Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Global Warming Again

See I said don't get me started but noooooo, someone did it anyway, so here ya go, my rant.

In the first place WE are NOT totally responsible for the global condition today, granted we have not helped the situation but this phenomenon is nothing new globally speaking.

There has been an abundance of Solar activity such as flares and sunspots, mass coronal ejections etc. turning up the heat here on Earth. Protection from these blasts of heat is provided by our atmosphere and normally this would cause cyclical climate changes within normal limits. For complete solar information go HERE. There are links at the bottom of the page to other sites as well.

The magnetic field is also involved, periodic shifts in polarity are reducing the capability of the Earths' magnetic field to repel Solar radiation. NASA has an excellent site which describes this HERE.

Add in the daily Airline flights of 3000 per day in the US injecting pollutants in the form of soot and vapor actually make their own cloud formations, read HERE.

Oh yea, I forgot the Rainforest's, a vital part of the planets' ecosystem is being consumed by humans also, read about it HERE.
"Originally tropical rainforest's covered 15-18 million km2 of land surface, but by 1989 this area had been reduced by human activity to less than eight million km2. The total area remaining as tropical rainforest is even smaller now, as rainforest's are being removed at a rate of 100,000 to 200,000 km2 per year, with approximately the same area being greatly disturbed (Skole and Tucker, 1993; Katzman and Cale, 1990); some say, several times as much (Pimm, et al., 2001). Sponsel, Bailey and Headland (1996) estimate the deforestation rate as 142,000 km2 annually. Potter (1999) estimated that 13.7 million hectares are deforested annually in developing countries, equivalent to 137,000 square km, but down from 15.5 million hectares (155,000 km2) per year in the 1980's. Achard, et al., (2002) give figures of 5.8 million hectares (58,000 km2) annually, as well as 2.3 million hectares (23,000 km2) degraded in the humid tropics. Meadows, Meadows and Randers (1992) estimate that 17 million hectares (170,000 km2) per year of rainforest (2.1% of total area) were cut in 1990. The discrepancies and uncertainties are due to the fact that the main means of measuring deforestation - satellite imaging - is only approximate, and may underestimate the actual area cut."

Now we have a brief summary of events causing global warming, some of which have absolutely nothing to do with human activity, but combined with human activity, threaten our very existence here on Earth.

Can it be fixed? yes, before it is too late? no. We are not as permanent an occupant of the Earth as we believe ourselves to be. We are but temporary caretakers of it, fail to properly take care of it and we will be eliminated.

We have not been the first occupants and won't be the last.


DEN said...

These effin idiots are Americans?

Disgrace to their forfathers.

Posted on Feb 5, 2007

Senate Republicans managed to block debate Monday on the anti-surge resolution offered by John Warner, R-Va., and Carl Levin, D-Mich. Joe Lieberman, who is fast becoming the president’s most loyal lapdog, argued that debate would hurt troop morale. Chuck Hagel retorted that he would have welcomed debate while serving in Vietnam, where he was wounded.

LIEberman should be kicked out of the Democrat Party for being a party hopping idiot, cant' decide which of Bushes shoes to lick first!

Micki said...

I think they've changed their minds now...sort of like Homeland Security's color-coded alert system...

Province warned of possible quake

By Scripps Howard News Service
February 6, 2007

VANCOUVER, British Columbia - Scientists have alerted British Columbia's emergency-planning department to the possibility of a catastrophic earthquake striking the province's southwest coast this week.

While the probability of a quake is still low, rapid strides in earthquake detection have given scientists with the Pacific Geoscience Center on Vancouver Island greater confidence in their ability to predict when and where one will occur.

Garry Rogers, a seismologist at the center, compared the current earthquake odds to the dangers of driving a car.

"Everyone drives their car every day, and the probability of getting in a car accident is small," Rogers said. But during rush hour, the probability of getting into an accident is much higher. "Well, Vancouver Island is now driving in rush hour."

What prompted the alert was a series of imperceptible tremors emanating from deep beneath the ocean.

DEN said...

The LINK for the above post, oops.

Saladin said...

DEN, that's exactly what I've been saying! We are probably contributing to the warming, along with about a thousand other factors. But when politicians start cranking up the fear factor and calling for a "carbon tax" as a fix, the red flags go up alllllll over the place! Why is it that the solution is always to press the boot more firmly against our throat? While pelosi demands a bigger air force jet to fly around in, one big enough for all her buds and doesn't inflict the inconvenience of stopping to refuel, we are required to give up even the smallest of conveniences, or pay more taxes, it's nothing but bullshit. It's no wonder the people don't take it seriously.

Micki said...

She and Norm Coleman (R-MN) are reported to be up against TOUGH ODDS for reelection in '08 -- obviously, their voting with the Dems is political. (More Repugs should wise up.)

Susan Collins (R-ME) issued a statement saying:

"Since I returned from my third visit to Iraq in December, I have been convinced that it would be a mistake to send additional troops to Iraq. I believe that this is one of the most important issues facing our nation and that it is important for the Senate to go on record in opposition to the president's plan."

Collins continued: "It is my hope that the leadership will soon work out an agreement that will allow us to have a vote as soon as possible."

Micki said...


DEN said...

A bigger jet for Pelosi? she is half the size of Hastert! GET HER OWN DAMN JET IF SHE WANTS ONE! or take a BUS!

Spend spend spend as long as someone else is footing the bill!

The bastards keep eating up our money for THEIR convenience.

DEN said...

