Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Financial Fizzle


I'm not much of an investor, certainly not like Happy of DC, but there is a remarkable financial roller-coaster going on right now.

Said to be the product of a glich in the market machine holding sell orders to long then dumping them all at once, set off a chain reaction of selling that still has the market jittering along today.

Personally I pulled my money out on Monday ($2500) before the chaos took over, (told ya I'm not much on stocks).

So what lesson can be learned here? #1- when Den pulls his funds, so does the rest of the world!

So who is peeking in my windows here? Someone in the NSA or DHS that was listening in to my conversation with my ex-broker and spread the word of impending doom and spread it throughout the land. When Den speaks, everybody listens.

I suppose that would explain it but it is a complex system that defies definitions of movements and their causes within the market. All the more reason to leave it alone and save your mason jars, (do they even make such a thing anymore?) and buy a shovel.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Waiting For the Other Shoe

What do you suppose the Weenie-in-chief is up to now?

He sends Chainy around the world to hasten his departure from the planet, almost made it too.
Suicide bomber sent him scurrying to a bunker in Afghanistan, up to 24 were killed or injured in the blast, maybe he needs to go bird hunting.

More misery worldwide as the disastrous regime of GWB continues unabated. The only hope left is the Libby trial jury findings. Maybe the VP can get his comupence then and end this miserable stinking sewage pile of an Administration before it decides to start killing even more in the name of the almighty oil dollar. Their audacity and deliberate, willful misconduct is unprecedented in American history. The founding fathers never thought that this degree of crook could inhabit the highest office in the land and there are not many provisions in the Constitution to handle this type of crisis.

I'm waiting for the hero to ride up and save us from their despicable, psychological torture program intended to fatten their wallets with ill-gotten gains. I will be waiting a loooooooong time I think, but there is always hope and faith and I am not ready to give up just yet.

Monday, February 26, 2007


Director Davis Guggenheim (L), former Vice President Al Gore and singer Melissa Etheridge celebrate their film 'An Inconvenient Truth' winning the Oscar for Best Documentary Feature at the 79th Annual Academy Awards Governors

The verdict is in and so is Global Warming. Finally recognized as a forewarning of things to come,' An Inconvenient Truth' shows the dangers ahead for our planet if we do not change our ways.

Congratulations to all involved in it's production, the message is out, Global Warming is here and here to stay.


Sunday, February 25, 2007

AVAST! Ye Matey's!

Pirates seize UN ship off Somalia
Map of Somalia showing Puntland
Pirates are reported to have hijacked a UN-chartered cargo ship delivering food aid to north-eastern Somalia.

The ship, the MV Rozen, had just delivered a cargo to Somalia's Puntland region when the pirates struck, a World Food Programme official said.

There have been no reports of demands from the pirates and it is not known if any of the 12 crew have been injured.

Piracy has become rampant off the coast of Somalia, which has had no stable central government for years.

A World Food Programme spokeswoman, Stephanie Savariaud, said there were deep concerns for the safety of the crew.

"We know it has been hijacked by pirates but we do not know how many pirates there are," she said.

Ms Savariaud said the Rozen had delivered 1,800 tonnes of food aid to the semi-autonomous Puntland region of Somalia and was returning to its home port of Mombasa in Kenya.

From BBC News

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Friday, February 23, 2007

Don Williams Last Column

The editors declined to publish this last column. It is available, however, at , where lots of writers converge, , where you may hear podcasts, and at . If you’d like to write a letter to the editor, see instructions at the end of this. Or contact me at . The column is no longer available at . The main number at the News-Sentinel is 865-523-3131.

My Last Column in the News-Sentinel

by Don Williams

Dear Reader,

Barring a change of heart on someone else’s part, this is my last column for the Knoxville News-Sentinel. Here’s what I know about the reasons why. On Monday, Editor Jack McElroy informed me he would be cutting my column to once every other week. On Tuesday I let him know I could not go along. It would mean letting too many people down, and waiting for the other shoe to drop, along with readership, would compromise my independence. So ends a 21-year association.

I won’t defend my record. Fan mail, awards and readership polls speak for themselves. My column draws more readers than most, as I can prove. This isn’t about quality or popularity.

Jack said he was trimming my sails because I don’t write enough on local issues. Some readers might remember this notion came up in 2004, after I wrote a series of columns opposed to the re-selection of George W. Bush, whom this paper endorsed. Shortly afterward, Jack asked me to begin writing about local issues.

In a widely read column that ran Feb. 4, 2005, I tried to put a smiley face on this development. Naively, I didn’t regard it as an attempt to “muzzle” me. I promised readers that, “should the time come that I can no longer go along with Jack’s request, I’ll recognize it and act according to my conscience.”

I believed then that going along would be easy. Most local issues worth writing about are tied to Washington. Our quality of air and water, the well-being of our soldiers and veterans, the role of Oak Ridge and TVA in nuclear weapons technology, healthcare of the disadvantaged, rights of people with alternative lifestyles, integrity of our elections, separation of church and state, health of public lands and much more around here are affected by national policies. I’ve tried to cite such local angles in about three-fourths of my articles since 2005. Even when I didn’t say so explicitly, I believe these issues were implicit, especially in columns my critics write off as “Bush bashing.”

Those are at the heart of my predicament, I believe. In 2001, months before 9/11, as Bush was rolling back environmental regulations, holding secret meetings with energy, religious and military strategists, busily appointing foxes to guard all the henhouses where treasured eggs are stored, I thought it should be obvious to anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear that George W. Bush was a disaster for our world, our country, our communities. As I’ve written in several columns over the years, had Bush set out with a goal of destroying the world, he could hardly have done worse than he’s done. Sadly, history bears me out.

Name an issue I’ve been very wrong on. Name a prediction I didn’t nail since 2001. The list of things I got right is a long one, and I’ll put my record up against any columnist in the country, liberal or conservative. Loss of civil liberties, outright torture, electoral malfeasance, war-profiteering, use of depleted uranium, banned weapons, strip-mining, species decline, media manipulation, broken treaties, soaring deficits, efforts to hide the truth about global warming, Dick Cheney’s many conflicts of interest, and the sad decline of our nation’s reputation have been borne out by clouds of witnesses.

To downplay such disasters the way most media do is akin to complicity in the Holocaust, for the destruction of this good earth is an ongoing holocaust in which millions of people and fellow creatures suffer and die. History proves the silence of good people makes a culture complicit in its own destruction. So I leave you with a question that courageous women and men from ages past have asked:

What then must we do?

