Tuesday, January 30, 2007

What the Hillary?

Ok, I will throw in my two cents here and hopefully my flack vest will prevent the bullets from puncturing my ego, whats left of it.

Now is not the time to try flying a female president past the voting public and here's why.

50% (at least) of registered voters are female, the rest are male of course and therein lies the rub. That 50% male vote might just work against Hillary in a Presidential election. Her qualifications to be president might be equal to any other male candidate but the separation of the voters could risk serious divisions in the voting populous. A majority of men do not want Hillary as president because she is female and Hillary. With the 50% female vote where will the remaining votes go?

To the Republican candidates like Chuck Hagel or another centrist similar. This puts the 2008 election in jeopardy of becoming a Republican victory. The will of the people cannot be ignored. In an ideal situation it should not matter whether we elect a female or a male candidate, but this is no ordinary situation. We are in an illegal war, corporations have more political strength than ever before.

There will be a huge mess to clean up once the new Administration gets there. People do not realize the extent to which the government has been corrupted, this all needs to be dealt with. They will not forget who voted to get us into this mess and who waffled on getting us out, yes Hillary.

This is not the time to experiment with something new, this is the time for a deliberate change in the way K street and the rest operate, time to end the Iraqi oil grab, time to put back into the world our commitment to human rights, time to send the Republicans back to school and teach them public service not self service. By breaking the electorate into pieces we risk more of the same old crap from the same old assholes. We need a unified electorate like we had in 2006.

President of the United States is a BIG job and as such needs a solid indisputable candidate preferably male to lead us out of the darkness, someone with fewer skeletons in the closet than Hillary. Someone with a commitment to the people to improve our standing in the world, not complicate it. With the rest of the world leaders looking for strength from us, we need someone that can be looked up to for that strength.

Now before you gals come looking to remove my most treasured possessions(naughty bits), please understand that I am not against females in government, quite the opposite, they are needed for balance, just not Hillary, not now.


Carey said...

I do understand where you're coming from Den. It's not so much a female candidate, however, though that still very much matters in this day and age. It's Hillary herself. Her politics are not good. She's not a likeable person, an essential quality for an American presidential candidate. All combined, it's her politics, her baggage and her personality that will do in her run at the presidency in 2008.

By the way, Chuck Hagel is no centrist. Just because he's spoken out finally against the war only points to the fact that he has some common sense. He is strongly Republican as his record bespeaks.

We can talk about Hillary till we're blue in the face. It's not going to happen, I can pretty much guarantee that. She'll be around for a while tilting the Democratic debate to the right. It's not time for either another Clinton or Bush. Period. The country has had it with nepotism and political dynasties.

Hillary's personality just won't cut it. Stiff, a female Kerry.

Saladin said...

bush, clinton, bush, clinton?? NOOOOOOOOOO!!! I don't care what sex the clinton or bush is, PLEASE, not again!

DEN said...

Carey did you hear Cindy Sheehan endorsed Kucinich?

Guess she doesn't like Hillary either.

DEN said...

Shape shifting lizard people, all!!!

Carey said...

No I hadn't heard about Sheehan's endorsement Den, but it makes total sense.

I have always thought that before the country will vote a female in, we would first have a black president. That has seemed to be the order of things nationwide. Of course, I'm looking at Obama as the possible first black president. I think he'll be able to withstand the scrutiny.

In Den's post, there is something that isn't quite spoken and that's the question of voting in a female during a time of war. In this country, yes, it will be highly scrutinized and argued over. Remember, we'll be engaged in two arenas by the time 2008 rolls around. Plus civil war in Israel/Palestine and, perhaps, Lebanon.

Here's another example of how Bushco is going around the Democratic Congress.

When signing statements aren't enough

As the New York Times reports this morning, George W. Bush has signed an executive order aimed at giving the White House much greater control over the implementation of laws passed by Congress.

Under Bush's order, published last week in the Federal Register, the White House will place political appointees in new regulatory policy offices in major federal agencies. Their job: Keep a lid on efforts to regulate industry by making sure that any new agency "guidance documents" are justified by a specific "market failure." The order prohibits agencies from using "mandatory language such as 'shall,' 'must,' 'required' or 'requirement'" in guidance documents they publish, and it requires agencies to give the White House the chance to review -- and presumably, reject -- "any significant guidance documents" before they are issued.

Here's the part of this we don't understand: Why is Bush's order even necessary? Last time we checked, the president's political appointees were already running the federal agencies he now feels a need to put in check. And as the Washington Post reported in a series of articles back in 2004, the result has already been pretty impressive: The administration has killed regulatory work that was in progress when Bush took office; canceled a plan that could have prevented 25,000 tuberculosis infections a year; eased regulations to allow more strip mining in the Appalachians; and lightened the regulatory load on everything from healthcare to food safety to protection of the environment.

