Friday, February 02, 2007

Friday Funnies

Thanks Alan!!


DEN said...



This the latest confirmation from the rodent world that they to recognize Global Warming is real and as such they are heading for their respective burrows.

Stay tuned for more on this story.

Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.

Carry on!

DEN said...

TV watching

Men who watched three or more hours of TV per day were much more likely to have erectile dysfunction than men who watched less than an hour per day. And men with erectile dysfunction were less likely to have done vigorous physical activity in the previous 30 days than other men.

Likely they were not watching the Playboy Channel, DUH!

DEN said...

Headline on Raw Story today:

"House Judiciary Committee will probe Bush."

Now they MUST be watching the Playboy Channel, (horny old bastards).

DEN said...

And this weeks first place Idiot Story of The Week award goes to:

I won't be happy until I lose my legs

Ever since she was little, Susan Smith has felt there is something wrong with her body. Her determination to 'fix' things has twice landed her in hospital.

Inquiring minds want to know, why?

DEN said...

Oh yea, drive by slappings next?

Inside The Gentlemen's Fight Club

Bill Schechner

An unlikely group of Silicon Valley software engineers has a bizarre hobby.

As Bill Schechner reports, it involves clobbering each other with everything from toilet seats to baking pans.

Related Video
1 | Plastic knife fighting
2 | Rolled-up magazine fighting
3 | Mop, toilet seat fighting
4 | More rolled-up magazine fighting
5 | Baking pan fighting
6 | Broomstick fighting
7 | Stick fighting
8 | Bathroom implement fighting

Videos available for those tha like this sort of thing, here

DEN said...

Alright, who can argue with THAT!!

Anonymous said...

Gee, Den, sorry to interrupt your good mood....

CBO: Iraq surge (ESCALATION) could actually total 50,000

Looks like Gerald's information on this is accurate.

Anonymous said...

A legal definition of conspiracy

Interesting reading.

Carol, I'm smiling. Saw your post.

DEN said...

Conspiracy under that definition would be more than enough to give to a Grand Jury to indict the Administration, et al.

The evidence is there, use it!

Anonymous said...

President Bush's Statement on the Passing of Molly Ivins

Molly Ivins was a Texas original. She was loved by her readers and by her many friends, particularly in Central Texas. I respected her convictions, her passionate belief in the power of words, and her ability to turn a phrase. She fought her illness with that same passion. Her quick wit and commitment to her beliefs will be missed. Laura and I send our condolences to Molly Ivins' family and friends.

Molly must be having a good laugh that the Shrub's handlers knew he'd have to say something.

Anonymous said...

I realize this is old news by now, but I'm remarking here anyway:

Former Vice President Al Gore was nominated for the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize for his wide-reaching efforts to draw the world’s attention to the dangers of global warming, a Norwegian lawmaker said Thursday.

Anonymous said...

On the other Al...

Al Franken expects his years in New York to be an issue in his campaign against Norm Coleman but has had a ready line as he promotes himself to Minnesota audiences: "If I do run against Norm Coleman in '08, I'll be the only New York Jew in the race who actually grew up in Minnesota."

Coleman grew up in New York and moved to Minnesota as an adult.

Ha ha Norm.

David B. Benson said...

The IPCC AR4 SPM is out. There are remarks about it on RealClimate and in the comment section somebody has provided a link to the document.

The SPM is the summary for government officials. The entire AR4, i.e., the fourth IPCC consensus report, appears not to have been published yet, but in any case, is not intended for laymen, intelligent or otherwise.

Perhaps the most sobering aspect of the SPM is the realizatiion that nobody knows how fast or how far the sea stand will rise...

DEN said...

Greg Palast
Tuesday, 23 January, 2007

There was that tongue again. When the President lies he’s got this weird nervous tick: He sticks the tip of his tongue out between his lips. Like a little boy who knows he’s fibbing. Like a snake licking a rat.

