Friday, January 19, 2007

Wild Packs of Shih-Tzus?

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Published on: 01/19/07

Be on your guard. The Shih Tzus are loose in east Cobb.

Residents of a condominium community on Powers Ferry Road have sounded the alarm that a pack of noisy, furry little dogs has been free-ranging on their property.

Property manager Leonard Danuloff of the Covered Bridge Condo Association uses a dish of water to try to coax one of two stray Shih Tzu dogs that have lived in the neighborhood for at least four weeks and have so far eluded residents as well as animal control workers.

The two stray Shih Tzus originally were four. One was a road victim, and another has disappeared. Some residents indulge the dogs; others want them gone.

Four shaggy little dogs, bearing an uncanny resemblance to agitated rag mops with teeth, first appeared shortly before Thanksgiving.

Residents don't know how the dogs, likely Shih Tzu mixes, shed their lives of domestication. Most recently, they have only spotted two of the dogs. Reportedly, one was killed a few weeks ago after straying onto nearby Powers Ferry Road. Another is, apparently, on the lam.

The skittish canines have run circles around would-be captors. They yap at anyone who tries to come close.

Condo resident Marti Kelefas said they have avoided being lassoed, netted or tricked into a cage.

Cobb animal control officers were called in and set a trap. They couldn't nab the dogs but did snare someone's long-haired cat.

One concerned neighbor suggested they use a tranquilizer gun, but officials pointed out those are normally reserved for large game, not 7-pound canines.

Covered Bridge condo manager Leonard Danuloff cornered the pups inside the swimming pool fence. The wily dogs dug under the fence and escaped.

Gabriella Toth is determined to tame the pooches and give them a home.

"People act as if they are 400-pound tigers," she said. "They bark a lot, but they are scared and don't know what else to do."

And Toth believes the pair might be adding to their number soon. She said one of the pooches is suspiciously plump.

In the condo office, Danuloff watched the male dog guarding his mate as Toth approached them.

Bringing food and water four times a day, Toth is honing her skills as a Shih Tzu handler.

On Wednesday she thought she was close to catching them ... up until the moment they scooted away.

"They are just so damn cute," she said. "If I don't feed them, they will die."

Animal Control officials warn that feeding them makes catching the canines more difficult, but Toth has ignored the advice. One homeowner brings them chicken and another serves them fried eggs.

Toth built an insulated doghouse on a covered bridge at the rear of the neighborhood and filled it with stuffed animals and warm blankets. She provides distilled water so they won't drink out of a nearby creek.

Not all of the condo's residents are sympathetic. Toth said she saw a large man kicking at the dogs.

She told him she would break every bone in his legs if he hurt them.

Another homeowner, Wendy Bassner, became concerned after one of the dogs came after her Jack Russell terrier. She had heard there was a pack of wild dogs loose in the neighborhood.

But somehow the terms "wild" and "Shih Tzu" don't seem to go together.

In recent weeks she has warmed to them.

"They shouldn't be out here in the cold, she said. "They should be someone's pampered pets. They should have a nice home."


DEN said...


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Sexy nightie. "Tie me up," she purred, "and you can do anything you want."

So he tied her up and went golfing.
A woman came home, screeching her car into the driveway, and ran into

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"Can you read this?" the optician asked.

"Read it?" the Polish guy replied, "I know the guy."

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The Army has been looking for Herman for 51 years.

Jeanne said...

Den was the post today a lesson on Iraq? I see similarities.

Jeanne said...

Say happy birthday to Pande Jr. for me. How old is the little feller now?

DEN said...

Little Johnny was sitting on the curb with a gallon of turpentine and shaking it up and watching all the bubbles.

A little while later a Priest came along and asked little Johnny what he had.

Little Johnny replied, "This is the most powerful liquid in the world, it's called turpentine."

The Priest said, "No, the most powerful liquid in the world is
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Little Johnny replied, "You take some of this here turpentine
and rub it on a cat's BUTT and he'll pass a Harley Davidson!!!"

DEN said...