Micki, I would definitely have earthquake insurance, the whole coast is due for a really big shift.

The other side of the plate has been moving quite radically by Japan, only a matter of time before it hits on this side.

DEN said...

Dear Friend,

Last year, Senator Barbara Boxer promised that if the voters placed Democrats in charge of the Senate we would see a new agenda in Washington.

Now our day has come! As the new chair of the Environment and Public Works committee, Senator Boxer is holding hearings to figure out the best way Congress can act to tackle global warming -- and she wants to hear from all of us.

This is the time to speak out and offer your ideas -- before legislation is written in the Senate to stop global warming. Please click here to rank your preferred approaches for fighting global warming -- and to offer ideas of your own:

Go HERE to sign up.

Thanks for your help!

Gerald said...

Praying Each Day: February 6

DEN said...

In the big 'No shyt' bin is this,

Army made video warning about dangers of depleted uranium but never showed it to troops

DEN said...

More stupid LIEberman tricks,

WASHINGTON, Feb 6 (Reuters) - Sen. Joseph Lieberman said on Tuesday that Congress should consider a tax to fund the U.S.-declared war on terrorism and reduce the need to cut domestic programs to pay for security spending.

A former Democrat who supports the Iraq war and backs President George W. Bush's plan to send 21,500 additional troops to Iraq, Lieberman said the proposed increase in the Pentagon's budget for next fiscal year will squeeze funding for critical domestic programs.

"I think we have to start thinking about a war on terrorism tax," the independent Connecticut lawmaker said. "I mean people keep saying we're not asking a sacrifice of anybody but our military in this war and some civilians who are working on it."


DEN said...

Meanwhile out in space,

Now, experts say, China’s test on Jan. 11 of an antisatellite rocket that shattered an old satellite into hundreds of large fragments means the chain reaction will most likely start sooner. If their predictions are right, the cascade could put billions of dollars’ worth of advanced satellites at risk and eventually threaten to limit humanity’s reach for the stars.

Keep buying China crap, they need the money to be stupid some more.

Rest of the story HERE

Micki said...

From a non-right wing sight -- Think Progress -- theother "side" of the story --

FACT CHECK: Washington Times Publishes False Report On Pelosi’s Use Of Military Aircraft

On February 1, the Washington Times published a story titled “Speaker pursues military flights,” which claimed that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) had been “pressing the Bush administration for routine access to military aircraft for domestic flights, such as trips back to her San Francisco district.” Former Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-IL) also used military aircraft to travel to his district. However, the Times reported, Pelosi is “demanding permanent access to a large military jet for herself, her staff, other Members and supporters.”

The story was disseminated widely through right-wing talk radio and blogs, spurring posts like, “First Class Pelosi,” “Air Force Becomes Pelosi Air,” “Nancy Pelosi is Drunk With Power,” “The Imperial Speakership,” “Pelosi: Fly Me Awayyyyy,” “Pelosi wants military airlift,” and “Nancy Pelosi’s Private Military Plane.”

In fact, the central claims of the Washington Times piece are both false.

1) The House Sergeant at Arms, not Pelosi, initiated inquiries into the use of military aircraft. House Sergeant at Arms Wilson Livingood, who has served in his position since 1995, released a statement today clarifying the facts. He writes, “In December 2006, I advised Speaker Pelosi that the US Air Force had made an airplane available to Speaker Hastert for security and communications purposes following September 11, 2001.” Additionally, Livingood writes, “I offered to call the U.S. Air Force and Department of Defense to seek clarification of the guidelines [which governed Speaker Hastert’s use of a plane].”

2) A larger plane was requested because Hastert’s plane required refueling to travel cross-country. The Washington Times says a larger plane was requested to accomodate Pelosi, “her staff, other Members and supporters.” That’s not true. In fact, the plane used by Speaker Hastert was too small for Pelosi since it “needs to refuel every 2,000 miles and could not make the nonstop haul to California. ‘The Air Force determined that [Pelosi’s] safety would be best ensured by using a plane that has the fuel capacity to go coast-to-coast,’” a Pelosi spokesperson said.

Micki said...

We do have earthquake insurance. It's not that expensive -- at least in our burg.

DEN said...

Well maybe with Dennis(heavy)Hastert out of the plane it would even get off the ground easier and get better mileage too.

Hook, line, sinker.

Dammit I'm tired of not being able to believe anything written anymore!

Truth is extinct.

Micki said...

Den, truth isn't extinct. One part of the problem is that too many people willingly supplant facts with falsehoods, lies, and belligerent noise from the ANTI- echo chamber to bolster their personal ideology. If they hear or read anything that reinforces their negative ideas, they are quite willing to do their part to spread the misinformation.

Most of those people revel in how bad things are rather than trying to build a better place.

DEN said...

Micki, it all boils down to the misinformation machine and the pulling of ones' leg.

Knowing the effect of releasing a phony story will cause is outright dishonest.

Having to sift through seemingly legitimate stories is something not done by everyone for sure and a certain slant will pick up folks sympathetic to the cause and cause it to be broadcast.

Now everything is a potential lie, only with time consuming research can the truth be told.

I DO NOT like having my chain pulled by the misinformation generators in the press.

Gerald said...

Den, these next three articles are for your review.

Gerald said...

A Hidden Calamity

Carey said...

I leave all debate about the what's of global warming to our dear colleague, Dr. David B. He's our resident scientist.

Please excuse my jumping in without reading everything just yet. Got off to a late start today.

