an extensive, oppressive action this was. Can you believe it? This all started with Reagan, this type of executive order and it hasn't let up.

I loved your binding revolution. Excellent play on words.

I know Den probably saw this, but Keith Olbermann's special comment last night on Bush's citing of four "foiled" terrorist plots in his SOTU address was superb. If you get a chance, see it probably at Crooks and Liars or read the transcript. Since I didn't even watch the SOTU, I had no idea Bush's facts were once again historically wrong.


I forgot to mention yesterday how much I enjoyed that anonymous letter posted in Salon about Cheney's state of physical and mental health. Very interesting thoughts indeed. Something has to explain Cheney. He's so close to Hitler's embodiment of evil, it's scary.

Yes, these investigations are good, very, very good. By far, Cheney and his sidekick Rumsfeld are the real criminals. But Bush allowed it all to happen.

From the Council for a Liveable World:

Mourning the Passing of Father Robert Drinan

A good man.

David B. Benson said...


David B. Benson said...

But not to Sydney, which is predicted to become unlivably hot and dry (along with most of the rest of Australia).

Carey said...

Dr. B,

I take your urge to flee quite seriously. Where to, then?

Been reading Dan Froomkin, always enjoy his media roundup. Thanks to Alan for the link. There's so much to read, I often forget how much I enjoy Froomkin.

Yesterday I posted a tidbit on John Edwards and his small rampage against Iran. My intention was not to turn heads away from him, as many in Congress and elsewhere are beating the same damn war drums, if you can believe that. He's not alone. I was damning AIPAC. No one can ignore their tremendous power. No one, it's political suicide and that's just plain reality.

I must always remind myself of Israel's history and Jewish history. There was major suffering and we're witnessing the effects of such horrendous suffering. But it's also the current infiltration of neocon thought. That's the horrific glitch, and why the Middle East is such a focus.

Gerald is right when he sees nothing but chaos and death for years on end in the region. It is intentional. Greed is, in the end, the underlying factor and it will always be the bain of our existence. Ideology and morality get thrown out the window.

It is with this knowledge that we turn to the most critical crisis--global warming. Greed, again, gets in the ultimate way. Witness the poor scientists testifying before Congress that they were censored by this administration. This is not new, the scientists have complained for quite some time. PUBLICTY, PUBLICITY, PUBLICITY and SCARE TACTICS! That's what's needed now. Actually, we don't need the scare tactics, global warming is making itself known with exponential speed.

DEN said...

Carey, sounds like you are feeling better! Back up to speed.

Kicked the P-new-monia in the butt!

Carey said...

Yes, thank you Den. Family is still feeling the ravages but slowly coming around. Everyone got the Mofo. Tres infectious and nastily turns into pneumonia. Yikes and a half! Our heating bill skyrocketed cuz we didn't want to turn it off during the horrendous cold snap when we were all so sick. You just never win.

Poor Brandon, though. He gets better and is confronted with finals week this week. Finals week in sixth grade! My, how things have changed. My tyke is working so hard!


I just read your notes from the Catherine Austin Fitts interview that you reposted yesterday.

YEAH! Spot on. She and Sibel Edmonds are in agreement on all of this. THE BG PICTURE.

It was that dreadful act, the National Security Act of 1947 that so disparagingly affected U.S. behavior. But the Paul Krugman piece you posted yesterday, Gerald, also points to many of the problems and the culprit: the rabid, wrongful distribution of wealth and what has become in this post-New Deal era. There we go again with the greed factor.

Excellent links, Gerald, my friend.

Carey said...

You know when you're getting better: the coffee actually has a kick and you actually want to drink it instead of hot chocolate or tea.

Carey said...

And can actually consider going for a walk.

Jeanne said...

Sorry to hear about your kick in the keester. Hope you're feeling better.

Guess who's going to be on Democracy Now tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Alan, if getting rid of those TWO NUTS through the impeachment/conviction would result in Nancy Pelosi sitting in the Oval office, that'd be A-OK with me. But, it ain't gonna happen that way...

Before that possibility could occur (Pelosi as prez), one of the two nuts would resign BEFORE IMPEACHMENT HAD LEGS, so that the "POWERS THAT BE" (meaning the neocon cabal) could select a replacement for the NUT who resigned -- the replacement would most certainly be another NUT, but that replacement NUT would be confirmed by the House and the Senate in the interest of "moving forward."

So, we'd end up with bush & cheney off the hook, the wars continuing, the usurpation of powers continuing, and a hand-picked successor in the White House, who would be positioned for the nomination in '08. I don't see the advantage.

...I suppose I could have written that in a more confusing way, but I'm not sure.

Anonymous said...

Alan...think Agnew, Nixon, Ford, Rockefeller....


Gerald said...

Saladin, I try to give information and not just say America right or wrong.

With the internet there is so much information that spells out the problems in Nazi America, Nazi England, and Nazi Israel. This information is very enlightening for the discerning voters.

Please remember one point! War is outmoded in resolving problems.

Carey, the links were very informative. We have many blogs that inform. Our government would love to curtail our use of the internet.

Carey, in a previous post I mentioned that it was good to hear that your health is better. I also asked the question, "How does a person get pneumonia in San Diego?" For some reason I equate pneumonia with the northern states in winter.

It may have been Jeanne, Carey, or Saladin who asked about my health. I go to the University Hospital twice a year to have my implanted device monitored. When the device reads 2.55, I will need a new device implanted. Today's reading was 2.59. I go back in May to check the reading. It is possible that I will need the new device between May and July. The wiring to my heart is fine. Just the device that monitors my heartbeats will be installed.

Gerald said...