In his State of the Union tonight the President did his tongue thing 124 times — my kids kept count.

But it wasn’t all rat-licking lies.

Most pundits concentrated on Iraq and wacky health insurance stuff. But that’s just bubbles and blather. The real agenda is in the small stuff. The little razors in the policy apple, the nasty little pieces of policy shrapnel that whiz by between the appearances of the Presidential tongue.

First, there was the announcement the regime will, “give employers the tools to verify the legal status of their workers.” In case you missed that one, the President is talking about creating a federal citizen profile database.

Gregs' take on the SOTU.

DEN said...

Wolfowitz: The Power with the Holes in His Socks.

Holy slobovian! theres more!


Gerald said...

More On Molly

Gerald said...

Even as she lay dying she continued to attack Bush's policies in Iraq.

Here is what Ivins wrote on January 11:

"We are the people who run this country. We are the deciders. And every single day, every single one of us needs to step outside and take some action to help stop this war. We need people in the streets, banging pots and pans and demanding, 'Stop it, now!'"

We also need a courageous bunch of Senators, ones who are willing to stop thinking about 2008 for a half second and take a stand. That's something Molly Ivins understood.

Now if only she were here to see it through.

There was a post on Alternate Reality blogspot that says Hillary believes that Iran is a threat to Israel. I say nonsense. Iran needs nuclear energy so she can curtail her peak oil situation that awaits her. Nuclear energy will hold off the loss of oil. The threat to use nuclear bombs in the the world is from Nazi America.

I doubt that I can vote for a Democrat unless he is Al Gore!!!

If there is a 2008 election which I doubt, I will be voting either Independent, Green, or Socialist.

The Democrats are looking more like the Nazis to me!!!

Al Gore has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. Hitler Bush has been voted to wallow with the pigs and his Nazi brethren.

David B. Benson said...

Vote Green.

Gerald said...

Nazi America Is an Evil Nation

Alan said...

Besides the global warming paper that has come out, another paper that's been hiding has also come out... the NIE (national intelligence estimate) on Iraq. It's there in black 'n white, that this Iraq fiasco is a failure. It's been held back/delayed so as to put off the bad news.
The original article in the WaPo is prolly larger, but here is the Houston Chronicle's version of it...

Intelligence estimate cites more bad news

WASHINGTON — A long-awaited National Intelligence Estimate on Iraq, presented to President Bush by the intelligence community Thursday, outlines an increasingly perilous situation in which the United States has little control and there is a strong possibility of further deterioration, according to sources familiar with the document.

Gerald said...

But Little America is, right at this point, more than a novel. Henry's childhood was spent, not in Kurash, but in Iran. I know this because he told me long ago, when we were in our twenties and friends. His sense of what we as a nation did there, and how we screwed up there, is informed and even-handed. He has a strong empathy with every character and a terrific take on the interlocking relationships they have that cross all sorts of lines and boundaries (remember--empathy is not a bigger form of sympathy, it is the ability to see things from another's point of view even if you don't sympathize or agree with that person). George Bush and Dick Cheney don't know and don't care; they are ready to compound all of our mistakes by making the biggest mistake of all. They are eager to make it! (One source I read that sounded plausible and even authoritative said that they are planning to make this mistake on February 24). They will not read Little America, but you should.

Yes, the Nazi America will drop nuclear bombs and missiles on Iran. We cannot stop it. But, you will remember what Veronica heard as Mary, the mother of Jesus, showed her hell. As the souls were dropping from the sky like snowflakes, she heard the souls say, "It's too late; it's too late." As Nazi America's soul drops into hell, I want to say that it's too late to save the devil incarnate nation. Nazi America will wallow in the abyss of hell for all eternity!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

It has been pointed out here that being a Catholic is not always easy.  It's no wonder one gets that feeling now and then.  I read the other day that a Catholic priest was selling absolution on eBay.  Now that takes the cake! Or the wafer.