It's yesterday's event I wish to discuss: The blocked debate. Just read this, haven't seen or heard it yet as I have very slow dial-up. Russ Feingold gets to the heart of the problems within the Democratic party. It is the Clinton elites and the DLC that are getting in the way. That includes Ms. Hillary who won't really even touch the debate because she's on the wrong side of it and knows it. They have ties with AEI (American Enterprise Insititue)*, the high neocons.

I am sorely pissed off today at Democratic and Republican behavior. The Nov. 7 vote was a referendum on Iraq occupation and it is being ignored. Reasons: Money involved, contributions, you name it, greed's the cause of it.

Not too eloquent today. Slightly self-absorbed, don't mind me. Here's the Feingold link.


After the election we had on November 7th and after polls have registered the public's deep anger at the President for trying to escalate the war, you would think Democrats would be pushing legislation with real teeth and not just non-binding nothingness, especially if the GOP was going to filibuster anyway. Well, you'd be wrong. In the audio excerpt, I asked Feingold if this is because of Ben Nelson-ism - that is, because of conservative Democrats who are willing to use a brinkmanship progressive senators rarely use. As you can hear, Feingold says it's even deeper - he says this is a battle between Democrats' Washington consultant class and the rest of the country - and he specifically targets the D.C. elites from the Clinton administration, who he accurately notes largely supported the war from the get-go.

Whether you agree fully with Feingold’s analysis or not, the Wisconsin senator’s view of what’s going on is fascinating and bold, in that he bluntly talks about a subject too often considered taboo inside the Beltway. His statement once again reminds us of why there has to be real pressure from the outside such as the Progressive States Network's Anti-Escalation Campaign and/or Act for Change's latest call to action. Listen to the excerpt - it's pretty refreshing to hear a U.S. Senator talk so candidly about the Washington power structure and how it really operates.


This is a good and brave shot at Democratic elites. For the good of the nation, Feingold strives. All Hail!

* American Enterprise Insitute, the ones funded by Exxon to spread the false word about global warming. Same ones, as you all know, promoting global war.

Gerald said...

Nazi America seeks worldwide genocide of human beings

Gerald said...

America's True Legacy

Gerald said...

The American legacy in Afghanistan and Iraq is uranium-based weaponry that alters the ecological system, and condemns Afghanis, Iraqis, and U.S. military personnel as well as future generations to long-lasting suffering. This, by definition is wanton and reckless use of weapons-of-mass-destruction.

Yes, Nazi America is guilty of PRODUCING and the SELLING of WEAPONS of MASS DESTRUCTION. Yes, Nazi America is the true evil empire.

Carey said...

From yesterday's thread:

Sal, this has been going on for a year or longer. The insurance lobby must be at it again. Despicable!! It'd be like making a cesarian outpatient. You need medical attention following such major surgery. The breast area is so sensitive. You cannot move your arms for days, I've heard. THANKS!


I know we've bandied about negatives on John Edwards. Carol, I'm not so sure I completely dislike his ideas of health insurance but haven't seen enough of the plan or heard discussion of it yet.

The AIPAC thing is disturbing Den. But you're going to see that with all of the candidates. It's a given.

Way too soon. Way too soon. So much will happen. Gore is still in the picture and, perhaps, quite astutely knows, it's way too soon.


There are many comparisons with Bushco and Nazism. But the elements and factors are completely in another historical context. We need plain language. It's starting to come out and people are starting to realize maybe they don't want to loose American freedoms.


I don't care who caused global warming, I just want to stop it. The debate is over. The action must start.

As I said, I'm rather self-preoccupied right now. Any arguments out of me are going to be, "cuz I said so".

As Gerald said yesterday, it's the flushing that's perhaps the hardest part of a colonoscopy. I don't look forward to it, since I've already had over a year of persistent, ay!, diarrhea. Don't you guys just love my posts?

Don't mean to sound harsh about the global warming. Just freaked out by it as we all should be.

Gerald said...

With her bed partner, Project for a New American Century, Nazi America's goal is to exterminate 6 billion human beings on our planet.

My Nazi American brethren, are you feeling any safer with the Nazis controlling our lives?

Gerald said...

The Important Things

If you find your life getting too complicated, try to stay focused on what’s really important. At the end of the day, your relationship with God and with others will always matter far more than anything you own or owe.

Here’s how Mother Teresa of Calcutta put it: “Spread love everywhere you go: first of all in your own house. Give love to your children, to your wife or husband, to a next door neighbor. …

“Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier. Be the living expression of God’s kindness: kindness in your face, kindness in your eyes, kindness in your smile, kindness in your warm greeting.”

No one lacks daily opportunities to offer loving-kindness to someone. Whether they are your family and friends, neighbors and co-workers or total strangers, you can be the bearer of the Lord’s blessings to them. Remember, God is never outdone in generosity.

(The) Lord is Lord of all, and is generous to all who call on Him. (Romans 10:12)

Beloved Father, teach me not to worry about trivial things. Help me focus on You and Your gifts of love and life.

Father, let me live a life where I believe that we are all Your children so that we can love You and all our brothers and sisters who are Your children.

Gerald said...

Being a Leader

Geoffrey Canada describes what it takes to be a leader: “You have to have a clear vision of what you want to accomplish. Then you have to be able to articulate that vision so others can see it as clearly as you. …You must simply never give up – even if you doubt at times.” Leaders, concludes Canada, must be indefatigable and must not let themselves be afraid.

Canada exemplifies his own words. He heads the Harlem Children’s Zone, a program that tends to the educational, health and social services needs of thousands of low-income New York City children.

