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Don Lives On!

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The Last Word by Don Williams: Lots of money for terrorists

Created Mar 1 2007 - 12:31

Lots of money for terrorists
by Don Williams

One of the unimpeachable truths about our unimpeachable president is that he’s providing lots of money to terrorists, most recently to Sunnis linked to al-Qaeda.

This is the point at which readers of a certain stripe will shake their heads and start calling for mine. Maybe one in ten will double-check my source--famed journalist Seymour Hersh’s latest article [1] in the New Yorker, or his interview with CNN’s Wolf Blizter last Sunday. If you watched, you heard Hersh say something that should’ve been banner headlines. But then, what’s the fate of the Middle East compared to Anna Nicole.

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DEN said...

Ok, it has been brought to my attention that another personal insult has been hurled by one of our posters.

Alan, I have been trying to keep personal insults off this blog.

You would think as adults there could be a level of civility that is beyond schoolyard taunts.

I would hope this would be a forum where we can RESPECTFULLY disagree on stuff without name calling.

I'm not going to tell everyone what or what not to say, but generally the "Do unto others as you would want done to you" rule is a pretty good example of my intentions here.

Just sayin.....

R. Neal said...

DEN, sorry to post this here but I couldn't find an e-mail contact for you.

As noted at the bottom of the article, Don's column is copyrighted by Don and is exclusive for KnoxViews until Don releases it elsewhere.

So unless you are Don, please do not copy and paste the entire article. A link and an excerpt of say the first paragraph would be fine and perfectly acceptable.

Please advise when you have complied with our request. Feel free to remove this comment once that is done.

Thanks in advance for your prompt attention to this matter.

Alan said...

Ok, it has been brought to my attention that another personal insult has been hurled...

Den, you mean this??
– The tighty-whitey-righties tried to launch another smear against Al Gore...

Yeah, that was FireDogLake calling the dishonest crowd names for posting that b/s. I just pointed out that it applies (I doubt she really wears the BVD's...haha) to someone that posts here occassionly as well. 'Twasn't the first time that person steno'd something from the wingers. If she felt slighted, then it's of her own doings.
But I hear what you're saying about the golden rule, so I'll try 'n NOT point out the obvious any more.

Alan said...

At you can find this in an article about man coulter.

What's your opinion of Ann Coulter?
Negative 57%
Positive 31%
Neutral 11%
Total Votes: 281,131

Alan said...

This was funny.
March of the Librarians

Micki said...

Den, how did this happen that you got the post from r.neal?

Jeanne said...

Well...anyway.... The administration is throwing money at the terrorist but they are also saving the terrorists billions by doing the work for them. Our military continues to fuel the fire in Iraq. They refuse to follow any diplomatic course. They are causing economic havoc to the middle class. on and on and on. The terrorists thank George Bush.

Jeanne said...

Here's a really great interview.

Pentagon Whistle-Blower on the Coming War With Iran

If you want to read an inside the pentagon interview here it is. Very very interesting.

DEN said...

Holy cow! I'm gone for a few hours and the place falls apart.

I tried to E-Mail Mr Neal but their mail kicked it back to me as failed mail. So I went to their site and did the contact us instead, went through six windows e-mailsetup screens and STILL could not send those people a simple apology!

I figure If they do not want me to post Dons' column, so be it, fine.
No more Don here in full, just linked, whatever!

I'm not trying to piss people off but seems sometimes it just can't be helped.

I don't mind having my reading spread around but some do, picky, picky.

Micki said...

Den, REALLY how could this happen? How did they even know that you had posted an entire article? For shits and grins, I googled, using various key words (in separate searches using the article's title) and no matter what combination of keywords I concocted I couldn't get DWF to come up.

So, WTF is going on? I find it hard to believe that they'd be surfing around looking for "culprits" like you.

Did someone contact them? There's something about this that doesn't quite add up in a reality based world, IMO.

DEN said...

Micki, actually I am not quite sure what raised their ire.

I am no expert at copyrights by any means but don't think they would have said something unless they had a legal leg to stand on.

How? Hey I'm a POPULAR GUY!!

Readership is steadily gaining, not all my doing, I have my "Chicks" for major contributions here too.

DEN said...

Aw hell after all the stress, time to logoff, nite all.

Alan said...

I figured it was cause Den wrote them once, to lobby for the guy keeping his job at the newspaper. But that was a different site than knoxviews, right Den?

*throws up hands*

Micki said...

After hearing from a female detective on this matter, I see it's about money. Don Williams' new home has advertising, so the site owner wants us to click on the link to read the articles -- the number of "impressions" (hits) the site gets has an impact on future advertising rates.

Oh, well.

DEN said...