Saturday, March 31, 2007


I found an interesting site by Oberlin College in coincidentally, Oberlin, Ohio that gives you a rundown on the cost of living in a consumption based society.

It can be found here.

My opinion is to produce only what can be recycled 100%, whether it be a lawnmower, or a barbecue grill, or stove, the computers, and phones. Build with recycling in mind.

Non-toxic, naturally produced materials from renewable resources.

We have the technology to do so but the corporatistas are calling the shots and guess what? You get what they say you get, mostly screwed but that's another story.

Recycling is important but restricting consumption to avoid the input on the recycle end is desired. Remember when Grandma had to bring her toaster to the fixit man when it would not work? Now we toss them and buy another one! Reduce consumption and you reduce the trash.

Corporatistas turned us into consumers to keep the money coming in, not to save the Earth, if we did not participate they would have to look at alternatives to producing future waste.

If the products you produce are made with standard paper, glass, and organic plastic without the complicated plastic numbering system, there would be more demand for the used materials. Chemicals need special handling, but most houshold waste could be classified into three areas, cleaners, paint, and pesticides, held and disposed of by companies that produced them.

Those companies producing difficult to dispose of products should required to collect unused or waste products through local representatives, hardware stores could earn money from those companies for collection costs. Thinking outside the box of consumerism.

So what we have is a broken system that produces without regard for disposal when it useful life has ended and as a result more filler for the landfills of America.

The system could work better, lots better, someday it will be if we all chip in.

I know all here are recyclers because you all care what happens here on Earth.


Friday, March 30, 2007


by Matt Bors

by Jen Sorensen

by August J. Pollak

Now that you are FOTFLYAO please donate a verbal contribution to the comments area.

(FOTFLYAO= Falling On The Floor Laughing Your Azzes Off)

Oh yea, thanks Alan

Thursday, March 29, 2007


NSECT Attack Creature, Mattel Toy Corp.
Division of TYCO

If you feel something crawling on your neck, it might be a wasp or a bee. Or it might be something much more dangerous.

Israel is developing a robot the size of a hornet to attack terrorists. And although the prototype will not fly for three years, killer Micro Air Vehicles, or MAVs, are much closer than that.

British Special Forces already use 6-inch MAV aircraft called WASPs for reconnaissance in Afghanistan. The $3,000 WASP is operated with a Gameboy-style controller and is nearly silent, so it can get very close without being detected. A new development will reportedly see the WASP fitted with a C4 explosive warhead for kamikaze attacks on snipers. One newspaper dubbed it "The Talibanator."

Read the rest here.

Man this story really BUGS me! Leave it to the Israelis to think of another way to aggravate their neighbors with this latest infestation.

Wheres the Bugman to exterminate this latest infestation, oh wait he's been demoted to talk show appearances exterminating the truth.

Instead of using robot bugs to beat up real bugs, they use them for war instead, duh!

Remember the next time you swat a fly, it might be a spy.


Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Greg Palast

Bush Hit-Woman Behind
Prosecutor Firings Has Long History
of Purges to Protect Bush
Published March 19th, 2007

Harriet Miers fired investigator in 1997 to cover Bush draft-dodge

by Greg Palast
from the original reports for BBC Television and the Guardian (UK)

The Mister Big behind the scandal of George Bush’s firing of US Attorneys is not a ‘mister’ at all. The House Judiciary Committee has released White House emails indicating that the political operative who ordered the hit on prosecutors too honest for their own good was Harriet Miers, one-time legal counsel to the President.

But this is not the first time that Miers has fired investigators to protect Mr. Bush.

In 1999, while investigating Governor George Bush of Texas for the Guardian papers of Britain, I obtained an extraordinary, and extraordinarily confidential, memo to the US Attorney’s office in Austin. It disclosed that, in 1997, Governor Bush secretly suggested to the chairwoman of the Texas Lottery Commission that she grant a contract to the client of a Bush ally.

Read more here.


Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Norwegian Snow


Southern Norway was hit by its heaviest snowstorm in decades last week, and it's taking a long time for residents to dig themselves out. Airport personnel in Kristiansand helped lots of people find their cars and free them from the long-term parking lot.

Yes you read it right, Kristiansand, home of our friend Erling got pasted with a snowstorm that broke records, go here for more pics.

Yes Erling, be careful what you wish for, very careful, and stop by and let us know you are still around.

Now we resume your normal programming.


Monday, March 26, 2007

Monday, Monday!

This cartoon from 2005 shows that even two years ago folks were hoping to send the thugs to the Graybar Hotel for their indiscretions, it is two years later and we are a bit further ahead but not much, they still remain free to subvert and misdirect.

Too much misdirection and subversion has left a noticeable hole in the US Constitution that is real hard to miss. Gonzo continues to plead ignorance and as most neo-cons, blames others for his troubles, Rover? Well he still lingers in the background playing puppeteer for the Chimp-in-Chief.

The good part is Congress is paying a bit more attention now than before, the war is grating on the American people raising concern all the way up the ladder. The Skippy-scooter trial ran a big alarm bell throughout the halls and as such made it imperative that the bottom be got to soon or face major election issues come 08.

As it stands now the Repugs will be hammered into obsolescence anyway with the exception of LIEberman who seems to get elected no matter what by the ding-a-lings in Connecticut.

Batten down the hatches, stormy sea's ahead this week, icebergs all over the place, shiploads of nervous neo-cons, and no lifeboats on this one way voyage to Davy Jones Locker.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

60 Minutes

Watch Elizabeth and John on 60 Minutes this Sunday night. Friends of the Edwards Family:

Elizabeth and John wanted me to tell you about a TV appearance that will be broadcast on Sunday night. They'll sit down for an interview on 60 Minutes with Katie Couric. The program is scheduled to air Sunday at 7:00 PM ET.

In some parts of the country, 60 Minutes may be delayed by the UNC basketball game. We hope you'll still tune in. You can be sure the Edwards family will be cheering on the Tar Heels like they always do.

Thanks again for your outpouring of support in the last few days. We'll be in touch this week with several important updates from the campaign trail.


Jonathan Prince
Deputy Campaign Manager
John Edwards for President


I'm not a real fan of politicians that suck up to the AIPAC thugs but how these two are handling this crisis speaks volumes of their character.

Perhaps I can forgive their transgressions cow-towing to the Zionistas as a necessary evil in politics.

I tend to believe their is inherent goodness in what they are doing together, thrusting the issue of cancer to the forefront as something everyone at one time or another might have to deal with and they are not pulling any punches.

They show remarkable resilience and determination to deal with impossible odds, unlike the current WH occupant, they are candid and honest and determined, quite refreshing in these self absorbed times.

No other candidate has shown inner strength, Barack Obama has drive and ambition but his inner strength has yet to be tested, Hillary Clinton has certainly had her testing issues but tends to be more 'part of the problem' than the rest.

Personally I cannot stand Katie Couric and have not been able to stomach much of what she says and for that reason will probably not watch the show, still tossing it around though. Just admire the Edwards level-headed approach to problems, open and honest.

I really miss openness and honesty in politics and would like to see it return. If we could pry the country loose from the tyrannical grip of the corpoaratistas and their relentless pursuit of profits, we might enjoy some of that openness and honesty again.

There is hope.


Saturday, March 24, 2007

Don Williams

Fire! Polite Applause
My Final Column for

By Don Williams

Barring a change of heart* on someone else's part, this is my last column for Knoxviews. Here's all I know about the reasons why. On Monday, Randy Neal left half-a-message on my answering machine telling me he was cutting me back...

Click here to continue reading..

That guy sure moves around a lot.

Threw in the Saturn solar eclipse cause it is so cool.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Temper, Temper!