To obscure America's fingerprint on global warming, the death of maybe a million people in the Middle East, the creation of millions of refugees, the maiming of millions more, the possibility of a trumped up war with Iran, is simply wrong. I won’t be a party to it. I often wonder how Bush apologists sleep at night. That’s a problem I’ll never have.

In keeping with the promise I made in that Feb. 4, 2005, column, I’m ending my News-Sentinel career rather than “go along” this time around. Pardon me if I don’t get all teary-eyed. This is not a time for making nice, it’s a time for taking stands. I’ll sail my opinion out on the Internet. I’ll write for other publications. I’ll finish books. If you’d like to come along for the ride, get in touch.

Finally, I’ve loved writing a weekly column these 21 years, mostly from home the past 11, and I’m letting go with no bitterness and little regret. Rather, I feel the way I’ve come to feel when my name’s held up to ridicule on the Letters Page. Why, looky here, Mama, I made the honor roll.


Don Williams is a prize-winning columnist and the founding editor and publisher of New Millennium Writings, an annual anthology of literary writing. His awards include a National

Endowment for the Humanities Michigan Journalism Fellowship, a Golden Presscard Award and the Malcolm Law Journalism Prize. He is finishing a novel, “Red State Blues,” set in his native Tennessee and Iraq. His book of selected journalism, “Heroes, Sheroes and Zeroes, the Best Writings About People” by Don Williams, is now available for ordering. For more information, email him at Or visit the NMW website at

To write a letter to the editor follow these guidelines, which appear on the Letters Page:

* Letters must contain your street address and phone numbers, and if you have an online signature that would help, if emailing.

* Must be original material, or all sources cited.

* No more than 200 words.

* Mail to:

Letters to the Editor


PO Box 59038

Knoxville, TN 37950

* Email:

Note: It's been my experience the NS does not typically run letters that have been copied to me, as I've been CC’d several others that never ran. Either way, I appreciate your support.

Thanks for reading. My editors' email addresses are,,, and They've been having trouble receiving emails, however, so it may take several efforts should you try to reach them that way.

All my best,


Thursday, February 22, 2007

Not So Evil Weed

New Study Shows Medical Value of Marijuana

By Rob Kampia, AlterNet
Posted on February 22, 2007, Printed on February 22, 2007

Ever since California and other states began passing medical marijuana laws in 1996, the federal government has claimed that -- as a 2003 White House press release put it -- "research has not demonstrated that smoked marijuana is safe and effective medicine." A new study, just published in the journal Neurology, definitively refutes that claim and underlines the urgent need for the federal government to change its prohibitionist policies.

The study, conducted by Dr. Donald Abrams of the University of California at San Francisco, found marijuana to be safe and effective at treating peripheral neuropathy, which causes great suffering to HIV/AIDS patients. This type of extreme pain, which is caused by damage to the nerves, can make patients feel like their feet and hands are on fire, or being stabbed with a knife. Similar pain is seen in a number of other illnesses, including multiple sclerosis and diabetes, and cannot be treated effectively with conventional pain medications. Standard pain medicines -- even addictive, dangerous narcotics -- have little effect on this type of pain.

Marijuana doesn't cure neuropathy, but in the UCSF study marijuana was clearly shown to give relief. In this randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial (the design that's considered the "gold standard" of medical research), a majority of patients had a greater than 30 percent reduction in pain after smoking marijuana. For many, that level of relief means having a bearable quality of life.

This result is all the more remarkable because researchers like Abrams are only allowed to test government-supplied marijuana, which is of notoriously poor quality. There's every reason to believe the results would be even better if scientists were permitted to study a better-quality product.

Abrams' study is only the latest in a growing mountain of research showing that medical marijuana can provide real -- and potentially even life-saving -- benefits. In a study published last year of patients being treated for the hepatitis C virus (HCV), those who used marijuana to curb the nausea and other noxious side effects of anti-HCV drugs were significantly more likely to complete their treatment. As a result, the marijuana-using patients were three times more likely to clear the deadly virus from their bodies -- in other words, to be cured -- than those not using marijuana.

Clearly, the White House and its drug czar, John Walters, should abandon their rigid, unscientific rejection of medical marijuana and start reshaping federal policy to match medical reality.

Unfortunately, this is unlikely; what's more likely is that the Bush administration will ignore the scientific data during its last two years in power, just as it has for the past six years.

That puts the ball in Congress's court. There are a number of actions Congress can take to put federal medical marijuana policy on a path toward sanity.

The first, and simplest, is to prohibit the Drug Enforcement Administration from spending money to raid and arrest medical marijuana patients and caregivers in the 11 states where the medical use of marijuana is legal under state law. This taxpayer-friendly act would remove the cloud of fear that now hangs over tens of thousands of desperately ill Americans and those who care for them.

But that should be just the beginning. Everything about federal medical marijuana policy should be reconsidered. That includes the arbitrary rules that needlessly hamper research, as well as the absurd law that classifies cocaine and methamphetamine as having more medical value than marijuana, which is grouped with heroin and LSD as having "no currently accepted medical use."

The guiding principle must be to handle medical marijuana as science, common sense, and simple human decency dictate. Recent research leaves no doubt that our government's war on the sick and dying must end immediately.


Wednesday, February 21, 2007

They have It and We Want It!

No, it's not paradise silly! We have that already, it's called Hawaii.

I was talking about the Mid-East oil grab. The top countries with the most oil underfoot are; Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Iran, in that order.

The Bush administration likes everyone to think that terrorism and fighting them over there so we don't have to here is the whole story. Well hold onto you bloomers there Gertie, have I got a surprise for you! It's the black goo buried under the sand is what we are after over there. Terrorists to them are like flys buzzing around the oilmens' heads, not any real concern at all.

When is the last time you heard of OPEC raising oil prices? Times up! The very notion that a bunch of camel jockeys can hold the US hostage is intolerable to the big oil companies, thats their job to hold us hostage and force us to keep Fat Bastards' Exxon retirement checks coming in. Bow down to the Oil God and fill up your gas-pig SUV or else!

So it goes, one oil rich country damn near conquered and one to go, whats a few dead bodies when enormous profits are possible?