The priest, Father Ignatius Conspirie is under investigation for violating a long standing tradition in the Roman Catholic Church. He omitted confession and penance and offered a total, complete absolution package to a limited number of eBay online auction buyers. The investigation of this unusual scheme is being conducted by the United States' attorney general's office and its counterpart at The Vatican.

Initial reports indicate that Father Conspirie was involved in a conspiracy to sell "non-tangible goods" in an effort to amass funds that were diverted to Representative Ron Paul's (R-TX) presidential campaign. Congressman Paul has refused to comment on the charges citing his abhorrence for unnecessary laws against conspiracists and their theoreticians. His only public comment on the investigation, which was issued through a spokesman stated, "Congressman Paul is against the Iraq War and he's against all social programs. At this point in time, he does not know if selling the absolutions on eBay was a social program or a Ponzi scheme or an unknown known. He is certain it has nothing to do with the Iraq War. If it turns out that it's a social program, he will return the money. Therefore, he will have no further comment until the ongoing investigation is completed."

One person close to the investigation, who spoke on condition of anonymity said that information has been uncovered that indicates that the conspiracy has its roots in a centuries-old scheme that dates back to the days when Kublai Khan and Captain Ahab sailed the seven seas together, plundering and killing in their efforts to dominate and rule all shipping lanes, oceangoing vessels, river boats, sternwheelers, submarines, canoes, kayaks, and other floating devices. Khan's and Ahab's intricate, crafty program for domination was known as Kahn's Piracy, the first known conspiracy in recorded world history.

Another source said that they wanted to narrow the focus of the investigation because it is so difficult to get to the bottom of conspiracy theories, especially the oldest one in recorded history. That source said, "We're making every effort to not allow the evidence to color our judgment because of perceived or actual political pressure from Ron Paul's campaign." A former deputy director of the CIA, who has maintained close ties to active agents, said that the investigation has led to questions about Vatican officials' involvement in distributing the funds that Father Conspirie raised through selling the absolutions on eBay.

If the evidence shows that the Vatican officials received any of the funds, Ron Paul's campaign could be exonerated of the charges. However, another source close to the investigation said that it is entirely possible that Father Conspirie is in the secret employ of Halliburton. When asked if he could elaborate on that allegation, he would only say that the "aspens' roots are connected."

The case became even more complicated when a witness, who has received immunity, said that the money from selling absolutions on eBay was funneled directly to the Vatican to provide funds to arm each and every one of that sovereign jurisdiction's 492 residents. The Vatican has the highest per capita crime rate in the world, at 1.5 crimes per resident, mostly pick-pocketing, purse-snatching, and fraud.

Investigators asked the witness about the wisdom of arming a citizenry against that type of nonviolent crime. He said, "You can never be too sure what they might do next. Praying just doesn't cut it anymore. Carrying a sidearm is your best defense."

A source said investigators are going to take a closer look at the statement issued by Congressman Paul's office. "We believe that the written statement may include information that implicates him in this scheme."

The communications aid in Paul's office who issued the statement sent out a correction and deleted the portion that said, "If it turns out that it's a social program, he will return the money."

Gerald said...

He that is the author of a war lets loose the whole contagion of hell and opens a vein that bleeds a nation to death.
– Thomas Paine

Gerald said...

If you are a Catholic, please keep close to your heart-the Bible and the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

Thank you Micki for the post!

Gerald said...

G. K. Chesterton said, "The greatest stumbling blocs for Catholicism are Catholics."

David B. Benson said...

My father used to exclaim that the world was going to hell in a hand-basket.

Guess he was right...

DEN said...

This TOAD is not even good enough to occupy Al Gores shadow, but look;

Professor Ole Danbolt Mjos Chairman, Norwegian Nobel Institute Henrik Ibsens Gate 51 NO-0255 Oslo, Norway

Dear Dr. Mjos:

Landmark Legal Foundation herewith submits the name of Rush Limbaugh as an unsolicited nomination for the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize. We are offering this nomination for Mr. Limbaugh's nearly two decades of tireless efforts to promote liberty, equality and opportunity for all mankind, regardless of race, creed, economic stratum or national origin. We fervently believe that these are the only real cornerstones of just and lasting peace throughout the world.

