Monday, February 26, 2007


Director Davis Guggenheim (L), former Vice President Al Gore and singer Melissa Etheridge celebrate their film 'An Inconvenient Truth' winning the Oscar for Best Documentary Feature at the 79th Annual Academy Awards Governors

The verdict is in and so is Global Warming. Finally recognized as a forewarning of things to come,' An Inconvenient Truth' shows the dangers ahead for our planet if we do not change our ways.

Congratulations to all involved in it's production, the message is out, Global Warming is here and here to stay.



Micki said...

I am so grateful to Al Gore and for his his role in shifting public opinion on global warming.

A man of integrity! And vision!

Micki said...


WASHINGTON (AP) --A juror was dismissed from the trial of former White House aide I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby on Monday after court officials learned she had been exposed to information about the case over the weekend.

U.S. District Judge Reggie B. Walton ordered the juror removed, saying "what she had exposure to obviously disqualifies her." The judge declined to say what information the juror had seen.

Walton said the remaining jurors had not been tainted. He said he would allow deliberations to continue with 11 jurors rather than calling on one of two alternate jurors.

"They should continue with their deliberations and I will emphasize again the importance of not having contact with any outside information," Walton said.

Attorneys and the judge began questioning each juror Monday after one juror apparently saw or read something about the case over the weekend.

Walton had ordered jurors to avoid contact with media coverage of former White House aide I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby's monthlong trial. He said Monday that one juror was exposed to information about the trial over the weekend.

Jurors occasionally saw some news coverage during the monthlong trial. Unlike those incidents, Walton said Monday that he worried that the information may have been passed to several jurors. He said each juror would be questioned behind closed doors.

The decision came as jurors began their fourth day of deliberations in the case and raised the possibility of a mistrial if jurors had been prejudiced in the highly publicized and politically charged case.

Libby, the former chief of staff to Vice President Dick Cheney, is accused of lying and obstructing the investigation into the 2003 leak of CIA operative Valerie Plame's identity.

DEN said...

Eisenhower's Worst Nightmare Now Harsh Reality For U.S.A

By John Hanchette

02/20/0 "Niagara Falls Reporter " - -- OLEAN -- I have come to believe Dwight David Eisenhower, our 34th president, is one of the most underrated and unappreciated men ever to hold that office.

Until recently, Eisenhower was generally regarded as a terrific general (commander of all Allied Forces in World War II) but mediocre president. Now, he is proving to be one of the most prescient visionaries of our modern age.

All of my high school years occurred during Ike's second term. Think "Happy Days" of TV fame, with Fonzi and the malt shop. To most parents, the biggest crisis seemed to be this terrible rock 'n' roll music that was sweeping the nation and corrupting our youth. The new dance sensation the Twist (in which partners never even touched each other) was banned at my high school, despite being downright puritanical by today's standards.

The White House coverage was pretty boring, and so was Ike. The American public loved him because not much all that bad was happening and he'd gotten us out of the Korean War, but he was viewed by most commentators as an unimaginative avuncular type.

Young people paid so little attention to him that my birth cohort was dubbed the Apathetic Generation. (We dispelled that unfair tag when Vietnam came along.)

Eisenhower, however, in January of 1961, in his last speech before vacating the White House to make room for the just-elected John F. Kennedy, warned America of a "disastrous rise of misplaced power" if we continued allowing the germination of a new historical entity he called "the military-industrial complex."

Very few Americans knew what the heck Eisenhower was talking about. We do now.

More here

Sinister goings on prove the need for genuine oversight by Congress to stop the bleeding of money in this corrupt system.


David B. Benson said...

Michael T. Klare on TomDispatch!

Gerald said...

Congratulations Al!!! The Nazi Americans in Florida screwed you in 2000 through fraud but this time Florida's fraud and chads could not hold you back from winning the Oscar. You are the main man. Al, I believe your true calling may be documentaries about our planet from global warming to disease to human trafficking, etc.

Screw the presidency!!! It is a job for murderers and war criminals.

If you love to murder, torture, and inflict pain and suffering upon humanity, only the twisted and psycho personalities need apply to be the president.

Gerald said...

Libby walks!!!!!

Micki said...