We should have seen it coming long ago, now it is too late, the game is well underway.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Asteroid Sends UN Into Frenzy

Asteroid collision course sends UN into frenzy
By Alex Zaharov-Reutt

The possibility that an asteroid will strike the Earth on Sunday, April 13 2036 has reverberated across the globe, with the world’s citizens wondering what anyone is doing about it with the UN at least two years away from version 1 of an anti asteroid plan.
Is an asteroid really coming to hit the Earth and cause an ‘extinction level event’, similar to that which wiped out the dinosaurs? Scientists say it just might happen, with an Asteroid called Apophis having a 1 in 45,000 chance of impact.

Given that’s considerably smaller than a 1 in a million chance of happening, the UN is worried enough that it will begin planning on how Earth will deal with an oncoming asteroid.

While conventional wisdom is to blow it up with nuclear weapons, as Bruce Willis did in the movie ‘Armageddon’, scientists say this could backfire by splitting the asteroid up into smaller pieces, most of which are still on a collision course with our small blue planet.

One of the current plans is to send out a spacecraft to intercept the asteroid, and then use the spacecraft’s gravitational pull to shift the asteroid’s course – just as a small tug boat can pull an aircraft carrier.

Thankfully, there’s still plenty of time for us to truly get prepared for the arrival of Apophis, with the potential of plenty of advancement in spaceflight technologies. Were the asteroid arriving next week, our options would be much more limited.

Still, it’s thanks to modern technology that the world’s scientists have been able to scan the sky and look for asteroids that could easily end the world as we know it. Let’s hope this genuine asteroid scare unifies humanity in accelerating spaceflight technologies, not only so we can protect ourselves from cataclysmic asteroids impacts, but colonize the moon, our solar system, our galaxy and beyond as it would seem we were meant to do.

After all, there are so many resources up there that are just waiting for us to use. While we’re in no danger of running out immediately of any of the resources we take for granted, despite the recent oil shocks and rises in commodity prices, our own solar system is a rich treasure trove of all the resources and even living space that we could possibly want for the foreseeable future.

If a possible asteroid impact dramatically speeds up the development of the required technology, turning science fiction into science reality, we’ll all be better off – and who doesn’t want that?


Monday, February 19, 2007

US electromagnetic weapons and human rights

Global Research, February 15, 2007

February 13, 2007 18:45 | by Peter Phillips, Lew Brown and Bridget Thornton

Project Censored releases a new study on the history of US intelligence community human rights violations and continuing research in electromagnetic weapons

This research explores the current capabilities of the US military to use electromagnetic (EMF) devices to harass, intimidate, and kill individuals and the continuing possibilities of violations of human rights by the testing and deployment of these weapons. To establish historical precedent in the US for such acts, we document long-term human rights and freedom of thought violations by US military/intelligence organizations. Additionally, we explore contemporary evidence of on-going government research in EMF weapons technologies and examine the potentialities of continuing human rights abuses.

In the 1950s and 60s the CIA began work to find means for influencing human cognition, emotion and behaviour. Through the use of the psychological understanding of the human being as a social animal and the ability to manipulate a subject's environment through isolation, drugs and hypnosis, US funded scientists have long searched for better means of controlling human behaviour. This research has included the use of wireless directed electromagnetic energy under the heading of "Information Warfare" and "Non Lethal Weapons." New technological capabilities have been developed in black budget projects (government funded projects that are classified/secret to Congress and the American people) over the last few decades- including the ability to influence human emotion, disrupt thought, and present excruciating pain through the manipulation of magnetic fields. The US military and intelligence agencies have at their disposal frightful new weapons, weapons that have likely already been covertly used and/or tested on humans, both here and abroad, and which could be directed against the public in the event of mass protests or civil disturbance.

Human Rights belong to people collectively. To believe in rights for some and not others is a denial of the humanness of people worldwide. Yet, denial is exactly what Congress and George W. Bush did with the signing of the Military Commission Act of 2006. The new official US policy is that torture and suspension of due process are acceptable for anyone the president deems to be a terrorist or supporter. This act is the overt denial of the inalienable rights of human beings propagated in our Declaration of Independence and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. More so, US actions declared to the world that the US suspends human rights for those it believes are evil.

The precious words, "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness," did not declare that only some men (and women) possess unalienable rights. Our independence was founded on the understanding that all men and women are recognized by this nation as having innate rights derived by their humanity.

Likewise, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, created by the United Nations in 1948, signed and ratified by the US Congress, specifies in its preamble that "recognition of the inherent dignity and of the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world."

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights has been a guide for international law for most of six decades, and as such binds the United States to its general principles. Article 10 states that "everyone is entitled to full equality, to a fair and public hearing by an independent and impartial tribunal, in the determination of his rights and obligations and of any criminal charge against him," and Article 5 specifically prohibits torture or cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment. Both of these basic human rights have been superceded by the passage the of Military Commissions Act of 2006.

Additionally, the Universal Declaration of Human rights declares that everyone has the right to freedom of thought and freedom of expression and opinion. This means that humans have the inalienable right to be able to freely think their own thoughts and discover their own truths. This paper addresses this most fundamental human right and explores the pending threats to individual freedom of thought posed by new EMF weapons technologies.

Freedom of thought or cognitive liberty is the natural human right of each person to be secure in their ability to perceive the world to the best of their ability. To have true cognitive liberty in a world as complex as ours would mean that first we must have access to truthful and unbiased information about the actions of others and the general state of the world.
The Center for Cognitive Liberty defines this as "the right of each individual to think independently and autonomously, to use the full spectrum of his or her mind, and to engage in multiple modes of thought."[2] Without accurate representations we cannot make independently informed choices. It is imperative that the human body and mind be considered sacrosanct. To invade a person's body without their consent is an egregious human rights crime.

The circumstance may soon arrive in which anti-war or human rights protesters suddenly feel a burning sensation akin to touching a hot skillet over their entire body. Simultaneously they may hear terrifying nauseating screaming, which while not produced externally, fills their brains with overwhelming disruption. Not only are both phenomena currently possible, but designs for more powerful EMF technologies receive continuous funding from the US Government.

For the US Government to unilaterally declare that our country will not comply with international human rights laws, nor uphold the core values of our nation's foundation is an indication of extremism that supersedes the values and beliefs of the American people. When such extremism exists we need to take seriously the founders' declaration that, " to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, - That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness." (Declaration of Independence 1776)

Peter Phillips, Lew Brown and Bridget Thornton supplied this introduction to their study "US Electromagnetic Weapons and Human Rights"


Sunday, February 18, 2007

Don Williams

Williams: It's up to us; do what you can


"Don't count on the Democrats to save you," my friend said as I stepped outside for a leisurely five-miler. He was standing in my driveway in makeshift running gear, and I stifled a laugh. Last time I saw him he had a beer in one hand, a cigarette in the other and could've stood to lose 30 pounds. He still could.