Even back in 2004, Bush's critics and supporters agreed that his regulatory rollbacks had been profound. Now his industry supporters want more. And with Congress not quite the easy target for them that it was just a few months ago, they're relieved that Bush is delivering for them again.

William Kovacs, a vice president for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, tells the Times that Bush's order is "the most serious attempt by any chief executive to get control over the regulatory process." He thinks that's a good thing -- it will result in regulations that are "less onerous and more reasonable," he says -- but academics, activists and Democrats see things just a little differently. "The executive order allows the political staff at the White House to dictate decisions on health and safety issues, even if the government's own impartial experts disagree," says House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform chairman Henry Waxman. "This is a terrible way to govern, but great news for special interests."

-- Tim Grieve

Carey said...

Coming soon: Judy Miller

Good news for Valerie Plame obsessives everywhere: Former New York Times reporter Judy Miller will probably take the stand in the Scooter Libby trial Tuesday. Bad news for Plame obsessives everywhere: Patrick Fitzgerald says he doesn't intend to ask Miller about Libby's "aspens will already be turning" letter during his direct examination.

-- Tim Grieve


That will be fun to read about!

Carey said...

To heck with the Israeli lobby!


George W. Bush is upping the ante towards a war with Iran. And a number of prominent Democrats seem to be telling the President to go all in. Take one recent example: John Edwards.

During a speech via satellite at a security conference last week in Herzliya, Israel, Edwards joined the chorus of those threatening the Iranian government. "Iran threatens the security of Israel and the entire world," Edwards said, echoing a line peddled by many neoconservatives. "Let me be clear: Under no circumstances can Iran be allowed to have nuclear weapons."

A few moments later, he strongly hinted at the need for possible US military action. "To ensure that Iran never gets nuclear weapons, we need to keep ALL options on the table," Edwards said. "Let me reiterate – ALL options must remain on the table."

Such a provocative speech seems out of character for the ‘08 contender, at least in political terms. As he's moving left on Iraq---by calling on Congress to deny funding for an escalation of troops and advocating the immediate withdrawal of 50,000 US soldiers---why is Edwards veering right on Iran?

There's a few possible explanations. One, Edwards sincerely believes in a more confrontational Iran policy. Two, he's pandering to win the support and money of hawkish "pro-Israel" voters and donors. Three, he's trying to impress the foreign policy intelligentsia by talking tough.

No matter the rationale, speeches like these won't help Edwards with Democratic primary voters and could potentially injure his presidential prospects. Preventing a war with Iran is as important as getting out of Iraq to many in the peace movement. Indeed, those goals are now intertwined. Edwards can't have it both ways.

Ari Berman

Carey said...

Ay, ay, ay! What have they done?

Forget Your Brats and Beer: Tailgating Banned at the Super Bowl

DEN said...

Edwards is TOAST!!!

The American people are not totally ignorant, this very issue will sink Edwards at the convention.

Just what we need, super frat boy with even MORE power!

Why is he still there?

Who is the most crazy? Bush or the goomers that refuse to indict him?

Carey said...


From yesterday's post, I learn quite a bit from reading the blogs. Especially from the links but also people's opinions culled from those links. Yes I have changed my opinion on certain things after going into in-depth debates on issues. You, for example, along with others helped me to work out my feelings on impeachment. I could list many issues on which I've been influenced.

On Hillary, I've used to like her more, when she was the First Lady. Since branching out on her own, she has tilted way to the right. Yes, she is polarizing for various different reasons. One, something she can't help, her baggage. Her statements, since becoming Senator and obviously with the office of the presidency in mind are definitly right-of-center. Being one of the first females to be seriously considered for president, she is mindful of looking tough as are all Democrats. Times have swung right, however. Ms. Clinton has gone right along with them.

Do remember she was a Goldwater Republican.

I would never have been fully for Hillary anyway. Same with a son of a ex-president. Smells of dynasty in a democratic republic (or what should be).

Gerald said...

I cannot get fired up about the 2008 election.

No one will believe me!

Bush, Clinton, Psycho Bush, (2008) Psycho Bush, (2012) Psycho Bush, on and on and on!!!!!

Psycho Bush is grabbing power in order to keep power!!!!! If you thing this psycho is going to leave the WH, you need to re-evaluate closely what this psycho is doing.

Gerald said...

Praying Each Day: January 30

I will probably exclude myself this day from serious praying after reading this day's prayer. People, I do not like Psycho Bush and his Nazi cabal. Yet, I do not wish an eternity of hell for Psycho Bush or anyone else. Maybe this is why prayer still has meaning for me.

Gerald said...

We Love You, Molly

David B. Benson said...

Micki --- PNNL is run by Batelle for the DoE, which foots the bills. DoE has (at least) six such national labs, maybe seven.

