Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Chainer Shuffle

The Chainer, clink, clink, King of the Neo-cons, purveyor of fine no-bid government contracts.

It was announced recently that Halliburton was moving it's headquarters to Dubai, which sounds strangly similar to Doo-bie in a twisted sort of way, anyway you gotta wonder what all this means for the biggest rifling of the treasury since the Federal Reserve took over.

Could the reason for the Dubai move be as sinister as the fore mentioned ripoff of the dollars from needy Americans pockets? Think of it this way, Chainer is in really big hot water over a number of issues, including but not limited to his release of a CIA agents name for revenge, his nefarious ways of ensuring the Big H (Halliburton) gets all the gravy, and the rest of his cronies enjoy Government bounty.

Could Dubai be Chainers' final stop? Would he resign his office for 'health reasons' and re-lo to Dubai to avoid prosecution the same way Chimpster would move to Uraguay to avoid prosecution?

Answer; you bet! If the ship they are on suddenly starts springing leaks they will abandon it and run just like they did with their military service, dodging the draft in the Vietnam era and run for the nearest country that had no extradition agreements with the US where they could continue to lead their posh, privileged existence with impunity. Nice thought eh?

We could see it happen, soon.


Anonymous said...

Halliburton is moving to Dubai, UAE, because that's where the money is. Sort of like Willie Sutton and banks: Sutton was credited with saying when asked why he robbed banks, "Because that's where the money is."

But...Sutton said in his memoir, his book, "Where the Money Was," that he never said that, what he would have said was, "Why did I rob banks? Because I enjoyed it. I loved it. I was more alive when I was inside a bank, robbing it, than at any other time in my life. I enjoyed everything about it so much that one or two weeks later I'd be out looking for the next job. But to me the money was the chips, that's all."

Darth cheney and his gang of thugs ENJOY lying, cheating, plotting, planning...and they are ALWAYS looking for the next 'job.'

Anonymous said...

...of course, Halliburton could be moving to Dubai to dodge subpoenas.

Anonymous said...

One thing I'm wondering -- is Prosecutorgate going to have ANY impact on the WH 'management team?' It certainly should.

Remember when General Rove was pooh-poohing the significance of the prosecutor firings? He said, "My view is this is unfortunately a very big attempt by some in the Congress to make a political stink about it."

But, now the stench leads directly to his office....

Anonymous said...

Firings had genesis in White House

DEN said...

I suspect there are sinister motives behind the move.

The heat is coming down on these thugs, finally. The subpoenas are forthcoming.

Waiting patiently.

ยบ¿carol said...

I've got my new connection! The WiFi signal 5 miles away on the water tower in the village gives me 1,535 kbps downloading. Beats the heck out of the satellite connection we were thinking of getting.

I can receive but can't send any email. I'm waiting for a call from Freedom Net to set an account up for me. I am SOOOO happy now! WOO HOO!!!

micki said...

Wow, Carol! Congratulations!

Den, maybe it's also about conductin business with regimes without that pesky problem of violating U.S. laws? You know, like doing bidness with Sudan, Iran, Congo, etc?

Naw...the cheneygang doesn't much care about laws...that can't be it.

micki said...

Down with Gonzales!

DEN said...

Micki, if you are looking for an argument from me, fuggetaboutit!

I agree there are more motivations here beyond what we see, oh to be a fly on the wall at the Hellabutton boardroom.

Gonzo is a fascist/nazi thug.

DEN said...

From the 'great minds think alike category' comes this from WMR;

March 13, 2007 -- The actual reason Halliburton and its chairman David Lesar are moving their corporate digs to Dubai is that the UAE's lax laws on corporate record keeping and the opaqueness of business transactions in the emirates will allow the firm to avoid responding to congressional subpoenas for its scandalous war profiteering in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other locations. A source with extensive ties in Dubai also reports that after leaving office, Dick Cheney will be spending "a lot of time in Dubai." WMR was told that Cheney will likely start looking for property in the emirate -- there are a number of highly-secured gated communities springing up in Dubai, which is fast becoming the "Hong Kong" of the Middle East.

Halliburton will also be able to avoid paying U.S. corporate taxes as a UAE-headquartered corporation.

Alan said...

Go Carol! That's true DSL speed. Uploading won't be but about a tenth of that, but it's still tons better 'n dial-up. I'll link ya a cool site for a speed test in a few minutes. On your screen, it'll look like a car's tachometer, or speedometer. Does the download first, then wait a sec and does the upload speed right after.
So far, Haliburton says they'll stay incorporated in the US, here in H-town. Saying it's just another convenient office for Lesar (CEO), so he don't have to travel so much, but... everybody realizes he'll want his top team with him over there, so we're looking for the rest of corporate to soon go as well... maybe a month or so, or after the story gets bumped off the news cycle by Anna Nicole's baby... or some other meaningless b/s.
now, for a joke...
A Woman's Poem

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The way his mother used to do.

I pondered for an answer
I was looking for a clue.
Then I turned around and smacked the shit out of him...
Like his mother used to do.

Alan said...

There's alot of 'speed test' sites, but this is the coolest one I've found.


My upload speed is less than a tenth of the download speed.
4,924 to 335

micki said...

Micki, if you are looking for an argument from me, fuggetaboutit!

Huh? Looking for an argument? I don't think so.

micki said...

Are you tetchy because of what I said about Saladin? Gawd, I hope not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DEN said...

Micki, Naw not at all, you are entitled to your own opinion, just as she is.