Rush Limbaugh is a nationally syndicated radio talk show host in the United States and one of the most popular broadcasters in the world. His daily radio show is heard on more than 600 radio stations in the United States and around the world. For 18 years he has used his show to become the foremost advocate for freedom and democracy in the world today. Everyday he gives voice to the values of democratic governance, individual opportunity and the just, equal application of the rule of law -- and it is
fitting the Nobel Committee recognize the power of these ideals to build a truly peaceful world for future generations.

Thank you for your thoughtful and serious consideration of this nomination. Should you require additional information, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Mark R. Levin

More on this nonsense here.

Gerald said...

These are the titles of some articles in today's (2-2-07) website!!!

'Surge' Could Swell to 50,000 US Troops

Bush to Seek Hundreds of Billions More for Iraq War
Budget Office Report: Surge Will Cost Triple White House Estimates
Senate Democrats Split on Measure Opposing Bush
Democrats Sidestep Defunding Demands

Gerald said...

DBB, your father was a prophet!!!

David B. Benson said...

Den --- It's a joke? From The Onion?

Gerald said...

Hitler Bush and his Nazi cabal are evil.

From today's article (2-2-07) on, The Age of Perpetual Conflict by Gabriel Kolko!

"Even if the U.S. abstains from interference and tailors its actions to fit this troubled reality, there will be serious problems throughout much of the world. Internecine civil conflicts will continue, as well as wars between nations armed with an increasing variety of much more destructive weapons available from outside powers, of which the U.S. remains, by far, the most important. Many of these sources of conflicts have independent roots, but both principles and experiences justify America staying out of them and leaving the world alone. Both the American people and those involved directly will be far better off without foreign interference, whatever nation attempts it.

The U.S.’ leaders are not creating peace or security at home or stability abroad. The reverse is the case: its interventions have been counterproductive and its foreign policy is a disaster. Americans and those people who are the objects of successive administrations’ efforts would be far better off if the U.S. did nothing, closed its bases overseas and withdrew its fleets everywhere, and allowed the rest of world to find its own way. Communism is dead, and Europe and Japan are powerful and both can and will take care of their own interests. The U.S. must adapt to these facts. But if it continues as it has over the past half-century, attempting to attain the vainglorious but irrational ambition to run the world, then there will be even deeper crises and it will inflict wars and turmoil on many nations as well as on its own people. And it will fail yet again, for all states that have gone to war over the past centuries have not achieved the objectives for which they sacrificed so much blood, passion, and resources. They have only produced endless misery and upheavals of every kind."



Gerald said...

Posters, I truly believe that I could love America if we were not such an evil nation.

Gerald said...

If Nazi America continues as it has over the past half-century, attempting to attain the vainglorious but irrational ambition to run the world, then there will be even deeper crises and it will inflict wars and turmoil on many nations as well as on its own people. And it will fail yet again, for all states that have gone to war over the past centuries have not achieved the objectives for which they sacrificed so much blood, passion, and resources. They have only produced endless misery and upheavals of every kind."

DEN said...

David, might be, but from Hufpo.

Check link.

Gerald said...

Praying Each Day: February 2

Anonymous said...

It's for real -- Landmark Legal Foundation distributed the nomination letter on PRNewswire-USNewswire

We should all ignore this.

Anonymous said...

Or it's a hoax, that looks like very official.

Anonymous said...

Unless the Novel committee accepts the Rush Limpblah "nomination" this is just bullshit PR meant to take the focus off of Al Gore's REAL nomination.

Anonymous said...


Gerald said...

Is this a sign for me to vote Green?