Nonetheless, their comment regarding the electricity grid is correct.

Jeanne --- Yes, climate change is happening in MN, even if it doesn't feel like it right now. Let's see: Windier? Bigger blizzards? More big spring floods?

Gerald said...

Endless Wars to be Fought, For What?

Gerald said...

Psychiatrists have fancy names for people who live in fantasy worlds of their own creation. Most of us use simple words like "crazy." It's not surprising that an administration living in its own reality, fighting wars that are mostly about imagery, would end up pursuing policies that seem, to most sane observers, quite crazy. Public opinion polls seem to suggest that average Americans will no longer follow their leaders blindly into fantasyland.

Bush and his whole cabal are crazy!!!!!

Gerald said...


Gerald said...

Here are Freda Payne's thoughts from the late 60's, via: "Bring The Boys Home."

"Fathers are pleading, lovers are all alone
Mothers are praying-send our sons back home
You marched them away-yes, you did-on ships and planes
To the senseless war, facing death in vain -

"Can't you see 'em march across the sky, all the soldiers that have died
Tryin' to get home-can't you see them tryin' to get home?
Tryin' to get home-they're tryin' to get home
Cease all fire on the battlefield
Enough men have already been wounded or killed."

That song was a hit, almost four decades ago, when Nixon's "Silent Majority" was digging its heels in over 'Nam and every war protestor was considered a "commie." The more things change, the more they remain the same.

Maybe, if someone re-recorded it as "Bring Them All Home," it would make a dent in the pro-war citizenry, today.

And help oust "the collision-maker."

Or the "derision-maker."

Or the "revision-maker."

Or whatever the Hell King George is calling himself, today.

Me? I need another lozenge just to play it safe.

Carey said...

Oh Gerald! Oh Gerald, oh everyone.

I knew Molly might be sick. She hasn't written for so long. Oh geez, everyone pray for her.

Carey said...

Sure hope she's smoking the medicine.

Unless, of course, it's lung cancer. Then she could inhale the steam or drink pot tea. They have THC pills now, don't they. I want some of those!

Pray for Molly. What a national treasure.

Gerald said...

Another Psycho

Gerald said...

Trying to figure out what is really going on in this secretive, Kremlinesque Bush-Cheney regime is often like trying to figure out what is going on in the old Soviet Politburo by seeing where leaders stood in officially released group photographs –- or whether they were in them at all.

But BuzzFlash will venture to speculate that Cheney sees a rapidly deteriorating political crisis at hand and that Junior isn’t up to "pushing back" the media and public, so Dick decided to take the crowbar out himself and start pummeling opponents of the regime. Sometimes the Godfather has to go public as the chief enforcer, because the front man isn’t up to the job. That’s what Cheney is doing.

Cheney basically told the American people last week: "F**k Off! I am the government. Live with it."

And so, in the absence of divine intervention on an assertion of sanity on Capitol Hill –- or a restoration of the American Revolutionary Militia -– he’ll have his way with us.

Gerald said...

Tuesday, January 30, 2007
"Enemies of Peace": Political Partisanship Is The Result Of GOP Greed (excerpts), Paul Krugman

...The nastiness of modern American politics isn’t the result of a random outbreak of bad manners. It’s a symptom of deeper factors — mainly the growing polarization of our economy. And history says that we’ll see a return to bipartisanship only if and when that economic polarization is reversed. After all, American politics has been nasty in the past. Before the New Deal, America was a nation with a vast gap between the rich and everyone else, and this gap was reflected in a sharp political divide. The Republican Party, in effect, represented the interests of the economic elite, and the Democratic Party, in an often confused way, represented the populist alternative.

In that divided political system, the Democrats probably came much closer to representing the interests of the typical American. But the G.O.P.’s advantage in money, and the superior organization that money bought, usually allowed it to dominate national politics. “I am not a member of any organized party,” Will Rogers said. “I am a Democrat.” Then came the New Deal. I urge Mr. Obama — and everyone else who thinks that good will alone is enough to change the tone of our politics — to read the speeches of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the quintessential example of a president who tackled big problems that demanded solutions.

For the fact is that F.D.R. faced fierce opposition as he created the institutions — Social Security, unemployment insurance, more progressive taxation and beyond — that helped alleviate inequality. And he didn’t shy away from confrontation. “We had to struggle,” he declared in 1936, “with the old enemies of peace — business and financial monopoly, speculation, reckless banking, class antagonism, sectionalism, war profiteering. ... Never before in all our history have these forces been so united against one candidate as they stand today. They are unanimous in their hate for me — and I welcome their hatred.” It was only after F.D.R. had created a more equal society, and the old class warriors of the G.O.P. were replaced by “modern Republicans” who accepted the New Deal, that bipartisanship began to prevail.