No inuendo intended, besides I don't do inuendo anyway, too confusing, just letting you know I agree, was kinda vague tho, damn near inuendo, oops!

micki said...

I believe homosexual acts between two individuals are immoral and that we should not condone immoral acts. I do not believe the United States is well served by a policy that says it is OK to be immoral in any way. -- General Peter Pace, Chmn Joint Chiefs

Hoo-boy. Pace sounds like a foaming-at-the mouth fundmentalist, Christian or Islamist, take your pick.

We're in big trouble with nuts like Pace in charge of important matters.

Alan said...

Young Turks says the "bush can't attack Iran without approval from Congress" has been taken out of a bill by conservative DEMOCRATS afraid, or some shyt, that it would piss of Israel. People are PIST!!
*including me

micki said...

A veteran recently said that 'I didn't go to war because I was brave. I went because I was a coward.' That's not easily digestible. But it's easier to follow orders than to stand up to your government. More of us are doing that now."


David B. Benson said...


in the 2007 Mar 12 issue of The Nation lists 16 reasons. I list but two:

14. Drives art, foreign lanaguge, physical education[emphasis added], geography, history, civics[emphasis added] and other non-tested subjects, such as music, out of the curriculum, especially in low-income neighborhoods.

16. Rates and ranks public schools using procedures that will gradually label them all "failures," so when they fail to make Adequate Yearly Progress, as all schools eventually will, they can be "saved" by vouchers, charters, or privatization.


micki said...

Close to Slavery

From SPLC report...

micki said...

NCLB, a social engineering scheme of vast proportions -- pages and pages of 'guidelines' -- includes provisions that try to push homophobia, military recruiters, and prayer into schools, while pushing out teacher innovation, multiculturalism, and useful curriculum reform.

Jeanne said...

Wow, I'm writing among the....thoughtful. I work with people who LOVE American Idol and Surviver. That's ok but it's kinda nice to say something intelligent and have it mean something. Oh well.

Jeanne said...

As for the Dubai thing. What I wonder is how Halliburton's move ties in with the Bush administration agenda on illegal war in Iran. Some speculate that Halliburton wants to have freedom to do all the work they want in Iran despite the embargos.

Micki said...

Al Gore Seeks Earlier Start to Kyoto Pact Successor

Britain Proposes Firm Carbon Emission Targets

It's Expensive to Ignore Global Warming

So which presidential candidate is going to bring GLOBAL WARMING into the discussion as one of the most important issues of the day?

micki said...

Hey, Jeanne!

Yeah, I wondered about that possibility this morning, dodging the embargoes, etc.

"...maybe it's also about conducting business with regimes without that pesky problem of violating U.S. laws? You know, like doing bidness with Sudan, Iran, Congo, etc?"

I think there is that possibility with this gang.

micki said...

I JUST GOT THIS EMAIL -- looks as though this may be the answer to my question above:

Dear micki,

Global warming isn't a problem our children will face—it's a reality today and it’s accelerating much faster than ever predicted.

We cannot wait until the next president is elected to begin to take action on global warming. We all must take responsibility and do our part to stop global warming today—even if the current government refuses to act.

That's why today I’m announcing my commitment to make my campaign "carbon neutral"—meaning we will offset the impact of all our energy use to ensure that our campaign does not contribute to global warming.

To achieve carbon neutrality, we’re taking two big steps. First, we’re implementing a number of simple but effective techniques to conserve energy in our national and field offices. And I’ve asked my staff to take concrete steps to reduce their own energy consumption. Conserving energy now is the single biggest thing we all can do as individuals to combat global warming.

But presidential campaigns by their nature use an enormous amount of energy for travel and operations. Which is why today I have also directed the campaign to purchase carbon offsets that support alternative energy production to neutralize the global warming impact from our travel and office energy use.

Carbon offsets are an expensive proposition for a national campaign—but I believe it is an investment for our planet that we simply must make.

Global warming is bigger than any political party, any election—and certainly any one campaign—and good ideas for achieving carbon neutrality should be shared freely.

I'd like to hear your ideas on how we—all of us on this campaign, and throughout America—can reduce our emissions of carbon dioxide.

Tell me your ideas by visiting our campaign blog:


We weren't the first campaign to declare our efforts to become carbon neutral. Former Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack had announced carbon neutrality for his campaign shortly before he withdrew a few weeks ago.

Currently, we're the only campaign in either party to make the carbon neutral pledge—but we hope we won’t be for long. Global warming doesn't stop at party lines and neither should our commitment to preventing it.

I hope that you will do your part as well to stop global warming by taking action to conserve energy in your home, office and personal life.

Thank you for doing your part,

John Edwards

David B. Benson said...

Barley time!

Jeanne said...

Hi Micki,
I finally got a crack at my own computer.

Hey, Crooks and Liars has a press conference with Schummer and Feinstein. Wow..the only thing that bugged me about it was that they actually believe Bush and co have a respect for the law.

Alan said...

Well, another bit of truth hit the mainstream today. ABC World News, and then again on Nightline, ran a story about Curveball. They even had an interview with Tyler Drumheller.

"People died because of this," said Tyler Drumheller, the former chief of European operations at the CIA, who has written about it in a new book, "On the Brink."

Drumheller says he personally redacted all references to Curveball material in an advance draft of the Powell speech.

"We said, 'This is from Curveball. Don't use this,'" Drumheller says.

Exclusive: Curveball, the Defector Whose Lies Led to War