Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Ron Paul

Congress Racing to Spend
$1 Trillion on Iraq
by Rep. Ron Paul

Two weeks ago I discussed how Congress and the administration use our fiat money system to literally create some of the funds needed to prosecute our ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. We've already spent more than $500 billion in Iraq, mostly through supplemental spending bills that are not part of the normal appropriations and budget process. But with costs soaring and no end to the war in sight, yet another supplemental spending bill must be passed soon – and both parties in Congress are only too willing to provide the money under the guise of supporting the troops.

Never mind that the American people showed their dissatisfaction with the war in the fall elections. Congress lacks the political will to stand up to the administration and assert its power over the purse strings, and too many vested interests in the defense sector benefit from the supplemental bills. A cynic might even suggest that many Democrats want the war to drag on, despite their supposed opposition, to damage the president politically and benefit them in 2008. But whatever the reason, the money for war keeps flowing.

Defense Department officials will ask Congress for the next supplemental bill in coming weeks. The amount requested is likely to be at least $140 billion. If we stay in Iraq beyond 2007 – and the administration has made it clear that we will – the bill to American taxpayers easily could top one trillion dollars in another year or two.

I doubt very seriously that most Americans think the war in Iraq is worth one trillion dollars. Even those who do must face the reality that the federal government simply doesn't have the money. Congress continues to spend more than the Treasury raises in taxes year after year, by borrowing money abroad or simply printing it. Paying for war with credit is reckless and stupid, but paying for war by depreciating our currency is criminal.

Even the most modest suggestions for controlling spending in Iraq have been rejected. Some in Congress argued that reconstruction money should be paid back when Iraq's huge oil reserves resume operation. Another idea was to find dollar-for-dollar offsets in the rest of the federal budget for every dollar spent in Iraq. But the administration adamantly opposed both ideas. Budget cuts are unpopular, and the profits from Iraqi oil will never compensate American taxpayers.

The mentality in Washington is simple: avoid hard choices at all costs; spend money at will; ignore deficits; inflate the money supply as needed; and trust that the whole mess somehow will be taken care of by unprecedented economic growth in the future.

We have embarked on the most expensive nation-building experiment in history. We seek nothing less than to rebuild Iraq's judicial system, financial system, legal system, transportation system, and political system from the top down – all with hundreds of billion of U.S. tax dollars. We will pay to provide job training for Iraqis; we will pay to secure Iraq's borders; we will pay for housing, health care, social services, utilities, roads, schools, jails, and food in Iraq. In doing so, we will saddle future generations of Americans with billions in government debt. The question of whether Iraq is worth this much to us is one Congress should answer now – by refusing another nickel for supplemental spending bills.


DEN said...

It's really all about money isn't it?

Spending it is the American way.

But why spend it on Iraq when we need so much right here in America?

Because we simply have no choice. The neo-con death cult is in charge and they know what is best for them and will not let something little like the American people deviate them from their course.

What is the course?
Better ask them, no wait, better tell them, they apparently do not know either.

Gerald said...

The Nazis live on in the Republican Party

Saladin said...

DEN, maybe it's just me but the right side of the article seems to be cut off.

Gerald said...

Does Bush Have Any Credibility

Micki said...

Deadly fungus prompts B.C. travel alert

Forget the earthquake -- there's a fungus among us

Cryptococcus gattii, a microscopic pathogen normally found in tropical or subtropical locales in Australia, Africa, India or South America, was first identified on Vancouver Island in 2001. Many suspect that global warming has recently enabled the one-celled organism to thrive in the trees, soil, water and air along the island's east coast.

While chances of contracting C. gattii remain low, the airborne cells and spores can lodge deep in the lungs, leading to pneumonia. The fungus can also attack the central nervous system and result in meningitis. As of December, 165 people had been infected and eight have died.

Animals have been hardest hit. In Washington state, C. gattii killed a cat and sickened two others in Whatcom County, a former state public health veterinarian, Almira Jane Leslie, told The Herald of Everett last fall.

Gerald said...

War with Iran is a Nazi America's glorious project

DEN said...

Sal, I try to eliminate the 'Right' whenever possible!!

They are mostly Wrong!!

Better have some more coffee!

Micki said...