The history of the last few decades has basically been the story of the New Deal in reverse. Income inequality has returned to levels not seen since the pre-New Deal era, and so have political divisions in Congress as the Republicans have moved right, once again becoming the party of the economic elite. The signature domestic policy initiatives of the Bush administration have been attempts to undo F.D.R.’s legacy, from slashing taxes on the rich to privatizing Social Security. And a bitter partisan gap has opened up between the G.O.P. and Democrats, who have tried to defend that legacy.

What about the smear campaigns, like Karl Rove’s 2005 declaration that after 9/11 liberals wanted to “offer therapy and understanding for our attackers”? Well, they’re reminiscent of the vicious anti-Catholic propaganda used to defeat Al Smith in 1928: smear tactics are what a well-organized, well-financed party with a fundamentally unpopular domestic agenda uses to change the subject....Politicians who try to push forward the elements of a new New Deal, especially universal health care, are sure to face the hatred of a large bloc on the right — and they should welcome that hatred, not fear it.

Gerald said...

Nazi America's True Foreign Policy

Gerald said...

Keep the Muslims and Arabs in the survival mode and treat them like rats! This is Nazi America's Middle East foreign policy.

Every family in Baghdad struggles with fuel and energy crises. In Baghdad, there is one hour of electricity every 12 hours. Only the more well-to-do families can afford a generator for back-up electricity. The price of fuel for transportation has risen so high that any travel has become extremely expensive. Families with no income in a society that has 50% -75% unemployment find themselves scrounging for basic necessities and not at all prepared to offer hospitality to newly displaced families.

Gerald said...

I will always be happy to know that Molly is one of my foxes!!!!!

Gerald said...

Don't Let Bush Fool You

It is difficult to change a rat's lifestyle.

Gerald said...

War with Iran Is Definite

Gerald said...

Fallon said he has not been ordered to update the Pentagon's contingency plans for war with Iran.

Gerald said...

The real problems for world peace are Nazi America and Nazi Israel

Gerald said...

A Euro-Jewish and anti-democratic state in the middle east, and its extremist supporters in the USA, are a major threat to the global future. Israel, not Iran is the problem. Face it, and deal with it.

Gerald said...

When a supposedly enlightened civilization is threatening, once again, to attack another nation, in great part because of its alleged threat to the Jewish State and Jews, there can be no further denial on the part of the majority who will pay a terrible price. It is time to confine theological, biblical and metaphysical belief systems about the past to the imagination and the church, remove them from political economics, and face material reality before it is too late. Until rational, factual, scientifically provable conditions are confronted and dealt with, irrational and near stark raving insane fears could bring about even greater suffering for humanity than past ignorance has already caused.

Gerald said...

Please keep in mind that it is the PNAC and Nazi Israel that are to genocide the world!!!!!!!!!!

Please do not forget Nazi Israel is currently genociding the Lebanese and the Palestinians!!!!!

Gerald said...

The PNAC and Nazi Israel will genocide the world with Nazi America's help!!!!!

DEN said...

Gerald, if an aircraft carrier was sunk in the Persian Gulf and 5000 American lives were lost and all evidence pointed to Iran, what would you want to happen?

Gerald said...

What truly pisses me off is that my Catholic Church has been silent on the ongoing genocide in Iraq and the coming genocide in Iran!!!!!

Gerald said...

DEN, the word you mention is "if." If that was to happen, I would first look to our CIA for the act. Nazi America has always been notorious to start wars since the end of WWII. Since 1776 Nazi America has also been involved in hostile dealings with any person or country that disagrees with her. I am not a follower of America right or wrong. Nazi America will never be defeated by another nation!!!!! We have seven hundred military bases with nuclear weapons on most of these bases. We have our military in many countries around the world. I am a firm believer that Nazi America is out to enslave the world or genocide most of the world. A perfect example is the Project for a New American Century with Nazis in control of the PNAC. I will post an interview that backs up my beliefs. We must remove any thought that Nazi America is a good, holy, and saintly nation. I believe that we are the devil incarnate nation. The most evil that was ever born!!!!!

ยบ¿carol said...

A triangulator for non-triangulating times
Hillary, stuck in 1999, launches politics-as-usual campaign

"......Hillary and her many handlers haven't noticed this is not 1999; a lot has happened since the end of the'90s. George Bush's disastrous reign, for one. The Internet, for another. And, most critically for Hillary Clinton, a desperate yearning on the part of Americans of all political stripes not for a triangulating "centrist" in the Clinton mold, but for someone who can show themselves as both attuned and responsive to the national mood and capable of authenticity and bold leadership. Hillary Clinton could not be a less appropriate candidate for 2008."

David B. Benson said...

Den --- I'll answer as well. First, court-martial a whole bunch of U.S. Navy officers, up to and including the Commander-in-Chief. Second, believing in restorative justice, once the guilty party has been justly determined, expect and require whatever 'restoration' is possible once life has been taken. (For example, adequate pensions for next-of-kin, etc.)