Committed to helping these children from pre-school through college, the educator enlists financial help from friends and others who believe in his goal.

Leadership isn’t easy for anyone, but the world needs each of us to use our God-given abilities to do good, especially for those most in need.

May you be made strong with all the strength that comes from His glorious power. (Colossians 1:11)

Guide me, Spirit of Fortitude. Enable me to do simply what You ask of me today – to lead, to follow, to seek Your will.

Is this a description of Hitler Bush?

Is Hitler Bush's vision of murders and war crimes that of a leader or a despotic ruler?

Micki said...

Not saying you are saying who is and who isn't...but... I DO NOT like having my chain pulled by the misinformation generators in the press.

If one looks to the Washington Times, Newsmax, Powerline, rightwing hate radio, and obvious apologists for the rightwing cause etc. as "the legitimate press"...then we have a real problem!

And the problem is us.

David B. Benson said...

Yup, Micki, the problem is us.

While Den mentioned some physical factors, none of those are of much importance in comparison to the growth in so-called greenhouse gases since about 1750. This growth is entirely due to human activities, including raising cattle and growing rice.

According to global forcing theory, a theory which agrees well with the data for the past several hundred thousand years, the climate should be very slowly cooling and doing so for about 50,000 years at which time it might be cool enough for a another ice age.

But instead it is heating up. While the IPCC AR4 SPM (summary) appears quite good, it is perhaps too conservative regarding the melting of the Greenland and also West Antartic ice sheets. If it makes you feel any better, that translates into a 12 meter sea stand rise, assuming all of both ice sheets melt.

Finally, on earthquakes nearby. The Juan de Fuca plate is rather samll as tectonic plates go. It is being subducted under the Pacific Northwest coast, including southern British Columbia. Further out to sea to the west is the Mid-Pacific Rise. The upwelling magma from here pushes the Juan de Fuca plate to the east and the Pacific plate to the west. Far, far away, the Pacific plate is subducted underneath Japan.

After all of that, I feel like anouncing that there will be a quiz at the end of the hour... ;-)

Sorry about the length.

DEN said...

Gerald, the worst part about using DU is the denial of it's effects on living things.

The Army knew it was bad enough to do a video, but deny Gulf War Syndrome is caused by it.

That itself is a crime against humanity and willfull disregard for any life.

Typical behavior by a corporatist controlled govt.

They should all be indicted for this irresponsible behavior, but still use it despite the pitfalls.

Micki said...

Someone mentioned this article to me...so I thought I'd put it up here.

The New York Times
February 6, 2007
About That Mean Streak of Yours: Psychiatry Can Do Only So Much

When have you ever heard of a therapist telling a patient that he is mean or bad? Probably never.

It’s not fashionable in our therapy-friendly nation, where people who behave obnoxiously are assumed to have a treatable psychiatric problem until proven otherwise. Nothing in the human experience is beyond the power of psychiatry to diagnose or fix, it seems.

But even for me, an optimist and a proponent of therapy, things have gotten a little out of hand.

Not long ago, one of my psychiatric residents called in distress about a patient who was demanding a different therapist. “This guy is in my office shouting at me and telling me how bad I am,” the resident said.

Sure enough, the patient in question was very hostile and demeaning in talking about this young doctor. Jabbing his finger in the air, he told me how unsympathetic my resident was and how rude the staff at the front desk had been.

“This kid doesn’t know the first thing about treating patients,” he said with derision. He clearly meant to hurt and humiliate his new doctor in front of a supervisor.

I listened for a while to his litany of complaints and found it easy to understand why people didn’t like him. “It’s no surprise to me that people aren’t nice to you if this is a sample of how you behave in the world,” I said to him.

This remark did not go over well.

“I’m basically a nice guy who has a terrible problem with anxiety,” the patient said resentfully.

He in fact did have a major psychiatric disorder; he had been struggling with obsessive-compulsive disorder for the last decade but had shown a pretty good response to antidepressant medication.

There was something else about him, however, that could not be neatly explained by psychiatry: he was simply mean-spirited.

At this point, most therapists might go in search of a cause for the patient’s behavior. Was there something in this patient’s life experience that might explain his nastiness? Not really. Life had not been too unkind to him; he’d suffered no major deprivation or trauma, and he had had all the benefits of an upper-middle-class upbringing.

Many of my colleagues would argue that he could have a personality disorder, a category that is broad enough to encompass nearly every variety of human misbehavior. Of course, everyone has personality traits, but when they cause major problems in relationships and work, they cross the line into disorder.

On the other hand, maybe he was mean by nature, a concept that may sound heretical coming from a psychiatrist because it seems dangerously close to rendering a moral judgment on a patient’s soul, something doctors should doubtless leave to theologians and philosophers.

But if some people turn out happy and good despite a lifetime of withering hardships, why can’t some people be mean or bad for no discernible reason?

There can be a relationship between nastiness and mental illness, and many therapists assume that when patients are mentally ill and mean, the illness is probably the cause of the ill temper.

But human meanness is far more common than all the mental illness in the population combined, so the contribution of mental illness to this essential human trait must be very small indeed.

Don’t get me wrong. There is plenty of undesirable human behavior that falls well within the rightful domain of psychiatry to understand and treat. But must we turn everything we don’t like about our fellow humans into a form of psychopathology?

Not long ago, we had a patient in the hospital who was psychotic and frightening to the staff. After several weeks, his psychosis cleared beautifully with antipsychotic medication, and we all thought he was ready for discharge.