George W. 'Decision Maker' Bush Pitches Another Fit

A. Alexander, March 21st, 2007
Listen up people! The 'Decision Maker' formerly known as the 'Decider' has thrown his latest tantrum and made a decision. 'Decision Maker' has decided that regardless of the fact that he and his entire administration have been caught lying more times about the attorney scandal than Dick Cheney did shots of Jim Beam before blasting the face off his hunting partner, nobody from his Mafia-like administration will be allowed to testify under oath. That goes especially for the portly balding guy with glasses...the same guy who sacrificed Scooter Libby to the Prosecutor in the CIA leak case...the one guy who knows exactly where ALL the bodies are buried: Karl Rove!

When the 'Decision Maker' finally decides, the decision is final. And just in case anybody might have been tempted to doubt the decision decided upon by the 'Decision Maker'; he stuck out his lower lip, rolled his little hands into tiny fists, stomped his feet and insisted that there will be no partisan investigation of his partisan attorney firing. That's right - the 'Decision Maker' decided that he would not tolerate or allow those meanie and poopy smelling Democrats to play partisan politics with the lies told, regarding why he fired only the federal prosecutors whom Karl Rove and Alberto Gonzales didn't feel were sufficiently "loyal Bushies."

Read the rest here.

A silly look at a seriously mentally ill person that happens to be The President.

Frat-Brat-in-Chief until someone removes him from office kicking and screaming.


Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Blackwater, Dark Skies

Bush's Shadow Army

Jeremy Scahill

On September 10, 2001, before most Americans had heard of Al Qaeda or imagined the possibility of a "war on terror," Donald Rumsfeld stepped to the podium at the Pentagon to deliver one of his first major addresses as Defense Secretary under President George W. Bush. Standing before the former corporate executives he had tapped as his top deputies overseeing the high-stakes business of military contracting--many of them from firms like Enron, General Dynamics and Aerospace Corporation--Rumsfeld issued a declaration of war.

"The topic today is an adversary that poses a threat, a serious threat, to the security of the United States of America," Rumsfeld thundered. "It disrupts the defense of the United States and places the lives of men and women in uniform at risk." He told his new staff, "You may think I'm describing one of the last decrepit dictators of the world.... [But] the adversary's closer to home," he said. "It's the Pentagon bureaucracy." Rumsfeld called for a wholesale shift in the running of the Pentagon, supplanting the old DoD bureaucracy with a new model, one based on the private sector. Announcing this major overhaul, Rumsfeld told his audience, "I have no desire to attack the Pentagon; I want to liberate it. We need to save it from itself."

The next morning, the Pentagon would be attacked, literally, as a Boeing 757--American Airlines Flight 77--smashed into its western wall. Rumsfeld would famously assist rescue workers in pulling bodies from the rubble. But it didn't take long for Rumsfeld to seize the almost unthinkable opportunity presented by 9/11 to put his personal war--laid out just a day before--on the fast track. The new Pentagon policy would emphasize covert actions, sophisticated weapons systems and greater reliance on private contractors. It became known as the Rumsfeld Doctrine. "We must promote a more entrepreneurial approach: one that encourages people to be proactive, not reactive, and to behave less like bureaucrats and more like venture capitalists," Rumsfeld wrote in the summer of 2002 in an article for Foreign Affairs titled "Transforming the Military."

Although Rumsfeld was later thrown overboard by the Administration in an attempt to placate critics of the Iraq War, his military revolution was here to stay. Bidding farewell to Rumsfeld in November 2006, Bush credited him with overseeing the "most sweeping transformation of America's global force posture since the end of World War II." Indeed, Rumsfeld's trademark "small footprint" approach ushered in one of the most significant developments in modern warfare--the widespread use of private contractors in every aspect of war, including in combat.

The often overlooked subplot of the wars of the post-9/11 period is their unprecedented scale of outsourcing and privatization. From the moment the US troop buildup began in advance of the invasion of Iraq, the Pentagon made private contractors an integral part of the operations. Even as the government gave the public appearance of attempting diplomacy, Halliburton was prepping for a massive operation. When US tanks rolled into Baghdad in March 2003, they brought with them the largest army of private contractors ever deployed in modern war. By the end of Rumsfeld's tenure in late 2006, there were an estimated 100,000 private contractors on the ground in Iraq--an almost one-to-one ratio with active-duty American soldiers.