Gerald said...

We remember the Iranian president's words but we forget the the PNAC's goal that plans to genocide 6 billion people on our planet.

Black Budgets

Please excuse the repeat of this post but it seems to fit well with the other posts.

I enjoy listening to George Noorey on Coast to Coast from 1:00 to 4:00 am. He had Catherine Austin Fitts on his program. She worked for bush I and Clinton. Her website is www.solari.com. She talked about the black budgets. I took down four pages of notes but I will try to condense them into my typing skills of picking and pecking.

Government corruption is rampant. There is no one to audit the books and $4 trillion cannot be accounted for. We are being manipulated by covert criminal organizations. The government corruption became big time with passage of the National Security Act in 1947 and the CIA Act in 1949. Money is going into these organizations but we do not know how it is being spent. There is no accountability. Legal and executive orders give people a license to steal. The Iran-Contra Fraud was approved at the HIGHEST LEVEL. Covert organizations are siphoning off billions of dollars that are not accountable to anyone.

America’s rise to power is funded by drug money and organized crime money. Dirty money keeps America going. Stock markets would go down if we stopped this dirty money from propping up the stock markets. Executive orders in 1989 helped to siphon off the money with no accountability. People in government are involved in drug trafficking. Christian organizations take the dirty money and they shut up about the fraud. Are faith-based money given to have the Christian organizations to shut up? The CIA is involved in drug trafficking.

American money is moved to Asia and this money comes back to buy American land and resources. 9/11 slammed the door on the investigation of the $4 trillion that was lost or laundered. 9/11 made money for these covert criminal organizations. Muslim fundamentalists may have been a tool in 9/11 in order to stop the criminal investigation of laundered money.

Americans need to ask questions. The SEC knows who sold stocks short from 9/11 but they won’t let anyone know who sold their stocks short and made mega bucks from their transactions. Americans want their paycheck and not the truth. 9/11 was planned to cover up the illegal laundering of $4 trillion. The people who planned 9/11 were involved in the most successful piracy in American history.

Drug money and organized crime money are propping up the stock markets. Jobs and money are being shipped aboard. The middle class and our Constitution are being destroyed. Catastrophic events happen to stop the depression. Small numbers of people are profiting and our planet is being destroyed.

Where does evil come from? No one really knows why there is evil. We are prisoners of the system of corruption and fraud. The people who engage in evil don’t care about people and they are demonic in nature. If you go along with the system, you won’t be killed.

War and covert interventions have kept economies going. Corruption and fraud also keep our economies going. We have a consumer vote and not just a political vote. We have a very manipulated stock market. Alternative energies have been suppressed. Money is not being used to optimize our planet. We are destroying our planet. Popular support is important to change the system but corrupt officials win elections. America is the most powerful nation in the world and we are not cleaning up our act.

I was able to take notes from Catherine Austin Fitts’ interview on the George Noorey show. The notes are from questions that callers asked Ms. Fitts. I did not write down the questions but only some of her answers. Ms. Fitts said that money is being siphoned from social security in order to destroy social security. 9/11 was an inside job. Globalists want global government, money, control, and population control. Ms. Fitts said that America and the world need a spiritual change where everyone is accepted and not deny the good things on our planet.

There is no money in the social security fund. Privatization of social security will destroy small businesses. There is too much money wasted in our present system. Drug money is being laundered by both parties. The rich are taking advantage of the middle class and the poor. Modern media has not helped the people by investigating and by giving us the truth about our government. Our economy is ripping off the average citizen. Americans are financially drained and now they are being drained emotionally and psychologically. Iraq is a very dangerous place for our soldiers because Iraq is very corrupt and we cannot receive the information that we need to make decisions.

The American government wants Americans to be stupid. Stupid people can be controlled. If you have an education and information, the people will have power. Our government wants to keep Americans powerless and stupid.

China is thinking of converting to the Euro. If China does convert to the Euro, our dollar will fall and interest rates will rise and we will have serious economy problems. It was publicized that Iraq was planning to convert to the Euro and that was one of the reasons why we attacked Iraq. In Gordon Thomas’ book, “Seeds of Fire” he says that China will have nuclear weapons parody with America in 2015. America can never permit this to happen. America desires to be the only superpower because she will be able to dictate what countries can and cannot do. Will America attack China in a preemptive war before 2015?


Gerald said...

As an American I feel liberated in my belief that Nazi America is not the good, holy, and saintly nation that we have been led to believe. I feel that I can be honest with myself and with you!!!!! This is a great feeling. Try it and you may, too, like the feeling!

DEN said...

Funny no one mentioned to retaliate against the supposed perpetrator.

DEN said...

I have to go but read what former Gen. Odom has to say about getting out of Iraq HERE

David B. Benson said...