Then early one morning, he used the pay phone to call one of my female residents at home, threatening her and talking in a sexually provocative way.

When I confronted him, it was quickly obvious that he was no longer psychotic or manic. In fact, he was cheeky and unrepentant about his behavior. And he left no doubt in my mind that psychiatry had done all it could for him.

He said it better than all the clinicians who had treated him on the inpatient unit: “I’m not crazy now, but I guess I’ve never been a nice guy.”

To put it another way, some mentally ill patients can be mean or bad just like anyone else, and this is not a problem for psychiatry to fix.

DEN said...

David, thanks for the background on plate shift, I figure every movement on one side would cause movement on the other side, dropped a plate in the mention, oops, crash!

Carey said...


Thank-you Micki for the lowdown on the Pelosi story. Machines at work 24.

Thank-you Dr. B.

Each and everyone of us will have to sacrifice. A tax on oil and/or carbon is just fine--it's affects are felt by everyone, corporations and consumers. That's the start of stopping usage and the desire to sell more oil. Cars must stop running period. Only in absolutely necessary circumstances. Certain types of production must ease up. It all must be regulated, it can't be volunteer. Life's habits must change. Sorry. The situation is dire. Time to stop quibbling about it. Time to stop needlessly call it politics. Who cares if it's for the good of the nation? Time for action.

......That's what is so scary Den and Gerald. The rabid use of DU. It's the precursor of nuking Iran.

China can join the U.S. in stupidity. It's not like it's surprising. It's human, not cultural.

Micki said...

Length of post is A-OK with me.

Just don't make the quiz too lengthy.

DEN said...

Prozac nation, take a pill and make everything OK.

No wonder the country is full of politically disadvantaged individuals.

David B. Benson said...

Micki --- Here is the entire quiz. Correct all keying errors. :-)

Also, it is just called the Mid-Pacific Rise. It is actually just a few hundred kilometers off the coast in the Pacific Northwest and gives rise to all of the California fault zones further south. (The one in the Atlantic is actually near the middle...)

•¿•arol said...

Carey, the only way to assure health care for all is a National Health Care. The things Edwards proposed won't do. I can't wait to see how "requiring" people to buy health insurance in Mass & Calif will play out. Do you know what it cost to buy it for one year? It's a mortgage payment and who can afford that?

Carey said...


What a delightful New York Times article by Dr. Friedman. Fascinating and true. The older one gets, the more you realize its not all daisies and rose pedals out there.

Carey said...


I'm in total agreement with you on universal health care formed in some sort of National Service. All of those concerns come to the fore with Edward's ideas, there's no doubt about that. I'm not pushing him, no way.

I guess what I'm bitching about the most is that this campaign just started way too early. Who gives a hoot about Presidential polls two years early? The candidates will become old and tiresome news. No real debate about the foremost concern right now (Iraq) is being stimulated. That and productive discussion on global warming.

Carey said...

You know what hasn't been discussed here is the issue of abortion. Since just about all of the rest of you are Catholics, I wouldn't know where you stand.

I would like to post something Giulani (sp) said to Hannity of Faux News. I will, but I'll preface it with my feeling. I'm for choice. Nobody likes the idea of abortion, but it's sometimes the kindest act of all. No one wants a miserble life.

David B. Benson said...

Carey --- I am not a Catholic, but I have great respect for the writings of the late Ivan Illich.

I'll agree that it is a personal choice, one not easily made...

Carey said...

Here's the excerpt:

Hannity: Where does Rudy Giuliani stand on abortion? And do you think Roe v. Wade is a good law, a bad law?

Giuliani: Where I stand on abortion is, I oppose it. I don't like it. I hate it. I think abortion is something that, as a personal matter, I would advise somebody against. However, I believe in a woman's right to choose. I think you have to ultimately not put a woman in jail for that, and I think ultimately you have to leave that to a disagreement of conscience and you have to respect the choice that somebody makes.

So what I do say to conservatives, because then, you know, you want to look at, well, OK, what can we look to that is similar to the way we think? I think the appointment of judges that I would make would be very similar to, if not exactly the same as, the last two judges that were appointed. Chief Justice Roberts is somebody I work with, somebody I admire, Justice Alito someone I knew when he was U.S. attorney, also admire. If I had been president over the last four years, I can't think of any, you know, that I'd do anything different with that ...


How's that for saying one thing and meaning he'd do the complete opposite?

•c•arol said...

I was raised Catholic but I'm not Catholic. I'm belong to no church and follow no religion.

I'm for choice. I voted to make abortion legal in MI back in 1973 or 1974. Can't remember the exact year.

Carey said...

This is the most coherent rundown I've seen of what happened yesterday.

Out of War Room in Salon:

The party line on Iraq

As word spread Monday that Ralph Nader may be thinking about another run for the White House, the Senate delivered what may be a timely reminder about American politics: For better or for worse, parties still matter.

There are 49 Republicans in the United States Senate, and nearly a dozen of them have spoken out strongly against the president's plan to send more U.S. troops to Iraq. But when push came to shove Monday, 45 of the Senate Republicans voted to avoid debate on the issue. We don't like to suggest that people are putting party over principle, but how else do you explain why somebody like John Warner, who introduced one of the resolutions at issue, or Chuck Hagel, who has accused Bush of playing "a ping-pong game with American lives," can get in line with his party and block further debate on the war?