Ron Paul has said: if we're going to have a war, let's face the costs – both human and economic – squarely. Congress has no business hiding the costs of war through accounting tricks....

The problem is that government finances war by borrowing and printing money, rather than presenting a bill directly in the form of higher taxes. When the costs are obscured, the question of whether any war is worth it becomes distorted....

Congress should at least fund the war in an honest way so the American people can judge for themselves.

Okay, Mr. Paul, step up to the plate and push for a bill for higher taxes -- take the war funding problem directly to the people. Be a leader. Push, push, push for a "war tax." If the American people had to "sacrifice" through higher taxes -- a dedicated "war tax" -- this damned war would end more quickly.

Saladin said...

DEN, isn't Ron Paul, as a Libertarian, considered right leaning? Strange, when I pull up the article as part of the comments it is fine, but on the main page it is cut short. Anyway, he is absolutely right, and he is the only one who will even talk about our seriously fucked up monetary system.
BTW, I've had PLENTY of coffee!

DEN said...

Sal, OK, OK, I'll lay off the coffee jokes.
My page looks OK so I am not sure what you see exactly.

It is good to know not everyone is in financial la la land, oblivious to the damage being caused.

War tax would definitely get some attention, but would be and effort in futility.

Nothing will change until the death cult is deposed.

Saladin said...

To preserve the independence of the people, we must not let our rulers load us with perpetual debt. We must make our election between economy and liberty, or profusion and servitude. Considering the general tendency to multiply offices and dependencies, and to increase expense to the ultimate term of burden which the citizen can bear, may it never be seen here that … government shall itself consume the residue of what it was instituted to guard. To take from one, because it is thought that his own industry and that of his fathers has acquired too much, in order to spare to others who, or whose fathers have not exercised equal industry and skill, is to violate arbitrarily the first principle of association, "the guaranty to every one of a free exercise of his industry, and the fruits acquired by it."

~ Thomas Jefferson
Letter to Samuel Kercheval (12 July 1816)

[I]f experience teaches us anything at all it teaches us this: that a good politician, under democracy, is quite as unthinkable as an honest burglar. His very existence, indeed, is a standing subversion of the public good in every rational sense. He is not one who serves the common weal; he is simply one who preys upon the commonwealth.

~ H.L. Mencken, "The Politician"
Prejudices: A Selection (4th Series, 1924)

The largest employer in the world announced on Dec. 15 that it lost about $450 billion in fiscal 2006. Its auditor found that its financial statements were unreliable and that its controls were inadequate for the 10th straight year. On top of that, the entity’s total liabilities and unfunded commitments rose to about $50 trillion, up from $20 trillion in just six years. If this announcement related to a private company, the news would have been on the front page of major newspapers. Unfortunately, such was not the case – even though the entity is the U.S. Government.

To put the figures in perspective, $50 trillion is $440,000 per American household and is more than nine times as much as the median household income. The only way elected officials will be able to make the tough choices necessary to put our nation on a more prudent and sustainable long-term fiscal path is if opinion leaders state the facts and speak the truth to the American people … We hope the media and other opinion leaders do their part to save the future for our children and grandchildren.

~ David M. Walker
Comptroller General of the United States
"America’s Red Ink" (The Washington Post, 24 December 2006)

Avoid the Rush: Prepare Now for America’s Bankruptcy
Jeffersonian liberalism, do liberals today even know what it is? For those who have forgotten, or never really knew, a quick summary:

A Return to Liberalism's Jeffersonian Roots

Saladin said...

DEN, read the article I posted, then tell me how much good more another tax will do. The only good that may come is to spark a revolution, but I'm not holding my breath. Economically speaking the USA is doomed, and no amount of tax will fix it. We have a bandaid covering a fatal wound, and it is bleeding badly.

Micki said...

Here's how the WAR TAX would work. Tax the super rich. Levy a surcharge on their income, stock options, retirement programs, golden parachutes, etc. Most of bush's tax cuts have gone to the wealthy. They have NOT PAID ANYTHING for this goddamned war. In fact, they are raking in the dough with their war profits.

Well, tax the bejesus out of them. The Democrats should wise up and impose a WAR TAX on the super wealthy to pay for these wars of choice. The super wealthy group doesn't support Dems anyway. The super rich are not Dem constitutients. bush and his boyfriends listen to the gazillionaires, oilionnaires, etc. Tax 'em often and tax 'em high.