Going Green

While Americans are becoming more energy conscious, making use of new technologies, taxes and credits, we’re still energy gluttons, writes Jeremiah Creedon in Utne magazine. Though people are buying hybrid cars, installing solar roofs and experimenting with wind power, more needs to be done.

“We tend to burn far more energy than people in poorer countries do, and our abundance often comes at their expense,” he writes.

Creedon quotes Vaclav Smil, professor at the University of Manitoba and author of Energy at the Crossroads that “shaping the future energy use in the affluent world is primarily a moral issue, not a technical or economic matter.”

Creedon believes that the bottom line is that if we “stand up for something, others will as well.”

Take what steps you can to curb your energy use. Remember that this earth is the home God fashioned for us and gave into our stewardship.

It is required of stewards that they be found trustworthy. (1 Corinthians 4:2)

Show us how to take delight in lives of elegant simplicity, Creator of Heaven and Earth.

Alan said...

Scientists offered cash to dispute climate study

Scientists and economists have been offered $10,000 each by a lobby group funded by one of the world's largest oil companies to undermine a major climate change report due to be published today.
Letters sent by the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), an ExxonMobil-funded thinktank with close links to the Bush administration, offered the payments for articles that emphasise the shortcomings of a report from the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

David B. Benson said...

Gerald --- Yes, vote Green!

º¿carol said...

So Many Republican Hypocrites, So Little Time
Welcome back to the BuzzFlash GOP Hypocrite of the Week.

George W. Bush

Finding a Republican Poobah who is not a hypocrite is as difficult as discovering a woman with a size 2 figure at a Weight Watchers meeting. So we feel sorry that we so often focus on the Bush Administration while leaving other members of the GOP unrecognized, but it’s unavoidable. The Busheviks are just such a fertile source of hypocrisy that you can’t pass them up.

Take this past week when Iraq was continuing to spiral to a new nadir of bloodshed, when the Valerie Plame trial revealed that even Bush was in on the outing of a CIA operative, when it looks like Bush and Cheney are about ready to nuke Iran. Given these nightmarish situations, what does Bush do?

Well, he goes to Wall Street and lectures corporate honchos on how – and we are not making this up – CEO salaries should be linked to performance.
Not a bad idea, George, except that means you owe us the $400,000 we pay you a year for wrecking our nation, taking away our freedoms, bankrupting our treasury, and ramping up ruinous wars. In fact, based on your disastrous performance, we’d say you owe us six years of your annual salary, plus a settlement of about $500 billion for the cost of the war in Iraq.

Uh, BuzzFlash will take its share in hundred dollar bills and a ticket to the Bahamas, where we can deposit it in an offshore account.

"You need to pay attention to the executive compensation packages that you approve," Bush lectured the assembled CEOs with a straight face. "You need to show the world that American businesses are a model of transparency and good corporate governance."

Ah, yes, George W. Bush, what a shining model "of transparency and good corporate governance." Oh my God, if that is not perhaps the ultimate example of hypocrisy, we don't know what is.

Please pass the barf bag. We can't handle it anymore.

Until next week, remember our motto: So many Republican hypocrites, so little time.

Catch up with you soon.

* * *

Previous HOTW Awards for George W. Bush: January 12, 2007, December 8, 2006, November 3, 2006, September 29, 2006, June 16, 2006, March 3, 2006, February 24, 2006, December 2, 2005, October 14, 2005, October 7, 2005, July 22, 2005, July 8, 2005, June 3, 2005, February 25, 2005, The 2004 Hypocrite of the Year, and more.

Anonymous said...

Carol -- the MBA president tut-tutting CEO compensation packages. Like he cares? Gag.

Gerald, looks like the folks at know the value of the barf bag, too.

Anonymous said...

In case anyone doesn't know it, PRNewswire-USNewswire is a paid service.

If anyone has a story that they want distributed to news outlets/newsrooms ...just pony up the dough to PRNewswire and they'll distribute the bullshit.

Alan said...

Carol, instead of the HOTW, how about the The Top 10 Conservative Idiots of the week. This is the week #276 version.

