Sunday, February 11, 2007

Don Williams

Iraqi WMD

February 9, 2007

It was early morning, and I was meditating on notions of things that don't change when my ringing phone rudely interrupted. "Turn on the TV," a familiar voice said to my answering machine. "There's a big fire in Knoxville."

Moving to the room where our one-eyed wizard sits enthroned, I picked up the remote and saw that Knoxville was changing in front of my eyes. From lots of angles, it will never look the same. Fire in the night destroyed big buildings in a historic area that soon, no doubt, will see new development. Like it or not, Knoxville is moving on.

So are we all; 2007 is busy casting off norms of the past. Consider:

  • Guess Who Came to the Super Bowl? Two head coaches of color, that's who. And guess who got a big monkey off his back, despite a deluge? I don't need to tell you.
  • It Came from Outer Space. Or did it? Whatever the source of that monstrous impulse that seized the mind and body of Lisa Nowak earlier this week, it set her on a 900-mile drive while bearing weapons and wearing a diaper, the kind worn upon re-entry from space. Maybe Nowak wore it in order to skip bathroom stops as she drove with mission-worthy zeal to confront a rival for the affections of another astronaut.

    Commentators suggest Nowak's stay at the International Space Station last summer had affected her emotionally or mentally. Others suggested the breakup of her marriage was to blame or else that she was haunted still by the deaths of comrades in the Columbia Space Shuttle disaster. Given the nature of this love triangle among decorated high-flyers - two of them astronauts - many of us will never see space flight the same. Humanity is bound for the stars, and it'll take its passions along with it, for better or worse. An aura of sterility has been stripped away. NASA is human, after all.

  • Congress is sounding downright humane for a change - and more gender-balanced. Maybe there's a connection. For once, I actually heard a speaker of the House - her name is Nancy Pelosi, in case you missed it - say out loud that we must save other species that share this rapidly changing planet. Pelosi offered to work with President Bush for a cleaner world, but she made it clear Congress will not wait on his leadership to act. How encouraging.
  • Meanwhile, a woman leads in the race to win the Democratic nomination for president, and a candidate of color appears to have a serious chance as well. Should Hillary Rodham Clinton, Barack Hussein Obama or most any other Democrat become president in 2009, a Democratic Congress would have a sympathetic partner on a range of issues.
  • Already Congress is investigating corruption endemic to defense spending. Already it's asking what happened to billions of dollars unaccounted for in Iraq. Representatives are busy otherwise as well. Raising the minimum wage, debating the repeal of tax breaks for oil companies, cutting funds for the president's future war plans, increasing national security at our ports and borders, re-examining plans to build more nukes. In short, the heavy foot of destructive policies is lifting a bit from the accelerator. We're approaching the cliff more slowly, at least.
  • Many are amused and heartened by the recent spectacle of the state judiciary turning Knox County on its head. The judges gave a good hard shake to dislodge the high sheriff and some county commissioners from their lip lock on the milk cow of public funds. The people's will suddenly pertains in Knox County, thanks to Gary Wade and his fellow justices. The usual suspects still clutter the background of local politics, but manifestly something big happened here the past few weeks.
  • Not as cosmic as the sea change regarding global warming, however. Just last week the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change reported what's been obvious to Al Gore and many others for decades. Global warming is real, and the consensus among scientists who do the actual hands-on studies and computer modeling is that human beings burning fossil fuels cause most of it. Yes, it would've been nice had we taken off our blinders 30 years ago. Sane conservation measures might've allowed us to avoid 9/11, the war in Iraq and the drowning of New Orleans. Still, a butterfly flaps its wings - better late than never.

    Don Williams is the founding editor of New Millennium Writings. You may write to him at P.O. Box 2463, Knoxville, TN 37901, e-mail him at or phone him at 865-428-0389.


    DEN said...

    Welcome to Sunday everyone.

    Must see MTP, Boehner and Hoyer, Boehner looking like scolded dog, priceless.

    C'mon in, coffee on the side and fresh pastries in the corner, don't make a mess, your momma does'nt work here ya know.

    DEN said...

    The object is to create a 'numb to it' feeling among the people.

    Psychology has proven this type of brainwashing works. Repeated exposure to bad crap makes one get used to it being there.

    Look at old people and the way they look at things then look at young people and how they look at things, the old people will look at todays TV as very violent, but the kids view it as same old, same old.

    I think it is time to get the hell out of this frypan and turn off the stove.

    Enough with gratuitous violence already.

    Ok I'm off the subject now but back to 24, I do not watch it because it is fabrication of violence to please viewers and glean Ad dollars. I believe violence has no place on TV period.

    But then, I'm an old fart.

    DEN said...

    Sal, oops!

    Saladin said...

    Oops? I do not like violence, it is the psychology I'm interested in. I also don't like human remains in varying stages of decomposition, (Bones) but what they tell is very interesting! I agree, numbing down the people is essential to the goal.

    DEN said...

    First it was "The Dumbing of America"

    Now it is "The Numbing of America"

    Their plan is almost complete.

    Next, "The Capture of America"

    David B. Benson said...

    On an optimistic note, today is Evolution Sunday!

    Carey said...

    Happy Sunday everyone. Don Williams' column heartened the rainy day here.

    As an aside, I don't watch 24 because it's too tense. Always beating the clock. I don't want to think about all those terrible things, already have too much in real life.