Den --- General Odom certainly laid it out. One and one-half years ago...

Hajji said...

..."They have THC pills now, don't they. I want some of those!..."

Marinol which is a synthetic THC pill DOES seem to work for one of its most prescribed indications...appetite restoration.

After my brother's modified radical neck surgery, chemo and radiation treatments, he couldn't bring himself to eat, due to severe throat pain and nausea. He spent a few weeks getting nourisment through a feeding tube and carried around a morphine pump.

Smoking or eating anything containing THC was out of the question. Marinol gave him the munchies like never before and was probably instrumental in his rather swift (and Heroic, if I DO say so) recovery.

Some patients report HIGHLY psychoative reactions from Marinol, especially those who also smoke or breathe vapor, also. It seems liver enzymes are produced when ingesting THC that cause a greatly uhm, enhanced effect when combined with the more traditional inhalant method.

I believe they're working on an aerosolized Marinol inhaler, which should reduce some of the more severe psychoactive that, strangely, some patients COMPLAIN of!

...or so I've heard.


Hajji said...


"...Funny no one mentioned to retaliate against the supposed perpetrator..."

It is simply a national shame that Americans have been so obviously lied to that ANY statement from our Government is automatically suspect, ESPECIALLY concerning the ME.

Hajji said...

And if you don't believe THIS...

The "Booga-Booga" continues.


Hajji said...


David B. Benson said...

Hajji --- The best way to support the troops is to bring them home!

Saladin said...

DEN, I refrained from answering your question, but my very FIRST thought was retaliation! As in, storm the WH, hamstring them all, and then there was something involving tar and feathers as well as a dark, dank dungeon used for rendition and torture without charges. All this came to mind, plus stuff I won't mention due to spying, and I will let you figure out the rest!

Gerald said...


Nazi America continues to use DU on their bombs, missiles, and bullets. Nazi America also uses chemical weapons in Iraq. Nazi America has given Nazi Israel cluster bombs to be use in Lebanon. Yes, Nazi America is evil, vile, and wicked.

Sales of Weaponry

Tony Magliano writes a column for the Catholic News Service. He is a great writer. He wrote an article that had mentioned the USA is the leading seller of weaponry and weapons of mass destruction. The USA has 70% of the sales market. The USA sells the weaponry for the bottom line. The USA should discontinue the sale of these weapons. Yes, our country is not without sin in the sale of weapons. We aid in the killing off of the world population because we control 70% of the sales market in weaponry and weapons of mass destruction.

Nazi Americans must come to grip with the fact that our nation is evil and sinful. We probably dominate the most evil and sinful ways on our planet. You cannot control 70% of the sales market and not be evil and sinful. Here is how we are sinning. We sin through our cooperation of sales to other countries, by approving the sales to these countries, and by not hindering the sales of these weapons.

Nazi America is an evil and sinful nation, probably the most evil and sinful nation in the world. We cannot remain in denial and silent to the fact that the USA is an evil and sinful nation. We cannot go forward in changing our world unless we openly admit our evil and sinful ways.

Depleted Uranium

Scientists are going to study depleted uranium and its effect on the American population. As depleted uranium filters into Iraqi oil, many gallons of Iraqi oil will be brought to America to help America continue her gluttonous ways.

As the depleted uranium is let out through exhaust fumes, it will be in the air and on land for 4 billion years causing many, many health problems in the years to come. Americans will die, become sick, and babies will be born deformed. America’s environment will be deadly for 4 billion years.

Insurance companies will be happy because there will be no need for insurance. Born in America will mean that you have a pre-existing condition and you are not entitled to health coverage.

America’s attack upon Iraq will bring forth unintended consequences. Terrorism will come to America through Bush’s policies and exhaust fumes from Iraqi oil. Bush’s non-scientist board will say to not worry about Iraqi oil. It is safe. Right!

Project for a New American Century will be elated because their goal of a planet with only 500 million people will be well underway.

Gerald said...

Yes, Nazi America is evil, vile, and wicked. Nazi Americans suffer from short memories.

Nazi America

Here are the fourteen characteristics that are necessary for a Nazi nation. America currently possesses all fourteen characteristics.

1. Powerful and continuing expressions of nationalism
2. Disdain for the importance of human rights
3. Identification of enemies/scapegoats as a unifying cause
4. The supremacy of the military/avid militarism
5. Rampant sexism
6. A controlled mass media
7. Obsession with national security
8. Religion and ruling elite tied together
9. Power of corporations protected
10. Power of labor suppressed or eliminated
11. Disdain and suppression of intellectuals and the arts
12. Obsession with crime and punishment
13. Rampant cronyism and corruption
14. Fraudulent elections

There should be no doubt in anyway in the people’s minds that America is a fascist nation. Rapidly the self-implosion and destruction of America are starting to take hold. America is no longer America but she is now called Nazi America.