Then you'd see those "over-taxed" greedy bastards appealing to GWB to stop the warmongering and move on.

Mr. Paul should STFU until he's ready to step up to the plate and DEMAND higher taxes on the super rich.

Otherwise, he's all talk and no action.

Saladin said...

The dems are part and parcel of the super wealthy. That is why they will never impose such a tax. Mr. Paul is wise enough to know how the game works. All talk and no action can be applied to 90% of our politicians. The other 10% can truthfully say they have no power to make necessary changes. Isn't that what the dems have been using as an excuse for the past 6 years?

DEN said...

REVOLUTION!!! against long-winded articles with NO answers!

Lot of good stats but no solutions.

We know what the questions are but what are the answers?

Continuing the plodding onward to financial oblivion, only the currently rich have a remote chance of surviving a major financial crisis.

We the little people are DOOMED!

Carey said...

I'm not sure why neocons don't understand that national security starts at home. Keep the streets clean, keep the people happy and fed and you have a secure country. No breeding ground for ill-will.

Go out and attack other countries "preemptively"? One breeds and creates ill-will.

2 + 2 = 4.


That fungus alert is scary.


Yes, on my screen the right margin is slightly cut off.

DEN said...

OKIE DOKIE I fixed the post(I think)

Carey said...

Iran: Anatomy of a Lie

Or how the United States intends to blame Iran for 170 deaths.

Isn't it convenient for both the American media and the public that Iran decided to time stamp its illegal weapons shipments in English?

DEN said...

These people are unscrupulous!

They must be shut down!

ATTENTION STEPFORD!!!! The existence you have come to enjoy is soon about to end unless you get off your collective, cell phone talking, gas guzzling SUV, Brie eating asses and help the rest of us fight these war mongering idiots!

Carey said...


How's this for more crime links with the Bush family to add to your "literal" Nazis join Republicans link?

This was buried the other day.

Bush Uncle Linked to Options Lawsuit

Defendants' backdating benefited a board he was on, the SEC alleges.

Carey said...

As I said somewhere a few days back, one of the biggest stories to come out of January-February is Cheney's predominance over all.

Cheneyco has so twisted around just who we are fighting in Iraq to facilitate the Iran war propaganda, he's confused himself I'll bet. He was already way down the road of fantasy. That ought to be easy to catch, one would hope.

What Fox News won't tell you

There have already been some particularly stellar examples of shoddy journalism regarding the administration's claims about Iranian arms flowing to Iraq. But an article on Fox News' Web site today is one of the more illustrative examples of how, when it comes to the administration's arguments on the issue, logic -- as well any perspective of the reality of the situation in Iraq -- is simply being thrown out the window.

Let's say for the sake of argument that the administration is right on two key points: that Iranian arms are indeed flowing into Iraq and that it's happening with the approval of the Iranian government. Even if that's true, there's still a big logical hole in the reasoning of much of the press's reporting on the issue. That's especially true of this article, beginning in just the first sentence: "The White House stuck to its guns Monday, insisting it had clear evidence that Tehran approved the shipment of weapons -- including deadly bomb-making materials -- to Shiite militants for use against U.S. forces in Iraq."

What's the problem there? Well, simply that weapons supplied by Iran to Shiite militias would be far more likely to be used in sectarian violence against Sunnis than against U.S. troops. As Salon contributor Juan Cole has already pointed out on his blog, the majority -- by far -- of U.S. deaths in Iraq are caused by Sunnis, not Shiites. Beyond that, the weapons allegedly supplied by Iran are flowing to U.S. allies in Iraq.

That, of course, is what Fox won't tell you. It does refer, obliquely, to "a December raid on the Hakim compound in Baghdad." That would be the compound of Abdel Aziz al-Hakim, the leader of SCIRI, a Shiite party that is the largest of any in Iraq's Parliament. Hakim was a guest at the White House, where he met with the president, in December. And, as we've previously discussed, in an interview with documentary filmmaker Martin Smith, the SCIRI's militia, the Badr Corps, is a dominating presence in Iraq's police force.