"What are you doing out so early?"

"Saving my life," he said. "I decided it's up to me."

"OK, I'll go easy on you."

"Don't expect me to return the favor." He was peeved.

"What do you mean?"

"Face it, man, you've lost your edge. All that blather in your last column about the Democrats and the environment and how they're stopping the war. A butterfly flaps its wings, and 2007 is better already. Give me a break, dude, the world's in trouble."

"I forgot how you love that doom and gloom stuff," I joked as we began jogging.

"That's not it. It's just that you're spreading false hope. Didn't you tell me that, when you're stuck for an idea, you just write down the single truest thing you know?"

"Well, I try. It was good enough for Papa Hemingway. But now that you bring it up, what's the truest thing YOU know?"

"I told you already," he gasped. "Don't count on the Democrats to save us."

"Why not? They're debating the war, the environment, 9/11 security recommendations ."

"That's last year's news, dude. It's like the neocons brag. While we're debating the last thing they did, they'll do something new, and we'll debate that, too. Give the devils their due; they're always a step ahead of us."

"So what's their next move?"

"They're going to bomb Iran. Bush has a big carrier group in the Persian Gulf and two more on the way. Every day his people beat the drums about Iran's new weapons and how they're killing Americans, without offering a shred of verifiable evidence. Big media reports this. Meanwhile, Democrats debate 'the surge' and nonbonding resolutions. They're paper tigers."

"Well, at least they're debating, for a change."

"Listen. Unless they cut off funds for this war AND the next. Unless they're ready to impeach Bush AND Cheney for shooting holes in the Constitution and breaking a dozen treaties and lying us into a war that's making many of their friends and relatives rich, this world's had it. Nukes, World War III, global warming, you name it. We're heading over a cliff, my friend. You used to warn people. I saw it on the Internet."

"Lighten up," I said. "It's like I wrote last week, Bush has lost Congress, and at least the Democrats have taken their foot off the accelerator."

"They ain't the ones drivin'." He started coughing, one hand held aloft, so I stopped running until he could talk again. Finally he gasped, "I wrote something down for you, something that old guy with the funny name said."

"Oh, that narrows it down."

"You know, it was on C-Span. He's written books, helped set the policy that got the Soviets kicked out of Afghanistan, a real heavyweight." He pulled a scrap of paper from his shorts. "Here it is. Zbigniew Brzezinski told this to the, uh, Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Feb. 1. He called the war in Iraq 'a historic, strategic, and moral calamity driven by Manichean impulses and imperial hubris.' Not sure what that means, but it sounds bad to me.

"Then he said the war was 'undermining America's global legitimacy' and that 'the final destination on this downhill track is likely to be a head-on conflict with Iran and with much of the world of Islam. Some provocation in Iraq or a terrorist act in the U.S., blamed on Iran will plunge a lonely America into a spreading and deepening quagmire eventually ranging across Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan.'

"That means World War III, if you ask me, and Congress ain't gonna stop this unless we all raise Cain. If Walter Cronkite was still around, you'd know this already. It's like that woman who died of breast cancer said - you know, Molly Ivins. Just before she died, she wrote, 'It's up you and me, Bubba.' Do what you can."

Don Williams is the founding editor of New Millennium Writings. You may write to him at P.O. Box 2463, Knoxville, TN 37901, e-mail him at or phone him at 865-428-0389.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Ghost Town

Photo "Ghost Town" by Fred Miranda

The wind blew gently upon the dry grass, a small lizard scurried past the long abandoned wagon.

It was twilight in the town called Sundown. Somewhere a coyote called for its mate. The town was quiet now. Once, it had been a thriving community with merchants, saloons, and a livery stable. Children would play with barrel rings like giant hollow wheels they would roll them, wobbling and true through the streets. People would gather in the saloons on Saturday night and the survivors would attend the only church in town on Sunday.

Life was simple then, the copper mine employed three hundred and many more were there to market their wares and services. Early in the morning the steam whistle would signal the first shift and the day would begin. Like so many days before it would start the heart of the town beating and would continue till after dark when the quiet would return as the town slept.

The town sleeps all the time now, laid to rest with the closing of the mine. Gradually the people moved away, and eventually everyone was gone. Once thriving, change had come to this town that was reflected in it's name, Sundown.


Thursday, February 15, 2007

Friday Funnies

Like a Roadrunner cartoon, prezident coyote miscalculated once again.........THUD!!!


BIG Al Enters Politics

Picture Deleted Due to Nausea Urge!

Al Franken Enters Minnesota Senate Race

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

(02-14) 15:21 PST MINNEAPOLIS, (AP) --

Al Franken announced Wednesday that he will run for the Senate in 2008, making it clear that the comedian and author of "Rush Limbaugh Is A Big Fat Idiot" wants to be taken seriously as a political figure.

Franken said he would seek the Democratic nomination to challenge Republican incumbent Norm Coleman and immediately acknowledged the doubts voters may have about electing a former "Saturday Night Live" performer.

"Minnesotans have a right to be skeptical about whether I'm ready for this challenge, and to wonder how seriously I would take the responsibility that I'm asking you to give me," Franken said in a video on his Web site.

"I want you to know: Nothing means more to me than making government work better for the working families of this state, and over the next 20 months, I look forward to proving to you that I take these issues seriously," he said.

Franken's announcement came on the final day of his show on the liberal radio network Air America. His decision instantly makes him a serious contender and brings national attention to the race.

Franken had been considering a run since 2003. He said several weeks ago that he would leave Air America and privately told prominent Democrats about his plans to seek office.

His name is well-known, and Franken is likely to be well-funded, but he's expected to be challenged by several other Democrats, including wealthy trial attorney Mike Ciresi. Franken said he would abandon his campaign if Democratic activists decide to support another candidate in the primary.

The race will be important to Democratic efforts to retain the slim Senate majority they secured last year.

His candidacy will also test whether Minnesotans are in the mood for another celebrity-turned-politician, after the 1999-2003 governorship of former pro wrestler Jesse Ventura. Ventura's fame and occasionally outrageous behavior regularly brought national attention to the state but wore on the patience of many Minnesotans.