    What, do we all celebrate the miracles of evolution? That's is the biggest, most ponderable enigma. There's gotta be superior intelligence. Lord knows, humans had nothing to do with it.

    Dr. B, I love the title of the day. It's like Earth Day.

    The big story out of January and February 2007. People and the press are finally coming into the light about the evils of Cheney's cabal and the fraudulent selling of the war. The biggest hope--that this lesson is not wasted as we hear Iran war cries.

    The other big story. Nancy Pelosi and Congress (despite the backstep on Senate debate) are getting someplace as Williams' delineates.


    Carey said...

    There is one very serious sign of encouragement. Things are happening in Iran, encouraging things. I've been reading about this for a little over a week now. The press is reporting more dilligently on the other side. GOOD!

    Iran Reformists Want U.S. to Tone it Down

    Nuclear rhetoric helps a faltering Ahmadinejad stay popular, they say.

    It is a few weeks before the Iranian new year, and already the narrow market streets in south Tehran are boiling with extra shoppers. Houses must be cleaned, new curtains hung on the windows, the table laid with fresh linens. No child should leave home without new clothes and a few crisp bills in his pocket.

    "Most people voted for Ahmadinejad because he promised they would never have to feel sad again on New Year's Eve in front of their children," said Farshid Bakhtieri, a 21-year-old computer salesman. "Everyone right now, they feel nothing but regret."


    There was that speech the other day in front of Iranian air force personnel, but that was for show. It did, however, make the front page of the LA Times complete with huge militaristic looking-pic. The Iranian people, it must be steadily pounded in, don't want to fight over nuclear stuff.

    One could only hope the same holds true for Americans. Once the fearmongering really starts coupled with a false flag attack, we shall see how grown up America is.

    Frankly, I don't think any of us have too much hope on that score.

    Carey said...

    Tim Rutten's column is excellent this week, as usual. This is an informative effort to show how the media choose their most-covered topics now. The internet. It raises mixed feelings when one considers that the media's job is to inform, not just on crowd pleasers.

    How Smith's Death Hit Page 1

    THIS column is either part of the problem or a thought on its solution.

    We comment; you decide.

    The late Murray Kempton once described editorial writers as "the people who come down from the hill after the battle to shoot the wounded." Nowadays, media analysts are the guys who follow behind them, going through the pockets of the dead looking for loose change

    Carey said...


    Brandon Hickman-- age 12

    He just came out with it when I told him what day it was. Thought you'd get a kick out of it Dr. B.

    David B. Benson said...

    Carey --- Opposable indeed! Thanks. :-)

    Saladin said...

    DEN, first things first, dumb, then numb, it wouldn't work the other way around.
    Carey, 24 is definitely not for everyone, very intense, but the focus is what I look for, there is actually dissent, that surprises me, it isn't all about America, she who is a hero and does no wrong. There are fatal flaws, disastrous policies, corruption at the very top, and it is portrayed. Unusual for Hollywood. The questions being, where is our culture heading? Can it be pulled back from the abyss? I know it's grim, life can be grim. That's what fun animation was invented for. ;-)

    Carey said...


    You describe "24" as coming from a more relative and relevant perspective. I've seen things pop up about this show, it's been getting alot of press. I think because of the very qualities you describe.

    Now. If this doesn't beat everything. Read this report out of The New York Times and tell me if you do not experience deja vu.

    Deadliest Bomb in Iraq is Made by Iran, U.S. Says


    It's uncanny (not really, considering how unclever the players are). "Weapons" information leaked to The NY Times which reports it vervatim. The whole hype--we've seen it all just a few years ago. We're supposed to be angry that Iran is the virtual enemy we are fighting in Iraq.

    Now that the whole issue of who the enemy is has become inextricably confused, it's easy to twist tales. The nascent steps towards another war.

    DEN said...

    Carey, from your article,
    "The assertion of an Iranian role in supplying the device to Shiite militias reflects broad agreement among American intelligence agencies, although officials acknowledge that the picture is not entirely complete."

    We do not know that Ahmed is getting weapons through black market channels and selling them to the bad guys with the pallet load of cash.

    We know they were MADE in Iran.

    DEN said...

    Hell the goomers could have set them up, who knows.

    Show me the truth,
    do not show me lies,
    for lies, I despise.

    DEN said...

    Grammys; Police did "Roxanne", YEA!!

    Better tune in or tape.

    Jeanne said...

    Dang, I missed Sting and the Police.....

    Well I watched Dracula on Masterpiece Theater. He reminded me of the whole Bush administration spreading their evil.

    Alan said...

    Now. If this doesn't beat everything. Read this report out of The New York Times and tell me if you do not experience deja vu.

    Carey, I guess you didn't see my post yesterday. The 'person' who wrote that article doesn't even exist! Anything you see written by that person is actually a word-for-word, called-in diatribe by a government official. This should be HUGE, but it didn't even get a nibble. Read this article please.

    New York Times Reveals "Reporter" Michael Gordon Actually Voice-Activated Tape Recorder

    Alan said...

    I didn't watch the Grammys (too commercial, and the hell i care what whoever wears and all that b/s), and I don't listen to C/W music either, BUT... congrats to the Dixie Chicks for sticking their ground and rubbing it in those other c/w hicks' faces.

    DEN said...

    Yea! Dixie Chicks!!

    Mary J. Blige too!!

    Celebrity gossip? Who cares, I like to see the performances, between 4000 commercials,(mute button)

    Important statement with the Dixie Chicks win, YEA!!