Praying Each Day: January 31

Carey said...

Micksters, (Brandon loves saying that sort of name, sorry 'bout that),

You said it quite plainly. If people don't think these criminals will get away with it, that is, for the time being, they are wrong. Karma will come, however, believe me. Witness that Cheney's gay daughter is choosing to become pregnant. I just love it. He can't even respond in a proper manner without looking like a complete louse. But, of course, when has he ever not? It was Scowcroft who said he didn't recognize Cheney anymore. That may add some credence to the bad health affecting Cheney's brain theory.

On my walk I got so angry. Course that helps one to walk faster. Still....who is Cheney (in the Blitzer "interview") to question the corruption of the "oil for food" program? When Halliburton has rapaciously eaten away funding for Iraqi reconstruction. MY GOD! After completely reading Froomkin's Unraveling of Dick Cheney, things got my goat.

One sad and revealing thing to report, 9/11 detective dogs (those searching for bodies in the rubble) are sick and dying. Groundzero still carries health risks from what I understand.


You asked what one (in this case Gerald) might want to do in a situation where all arrows pointed at Iran sinking one of our aircraft carriers with perhaps 5000 dead. First, I hope Gerald realized you were really talking about a false flag attack. You were, correct? Iran may have a silly leader, but he's not that silly. Iran doesn't want war. They will fight once attacked, that's for sure.

Attacks would already be under way against Iran before any real detective work could be realized on who done it, don't ya know.

I don't think it will be a sinking of a U.S. aircraft carrier, unless Mossad gets into the act.* It will be a series of lesser things like last nights breaking news that Iran may be responsible for the Trojan horse attack on the U.S. I posted that this might indeed be chalked up to Iranians. It's a complex question. It could have been actual Americans or what, maybe actual Iraqis???? NO, not the Iraqis, the people who have become our enemy in their own country?

*What am I writing? Undoubtedly Mossad is probably already directing the whole thing.


The monitering device, a pacemaker?

Gerald said...

The Crime of the Century

Gerald said...

Carey, the device is called a defibrillator (spell).I believe that the defibrillator does more than what a peacemaker will do.

Carey said...

Oh shit people. Oh Gerald....

Molly Ivins' cancer 'back with a vengeance'

Copyright 2007 Houston Chronicle Austin Bureau

AUSTIN - Nationally syndicated columnist Molly Ivins has been hospitalized in her recurring battle with breast cancer.

"I think she's tough as a metal boot," her brother, Andy Ivins, said Friday after a visit with her at Seton Medical Center in Austin.

Andy Ivins said his sister was admitted to Seton on Thursday. She spent Friday morning with longtime colleagues and friends, and was "sleeping peacefully" when he arrived later in the day.

A self-described leftist agitator, Ivins, 62, completed a round of radiation treatment in August, but the cancer "came back with a vengeance," and has spread through her body, Andy Ivins said.

Ivins' columns, which she infuses with passion and wit, appear in more than 300 newspapers around the country. She's written six books, four of which were best sellers.

They included Shrub: The Short But Happy Political Life of George W. Bush, Bushwhacked: Life in George W. Bush's America, which she wrote with longtime friend Lou Dubose; and Who Let the Dogs In? Incredible Political Animals I Have Known.

Ivins was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1999. A year later, she described her treatment with characteristic wit: "First they poison you; then they mutilate you; then they burn you. I've had more fun."

She received her third diagnosis a year ago; despite her illness, she's managed to crank out her columns.

In a piece earlier this month, she wrote that she was starting a newspaper crusade to end the war in Iraq.

"Raise hell," she urged readers. "Think of something ridiculous to make the ridiculous look ridiculous. ... We need people in the streets, banging pots and pans and demanding, 'Stop it, now!' "


I need to go wipe tears.

Gerald said...

The conclusion is unavoidable that Bush has committed a massive crime against Iraqis, against the Middle East, against American citizens and military families, and against America's reputation.

Gerald said...

I just heard Molly Ivins died at age 62. One of my foxes is gone but she will not be forgotten.

David B. Benson said...

Carey --- Claims that the Iranians were behind the murder of 5 americans; claims that extremely capable IUDs are the work of the Iranians...

Drum beats, all of it!

Gerald said...

Why do Nazi Americans have short memories

I guess Nazi America can give Nazi Israel weapons but Iran cannot give Iraq weapons. What is good for the goose is good for the gander!!! Nazi America will nuke Iran!!!!!

Gerald said...

US-made weapons are sold to the Israeli military with restriction on their use.

Cluster bombs can scatter hundreds of small bomblets over a wide area, and their use has been widely criticised.

The International Committee of the Red Cross called for a ban on the use of cluster bombs in populated areas, because of the indiscriminate civilian deaths they caused.

Nazi America controls 70% of the market on WMD's!!!

Carey said...

I, oh, I need to get off. Just read Gerald. I wrote this before.


I've been meaning to thank you for yesterday's link to the article about Ms. Clinton's triangulation. I'd call it more like quintuple-ation. Whatever.

I particularly liked this subline:

Clinton is offering a perfectly safe, unthreatening message for those wealthy and well-connected elites for whom the last six years have worked just fine.

That's exactly what she's after and it ruffles one to watch. Her problem is she doesn't have some of the endearing qualities Bill does. She's going after the rich, they're underwriting her campaign. It's all very Republican. She's too, too calculating. And she's wrapped in a political machine.


Thank-you Jesus, for welcoming one of our saints, Molly.

Jeanne said...

We have foxes on both sides of the valley now.

Carol said...

My heart is broken. Molly was absolutely my favorite. I lived for her columns.