Stephen Hess, a professor of political science at George Washington University, said Franken's bid is serious. "He's not doing this as some folks have done it to give them better gigs on the Borscht circuit."

Coleman is viewed as vulnerable because of a Democratic resurgence in Minnesota and President Bush's unpopularity. But his proven skills as a campaigner and fundraiser make him a formidable opponent.

State GOP Chairman Ron Carey suggested Franken moved back to Minnesota when he smelled opportunity and will have a tough time connecting with voters.

Franken is "going to have to explain to Minnesota how he represents his values when spent he pretty much all of his adult life in New York and Hollywood," Carey said.

Franken said he supports universal health care, greater efforts to find alternative energy sources, and stronger congressional oversight of the executive branch.

Franken, 55, was born in New York City but grew up in the Minneapolis suburb of St. Louis Park. He graduated from Harvard University in 1973, and in 1975 joined the writing staff of "Saturday Night Live" during its first season. He soon began appearing in sketches and remained a fixture on the show well into the 1990s.

In 1996, Franken took his career in a political direction when he wrote "Rush Limbaugh Is A Big Fat Idiot and Other Observations," a broadside against the conservative radio host and other figures on the right. He's since published several other books critical of Republicans.

In his latest book, "The Truth (with jokes)," Franken criticized Coleman for his leadership of the Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, saying Coleman had not held a single hearing on Iraq war corruption.

Franken planned to make his first public appearance as a candidate Thursday at a Minneapolis clinic.


On the Net:

Al Franken's Web site:

Well maybe he has a chance against the carpetbagger Norm Coleman being a Minnesota raised candidate. Norm showed up out of nowhere after Paul Wellstone met his demise in a suspicious plane crash, co-incidence? I think not.

Time for Norm to go back to wherever he came from, (Bush shillville).

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentines Day!!

Valentines Day greetings to all the 'Chicks' here on DWF, I love you all!!!

From Holiday

"No one is quite sure exactly who Valentine was. There are at least three and possible eight different Valentines claimed to be the real romantic. The three most likely Valentines were all church martyrs. One was killed with a group of believers and the other two, a priest of Rome and a Bishop of Interamna, beheaded by Emperor Claudius II in 269 A.D. The remains of one of the Valentines is said to be in the church of St. Praxedes in Rome."

"There are several legends regarding Valentine. He was said to have been imprisoned and while there, cured the jailer's daughter from blindness. Yet another story has him falling in love with the jailer's daughter sending her a letter signed "from your Valentine." However the most likely origin of Valentine's day goes back to the Roman Lupercalia, a feast celebrating the God Lupercus. During that feast, young women would put their names into a box from which young men would draw. This matchmaking process would then enamor the two youth until the next year. Associating the matchmaking feast with the martyrdom of Valentine was convenient because the days were almost identical."

"Sending love notes on Valentines Day occurred much later. Charles Duc d' Orleans, while imprisoned in the Tower of London, supposedly wrote amorous poems and letters to his wife in 1415. Valentine love notes gradually increased in popularity until their mechanization in 1840. Since 1840, Valentine Cards have become tremendously popular all over the world."

And this from American

The roots of St. Valentine's Day lie in the ancient Roman festival of Lupercalia, which was celebrated on Feb. 15. For 800 years the Romans had dedicated this day to the god Lupercus. On Lupercalia, a young man would draw the name of a young woman in a lottery and would then keep the woman as a sexual companion for the year.

Pope Gelasius I was, understandably, less than thrilled with this custom. So he changed the lottery to have both young men and women draw the names of saints whom they would then emulate for the year (a change that no doubt disappointed a few young men). Instead of Lupercus, the patron of the feast became Valentine. For Roman men, the day continued to be an occasion to seek the affections of women, and it became a tradition to give out handwritten messages of admiration that included Valentine's name.

There was also a conventional belief in Europe during the Middle Ages that birds chose their partners in the middle of February. Thus the day was dedicated to love, and people observed it by writing love letters and sending small gifts to their beloved. Legend has it that Charles, duke of Orleans, sent the first real Valentine card to his wife in 1415, when he was imprisoned in the Tower of London. (He, however, was not beheaded, and died a half-century later of old age.)

So there you have it, two versions of the real story behind Valentines day.

I hope you all have a favorite person to exchange greetings with and be extra special nice to today.



Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Ron Paul

Congress Racing to Spend
$1 Trillion on Iraq
by Rep. Ron Paul

Two weeks ago I discussed how Congress and the administration use our fiat money system to literally create some of the funds needed to prosecute our ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. We've already spent more than $500 billion in Iraq, mostly through supplemental spending bills that are not part of the normal appropriations and budget process. But with costs soaring and no end to the war in sight, yet another supplemental spending bill must be passed soon – and both parties in Congress are only too willing to provide the money under the guise of supporting the troops.

Never mind that the American people showed their dissatisfaction with the war in the fall elections. Congress lacks the political will to stand up to the administration and assert its power over the purse strings, and too many vested interests in the defense sector benefit from the supplemental bills. A cynic might even suggest that many Democrats want the war to drag on, despite their supposed opposition, to damage the president politically and benefit them in 2008. But whatever the reason, the money for war keeps flowing.

Defense Department officials will ask Congress for the next supplemental bill in coming weeks. The amount requested is likely to be at least $140 billion. If we stay in Iraq beyond 2007 – and the administration has made it clear that we will – the bill to American taxpayers easily could top one trillion dollars in another year or two.

I doubt very seriously that most Americans think the war in Iraq is worth one trillion dollars. Even those who do must face the reality that the federal government simply doesn't have the money. Congress continues to spend more than the Treasury raises in taxes year after year, by borrowing money abroad or simply printing it. Paying for war with credit is reckless and stupid, but paying for war by depreciating our currency is criminal.

Even the most modest suggestions for controlling spending in Iraq have been rejected. Some in Congress argued that reconstruction money should be paid back when Iraq's huge oil reserves resume operation. Another idea was to find dollar-for-dollar offsets in the rest of the federal budget for every dollar spent in Iraq. But the administration adamantly opposed both ideas. Budget cuts are unpopular, and the profits from Iraqi oil will never compensate American taxpayers.

The mentality in Washington is simple: avoid hard choices at all costs; spend money at will; ignore deficits; inflate the money supply as needed; and trust that the whole mess somehow will be taken care of by unprecedented economic growth in the future.

