Saturday, March 24, 2007

Don Williams

Fire! Polite Applause
My Final Column for

By Don Williams

Barring a change of heart* on someone else's part, this is my last column for Knoxviews. Here's all I know about the reasons why. On Monday, Randy Neal left half-a-message on my answering machine telling me he was cutting me back...

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That guy sure moves around a lot.

Threw in the Saturn solar eclipse cause it is so cool.


DEN said...

Micki, your article reminds me of the old hippie days, self sufficiency and reduced consumption.

We keep going back that way in thought but the capitalista's want to keep consumption going and profits up.

The planet is suffering as a result.

There needs to be a balance.

micki said...

Well, I'm not so sure about this one-man band, Don Williams, tooting his own horn all the time. For example, he didn't give you ANY credit, Den, for extending his reach! ;-)

In fact, I've sailed more formal opinion out over the Internet and across Knoxville in the past month than at any period in my career to date. Buzzflash, OpedNews and other websites have picked up columns, extending my reach tremendously.

micki said...

Den -- we're not acquisitive by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, we are every retailers nightmare -- non-shopper, non-buyer, non-consumer by U.S. standards. toilet paper? I suppose we could install a bidet. But, that'd mean we'd have to buy it.

micki said...

Maybe Elizabeth and John Edwards' decision to continue in the campaign will open a serious discussion on Americans' obsessive fear of death.

Death is what happens to living beings and things. It is inevitable.

I admire their strength. Sure, they must be saddened and worried and full of wonder. But, they know it's not all about them.

micki said...

In Executive Privilege Fight, More Talk Than Action

The bluster and bluffing may be a smoke screen. In fact, both sides have reasons to seek a compromise.

By T.R. Goldman
Legal Times
March 26, 2007

Carey said...

The Saturn eclipse is so cosmically beautiful.

The Edwards, to me a truly impressive couple. They are choosing a healthy path to take. As for the nation's response, my brother (in-law) zapped me back in cynical reality when he predicted the Christian right evangelicals screaming God gave Ms. Elizabeth cancer because she's a liberal.

Maybe this will help that fear of death you mention Micki. People don't write about that much, but that fear is with everyone from day one and must be dealt with for a normal mental life.

Fear of death has to be at the root of much of the anguished and agressive stupidity we see around us.

So, if we deal with that and global warming, we'll be okay!

Carey said...

I keep wondering where Cheney is during all of this.

Up to no good, to be sure.

I don't want this to become a self-fulfilling prophecy, but Iran is still out there waiting for Cheney to plunder. Public attention is elsewhere, it's a perfect scenario for Dr. Evil.


I sure enjoy the Don Williams' columms. What an acerbic commentator he is.


DEN said...

Hi gals! Nu Post up.