Among Republican escalation critics, only two -- Minnesota's Norm Coleman and Maine's Susan Collins -- had the courage to buck their party's leadership and cast votes in favor of moving forward on debate. Two other Republicans missed the vote. We don't know where Florida Sen. Mel Martinez was; a spokeswoman for Arizona Sen. John McCain -- who wrote one of the resolutions that would have been considered under Harry Reid's plan -- told us a few minutes ago that he was "away" Monday but said she'd have to call us back later if we wanted any details beyond that.

As for the 49 Senate Democrats? Forty-seven of them voted to move forward on debate over Iraq. The 48th, South Dakota Sen. Tim Johnson, remains hospitalized after suffering a brain hemorrhage in December. The 49th, Sen. Mary Landrieu, was meeting with constituents back home in Louisiana. "She offered to stay [in Washington] if needed, but it was clear the vote wouldn't be close enough to warrant it," a spokesman told us earlier today. "So she chose to honor the original commitment to her constituents. She would have voted in favor of cloture along with the rest of the Democrats and is an original cosponsor of the underlying resolution." (If you check the final vote count on the Senate's Web site, you'll see Harry Reid listed as vote against cloture; that's because he switched his vote at the end so that he'd have the right to move for reconsideration later.)

That leaves the Senate's two independents, who split their votes on the cloture motion. Vermont's Bernie Sanders voted with the Democrats. Connecticut's Joe Lieberman voted with the Republicans. Lieberman's vote wasn't exactly unexpected -- the editors at the National Review liked his pre-vote speech so much that they've posted it on their Web site -- but it was still a little jarring to hear Republican Sen. John Cornyn, working out the details of who'd speak when Monday, describe the former Democrat as being on "our side."

-- Tim Grieve

•c•arol said...

If it weren't for the religious nuts abortion wouldn't even be an issue.

David B. Benson said...

Carol --- There you go, insulting nuts again! ;-) Nuts is good food...

•c•arol said...

Ok, ok. Religious kooks then.

Carey said...

Iran's Guards to hold wargames in Gulf – agencies

TEHRAN – Iran's Revolutionary Guards will hold two days of wargames in the Gulf and Sea of Oman this week, focusing on launching missiles, Iranian news agencies reported on Tuesday.
The announcement follows mounting tension with the United States, which has said it will step up pressure on Iran. This has included despatching a second aircraft carrier to the Gulf, a major shipping lane for oil exports.

The exercises will be staged on Wednesday and Thursday by the missile units of the Guards' naval and air forces, the semi-official Fars news agency reported, citing a Guards source.
The manoeuvres will 'focus on exercises for launching missiles', Iran's student news agency ISNA said.

The Revolutionary Guards is an ideological wing of the Islamic Republic's armed forces and has a separate command structure to the regular military. Iran's previous exercises in the region have widely been seen as a show of military capacity.

Fars news agency said the manoeuvres would strengthen 'defensive ability'.

Military experts say Iranian forces are no technological match for the U.S. military but could still cause havoc in the Gulf and the narrow Strait of Hormuz, a choke point through which two fifths of the world's traded oil passes.

The United States is at loggerheads with Iran over the Islamic Republic's nuclear programme, which Washington says is aimed at building an atomic bomb, despite Tehran's denials.

Washington has said it wants diplomacy to resolve the standoff but has not ruled out force if that fails.


The "incidents" start.

Carey said...

HERE'S SOME GOOD NEWS--we're expanding our "outreach program for oil."

DoD Establishing U.S. Africa Command

By Jim Garamone
American Forces Press Service

WASHINGTON, Feb. 6, 2007 – The U.S. military will establish a separate U.S. Africa Command to oversee military operations on the African continent, Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates announced during Congressional testimony today.
“The president has decided to stand-up a new unified, combatant command, Africa Command, to oversee security cooperation, building partnership capability, defense support to non-military missions, and, if directed, military operations on the African continent,” Gates said in testimony before the Senate Armed Services Committee.

The command will enable the U.S. military to have a more effective and integrated approach than the current command setup, Gates said.

Responsibility for operations on the African continent is currently divided among three combatant commands: U.S. European Command, which has responsibility for most of the nations in the African mainland except in the Horn of Africa; U.S. Central Command, which has responsibility for Egypt, Sudan, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Djibouti, Somalia and Kenya; and U.S. Pacific Command, which has responsibility for Madagascar, the Seychelles and the Indian Ocean area off the African coast.

Gates called this arrangement an “outdated arrangement left over from the Cold War.”

He added that DoD will consult closely with Congress and European and African allies to implement the effort.

David B. Benson said...

Carey --- As I see it, it is designed to make a command slot for yet another general. Just what we need. Another general.

Oh, and oodles of other staff officers as well...

DEN said...

Don't stop at abortion, what about telling people what to do, period.

It is not governments job to be a mommy to adults.

With proper education people would be better able to make effective decisions themselves, keep people dumb and government control is a given.

Issues involving safety of people is one thing where we all need standards and rules, what I do with my body or to it should not be an issue, period.

People profess to be pro-life, don't give a damn once he or she is out of the womb.

Some would use people for cannon fodder.

Carey said...

Things are heating up in Israel/Palestine.

Palestine News Network

Israeli government destroys Moroccan Gate and parts of Al Aqsa Mosque area amid outcry

(Ramallah) Rashid Hilal

Tuesday, 06 February 2007
Israeli forces demolished the entrance to the Al Aqsa Mosque after destroying the Moroccan Gate bridge leading to the Muslim holy site. Chief Palestinian Justice Sheikh Taysir Tamimi said that the timing of the destruction in the Old City of East Jerusalem was purposeful as all eyes are on the meeting in Mecca and political leaders are enroute.