We have embarked on the most expensive nation-building experiment in history. We seek nothing less than to rebuild Iraq's judicial system, financial system, legal system, transportation system, and political system from the top down – all with hundreds of billion of U.S. tax dollars. We will pay to provide job training for Iraqis; we will pay to secure Iraq's borders; we will pay for housing, health care, social services, utilities, roads, schools, jails, and food in Iraq. In doing so, we will saddle future generations of Americans with billions in government debt. The question of whether Iraq is worth this much to us is one Congress should answer now – by refusing another nickel for supplemental spending bills.

Monday, February 12, 2007

This and That Monday

Two big winners in the Grammy awards, Mary J Blige and the Dixie Chicks last night.

Mary comes from a poor Bronx background and has overcome enormous odds to form a most promising musical career.

The Dixie Chicks had the guts to stand up and voice their opinion about a war that would later be found to be very founded in reality.

The previous story has been removed due to authentication issues.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Don Williams

Iraqi WMD

February 9, 2007

It was early morning, and I was meditating on notions of things that don't change when my ringing phone rudely interrupted. "Turn on the TV," a familiar voice said to my answering machine. "There's a big fire in Knoxville."

Moving to the room where our one-eyed wizard sits enthroned, I picked up the remote and saw that Knoxville was changing in front of my eyes. From lots of angles, it will never look the same. Fire in the night destroyed big buildings in a historic area that soon, no doubt, will see new development. Like it or not, Knoxville is moving on.

So are we all; 2007 is busy casting off norms of the past. Consider:

  • Guess Who Came to the Super Bowl? Two head coaches of color, that's who. And guess who got a big monkey off his back, despite a deluge? I don't need to tell you.
  • It Came from Outer Space. Or did it? Whatever the source of that monstrous impulse that seized the mind and body of Lisa Nowak earlier this week, it set her on a 900-mile drive while bearing weapons and wearing a diaper, the kind worn upon re-entry from space. Maybe Nowak wore it in order to skip bathroom stops as she drove with mission-worthy zeal to confront a rival for the affections of another astronaut.

    Commentators suggest Nowak's stay at the International Space Station last summer had affected her emotionally or mentally. Others suggested the breakup of her marriage was to blame or else that she was haunted still by the deaths of comrades in the Columbia Space Shuttle disaster. Given the nature of this love triangle among decorated high-flyers - two of them astronauts - many of us will never see space flight the same. Humanity is bound for the stars, and it'll take its passions along with it, for better or worse. An aura of sterility has been stripped away. NASA is human, after all.

  • Congress is sounding downright humane for a change - and more gender-balanced. Maybe there's a connection. For once, I actually heard a speaker of the House - her name is Nancy Pelosi, in case you missed it - say out loud that we must save other species that share this rapidly changing planet. Pelosi offered to work with President Bush for a cleaner world, but she made it clear Congress will not wait on his leadership to act. How encouraging.
  • Meanwhile, a woman leads in the race to win the Democratic nomination for president, and a candidate of color appears to have a serious chance as well. Should Hillary Rodham Clinton, Barack Hussein Obama or most any other Democrat become president in 2009, a Democratic Congress would have a sympathetic partner on a range of issues.
  • Already Congress is investigating corruption endemic to defense spending. Already it's asking what happened to billions of dollars unaccounted for in Iraq. Representatives are busy otherwise as well. Raising the minimum wage, debating the repeal of tax breaks for oil companies, cutting funds for the president's future war plans, increasing national security at our ports and borders, re-examining plans to build more nukes. In short, the heavy foot of destructive policies is lifting a bit from the accelerator. We're approaching the cliff more slowly, at least.
  • Many are amused and heartened by the recent spectacle of the state judiciary turning Knox County on its head. The judges gave a good hard shake to dislodge the high sheriff and some county commissioners from their lip lock on the milk cow of public funds. The people's will suddenly pertains in Knox County, thanks to Gary Wade and his fellow justices. The usual suspects still clutter the background of local politics, but manifestly something big happened here the past few weeks.
  • Not as cosmic as the sea change regarding global warming, however. Just last week the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change reported what's been obvious to Al Gore and many others for decades. Global warming is real, and the consensus among scientists who do the actual hands-on studies and computer modeling is that human beings burning fossil fuels cause most of it. Yes, it would've been nice had we taken off our blinders 30 years ago. Sane conservation measures might've allowed us to avoid 9/11, the war in Iraq and the drowning of New Orleans. Still, a butterfly flaps its wings - better late than never.

    Don Williams is the founding editor of New Millennium Writings. You may write to him at P.O. Box 2463, Knoxville, TN 37901, e-mail him at or phone him at 865-428-0389.

  • Saturday, February 10, 2007

    Concentration Camps in the U.S.

    All Things Considered, February 9, 2007 · A change in immigration policy now allows families who are in the U.S. illegally to be detained. Last summer, Immigration and Customs Enforcement began holding entire families, including small children, at a converted prison outside of Austin, Texas.

    Officials say that before the facility opened, illegal immigrants with children were often released with a notice to appear before an immigration judge. But the immigrants rarely made their court dates.

    Greg Mead, director of the Hutto Family Residential Facility, says the facility is crucial to make sure these illegal immigrants don't disappear.

    But the facility, a converted high-security prison, is coming under increased criticism. Attorneys for the detainees, many of whom are seeking political asylum, say it is abhorrent that small children, including babies, are being incarcerated.

    The Hutto facility currently holds 375 people, more than 200 of them children; its maximum capacity is listed at 512 people. Everyone, from adults to children to infants, wears uniforms of either blue or green.

    Today, for the first time, the federal government allowed reporters to tour the facility. The journalists were not allowed to speak to the families being held there, however — a policy that officials said was meant to protect their privacy.


    What is happening here? Have we lost our moral compass entirely?

    Herding people into 'holding pens' like cattle while the INS figures out who can stay and who gets deported is Nazi-esque behavior from an increasingly vicious, corrupt and downright mean Federal Government.

    Soon the KBR 'holding pens' will be available allowing the capture and incarceration of entire families to be expanded even further. Concentration Camps in the USA has become a real, not just imagined reality.

    Slowly, deliberately this country is being taken over by fascists intent on dominance and control of its' people. Gonzo's Goon Squads are out and about, rounding up 'illegal aliens' and holding them indefinitely.

    Who is safe from this American Gestapo?

    Friday, February 09, 2007

    Thursday, February 08, 2007

    Cuffed, Stuffed and Lampooned

    Hi all!