Economic Hit Men

I listened to the John Perkins interview with Amy Goodman on Democracy Now. It was a great interview. America works in three stages to control a country.

Stage One
Economic hit men go into a country and they offer loans to help build up the country. If the country cannot pay back the loan, we take over the majority of the resources for our giant corporations like Bechtel and Halliburton. If the leader of a country does not want to deal with us, we send in the jackals.

Stage Two
The jackals are CIA operatives who are sent into a country to assassinate the leader and overthrow the government. If that does not work, we send in the military.

Stage Three
The military goes into control a country like in Desert Storm. Saddam Hussein did not want to accept loans and become a puppet of the American government. Desert Storm was to soften up Saddam Hussein but he remained a hardliner and so in 2003 shock and awe bombings commenced. I thought it was for the oil but John Perkins said that Iraq also has the water, such as the Tigris and the Euphrates Rivers. There is also a feeling that the House of Saud is losing control and Iraq would be a good strategic base for American interests. We are really not spreading our democracy we are spreading our corporate influences over these countries.

What is truly amazing is that Stages One, Two, and Three are overt today and not covert. America has accepted Bush as her god and so he can do whatever pleases him.

Americans, for some reason, believe that other countries are corrupt but we are not corrupt and Americans just cannot believe that we are the empire that leads in corruption. America is the most corrupt country on planet, Earth.

America and China are on a collision course toward the end time and the rapture that should make the Nazis and Taliban of America very happy. A nuclear holocaust will bring on the end time and the rapture.

I know that there are people who want to muzzle my posts but I am only sharing information and I am only the messenger. The messages hurt but they must be conveyed to you.

May God have mercy on America!

DEN said...

Hajji, the IED's from Iran are the product of who? Elmer Fudd, thats who.

I think there will be more and more stories from 'intelligence sources' linking Iran to a lot more boogey man work against us.

Trouble is, if we weren't so busy pissing the place off, none of this would be happening.

I'll be glad when March is past without a major incident.


Jeanne said...

I'm not behind Hillary either.

DEN said...

Sal, I would settle for them being put in Gitmo,
you want lawyers with that?
sorry, fresh out.

Jeanne said...

I can't believe any story about weapons coming from Iran especially when I see that it came from ABC. I keep thinking about the British commander who has seen nothing. And besides, haven't we had enough war? I know I have.

DEN said...

I'll give ole Hill the Master of Achievement award for keeping the family together through some highly publicized times of spousal distress.

Thats an accomplishment!

Jeanne said...

I agree again. It takes real strength to work to repair a marriage. She had to endure in public what no one wants to endure at all. She also had to endure eight years of Ken Starr and his bizarre shreading mentality. He works for Blackwater now. Doesn't that give you goosebumps?

DEN said...

Jeez you could have went a week without mentioning KS, HA!!

Who could forget 'Whitewater', HMMM....

DEN said...

Blackwater-Whitewater, Kenny
must be an Aquarius.

DEN said...

nuff of this stuff,
mornin gets here early!

Carry on!

Jeanne said...

From the other day...
PANDA!!! Hi. I kinda miss the dialogue between you and the bushbots. But that's me. I got a lot of kids in trouble when I was in jr. high with my ability to spur the creative kids on.

Jeanne said...

Wait a minute...I think that's supposed to be PANDE.

uncledad said...

"Now before you gals come looking to remove my most treasured possessions (naughty bits), please understand that I am not against females in government, quite the opposite, they are needed for balance, just not Hillary, not now."

I could not agree more. Because Hillary is not in my opinion, a female candidate. She is the canary in a coal mine, the bird with no wings. Her womanhood was stripped by the media years ago. She is a step back for liberals and women alike. If by some freak of nature Hillary is still relevant come the "08" election she will be so tired in our minds that she won't be a relevant politician anymore. I really want women to hold the highest office here, but Hillary may not happen. That being said: Hillary vs. McCain, I believe I'd have to vote for Hill.

Anonymous said...

If one views a politician as one who is selfish and primarily interested in the political process for his/her own narrow purposes, well most likely you're not going to feel very kindly towards any politician. But, if one considers a politician as a person who is experienced in the science or art of government, then Hillary Clinton fills the bill.

I'm neither for or against Hillary as a presidential candidate, at this point. It's too early for me to settle in on a candidate because I believe there are quite a few qualified Democratic hopefuls that should be given a chance to state their case. However, I do think Hillary is qualified to be president. I've familiar with her voting record in the Senate and with many of her statements on issues that are important to a broad spectrum of Americans. On the environment, civil rights, healthcare, etc. she has a solid people-, family- oriented record. I don't disqualify her solely on the basis of her "war vote."