The Sheikh told a press conference in Ramallah this afternoon that the Israeli government is continuing with its plan to demolish the historic road at the Moroccan Gate with a major threat to the western side of the Mosque.

Israeli forces expelled all Arab workers and journalists Monday, increased the military presence in the face of nonviolent protests over the past two days, and closed all roads on Tuesday.

Sheikh Tamimi pointed out that today's demolitions began a few years ago when the excavation plan was laid to destroy Al Aqsa Mosque one part at a time and build over its remains. He said that Israel is committed to ethnic cleansing.

The Israeli government is destroying Muslim neighborhoods and historic sites, demolishing Palestinian homes and closing Jerusalem to Palestinians with the Wall. It is also penetrating the Muslim Quarter of the Old City and building a synagogue and putting Jewish settlers in place.

The Sheikh said that he trusted the ability of Palestinians to defend the holy places and face the occupation. A number of Palestinian leaders issued statements and sent letters of protest, as did the Jordanian King and government, but this has not stopped Israeli forces in the systematic takeover of Jerusalem.

Gerald said...

The Gerald Doctrine

My doctrine remembers Jesus’ Words, “Be not afraid.” This post will upset many people but at times certain words must be said.

Abortion should have never been a governmental and a political issue. It should have been a medical and a religious issue. Whenever the government and politics are involved, you can be certain that the government and politics will screw it up. Removing government and politics from the abortion issue will remove a wedge issue. Roe v Wade will be overturned.

Women have had abortions for many reasons through the years. Some women do not have medical insurance and they have felt that they could not pay for the birth of a baby or even take care of a baby. Yet, there are many reasons for abortions.

Let us look at the removal of this wedge issue. Will people complain and groan or will people push for health care? Where will our Nazi politicians and government stand when it comes to health care? What other issues will become wedge issues so the Nazis can remain in power? If people oppose abortions that is fine and good but for a woman to have a child she will need some health care. The cost of medical care prohibits a number of people from wanting children, especially if there is no health insurance.

Be not afraid with the overturn of Roe v Wade! Let us pursue a caring America that is concerned for all our citizens and not just for the wealthy and for our corporations. Personally the Nazis will find reasons and ways to not help women. The American government under the control of the Nazis is an evil government.

Will the churches and fundies and the evans try to help women by pushing for health care or will they just be political ideologues? I believe that our Christian churches and laypersons are political ideologues and they will use moral issues to gain power and keep Americans angry, confused, and fearful. We are only pawns and puppets for governmental and political abuses. Moral issues should be delegated to religion and possibly in some cases to the medical professionals.

Please do all you can to not be afraid of change. Change is inevitable in life. Change can remove us from our comfort zones but I will say, “Be not afraid.” Seek a greater good from our government and politicians’ dastardly ways!

Where are the pro-lifers when it comes to health care and medical insurance for women and children? Health benefits would make abortion less of an option. Hypocrisy reigns in this country. Overturning Roe v Wade could very well be a plus and not a minus, especially if Americans push for better and more day care centers and better wages so that our citizens are not living like scurvy rats.

Corporations and the American government do not want Roe v Wade overturned. Even if it is overturned, there will still be abortions and they will not be illegal. Abortions will rest with a physicians’ decision. Please do not become discombobulated with the overturning of Roe v Wade. We will know who are the hypocrites in this country.

Be not afraid! Have pro-life organizations stressed health care for women so pregnancy can come to full term? Have they stressed increased funding for adoption services so women who cannot keep their baby for whatever reason will have the option to have the baby adopted? Have they stressed funding for child care centers for women who want to keep the baby will have a place to help them as they work or try to find work? There are many questions to be answered but the major question is, do the pro-lifers really love people, really love women, and really love children? It is time for the pro-lifers to either shit or get off the pot! Are pro-life organizations only money-grabbing hypocrites?

Supreme Court justices just do not rule on abortions. They also rule in favor of corporate fraud and greed and the removal of our freedoms and rights for the common person. Always remember that the repugnants are not pro-lifers! They are purveyors of hatred, murders, torture, and wars.

The Gerald Doctrine is simple when we remember Jesus’ Words, “Be Not afraid.” We are living in confusing times, strange times. We are fighting satan’s disciples who are unchained. For them any evil is acceptable. Morally, America is losing it. Failing in holiness creates a mess in the world. America is only concerned with money and possessions. We are in battles with satan’s disciples and in battles many soldiers are wounded. But, remember that believers in a loving and a merciful God will win the war. These believers will hear the fifteen most wonderful words from God. “Welcome home my good and faithful friend. Come, I have prepared a place for you.” With these beautiful words we will enter into the Kingdom of Heaven for all eternity.


Gerald said...

Nazi America is becoming more interested in Africa because China has made dramatic in roads in Africa. As usual Nazi America is johnny come lately. Since Africa has great natural resources the devil incarnate nation (USA)is out to swallow up these natural resources.

There will be more wars, death, and destruction all over our planet started by the devil incarnate nation(USA).

DEN said...

Ever wonder why the US is the only Israeli supporter?

They provoke with impunity, like spoiled children they taunt whoever they please, last year the Lebanese, this year everybody muslim.

The US created a spoiled monster that it has no way to control except withholding the billions of annual dollars we 'donate' to their taunting cause, that will never happen.

As long as we support these spoiled tyrants they will continue to drag us along into their tyraids.