To the great satisfaction of the war industry, before Rumsfeld resigned he took the extraordinary step of classifying private contractors as an official part of the US war machine. In the Pentagon's 2006 Quadrennial Review, Rumsfeld outlined what he called a "road map for change" at the DoD, which he said had begun to be implemented in 2001. It defined the "Department's Total Force" as "its active and reserve military components, its civil servants, and its contractors--constitut[ing] its warfighting capability and capacity. Members of the Total Force serve in thousands of locations around the world, performing a vast array of duties to accomplish critical missions." This formal designation represented a major triumph for war contractors--conferring on them a legitimacy they had never before enjoyed.

Contractors have provided the Bush Administration with political cover, allowing the government to deploy private forces in a war zone free of public scrutiny, with the deaths, injuries and crimes of those forces shrouded in secrecy. The Administration and the GOP-controlled Congress in turn have shielded the contractors from accountability, oversight and legal constraints. Despite the presence of more than 100,000 private contractors on the ground in Iraq, only one has been indicted for crimes or violations. "We have over 200,000 troops in Iraq and half of them aren't being counted, and the danger is that there's zero accountability," says Democrat Dennis Kucinich, one of the leading Congressional critics of war contracting.

While the past years of Republican monopoly on government have marked a golden era for the industry, those days appear to be ending. Just a month into the new Congressional term, leading Democrats were announcing investigations of runaway war contractors. Representative John Murtha, chair of the Appropriations Committee's Subcommittee on Defense, after returning from a trip to Iraq in late January, said, "We're going to have extensive hearings to find out exactly what's going on with contractors. They don't have a clear mission and they're falling all over each other." Two days later, during confirmation hearings for Gen. George Casey as Army chief of staff, Senator Jim Webb declared, "This is a rent-an-army out there." Webb asked Casey, "Wouldn't it be better for this country if those tasks, particularly the quasi-military gunfighting tasks, were being performed by active-duty military soldiers in terms of cost and accountability?" Casey defended the contracting system but said armed contractors "are the ones that we have to watch very carefully." Senator Joe Biden, chair of the Foreign Relations Committee, has also indicated he will hold hearings on contractors. Parallel to the ongoing investigations, there are several bills gaining steam in Congress aimed at contractor oversight.

Occupying the hot seat through these deliberations is the shadowy mercenary company Blackwater USA. Unbeknownst to many Americans and largely off the Congressional radar, Blackwater has secured a position of remarkable power and protection within the US war apparatus. This company's success represents the realization of the life's work of the conservative officials who formed the core of the Bush Administration's war team, for whom radical privatization has long been a cherished ideological mission. Blackwater has repeatedly cited Rumsfeld's statement that contractors are part of the "Total Force" as evidence that it is a legitimate part of the nation's "warfighting capability and capacity." Invoking Rumsfeld's designation, the company has in effect declared its forces above the law--entitled to the immunity from civilian lawsuits enjoyed by the military, but also not bound by the military's court martial system. While the initial inquiries into Blackwater have focused on the complex labyrinth of secretive subcontracts under which it operates in Iraq, a thorough investigation into the company reveals a frightening picture of a politically connected private army that has become the Bush Administration's Praetorian Guard.

Read the rest here.

Jeremy Scahills' book site here.

Picture: Blackwater USA President Gary Jackson, a former SEAL

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Race is ON!

TPM Needs YOU to Comb Through Thousands of Pages

Josh and I were just discussing how in the world we are ever going to make our way through 3,000 pages when it hit us: we don't have to. Our readers can help.

So here's what we're going to do. This comment thread will be our HQ for sorting through tonight's document dump.