"On behalf of President Bush, thank you for your correspondence.
We appreciate hearing your views and welcome your suggestions.
The President is committed to continuing our economic progress,
defending our freedom, and upholding our Nation's deepest values.

Due to the large volume of e-mail received, the White House
cannot respond to every message. Please visit the White House
website for the most up-to-date information on Presidential
initiatives, current events, and topics of interest to you.
In order to better receive comments from the public, a new system
has been implemented. In the future please send your comments to

Thank you again for taking the time to write."

He ain't listening anyway, who are they trying to BS?

Alan said...

Former Rep. Ney sentenced to 30 months

I liked this line...

The sentence was harsher than recommended by prosecutors or Ney's lawyers, Huvelle said, because Ney had violated the trust place on him as a public official. "Both your constituents and the public trusted you to represent them honestly," she said.

Alan said...

More on fighting against bush's library on the SMU campus...

Clergy protest Bush library
Link to SMU 'inappropriate,' say Methodist ministers in an online petition

DALLAS — A group of Methodist ministers launched a petition drive Thursday asking church members to pressure Southern Methodist University to drop its bid for George W. Bush's presidential library.

''As United Methodists, we believe that the linking of his presidency with a university bearing the Methodist name is utterly inappropriate," the online petition states.

DEN said...

GO Clergy!!

Give Bush the push!

DEN said...

The answer is blowin in the wind!

Oliver County Wind Energy Center
Duluth News Tribune
Published Friday, January 19, 2007
Location: Center, N.D.

Size: 22 towers.

Height: Each tower is 262 feet tall. The blades reach out 121 feet from the hub.

Production: Combined, 50.6 megawatts of power at peak production.

Power: Enough for 16,000 homes — the combined total of Hibbing, Virginia and International Falls.

Wind: Ideal wind speed is 14-20 mph. The wind blows in that range about 40 percent of the time.

Controls: Computers automatically adjust the pitch and rotation of the blades for optimal performance and shut down turbines if winds hit 50 miles per hour.

Cost: $60 million

Blade speed: Between 11 and 22 rotations per minute. That speed allows birds to see and avoid the blades.

Electricity production: Electricity is produced in the generator in the hub of each unit and moves underground to a nearby substation where it is patched into the grid. Power lines then bring electricity to where it’s needed, including the Northland.

Phase II: Minnesota Power will announce today that another 22 wind turbines will be added this summer, doubling electrical generation by year’s end.

Minnesota Power: The company serves a 26,000-square-mile area of northern Minnesota and has 135,000 retail customers. It serves 16 municipal utilities and some of the largest industrial electrical users in the nation, taconite plants and paper mills.

Take it from me, it is a windy place!

David B. Benson said...

spin'n'turn, spin'n'turn...

Looks good, especially for taconite mills!

Gerald said...

I like dogs, probably a little more than cats. Cats seem so hard to figure out, like a woman. We had a dog. We had a dog for 14 years and 3 months. The dog was part of our family. She was very possessive and protective of her family. When she died, we did not bring a new dog home. Death of a family member is always very difficult.

Carey said...

Loved all the funnies today.

Just posted to let you know I'm still here. Both Brandon and I have a touch of pneumonia, kind of like a secondary infection.

Not very political today.

Den, The dog story from Atlanta is amusing. I can just see them raising hell.

Saladin said...

DEN, I used to have a 1/2 Llasa Apso, 1/2 Shih-Tzu mix, named her Sadie, she was the cutest thing and smart as a whip! I prefer big dogs but she was one of my favorites.
Gerald, I also like dogs better than cats, but my sister-in-law rescued a tiny kitten that someone had left on the road that winds up to a nature preserve called Powell Butte in Portland, this was part of her jogging route. The poor little thing was stuffed into a plastic Safeway grocery bag which she bent down to retrieve and put in the trash, what she found was a starved baby about 6 weeks old with a crushed right front leg, as if a dog had chomped on it. Of course she took it right to the vet though he was nearly dead. They had to cut off the leg all the way to the shoulder, but I'll tell you, he is the best little pet I have ever seen! He doesn't even seem to miss the leg, he is very loving and affectionate, and so friendly, loves everyone. My brother named him Handy Cat which I thought was great. He can climb trees and leap with the best of them, he is handy indeed! Saving his life turned out to be a wonderful reward for everyone!