Politicians are not saints. They are people just like me or you. They make mistakes. They say things they regret. They say things that are subjected to microscopic analysis by the pundit class and the hating class and the "gotcha" class of know-it-alls. Pande semed to imply that because of the money factor, politicians are not altruistic, which he learned from Saladin he said. Well, most politicians aren't altruistic. Most doctors aren't altruistic. Most lawyers aren't altruistic. Most dogcatchers aren't altrustic. Most preachers aren't altruistic. Most journalists are altruistic. Most CPAs aren't altruistic. Most gemologists aren't altruistic. Most engineers aren't altruistic. But, nevertheless, in all these "professions" I believe that there are many who do have a devotion to the welfare of others and are not motivated by self-serving, selfish reasons.

The standards -- especially moral standards -- that our society champions are often more awe-based than practicable. Even people who have made mistakes, or who have shown a weakness, have made lasting, positive contributions to society.

The scathing scrutiny of public figures is reminiscient of the gladiators, -- it's great sport for the people who enjoy the "public entertainment" of joining the fight to bring down ("kill") a politician. The gladiators are suiting up to take down Hillary. She may not even stay in the race through the primaries...but, whether you love her or hate her, she's qualified to be president of the United States, whether it's in 2008 or beyond.

We claim here, in the good ole USA, to be open-minded, concerned about equality, democracy, freedom, women's rights, human rights, civil rights,...well, then it's high time we elect a woman or a person of color to the presidency. If Hillary got the nomination, I'd gladly give her my vote. And many men I know would, too. I asked one guy I know -- a 52-year old divorced man who works in construction -- if he'd vote for her. He said, "Hell yes. She showed me a lot when she stuck with Bill. She's stronger than any man I know."

Anonymous said...

Ohmigod! Ooops!

Most journalists are altruistic.

That should be aren't -- just like the rest of the list! Sorry.

Anonymous said...

Carey, Jeanne, Den...thanks for the feedback on my question. Much appreciated.

Did you see that Nancy Pelosi is including bloggers in her conference calls and that she has hired a full-time staff member dedicated to blogger outreach?

I guess she figures she can sway some people on blogs. Good for her.

Saladin said...

Politicians are not saints, they are just like you and me? EXCUSE ME?? They are NOTHING like me! I am anti-war, and anti-fascist, as well as anti-socialist, but pro-people and pro-rights which comes with the constitution that I always thought all our people were dying for. WTF do the clintons, kerrys, gores, mccains, edwards, etc, etc, stand for exactly? Besides Israel and WW4 I mean? And how have they EVER suffered? Oh dear, I've forgotten, MILITARY MIGHT is what it's all about now, just ask Ms. feinstein, her hubby is an expert in war profits. But we should really focus on the baddys, namely cheney and halliburton, they ARE so-called "republicans" after all, that makes them extra, SUPER evil as opposed to democrat war profiteers, they are the LESSER of the war evil. Please, carry on, and vote for hillary, she will only bomb Iran a little bit.

Saladin said...

Ya know micki, the difference between all those professions you listed and our reps is that gemologists and the rest are not responsible for the people they represent, they are not elected to office because they have inspired faith in the masses or because of any promises they claimed to uphold. They chose a profession for whatever reason, not to keep the peace or promote war, not to be bought off by the highest bidder at the expense of the entire country. I hold politicians to a slightly higher standard, considering the fact that they are supposed to represent we the people, unlike joe blow gem cutter who represents his or herself. I don't know where you came up with this analogy, but it is not even remotely comparible. Did the dems get a mandate in this past election or not? Should they listen if they did? Or should they just carry on like any lawyer or doctor? Maybe a preacher? Gosh, how can they pass up the potential profits, any more than a journalist would?

Jeanne said...

Again you have changed my mind. I will open my mind to Hillary. Also, Pandemoniac gave you a response the other day. You should go back and check it if you didn't see it.

Anonymous said...

Essay Linking Liberal Jews and Anti-Semitism Sparks a Furor

Anonymous said...

Jeanne -- I did see Pande's comment the other day and responded to it. But, thanks for calling it to my attention, in case I had missed it.

...pleased to see your comment about my Hillary post.

BTW, I was thinking of you when I posted about Nancy Pelosi putting out the welcome mat for bloggers! You've been one of the staunchest believers in the power of the blogging brigade. Good for you for being on top of the trend! You trendsetter, you!

O'Reilly said...

Hillary may poll as a Democratic frontrunner but she is a LONG way from getting the nomination.

Conservatives see her as a liberal. Liberals see her as a traitor. Flag-burning amendment anyone?

She was largely despised by conservatives when Bill was our President. Liberals were largely concerned about her husband's policies not Hillary's wherabouts.
I dont think she get the nod from the Dems, however, in a general election, Hillary cannot hope for more than 50% of the female vote, and I bet no more than 30% of the male vote.