No wonder the warring never stops, we pay them to keep it going.

It will not change anytime soon.


DEN said...

Anyone know how we can get out of this depressive funk?

So much misery, so little beer.

DEN said...

Gerald, I agree on a lot of your points, except there are still a lot of good people in the USA and not all are nazis, there are caring folks that help girls and women through the very things you describe, just not everywhere.

A lot of them don't want to have an abortion, there is just no alternatives in place depending on location.

While preservation of life is a honorable thing, it cannot be a blanket covering all cases.

Don't forget that people die by the thousands every day through no fault of their own as in abortion, they never had a choice either.

We cannot control them, we can only suggest what people should do.

Education and effective birth control are key to reducing abortions needed in the first place.

DEN said...

Gerald, I know you feel that America has turned into nazi America, but that is a rather broad brush stroke to make.

There are a lot of wonderful and good people left in the USA, trouble is a few make it bad for the rest of us.

Our leaders are bad, I mean REAL BAD,(nazi) and so is a large part of the corporate environment, so with those purveyors of bullshit, pumping it out on a daily basis it is no wonder you feel that way.

Just give the plain folks, the working stiffs a break, some are good and some are bad, some are nazis.

But not ALL are any ONE thing and there is 300 million to choose from.

The government?

They are definitely on the hell bound train.


DEN said...

Sleep train for me zzzzzzzz

Jeanne said...

Norm has a habit of doing that...I mean figuring out how the wind is blowing. When Bush was flying high he was in Bush's lap. He convinced the former mayor of St. Paul to follow him and that guy got squished. I think Norm is history.

Jeanne said...

Global Warming=climate change. We are the main problem. We just keep screwing up everything. And we have the brains to do it.

Gerald said...

DEN, the easiest thing America can do is to start wars. What is hard is to present an environment to say "no" to wars. With regard to abortion we must present an environment where a woman would rather have the baby come to full term rather than to decide "yes" or "no" to an abortion. This requires a government that truly values human life. I will never believe that Hitler Bush values human life. I give a point of view that tries to present issues that will help to improve the environment for the delivery of a baby. The rich can horde all their money but they must stand up for human life and not for more money for their bank accounts. I use the word Nazi because if the hat fits a Nazi must wear it. I know from posting on Dancing with Fools and Alternate Reality that there are many good Americans. I use words like Nazi, fascist, religious right, neocons, etc. to disrupt a person's comfort zone. People become upset when their comfort zone is shaken.


Gerald said...

Praying Each Day: February 7

King Hitler George is very similar to King Henry VIII. Congress has passed laws that give King George permission to murder, to start wars, and to drop nuclear weapons on any nation of King Hitler Bush's choosing.

Hitler Bush is not defending America. He is relegating America to eternal hell through his policies and programs.

Gerald said...

A Perfect Example of Hitler Bush Being Pro-Death

Gerald said...

Hitler Bush reduces funds for health care but asks Congress for $700 plus billion for the Iraq war. When will people start to believe me that Hitler Bush is pro-death?

Yet, Nazi America loves this worm!!!

Gerald said...

Reason for not sending more troops to Iraq

Gerald said...

And where is the missing Money (millions of money) already sent to Iraq? And why were our troops sent without the right equipment in the beginning of this mismanged so-called war? And why should we send more money? These questions and more should be debated because they are important questions and because we live in a democracy, not a Dictatorship, although it is beginning to look like one.

The American people must have a debate on these issues and we will. The awful fact is that Lies got us into this war and only the Truth will get us out.

Gerald said...

It is time for me to count sheep and sleep.

Micki said...

Hi, Jeanne!

I was wondering about you, the cold and all.

Micki said...

Gerald, I hope this explanation from Paul Bremer satisfies you and all those who are looking to play the blame game. Dan Burton (R-IN) (isn't he the one who shot watermelons in his backyard to demonstrate to reporters that Vince Foster didn't commit suicide??) puts in his 2 cents, too. Whew! Thank goodness for these guys, true patriots!

"We were in the middle of a war, working in very difficult conditions, and we had to move quickly to get this Iraqi money working for the Iraqi people," Bremer told lawmakers. He said there was no banking system and it would have been impossible to apply modern accounting standards in the midst of a war.

"I acknowledge that I made mistakes and that, with the benefit of hindsight, I would have made some decisions differently," Bremer said.

Republicans argued that Bremer and the CPA staff did the best they could under the circumstances and accused Democrats of trying to score political points over the increasingly unpopular Iraq war.

"We are in a war against terrorists, to have a blame meeting isn't, in my opinion, constructive," said Rep. Dan Burton, an Indiana Republican.

Micki said...

Can you even imagaine if someone in the Clinton administration had tried to use this as an excuse for "misplacing" billions of dollars????

He said there was no banking system and it would have been impossible to apply modern accounting standards...


Saladin said...

DEN and everyone, that pelosi article was also picked up by Raw Story, people aren't perfect. That site usually get things right and certainy DOESN'T revel in bad news, and neither do I. I posted the correction right away at AR.
As for more tax, between the panic crowd carbon tax, and the health insurance tax and the war on terror tax we will all soon be working for an outright socialist govt. who will be taking 90% of our money and deciding what to do with it. I guess that was bound to happen. People always want to be taken care, even if they are being skinned alive in the process. Now THAT is depressing. Quite a coincidence that all these taxes are to save us from something that you can't really touch or control, and given to govt. entities that are notorious for taking care of no one but themselves. Forgotten history is doomed to be repeated.