    Got over yesterdays funk somewhat and decided to do a POAC style post with links for some interesting stories.

    Bush souvenir sales slump in Crawford

    America, no longer the land of war.

    Someone else's opinion of the war.

    Norwegian moose.

    Oh what a highly paid web we weave.

    Wow, imagine a new way to learn everyday math.

    Just in case you have forgot about 9-11.

    Deadeye Dick does fireside chat.

    Wednesday, February 07, 2007

    Doug Thompsons' Rant

    Out of control and beyond reality


    Let’s face the sad truth. The United States of America is a nation out of control, spiraling downward at an alarming rate, controlled by a cabal of manipulative political hacks who put their own greed and lust for power above the best interests of a beleaguered country.

    At a hearing on Capitol Hill Tuesday, we learned the Federal Reserve, under orders from The White House, loaded 363 tons of cash — $4 billion - on palettes and shipped it by military cargo planes to Baghdad just before we turned control of the government over to a group of political leaders who are just as corrupt as the ruling classes here at home.

    Who, in their right mind, ships $4 billion in cash to a war zone? The same idiots who can’t account for at least $8 billion in funds already sent into Iraq for a so-called reconstruction effort that leaves most Iraqis without power, water or other amenities of life.

    The Associated Press reports today that the last four months of President George W. Bush’s illegal and immoral war have been the deadliest of the conflict, killing 334. Pentagon planners warn the President that his ill-conceived “troop surge” will cause a surge in American casualties that could lead to 10,000 dead by the end of 2008.

    In a courtroom in Alexandria, Virginia, a tawdry tale of media manipulation by a compulsively-obsessive Presidential administration unfolds through testimony in the perjury trial of former Vice Presidential Chief of Staff Lewis “Scooter” Libby.

    We’ve learned how the President and Vice President secretly declassified documents and leaked them selectively to the press to try and perpetuate their lies that were used to justify the invasion of Iraq. Yet this same administration tried to jail others who leaked information.

    On Capitol Hill, things aren’t any better. The Senate continues to debate whether or not to have a debate on a “nonbinding” resolution on Bush’s troop surge. And while they jawbone, more and more Americans die.

    So far, the mandate that American voters delivered at the polls in last November’s mid-term election has been ignored by politically-timid politicians on both sides of the aisle. The new Democratic leadership of Congress lacks the guts to do what must be done to stop a despotic President and return control of government to the people.

    If you look at the pitiful crop of Presidential wannabes from both parties you find the list dominated by eunuchs who lack the balls to deliver on what voters demanded last November.

    The leading candidates on both sides voted for the war and refuse to call for a swift end to the conflict. Sen. Barack Obama is the closet thing we have to an anti-war candidate in the top tier but his pop-culture appeal will fade in the long run because although we don’t like to admit it, America is still a racist nation dominated by white bread leaders.

    And just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse, the “news story” that dominated Tuesday’s headlines dealt not with Iraq, or Congress, or even the criminal actions of the Bush Administration.

    Nah. The top story centered on a lovesick astronaut who drove from Houston to Orlando to kidnap and possibly kill her rival for another astronaut’s affections.

    In fact, Lisa Marie Nowak, who has flown into orbit on the Space Shuttle, wore a diaper so she wouldn’t have to stop on the long drive.

    This highway leads to the shadowy tip of reality: you’re on a through route to the land of the different, the bizarre, the unexplainable…Go as far as you like on this road. Its limits are only those of mind itself. Ladies and Gentlemen, you’re entering the wondrous dimension of imagination. Next stop….The Twilight Zone.”*

    (*This opening to the TV series, The Twilight Zone, was written by Rod Serling for the final season but never used.)

    Reprinted from Capitol Hill Blue

    Tuesday, February 06, 2007

    Global Warming Again

    See I said don't get me started but noooooo, someone did it anyway, so here ya go, my rant.

    In the first place WE are NOT totally responsible for the global condition today, granted we have not helped the situation but this phenomenon is nothing new globally speaking.

    There has been an abundance of Solar activity such as flares and sunspots, mass coronal ejections etc. turning up the heat here on Earth. Protection from these blasts of heat is provided by our atmosphere and normally this would cause cyclical climate changes within normal limits. For complete solar information go HERE. There are links at the bottom of the page to other sites as well.

    The magnetic field is also involved, periodic shifts in polarity are reducing the capability of the Earths' magnetic field to repel Solar radiation. NASA has an excellent site which describes this HERE.

    Add in the daily Airline flights of 3000 per day in the US injecting pollutants in the form of soot and vapor actually make their own cloud formations, read HERE.

    Oh yea, I forgot the Rainforest's, a vital part of the planets' ecosystem is being consumed by humans also, read about it HERE.
    "Originally tropical rainforest's covered 15-18 million km2 of land surface, but by 1989 this area had been reduced by human activity to less than eight million km2. The total area remaining as tropical rainforest is even smaller now, as rainforest's are being removed at a rate of 100,000 to 200,000 km2 per year, with approximately the same area being greatly disturbed (Skole and Tucker, 1993; Katzman and Cale, 1990); some say, several times as much (Pimm, et al., 2001). Sponsel, Bailey and Headland (1996) estimate the deforestation rate as 142,000 km2 annually. Potter (1999) estimated that 13.7 million hectares are deforested annually in developing countries, equivalent to 137,000 square km, but down from 15.5 million hectares (155,000 km2) per year in the 1980's. Achard, et al., (2002) give figures of 5.8 million hectares (58,000 km2) annually, as well as 2.3 million hectares (23,000 km2) degraded in the humid tropics. Meadows, Meadows and Randers (1992) estimate that 17 million hectares (170,000 km2) per year of rainforest (2.1% of total area) were cut in 1990. The discrepancies and uncertainties are due to the fact that the main means of measuring deforestation - satellite imaging - is only approximate, and may underestimate the actual area cut."

    Now we have a brief summary of events causing global warming, some of which have absolutely nothing to do with human activity, but combined with human activity, threaten our very existence here on Earth.

    Can it be fixed? yes, before it is too late? no. We are not as permanent an occupant of the Earth as we believe ourselves to be. We are but temporary caretakers of it, fail to properly take care of it and we will be eliminated.

    We have not been the first occupants and won't be the last.

    Monday, February 05, 2007

    Monday Again

    Here it is Monday again and the onslaught of political nonsense continues unabated.