And to make it efficient and comprehensible, we'll have a system. As you can see on the House Judiciary Committee's website, they've begun reproducing 50-page pdfs of the documents with a simple numbering system, 3-19-2007 DOJ-Released Documents 1-1, then 1-2, then 1-3, etc. So pick a pdf, any pdf and give it a look. If you find something interesting (or damning), then tell us about it in the comment thread below.

Please begin your comment with the pdf number and please provide the page number of the pdf.

So, for instance, a comment might read:


Hey, there's an email here on page 27 from Kyle Sampson where he says, "I'm thinking that we should make up bogus justifications for the firing of all eight U.S. attorneys in order to cover up our true, political motivations. Judge says it's a great idea, so does Karl. What do you think, Mr. President?"

If you want to be a trailblazer and read through a virgin pdf, then you should be able to see which pdfs haven't been looked at by scrolling through the comment thread. Have at it!

OK you guys,(Chicks) I have to work but the call has went out far and wide for help.

Be sure to post any findings here too!

Have at it!!!

Monday, March 19, 2007

Happy Monday!

Daffodils in Washington State
Picture courtesy of Micki's hubby Bill

The silence before the storm, yes today will be politically stormy with mostly cloudy sprinkled with lies and deceit. Tomorrow will even be overcast and raining bullshit all over DC.

The time has come for the proverbial shyt to hit the proverbial fan and no one will escape the blizzard ahead.

The Democrats are bring order back into dis-order, Senator Waxman is on a roll, he will open the door on a previously known but until now unexposed Administration the likes of which this great country has never seen. With all the sinister and crooked elements from Nixon, Ford, Bush1, and Reagan working to a crescendo of political corruptness all in one Administration, Bush 2 has drawn us into depths of which no one has ever believed possible.

Well it will soon be over for those mass murdering, draft dodging, neo-con, wacko warriors.

Hope they like the Graybar Motel, just don't drop the soap.


Sunday, March 18, 2007

Sunny Sunday

Sunrise in New Zealand

Sunday morning means the start of a new week and this one promises to be a whopper.

Senate hearings into the US Attorney firings, White House on the hot seat, Gonzo getting his well deserved axe cutting the umbilical cord to Chimpie, I still think Deadeye Dick is a goner, along with Pudgy. Who will tell the Chimp-in-chief what to say, Tony Snow?

The heat is on and the anti-war ball is rolling too. Stock Market is wobbling along with tycoons coming untied.

All in all, barring a false flag event causing major mayhem and requisite madness, this promises to be a historic series of events that will lead us perhaps back to our political roots and bring some modicum of sense to the reckless and abhorrent behavior of the Administration.

The reign of King George is coming to an end. The cleanup is ahead, the White House has spread it's dirt far and wide, it will take guts and determination to restore what we have lost.

Lets get started.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Don Williams

Tea Time With Terrorists
By Don Williams

After serving him tea and crumpets, CIA interviewers delicately broached the subject of terror with Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, asking whether he was responsible for all the bad stuff that’s been happening in the world the last quarter-century.

Click here to continue reading...

KSM, responsible for every terrorist act since Pearl Harbor, Including stealing apple pies from Grandma's window sill.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Richard Thompson

1952 Vincent Black Lightning
Written by Richard Thompson

Oh says Red Molly to James "That's a fine motorbike.
A girl could feel special on any such like"
Says James to Red Molly "My hat's off to you
It's a Vincent Black Lightning, 1952.
And I've seen you at the corners and cafes it seems
Red hair and black leather, my favourite colour scheme"
And he pulled her on behind and down to Boxhill they did ride
Oh says James to Red Molly "Here's a ring for your right hand
But I'll tell you in earnest I'm a dangerous man.
For I've fought with the law since I was seventeen,
I robbed many a man to get my Vincent machine.
Now I'm 21 years, I might make 22
And I don't mind dying, but for the love of you.
And if fate should break my stride
Then I'll give you my Vincent to ride"