One of the better examples of how to do reporting on this story the right way is over at Time magazine, in a piece by Charles Crain -- it's here.

-- Alex Koppelman

Gerald said...

Carey, the Bush family is nothing more than scumbags. Fortunately, the family has the reichwing media with them to cover up their slimeball lives. I guess only people with horseshit character run for president in our devil incarnate country.

The shit is rising to the top and soon we will all suffocate to death.

There can be no doubt that the devil has control over Nazi America.

Gerald said...

Iran War Talking Points

DEN said...


Iran make AK47 rifles?

Iran make Kalashnikov's?

Iran make Russian RPGS?

Getting reeeel tired of bullshit from the goomers intent on framing Iran to further their own agenda!

Gerald said...

The motivation for attacking Iran was laid out in 2000 by the PNAC, and as early as 1992 in defense planning guidance -- written for then-Secretary of Defense Dick Cheney by then-Pentagon staffers I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby, World Bank Chief Paul Wolfowitz, and ambassador-nominee to the United Nations Zalmay Khalilzad.

If the motivation for attacking Iran was aid to Iraqi resisters, the U.S. would be attacking Saudi Arabia too.

There is no evidence that Iran has nukes. NIE in 2005 said 2015 was the earliest Iran could have them.

There is no evidence that the government of Iran is involved in aiding Iraqis, a fact that Peter Pace agrees with.

The evidence that anyone in Iran is aiding Iraqis is weak. The intelligence community has refused to take part. The military is making these claims. The Iran Directorate is no more reliable (or legal) than was the Office of Special Plans. Those presenting the case are refusing to use their names or to allow any cameras in the room.

Gerald said...

The idea that Iraqis cannot produce roadside bombs of the type described by the U.S. military is absurd. And what makes it laughable is that four years ago, the White House was telling us that Iraqis could produce long-range missiles, unmanned aerial vehicles, nukes, and chemical and biological weapons.

The people pitching this Iran story are the same ones who lied to us about Iraq. And they've been lying to us about Iran in recent months, including claiming that Iran kicked out IAEA inspectors, which the IAEA denied; claiming North Korea was helping Iran with nukes, which N Korea denied and evidence refuted; and blaming incidents in Iraq on Iranian-trained fighters – claims that the facts have conflicted with.

In 1976 President Ford offered Iran the nuclear technology it is now trying to develop in the face of US opposition. In 2003, Iran proposed negotiations with the United States with everything on the table, including its nuclear technology. Bush refused.

Bush's threats and provocations are boosting support in Iran for a militaristic leader.

Threats by that leader do not justify war.

If you want to keep Iran from developing nuclear weapons, talk to Iran, work with Iran, and keep the inspectors in. Inspections worked with Iraq.

Attacking Iran would be a catastrophe for Iranians, Israelis, Americans, and others. A war could escalate dramatically.

War is a decision for Congress, not for an American monarch.

Gerald said...

Cheney in Your Face

Gerald said...

One can even make a reasonably good case for referring to Cheney as a "DickWad," simply because he is a Dick and his neoconservative world view is a wad. In Dick's case, we are talking about a world view that knows nothing of human rights and nothing of democracy, a world view that only goes back a few decades to the emergence of "neoconservatism" in the U.S.

Gerald said...

"Cheney was one of the original neocon signers of the Project for a New American Century -- a blueprint published in 1997 for the United State to dominate the Middle East politically and militarily in the aftermath of the Cold War"(4). Cheney's administration relies on the loyalty of religious people to provide blind support in the absence of factual knowledge.

In other words, Cheney suffers, not from a "collective psychosis"(5) because very few people would actually believe the neoconservative world view, if given a choice, because it is based in the maintenance of despotism. Cheney suffers from his own "cultural psychosis" by virtue of the Abrahamic roots of neoconservatism that have nothing whatsoever to do with human rights and democracy.

Gerald said...

The lunatics are running the asylums.

Gerald said...

Gearing Up for War

Gerald said...

It's frightening to realize that one of every three Americans is bonkers. They think George W. Bush is a good president, doing a good job. They cling to the belief that the war in Iraq was essential for national security and, although there have been some setbacks, the United States will prevail and "victory is our only option."

DEN said...