David B. Benson said...

Cats smarter than dogs. Cats better than dogs. Cats association with humans is far younger than dogs association with humans.

What does than say about humans?

uncledad said...

DEN: (the answer is blowin in the wind)

That is a pretty impressive wind farm. I’d like to see it someday. Unfortunately we use so dam much electricity in this country, we can't “blow” ourselves out of conventional fossil fuel, and nuclear generation. According to the CIA factbook! We use 3,717,000,000 megawatt hours per year, that’s 3.7 billion megawatt hours. Your 50 megawatt plant will produce roughly 438,000 megawatt hours per year so we would need around 8,500 of such facilities. It is a start and every little bit helps, but we can't just rely on one new technology. I have worked in many conventional generation plants and believe me they can generate power alot cleaner than they do now, the technology exists to "scrub" emissions from coal plants. The problem is our government is so corrupted by corporate interests they don't have the balls to toughen up regulations, or even enforce the ones we have now.

Gerald said...

Saladin, thank you for sharing that experience on the cat.

Carey, I hope you and Brandon will soon feel better. How does someone get pneumonia in San Diego? Carey, I know that you are heartbroken by the Chargers loss. If you put yourself as a Detroit Lions fan, you will have experienced two playoff appearances in 51 years and the Lions lost both playoff games. The Lions are a nightmare. Under Matt Millen, president and general manager, they are 24 wins and 72 losses in 6 years. Millen just blows wind. The Ford family is a failure in the auto business and in pro football.

DEN said...

Uncledad, ever been to Wyoming?

Wind-o-plenty there, hell do half the state and and Montana too in windmills.

Could be a significant contribution to the grid.

David B. Benson said...

Don't forget the Dakotas. The only problem is that it is a long way from all four of those states to where people will consume the power. Lose a lot in transmission losses...

uncledad said...


I was there (Wyoming) when I was a kid, on vacation with my folks. Don't remember much, I just wanted to get home to Gary IN. and hang out with my buddies. Actually there are a few really impressive wind farms in Wisconsin, hell I have a few neighbors with new high tech wind mills. I didn't mean to discount the technology; I only meant to put it in perspective. As I stated before fossil fuel plants can generate massive amounts of power with relatively low emissions, the technology exists to scrub the emissions, the equipment is in fact installed in many generation stations, but since bu$hco gutted the clean air act many of these systems have been turned off. It costs $$$ to run them and it costs $$$ to properly dispose and or recycle the solid waste that they generate as a result. However do you think the big energy companies have passed the savings of polluting the world on to us customers? No they have been realizing record profits as of late. But they will tell you that if they have to conform to any new regulations…… you know the drill.

The good news is everyone can do little things to lessen our electricity usage, things like: don't leave your cell phone charger plugged in all the time, turn off your computer when not in use, unplug your laptop power supply, etc. Our energy usage is growing exponentially due to all the little portable gadgets we use, and all those wall wart chargers still use energy even when the device in not plugged in!

DEN said...

Uncledad, I like the wind power angle because it is simple and clean.

We just need more ways to produce the electricity that we use for our gadgets.

I found the ultimate flashlight that has a small generator inside and you crank in a charge and go, LED's work excellent for brightness. No disposable batteries to use.

The trick is to get the greatest use from the least power, in that case LED's are very efficient versus an incandescent bulb and a small amount of electricity is all it takes to light them.

Innovation and keeping it simple are best.

Downsizing our consumption through those kind of means saves a lot of energy and waste.

Why not windup computer power supplies?

Good tips for saving energy!

uncledad said...


Of course ideally it can be done. I could install and wind generator, solar panels, a couple of exercise generators, and provide my electric needs (backed up of course by a natural gas generator). But the cost and commitment is prohibitive. Most people would prefer to just pay the power company. So it would be nice if the power company started to behave.