    Congress is finally getting their act together and talking to one another, huddled around a NON- Binding resolution against the Prez and his war on the Middle East. The NEI report paints a grim picture on cheerleader-boys' illegal war, calling it a 'civil war', surprise, surprise.

    Defense Secratary Gates sez we are fighting FOUR wars in Iraq, and I thought ONE was bad.

    This whole war debacle is dragging everyone into the dirt with the death and destruction happening daily, thanks cheerleader-boy.

    All the while Hillary gallivants around the country in a dance of political self promotion, kissing babies and stuff, John Edwards kisses up to AIPAC by addressing them personally and assuring them of his unfettered support.

    One has the sense that this is not getting better, like the frog in the frypan we get heated so gradually with the steaming pile of crap being produced by people with enough money to fix a lot of problems, but would rather cause more, we do not notice how bad stuff really is.

    What will our children get from all of this? What will anyone who is earning under $50K annual be able to do to save for the future? Are we all doomed to be homeless and wandering the streets just so some millionaire or billionaire can kiss some babies and get elected. Why do we tolerate such absurdity in the first place? Have we gone so far out on the limb that we can no longer see the tree?

    Monday forces us back to the unpleasant reality of war and politics and religion combining to further muddy the waters of our lives and drown us in its unending mental chaos.

    Don't even get me started on Global Warming.

    Sunday, February 04, 2007

    Don Williams

    Middle East: An Omelet Face Down on the Kitchen Floor

    by Don Williams

    Our president doesn’t see Iraq as a broken egg. No, he prefers to think of the egg as cracked, he said recently. At the risk of trivializing deadly serious issues--the egg is scrambled, at least. But then, our Mid-east policies generally are about as coherent as, say, our nuclear energy policies, our environmental policies or anything else touched by our current chefs. In other words, they aren't coherent at all. They’ve managed to make everyone in the Middle East mad at us.

    By putting Shiites in charge of Iraq, they angered Sunni majorities in most every other Mid-eastern country, including allies like Saudi Arabia. By shaking a big stick at Iraq’s neighbor, Iran, they’ve managed to alienate the Shiite majority there and inside Iraq.

    Face it: The current round of ethnic cleansing took off under our occupation. Deliberately or not, we did the heavy lifting for Iraqi Shiites when we laid siege to Fallujah and other Sunni strongholds the Shiites couldn’t touch. Even if you give Bush the benefit of assuming he wanted democracy in Iraq, the lack of a Plan B has been disastrous. Kurds want to break away, which makes nearby Turkey uneasy, while Shiites and Sunnis are slaughtering one another in Baghdad and elsewhere. The Shiites have the upper hand because we trained many of them in the army now controlled, sort of, by Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, and because of a huge Shiite population, including a militia, devoted to Iraqi cleric, Muqtada al-Sadr.

    Now our self-declared enemies in Iran—also under control of radical Shiites--seek to make common cause with Iraq. This is a cracked egg? Unh-unh, this is a broken omelet face down on the kitchen floor.

    To hear Chris Matthews, Pat Buchanan and several others talking Wednesday evening on MSNBC, Bush is poised to change the subject by bombing Iran. He’s stationed aircraft carriers and missile launchers in the Persian Gulf, placed a Navy man in charge of Central Command for Iraq and Afghanistan, appointed one Cheney protégé to represent us at the United Nations and another Cheney associate in charge of overall U.S. intelligence, while moving that old Iran-Contra player, John Negroponte, to the State Department, where he’s railing against Iran.

    Seymour Hersh and other journalists report we intend to massively bomb Iran--or else cover for Israelis while they do it--and wipe out nuclear facilities--even though experts say they're years away from getting a bomb and our attack will likely kill the Reform Movement in Iran.

    Buchanan said Wednesday he’s heard from military insiders that we plan to strike at least 600 targets in Iran, the only Mideast nation to hold large demonstrations on our behalf after 9/11, and one of a few oil-rich nations with a real potential for democracy, despite insane pronouncements against us and Israel by Iran's unpopular president. In response, you hear the drumbeat for war in nearly every speech Bush and Cheney give. US forces have prompted skirmishes with Iranians on at least two occasions in recent weeks. Watch for these to escalate.

    By fostering fear and a state-of-war mentality, we’ve done more damage to our own democracy than Saddam Hussein ever could. The argument Bush and others make that we must give up certain freedoms to defend ourselves against an ever-growing list of enemies becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Our own National Intelligence Estimate stated last fall that the war in Iraq has served as a recruiting tool for terrorists worldwide.

    It should be obvious by now that Bush, Cheney, and the Neocons are isolated and delusional. They will drive the planet to ruin if not stopped. Look at everything they've touched. From covering up global warming--as Congressional hearings dramatized just this week--to record deficit spending, to shooting holes in the Constitution, to exposing Valerie Plame, to planting lies in the media, to spreading nuclear technology in this country and abroad, to making a phony case for war in Iraq, they’ve been a disaster for this world.

    Rather than passing non-binding resolutions against Bush-Cheney policies, Congress should confront them forcefully at every turn and demand that they listen to the majority of Americans before it’s too late. Further, Congress should investigate their invasions of our privacy, lies about the war, covering up global warming, war-profiteering by the likes of Halliburton, the waste of billions of dollars and much more.

    Congress won't, but it should, for our nation’s integrity. We’ve been set back 50 years on the road to making a more peaceful and sustainable world. These are years we cannot get back. But we'll only lose more precious time, harmony and resources by giving Bush ever more power and money to further his disastrous policies. It's time for grown-ups to take charge.


    Don Williams is a prize-winning columnist and the founding editor and publisher of New Millennium Writings, an annual anthology of literary writing. His awards include a National

    Endowment for the Humanities Michigan Journalism Fellowship, a Golden Presscard Award and the Malcolm Law Journalism Prize. He is finishing a novel, “Red State Blues,” set in his native Tennessee and Iraq. His book of selected journalism, “Heroes, Sheroes and Zeroes, the Best Writings About People” by Don Williams, is now available for ordering. For more information, email him at Or visit the NMW website at

    Saturday, February 03, 2007

    Wild Shih Tzus Apprehended!!

    The four legged floor mops that have terrorizing a Cobb county neighborhood since Thanksgiving have been nabbed.

    The wily critters foiled capture attempts on multiple occasions, but Friday the little mopsters met their match, pictures here show.

    The jig was up! Once again the streets of that Cobb County neighborhood are safe, free from fear, fear of wild Shih Tzus terroristas!

    Full story


    Friday, February 02, 2007