Lets let the Army tell us what kind of weapons are being used against our troops, HERE

None of those Iranian weapons are listed, HMMMMMMM

The lead in:

Feb 05, 2007
BY American Forces Press Service

WASHINGTON (American Forces Press Service, Feb. 4, 2007) - Coalition and Iraqi security forces killed terrorists and discovered multiple weapons caches throughout Iraq over the last three days.

Gerald said...

We must be very careful

DEN said...

By the looks of the weapons they found we better bomb half the world, because that's who is supplying the stuff.

Singling out Iran is pure folly.

Gerald said...

If reporters could all stop the heavy breathing for a moment, they might ask the folks at the White House and in the Pentagon to explain why those bombs that they displayed as "evidence" of Iranian perfidy had English words and numbers on them, instead of Persian.

I understand that Iranian manufacturers use English to identify products produced for export, but these devices--if they are Iranian--aren't really part of their general export product list.

That's not to say that Iran is not involved in any of the fighting in Iraq. It would be astounding if they were not, being as they are right next door and have an intense interest in the future of Iraq, a country that fought an eight-year US-supported war against them not long ago. But I think it raises questions about the quality of the US evidence purporting to prove that Iran is providing bombs that can pierce American armored vehicles.

Of course there are other reasons to doubt the administration too, besides the simple fact that it has shown itself to be seriously truth-challenged. A major problem is that most of the Americans who have died in Iraq, and who are continuing to die in Iraq, are being killed by Sunni fighters, and Iran has been backing the Shia side there, not the Sunnis.

Gerald said...

Hitler Bush and his whole Nazi cabal are TRUTH-CHALLENGED!!! They do possess a mental disorder. Liars have serious psychopathology.

Gerald said...

Nazi America is a truth-challenged nation!!!!!

Gerald said...

DEN, Nazi America sells 70% of WMDs. We have a monopoly on the sale of WMDs.

Nazi America is an evil, vile, and wicked country.

Gerald said...

Let us take the time to sing the World's National Anthem

Gerald said...

We should always remember that God has given His angels a command to guard us in all our ways!!!

Gerald said...

Personally, I believe that Nazi America has sold their WMDs around the world and nations have been storing up these WMDs for the right time, such as protecting themselves against Nazi America's endless wars against humanity.

Nazi America is an evil, vile, and wicked country.

Gerald said...

Break It Up

Gerald said...

I have felt for at least a generation that Nazi America should be broken up up into several countries.

Our Supreme Court is horseshit ane we can do without it.

Our Congress is also horseshit and we can do without it.

Our pesident is horseshit and we can do without him or her.

Breaking up Nazi America into several countries would help these several countries to be closer to the people.


DEN said...

Gerald, are you saying some revision is needed?

We could start at the top and go right down the list of neo-pinheads, boot all that profess war to support a country that has NO friends.

Next boot all that like money so much they would cheat and lie to get it.

Next boot the judges and lawyers that let criminals run loose in the streets.

Next boot those that drive diesel pickups in the left lane too slow.

Next boot ALL the people in the left lane driving slow.

Ahh, feels better already!

Gerald said...

Here are some thoughts from G.K. Chesterton, the Apostle of Commonsense.

Government and commerce should not grow too large because people will not control government and commerce. They will control us. Under Reagan and Bush II governments have ballooned. You cannot have a moral government from an immoral government. Today, America has an immoral government.

The voice of God is important in a democracy. A false god will lead us astray. Enemies of the families are the enemies of democracy. The Bush’s policies hurt families. For democracy to work we must value the family. Democracy is from the bottom up and not top down. Freedom is independence. The Bush’s policies are to enslave Americans. Self-denial is the test of self-government. Self-government is thinking for ourselves. We must do things for ourselves but Bush and his band of goons and thieves want to control our thought processes and what we do in our lives and what we do for our lives.

Big business and big government are bad for democracy. Corporations want to control Americans and the world population. We have lost commonsense because we have lost a common heritage.

We live by the wage. Wage slavery is still slavery. Servile state is inconsistent with democracy. Property is a form of democracy. Distribution is a form of democracy. God wants all of us to share in the goods and goodness of our planet. Human happiness should be our end in a democracy. The Bush’s policies will enslave and make Americans and the world population miserable. A small salary is eternal slavery. The Bush and his band of goons and thugs do not want to increase the minimum wage on a continuing basis so that we will remain eternal slaves to corporations, bushites, and Bush.