Roundup of Violence in Iraq - Feb. 26, 2007
By Laith Hammoudi
McClatchy Newspapers

The Iraq violence report is compiled by McClatchy Newspapers in Baghdad from police, military and medical reports. This is not a comprehensive list of all violence in Iraq, much of which goes unreported. It’s posted without editing as transmitted to McClatchy’s Washington Bureau.


The source: the MOI operation room

-- Two policemen were killed and a third one was injured in an IED explosion that targeted their patrol in Rustomiya neighborhood south Baghdad at 8:30 a.m.

-- Two civilians were killed and four were wounded when a mortar shell fell in Al Nidhal St. downtown Baghdad at 10:00

-- At 11:00 am, insurgents attacked today a center of civil defense unit in Al Mansour neighborhood in western Baghdad. the insurgents used machineguns and grenades in their attack. The attack claimed the lives of three policemen in the center wounding another three of them.

-- The Iraqi vice president Adil Abdul Mahdi (the Shiite vice from SCIRI) survived today an assassination attempt targeted him while he was inside the building of the labors and municipalities in Al Mansour neighborhood in western Baghdad. The explosion which was implemented by an IED took place near the door of the meeting room where Abdul Mahdi was meeting with the minister of municipalities Reyadh Ghareeb. The explosion happened at 11:30 am, claiming the lives of 5 civilians, four of them are directors, a general director, three women directors, the director of accounting, the director of auditing and a director a department in addition to an employee. 31 others were injured. A statement by the presidency council issued after the incident confirmed that Adil Abdul Mahdi was injured lightly and he returned to work.

-- 18 anonymous bodies were found today in baghdad. 15 bodies were found in Karkh, the western part of Baghdad, in the following neighborhoods: 3 bodies in Hurriya, 2 bodies each in Baiyaa, Saidiya and Hay Al Amil. One body was found in each of Abo Disheer, Mansour, Kadhimiya, Dora, Al Shorta Al Rabi’aa and Salhiya. Three bodies were found in Rosafa, the eastern part of Baghdad, one body each in of Ubaidi neighborhood, Al Ameen, and near Al Sinak bridge.

Diyala province

-- A military source in the 5th Iraqi army division revealed last night late that 20 insurgents were killed and 9 IEDs were defused during the first day of the military operation in Al Tahreer neighborhood south Baquba city. The operation is implemented by the 5th division supported by the MNF helicopters. The source talked about clashes inside the area because some insurgents used the houses as safe houses. Some guided missiles were launched towards some locations used by the snipers who tried to stop the military forces.


-- The spokesman of the MNF in the south of Iraq Katy Brown said that 15 insurgents clashed with a British patrol north of Alk Hussein neighborhood (9 KMs west of Basra). According to the spokesman, 3 of them were injured. The spokesman added that a British vehicle was damaged when it crashed into a fuel tank south Basra. The spokesman also said that two British bases were attacked, Sa’ie base and Shat Al Arab hotel base were attacked last night without recording any casualties.



Gerald said...

Money talks in Nazi America!!!!!

Gerald said...

Nazi America worships money, nuclear weapons laced with depleted uranium, and the words of George Hitler.

Gerald said...

If the nuclear weapon does not kill or deform you, the DU will do the job!!!!!

Micki said...

Gerald, is that a prediction? Or has he actually walked? I haven't seen anything about a verdict yet.

After questioning jurors behind closed doors, however, Walton said the remaining seven women and four men were not affected. Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald Walton asked the judge to call on one of two alternates, both women, who sat through the trial and are on standby.

But Walton said that would require deliberations to begin fresh and said he didn't want to "throw away two and a half days" of discussions. Instead, he sided with Libby's lawyers and allowed deliberations to continue with 11 jurors -- something allowed under federal law in such situations.

"They should continue with their deliberations and I will emphasize again the importance of not having contact with any outside information," Walton said.

The woman who was dismissed from the jury is an art history expert and scholar who formerly served as a curator of prints at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. She was also the only juror who did not wear a red T-shirt as part of the jury's Valentine's Day greeting to the court.

DEN said...

Raining buckets here today!

Maybe snow tomorrow!

Global Chilling, BRRRRR!