"Come down, come down, Red Molly" called Sergeant McRae
"For they've taken young James Adie for armed robbery.
Shotgun blast hit his chest, left nothing inside.
Oh come down, Red Molly to his dying bedside"
When she came to the hospital, there wasn't much left
He was running out of road, he was running out of breath
But he smiled to see her cry
He said "I'll give you my Vincent to ride"

Says James "In my opinion, there's nothing in this world
Beats a 52 Vincent and a red headed girl.
Now Nortons and Indians and Greeves won't do,
Ah, they don't have a soul like a Vincent 52"
Oh he reached for her hand and he slipped her the keys
Said "I've got no further use for these.
I see angels on Ariels in leather and chrome,
Swooping down from heaven to carry me home"
And he gave her one last kiss and died
And he gave her his Vincent to ride.

From his CD "Rumor and Sigh".

Alan brought up Richards new song "Dads Gonna Kill Me" on his site available for listening.

Anyone that has seen Richard in concert as I have, know he is a phenomenal guitarist . Closing ones eyes makes it seem like there are 3 guitars playing at the same time, a real 'must see' if he comes to a venue near you, acoustically magnificent and electrically amazing.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Homeloss in America

Mortgage Report Rattles Markets

By David Cho and Dina ElBoghdady
Washington Post Staff Writers
Wednesday, March 14, 2007; A01

A national survey showing that a soaring number of homeowners failed to make their mortgage payments in the last quarter of 2006 rattled lawmakers in Washington and the markets in New York yesterday, as the Dow Jones industrial average plummeted 2 percent, or nearly 243 points.

The report, which sent every major stock market indicator tumbling when it was released at noon, revealed that the problems in the market for "subprime" mortgages -- loans made to home buyers with blemished credit histories -- might be spilling over to the broader mortgage industry, analysts said.

While the number of risky borrowers who missed payments climbed to a four-year high, the number of foreclosures on all homes jumped to its highest level in nearly four decades, according to the survey by the Mortgage Bankers Association. Home buyers who relied on loans insured by the Federal Housing Administration also had record default rates.

Rest of the article here.

Is this the end of the middle class? Or a result of too many people willing to give it all up financially for a shot at the American dream?

Spending beyond ones means has become popular lately with the attitude of instant gratification and deserved riches without working to earn them.

Living beyond ones means, guarantees a rough financial ride that you and I will have to make up for in lost 401K funds. Once again the few spoil it for the many.

Grade school retribution continues.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Chainer Shuffle

The Chainer, clink, clink, King of the Neo-cons, purveyor of fine no-bid government contracts.

It was announced recently that Halliburton was moving it's headquarters to Dubai, which sounds strangly similar to Doo-bie in a twisted sort of way, anyway you gotta wonder what all this means for the biggest rifling of the treasury since the Federal Reserve took over.

Could the reason for the Dubai move be as sinister as the fore mentioned ripoff of the dollars from needy Americans pockets? Think of it this way, Chainer is in really big hot water over a number of issues, including but not limited to his release of a CIA agents name for revenge, his nefarious ways of ensuring the Big H (Halliburton) gets all the gravy, and the rest of his cronies enjoy Government bounty.

Could Dubai be Chainers' final stop? Would he resign his office for 'health reasons' and re-lo to Dubai to avoid prosecution the same way Chimpster would move to Uraguay to avoid prosecution?

Answer; you bet! If the ship they are on suddenly starts springing leaks they will abandon it and run just like they did with their military service, dodging the draft in the Vietnam era and run for the nearest country that had no extradition agreements with the US where they could continue to lead their posh, privileged existence with impunity. Nice thought eh?

We could see it happen, soon.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Dying for Oil

North Sea Oil Rig, courtesy of GreenpeaceUK

Our friend Erling stopped by yesterday and gave us insight into his and other fellow North Sea Divers are seeking restitution and a memorial to all that perished in the zeal to obtain oil from the bottom of the sea. The article describes in detail what they went through.