Democracy is difficult. Democracy must be concerned with justice. The Patriot Acts remove justice. For democracy to work we must love God and we must love our neighbor. The Bush’s policies have us hating our neighbors.

Yes, the time is now to break up Nazi America.

Gerald said...

DEN, G.k. Chesterton presents some good points on big government and big corporations. Bigness keeps us away from direct contact with our elected officials who are in the hip pockets of corporations.

Wait until we have 600 million people in our country by 2050. We will not just be mushrooms to be kept in the dark and fed shit but will will be like scurvy rats in a maze.

Gerald said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Gerald said...

Frosty has an interesting website

Gerald said...

Once we double to 600 million, we’ll grow toward 1 billion. India and China proved they could do it. Bangladesh proved it could cram 129 million people into a landmass the size of Ohio. They took it to the limit; however, their societies allow the least human dignity, freedom and opportunity. They suffer so many consequences they can’t solve them. Thus, their citizens live in a kind of living lockdown.

Gerald said...

Nazi Americans' future is a LIVING LOCKDOWN!!!

DEN said...

• The U.S. absorbs more environmental refugees than all other nations combined. How many annually? One million legally and two to three million illegally add themselves to America each year.

How many people die every year?

There would be a net gain or loss, depending on that.

Gerald said...

Currently, we are living in a LOCK-UP inside Hitler Bush's concentration camps.

Hitler Bush is preparing us for our LIVING LOCKDOWN.

Gerald said...

DEN, under Hitler Bush's policies and programs more Americans will die from lack of health care. He must make certain that 4 million Americans die every year in order to absorb the new immigrants coming into our country.

Gerald said...

DEN, as you will recall the Project for a New American Century seeks to annihilate 6 billion human beings because they believe that our planet can only sustain 500 million people.

Carey said...

An interesting solution to stopping Cheney:

The World Can Halt Bush’s Crimes By Dumping the Dollar

By Paul Craig Roberts

What would be the consequences of a US or Israeli attack on Iran’s nuclear energy sites?

No delegate at the security conference stood up to state the obvious fact that it is not Russia that is invading countries under pretexts as false as Hitler’s and setting up weapons systems on foreign soil in order to achieve military hegemony.

David B. Benson said...

Carey --- Although not for that reason, PRC is in the process of dumping the dollar...

DEN said...

Carey and Gerald, the story certainly presents a bleak picture of our position in this world.

The world economy is close to total collapse anyway, but with king chimp at the helm it will fade even faster as they piss away money we don't have on their stupid war.

Time for this bunch to go, for the worlds sake.

DEN said...

We will see more people 'snap' as a result of desperation;

A gunman armed with a pump-action shotgun killed five people in a shooting spree through a crowded shopping mall here, as four others died in a separate shooting in a different US city.

Dressed in a trench coat and carrying a backpack, the gunman entered the busy shopping mall in Salt Lake City late Monday and opened fire with the shotgun, police said.

Six people, including the shooter, died.

At about the same time in the eastern city of Philadelphia, a lone gunman entered an office complex and opened fire, leaving at least four people dead, including the attacker.

A fifth person was seriously wounded and rushed to hospital, local media reported.

@ Raw Story

David B. Benson said...

Den --- Just what we need. People defending their Second Amendment rights, by golly...

Saladin said...

DEN, actually, the answer was contained within the article. The problem is it will be painful no matter what. It took many long years to reach this point, it won't be easy to fix it. I wish I could believe it was simply a matter of incompetence.

Carey said...

Yes I heard about the shootings earlier. Salt Lake City!!!!


That Smirking Chimp article on Cheney is to die for! Sock it to him.

Dr B.

I had heard that about China.

Alan said...

Grime and Punishment

Here's some of it, about "24"...