Micki said...

Michael T. Klare's prediction of bush's upcoming address to the nation:

Further diplomacy, he will insist, appears futile and yet Iran must be stopped. Hence, he will say, "I have made the unavoidable decision to eliminate this vital threat through direct military action," and will announce -- in language eerily reminiscent of his address to the nation on March 19, 2003 -- that a massive air offensive against Iran has already been underway for several hours.

DEN said...

My money is on the false flag incident, it seems to be their favorite ploy to allow a supposedly justified war, ever since 9/11.

Just can't use it too often.

Folks would become suspicious.

Gerald said...

micki, it's a prediction. I believe a hung jury or not guilty will be the verdict. After that the big news go to Nicole Smith and her remains and what happens to Nicole's daughter. You know, micki, the real news.

Gerald said...

Here is a definite decision. Nazi America will nuke Iran!!!!!!!!!!

DEN said...

Iraqi cabinet approves draft oil law
Published: Monday February 26, 2007

Iraq's cabinet approved Monday a draft law on oil revenues -- a key plank in moves to reunite the war-torn country -- and will submit it to parliament for approval, Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki said.

The law aims to distribute revenues from crude oil exports equitably across 18 provinces and open the sector to foreign investors. It has been a subject of fierce debate among leaders from Iraq's bitterly divided factions.

"This law has been based on our national interest. It will encourage the bringing together of all component parts of the Iraqi people," Maliki told a news conference.

"This law is a gift to all the Iraqi people," he added.

Iraq has the third largest proven shares of crude reserves in the world, and oil exports are its single most important source of revenue, despite frequent insurgent attacks on oil facilities.

Since the US invasion of March 2003, which overthrew Sunni dictator Saddam Hussein, divisions between Iraq's communities of Shiite Arabs, Sunni Arabs and Kurds have erupted into open hostility and sectarian bloodshed.

Most current oil production is in the Shiite south, and the best prospects for future discoveries in the Kurdish north -- while the northern oil city of Kirkuk is disputed between Kurdish and Arab leaders.

US officials have repeatedly urged the Iraqis to adopt a consensus law on sharing revenues and on international investment in order to head off future conflict and allow the oil sector to develop.

Parliament is due to meet in the coming weeks and can be expected to approve the bill quickly, as all parties have been involved in drafting it.

"This law is one of the most important achievements in Iraq since the voting of the constitution," said planning minister Ali Baban.

"There was clear participation of all political movements in this law, which will boost national unity. This law will create a single oil revenue stream for all Iraqis," he said.

Baban added that foreign oil majors had been waiting for such a law to be passed before deciding on investing in Iraq's oil industry, which badly needs foreign direct investment after three decades of war and economic sanctions.

Thats what it is all about!
Now quit shooting each other and start raking in money with the help of BIG oil.

DEN said...


Micki said...

Gerald -- The scuttlebutt is that the juror who was ousted tainted herself purposely, so that she would get thrown off.

I wonder why she would do that, if indeed she did.

I'll place my bet on a hung jury.

David B. Benson said...

And stay and stay and stay...

DEN said...

I bet guilty as charged.


DEN said...

Swingin scooter! oh yea!

String up Chainster next!!

War criminals!

DEN said...

Over 30000 died because of their lies

Micki said...

Dr. B, I have learned from your posts, for which I am grateful.

What does emesisating mean? (From the other blog.)

Is that a neologism?

Alan said...

Froomkin is always a good read.

The Omnipresent Vice President

Alan said...

hahaha This chik thinks Australia's Howard looks alot like Cheney and posts this picture of 'em together, even dressed the same.

Twice the fun

Omg, let's totally wear the blue suits with the baby-blue ties on Saturday! It will be like, soooooo cute!

Hajji said...


Emesisating...from the noun "emesis", or "vomitus".

First time I've ever read the verb form, though.


Micki said...

Oh, thanks, Hajji!

I should have figured that out! I've only used the word this way:

I always take an anti-emetic when I watch bush's SOTU address, therefore I don't have to borrow Gerald's bucket.

DEN said...

Helps having a Medical professional on the blog!!
Nu post! not much, recovering dental surgery today. OUCH!!