It seems there no limit to the methods employed to retrieve that 'Black Gold' from within the Earth. Whether it be war or peace the relentless pursuit of oil has made Trillions of dollars for the companies involved while leaving the workers who made it all possible to fend for themselves, while the executives enjoy their palatial accommodations and well financed retirements.

For Erling and the others sake I hope the Norwegian government steps up to the plate on this issue and recognizes what has happened to them as result of, the relentless pursuit of oil, after all it is those very people that brought Norway back from the brink of bankruptcy with patriotic fervor and enabled Norway to prosper.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Sunny Sunday

Bay Bridge Sunrise, San Francisco

Happy Sunday everyone! A wonderful day on tap for my area of California today, temps predicted to be in the 80's. For you folks suffering with Winter, your day will come, keep your snow shovels handy until then.

The illegal war continues with flag draped coffins continuing their solemn return.

The politicians are still accepting bribes from defense contractors to keep it running.

Citizens continue their program of self distraction about the war with TV shows not worthy of the air time they possess.

David Corn appeared on This Week with G.S. seems the panel is giving him a bit more respect and consideration of his opinion now than in the past, GO DAVID!!

Well those motorcycle tires won't wear THEMSELVES out, better get on that.

Meanwhile, coffees in the corner, with tea for you tea lovers, and fresh pastries on the side.

Say goodnight Dick!

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Don Williams

Here is my latest column. It is available with photograph at, a community space to discuss news and current events, also at, where lots of writers converge, soon to be posted at, where you may hear podcasts, and at Feel free to contact me at To read a print media version of my column, pick up "Knoxville Voice," available now for free at area businesses in and around East Tennessee. If you're still mad at the News-Sentinel for the loss of my column, their main number is 865-523-3131, or if you'd like to write a letter, go to the end.

Scooter Libby and this not so sacred earth

by Don Williams

If Lincoln was right to suggest that the dead hallow the earth, then America and Iraq grow more sacred by the day. Take Tuesday, March 6, when Dick Cheney’s former chief of staff, I. Scooter Libby, was pronounced guilty of lying and obstructing. Media related another story that day, but in such a way you would’ve thought it happened in a different universe. It was about how suicide bombers murdered at least 100 Shiites and injured more than 250 during a holy pilgrimage in Iraq.


Link to the rest of the article here.

Friday, March 09, 2007


President Bush has come up with an INGENIOUS idea for
winning the war in Iraq. He has pledged to increase
troop levels by 300,000,000. Yes! That's 300 million.
Now, I know what you're thinking, "but that's almost
everybody in the U.S. Who the hell are the lucky 3
million that get to stay at home?" The answer is we
ALL do! That's because Bush is enlisting squirrels to
fight the war. Yes, squirrels. The "cute rat", the
"ground pigeon", the "bushy tail bandit", "nature's
high wire artists". They steal your bird food, nibble
on your phone lines, and other annoying things.
He is calling it Operation Buddy Squirrel.

He also plans on backing the squirrels up with sniper
kittens(which some of you have already seen due to
intelligence leaks). That's right kittens! The "small
lion", man's "indifferent" friend, the "hair ball
assassin", the "cat box groundskeeper". This will be
called operation Cat Nip. I for one think this will be
a huge success. What insurgent could survive millions
of killer squirrels and kittens? You guessed it. None!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Bush's New US Attorney a Criminal?

By Greg Palast

Wednesday 07 March 2007

BBC Television had exposed 2004 voter attack scheme by appointee Griffin, a Rove aide. Black soldiers and the homeless targeted.

There's only one thing worse than sacking an honest prosecutor. That's replacing an honest prosecutor with a criminal.

There was one big hoohah in Washington yesterday as House Judiciary Chairman John Conyers pulled down the pants on George Bush's firing of US Attorneys to expose a scheme to punish prosecutors who wouldn't bend to political pressure.