Alan said...

uh oh, she's baaaack!

And You Thought Katherine Harris Lost
She may have given up her House seat to run a losing campaign for the Senate, but that doesn't mean former Florida Rep. Katherine Harris actually has to leave the House.
See, as a former representative, she keeps floor rights and she used them to the hilt Tuesday night before President Bush's State of the Union address. Our chief photodog, Charlie Archambault, caught her mingling on the Republican side and even handing out business cards.
There's two pics of her handing out her business card.

David B. Benson said...

Alan --- They probably are idiots, but they certainly are not conservatives. They are radical thieves, destroying American values.

Jeanne said...

I watched the Scarbough clip on Raw Story and LAAAAuughed. He is sooo pissed off because Bush and crew are trying to equate Warner with everything unpatriotic. 3000+ soldiers later and he's mad because he thinks we should come home from Iraq and the president is calling people like him unpatriotic. Where was he when the president was whipping up a lynch mob against Democrats and anyone who the Bush administration didn't like?

Jeanne said...

Harris is a robot. She can't be real.

Gerald said...

Bullshit comment of the century to date!!!!!

"Nobody is planning, we are not planning for a war with Iran," Gates said.

Shit is rising to the top!!!!!

Anyone see that picture of a young Molly Ivins. She was a doll. Take a look at Ann Coulter and picture her at age 62. She will probably scare you shitless!!!

Micki, maybe buzzflash and others read Dancing with Fools and Alternate Reality blogspots? What else can be said when we see or hear the Liarfuehrer? We have to pass the barf bag. That may be a good idea for a new party, PASS THE BARF BAG!!!

Gerald said...

Truthfully, Posters, after six years with Bush and his lies what else can we say but PASS THE BARF BAG!!!

Anonymous said...

Gerald, there was a discussion about the definition of certain words on this blog. There's some disagreement on definitions. Perhaps Gates is telling the truth when he says "Nobody is planning, we are not planning for a war with Iran," Gates said.

They couldn't "plan" their way out of a paper bag. With them it's more along the lines of "shit happens." Look how well they "planned" for the aftermath of "Mission Accomplished."

Anonymous said...

So, Governor Good Hair of Texas, Rick Perry, is the first governor to mandate that school girls must get the Merck vaccine.

Texas is poised to become the first state in the nation to require 11- and 12-year-old girls to be vaccinated for the sexually transmitted virus that causes cervical cancer.

Gov. Rick Perry on Friday ordered state health officials to enforce the rule requiring girls entering the sixth grade to be vaccinated for the human papillomavirus, known as HPV.

{ò,ó}arol said...

Micki, noooooooo! Somebody pass me the barf bag!

I would hope that the sheeple resist! I know, I know, dream on, Carol

{ò,ó}arol said...

How is it that our president and now Governor Good Hair can do anything they want and the legislature/congress can't stop them?

Is that democracy? What's going on here? This shit is getting WAY outta hand. Damn.

DEN said...

What vaccine?

Was it tested on 11 to 12 year old girls?

Forced governmental injection of any substance into any human is a dangerous precedent and must not be allowed.

Voluntary vaccinations is assumed risk for the vaccinated, not a problem unless the vaccine does nasty stuff to them as a result of negligence by the manufacturer.

DEN said...


It just dawned on me, duh! kids get vaccinated for stuff and they are required to do so before being able to go to school.

Precedent has been set.

Anonymous said...

Governor Goodhair handed Merck a windfall when he bypassed the Texas Lege and mandated this vaccine for school girls. Merck's stock prices were ebbing (quickly), so the good guv did a favor for his Big Pharma pals.

It should be noted that Goodhair's former chief-of-staff, Mike Toomey, is one of Merck's 3 lobbyists in Texas.

It does seem to me that for the HPV vaccine to be truly effective, it should be given to boys as well as girls (if it's given at all). Boys are a carrier for the HPV virus too. Common sense tells me the circle of transmitting the disease is not fully stopped until both boys and girls are given the vaccine.