It's easy for me to stop because I've never started. I've seen maybe two complete episodes out of its entire run and pieces of a few others. Not only am I not a torture junkie (the popularity on the right of 24's pulp fiction is proof that the real reason they approve of torture is not because it yields information and saves lives but because they vicariously enjoy the infliction of suffering--it's their favorite brand of porn), a prerequisite for being a regular viewer, but I'm not sure which is more cliched and ridiculous: the Intense Cell Phone Clamped to the Ear conversations or the Straight-Armed Double-Handgripped Gun-Pointing Commando stance; everyone's either barking into the cell or pointing their weapon at the nearest swarthy head and the throbbing doomsday urgency is unrelieved by a single grace note or stray glimpse of fugitive beauty in the post-industrial warehouse sprawl. Politically, aesthetically, 24 is for people who don't get enough fiber from eating the latest issue of Commentary and think acting consists entirely of grimacing.

Carey said...

I got to thinking. Yup, I do that now and then. Obama announcing his candidacy for president in front the Lincoln Memorial. Way too managed a message. The implication being, of course, that Obama is a black candidate for president who associates with the likes of Abe Lincoln who signed the Emancipation Proclamation.

Remember back to the 2006 midterms in Maryland and the black Republican candidate for Congress (can't remember his name). He tried to use Lincoln as a Republican symbol of freedom from slavery.


Then I hear this on Colbert last week. Colbert interviewed Debra Dickerson, an author.

Colbert: Is Barak Obama black?

Dickerson: No. In the American political context black means the son of descendant slaves brought here to labor in the U.S. ...[Obama] is an African African-American. Not my real brother but an adopted brother. We don't have the same descendants.

So he's not black.

Colbert: It sounds like you are judging blackness not as a skin color but as a context for their character

Laughter, no particular response. Geezus! How presumptuous.

David B. Benson said...

Baghdad surges into Hell

on TomDispatch

Carey said...

I forgot to mention!

As I was out dinner shopping, Ed Schultz was on the air with a one-track, loud rampage against the company, Air America. Guess he got canned as part of the bankruptcy. Talk about letting someone have it with both barrels! Did he carry on. Man he was hot under the collar.

David B. Benson said...

Well, I'm done doing my little bit to save America, the climate and the world today.

I suppose I've done better than those inside the beltway...


DEN said...

Speaking of Air America, Marc Maron is going to be on in Al Frankens slot Thu and Fri 9AM to 12PM PST.

New owners look promising, good lineup and coverage could bring them out of the red.

Maron is a hoot! Flaming Liberal-commonsenser with humor attached.

DEN said...

New safety symbols are ready for viewing here.


DEN said...

It's nice to know our congressmen have our best interests at heart.

DEN said...

Dubyas' Poor Daddy.


Micki said...

Carey --

Ed Schultz makes my head hurt.  I've heard Rush Limbaugh's bloviating (by accident) and, IMO, Schultz could be his stand-in for a Rush voiceover.  Yell, yell, yell. Rant, rant, rant.   

Schultz's absence from Air America's lineup is a plus, IMO.  I realize that people can grow and become more liberal when they become better informed but Schultz seems, to me, to be a johnny-come-lately, and possibly an opportunistic one at that.  He once told the Los Angeles Times, that he "lined up with the Republicans because they are anti-tax, and I want to make a lot of money." He considered a run as a Republican for the U.S. House of Representatives in 1994.  Since then, he said he became a Democrat in 2000, although he supported several Republican candidates in that year's election, according to his own talk radio comments.

Good-bye, Ed. I'm glad I hardly knew ya.

Micki said...

There once was a day for the billet-doux,
A letter meant to declare, "I love you,"
But Valentine's Day,
Without the bouquet,
Leaves a guy saying, "I don't have a clue."

•c•arol said...

JUST A THOUGHT: Both blogs are kind of quiet. Nothing going on. Gee, what could liven them up? Hmm, let me think.

How about a disagreement, a little fist-a-cuffs, an argument, a little "incivility". The blogs I've been on have been the most fun when trolls were about (or here where perfect conduct rules) when people disagreed.

That's when the blogging communitiy is the most interesting. That's when we get to know each other. Contributing to a forum should be just that, a forum. Personalities should be allowed to shine through. It's half of what makes it all worth it.

That said, I read a thread on a Detroit Free Press blog tonight and it made me nostalgic for Corn's site. It was fun to watch intelligent people take on a couple guys that were flat out wrong. Made me miss LBH and Happy, et al.