But the Committee missed a big one: Timothy Griffin, Karl Rove's assistant, the President's pick as US Attorney for the Eastern District of Arkansas. Griffin, according to BBC Television, was the hidden hand behind a scheme to wipe out the voting rights of 70,000 citizens prior to the 2004 election.

Key voters on Griffin's hit list: Black soldiers and homeless men and women. Nice guy, eh? Naughty or nice, however, is not the issue. Targeting voters where race is a factor is a felony crime under the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

In October 2004, our investigations team at BBC Newsnight received a series of astonishing emails from Mr. Griffin, then Research Director for the Republican National Committee. He didn't mean to send them to us. They were highly confidential memos meant only for RNC honchos.

However, Griffin made a wee mistake. Instead of sending the emails - potential evidence of a crime - to email addresses ending with the domain name "" he sent them to "@GeorgeWBush.ORG," a website run by prankster John Wooden, who owns "" When Wooden got the treasure trove of Rove-ian ravings, he sent them to us.

Read the rest here.

Greg's BBC report on You Tube here.(10 minutes)


Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Moe, Curly, and Larry

If it says Libby Libby Libby on the table, you will love it, love it, love it in JAIL!

One down and two to go. The Coronary Kid and Neo-Cheerleader are next in the lineup.

Deadeye Dick quoted as saying "You'll never get me Coppers!"
Neo-Chimp said, "Are my Pom Poms OK?"

But seriously folks, the ball is rolling directly into the White House and Roocy, you got some splainin to do!

Very serious issues have been raised as to the legitimacy of this meat grinder war with Iraq. The sinister nature of the Vice Presidents office was revealed for all to see in the Libby trial. The backroom strategizing to make Joe Wilson suffer through the release of his wifes name, was by in large a HUGE abuse of power, the light has been switched on, now if we could only get the MSM to OPEN their eyes and face reality.

Reality unfortunately is not the MSM's strong suit, they find Anna Nicole and Brittany Spears more news worthy the say....the VA treatment of injured troops for example.

But there is a way. Calling and writing media outlets demanding to hear information on REAL news might jar them enough to pick up the ball Libby started rolling and get about the task of restoring our Federal Government to what it once was, a force working for the people, not corporations.

This is the era of American Idol, where stupid insults against people attempting to showcase their talents have take top billing over the serious issues of legitimacy in government, there is a meanness and Romans feeding the lions mentality that must be put away for good first.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Carry On

Today I am to tired to think critically or argue about irrelevant topics. So carry on among yourselves.

Monday, March 05, 2007


No Copyright!

Well another lesson learned from the Blogosphere. Many of you noticed the comment by R. Neal yesterday regarding Don Williams column that I posted, here is how it went down:

DEN, sorry to post this here but I couldn't find an e-mail contact for you.

As noted at the bottom of the article, Don's column is copyrighted by Don and is exclusive for KnoxViews until Don releases it elsewhere.

So unless you are Don, please do not copy and paste the entire article. A link and an excerpt of say the first paragraph would be fine and perfectly acceptable.

Please advise when you have complied with our request. Feel free to remove this comment once that is done.

Thanks in advance for your prompt attention to this matter.

My e-mail back:


Please accept my apology. My intent was to inform my
readers because we all like Don's column.

I am rather new in the blogosphere and am still not
totally familiar with protocols relative to it.

Like I said we are devoted Don readers and meant no
harm or in any way tried to make money with his

It will not happen again.

Sincerely, Den

And their response:

Den, thanks for getting back to me and for helping Don promote his
(How did you guys out there in California become Don fans, anyway?)

Here's a great legal guide for bloggers that has helped lots of
(including me) navigate the tricky world of online publishing.

Electronic Frontier Foundation

Here's the section on copyrights.

Intellectual Property

Thanks again. Nice blog, by the way.

R. Neal

So there you have it, certain materials can be reproduced and others cannot.

So off I go to study the stuff to make it less likely this will happen again, the only way I learn is the hard way! HA!

I especially liked the 'Nice blog' part.