This is not a vaccine that will eliminate cervical cancer, folks. But using the BIG -C scare tactic sure gets attention.

This vaccine was only approved and out of the pipeline since last June -- and we know the bush FDA record! More drugs recalled and taken off the market than at any other time in the history of the FDA.

{ò,ó}arol said...

Bush has put his people in place throughout the government. We can't trust the FCC, FDA, EPA, or anything else to make decisions based solely on the common good. This drug pops up, is okayed, then a drug company lobbies to have it mandated and laws are about to be passed?

If ANYONE doubts big business runs the show they'd better think again.


Anonymous said...

How common is cervical cancer?

The American Cancer Society estimates that in 2006, over 9,710 women will be diagnosed with cervical cancer and 3,700 will die from this disease.

Will the girls/women who have been vaccinated still need cervical cancer screening?

Yes, they will still need to see their healthcare provider for cervical cancer screening. There are three reasons why women will still need regular cervical cancer screening. First, the vaccine will NOT provide protection against all types of HPV that cause cervical cancer, so women will still be at risk for some cancers. Second, some women may not get all required doses of the vaccine (or they may not get them at the right times), so they may not get the vaccine’s full benefits. Third, women may also not get the vaccine’s full benefits if they have already acquired a vaccine HPV type.

Anonymous said...

From Medscape...

The FDA notes that Merck will be conducting several postmarketing studies to further evaluate the vaccine's general safety and long-term effectiveness, including pregnancy outcomes of women who received the product while unknowingly pregnant.

The "product" approval was based on a priority review of data from 4 placebo-controlled, randomized phase 2 and 3 clinical studies in 20,541 HPV-naive women aged 16 to 26 years. Participants in the phase 3 FUTURE I and II trials were followed up for a median of 1.7 and 1.4 years, respectively.

I would not let my 11 YO daughter be injected with this. No way. (If I had an 11 YO daughter, that is.)

{ò,ó}arol said...

It stinks to high heaven. People better wake up already! "WAKE UP, PEOPLE, WAKE UP!"

It started with the Supreme Court handing the presidency to Bush. Among a million other things, there was the Patriot Act. Now they want to start pumping Americans full of questionable drugs to feather someone's nest. Geez.

Alan said...

This is not a vaccine that will eliminate cervical cancer, folks. But using the BIG -C scare tactic sure gets attention.

Micki, you're correct that it doesn't protect from all causes of cervical cancer, only EIGHTY PERCENT of them. I think it's an excellent idea for all girls to get this. Goodhair went out on a limb AGAINST the fundamentalists that kept this drug under wraps for about two years. Remember the lady doctor in charge of all women's health at NIH that resigned because a Bush appointee overruled the committee of DOCTORS and shelved this vaccine?? It's good for women and will save many lives. Because fundies said it will immediately make all girls want to go out and have sex right after getting the vaccine, almost twenty thousand women probably caught cervical cancer that wouldn't have. Merck DID increase their lobbying money in Texas, but to me that's beside the point. We've had the means to protect women from EIGHTY PERCENT of the cause of cervical cancer and it's been held hostage by the wingnuts. I'm glad Mr. Hair acted.

Alan said...

oh yeah, I forgot... parenets can opt out of this mandatory vaccine for their daughters if they want to.

There's a short 1½ minute video on the vaccine here, though it didn't show the same one that was on the 10:00 pm news with a young lady given a year to live from cervical cancer. The station will let her tell her story in a series starting tomorrow.

anti-cancer vaccine
The reporter explains why it's given to girls at such a young age. It doesn't work unless it's given BEFORE she starts having sex.

Hajji said...

ALL medical care, vaccines, treatments, etc. should remain a matter of choice between a patient (or, before age of consent, patient parents) and their health care provider.

Forcing vaccinations or other treatments on people is obviously a violation of medical ethics.