Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Greg Palast

Bush Hit-Woman Behind
Prosecutor Firings Has Long History
of Purges to Protect Bush
Published March 19th, 2007

Harriet Miers fired investigator in 1997 to cover Bush draft-dodge

by Greg Palast
from the original reports for BBC Television and the Guardian (UK)

The Mister Big behind the scandal of George Bush’s firing of US Attorneys is not a ‘mister’ at all. The House Judiciary Committee has released White House emails indicating that the political operative who ordered the hit on prosecutors too honest for their own good was Harriet Miers, one-time legal counsel to the President.

But this is not the first time that Miers has fired investigators to protect Mr. Bush.

In 1999, while investigating Governor George Bush of Texas for the Guardian papers of Britain, I obtained an extraordinary, and extraordinarily confidential, memo to the US Attorney’s office in Austin. It disclosed that, in 1997, Governor Bush secretly suggested to the chairwoman of the Texas Lottery Commission that she grant a contract to the client of a Bush ally.

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micki said...

Off topic (as usual) --

...but Pat Robertson's "school of higher learning" Regent University is bragging on its website that 150 of his graduates work in the bush administration!

Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition!

micki said...

Iran to Release British Female Sailor
Britain Increases Pressure for Release of Crew

LONDON (March 28) - Iran said a female British sailor seized with 14 other crewmembers would be released Wednesday or Thursday, softening Tehran's position by suggesting their boats' alleged entry into Iranian waters may have been a mistake.

micki said...

A good reason to switch to CFLs...

According to voluminous amounts of available information, incandescent bulbs are inefficient light sources. IBs convert 90 percent of electricity directly to heat and only about 10 percent to visible light.

In a typical American household, lighting sources consume a lot of electricity, nearly 2,000 kilowatt-hours per year, which is about 15% of a household's electricity consumption.

If electricity is produced by burning coal, each kilowatt-hour releases over two pounds of carbon dioxide. The buildup of CO2 and other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere is contributing to global climate change. At the risk of repeating a consensus, it is now predicted by scientists around the world that this will result in more severe and frequent storms and droughts, rapid spread of infectious diseases, rising sea levels, and other adverse effects -- some possibly not yet known -- to the Earth.

DEN said...

Micki, all of the CFL's are made in, guess where?

China, the worlds very own gross polluter.

In fact they manufacture most of the light bulbs and fixtures, plumbing fixtures, rubber products, tires, and a plethora of stuff requiring use of toxic chemicals in the processes.

Because they are not subject to EPA regulations it is cheaper to produce stuff over there and the US corporatistas are making hay with that.

So I think it is a double edge sword, the product is efficient but the production is not.

Quite the quandary.

More screwed if you do and screwed if you don't logic.

micki said...

China's share of CFLs

Yeah, China is the largest manufacturer, but not quite the only one. I read that India, South Korea, and Irelnad (I think) make them, too.

Is there no trust among homo sapiens? ;-)

Last one to leave, turn out the light....

DEN said...

Speedy Gonzales;

Atty. Gen. Alberto Gonzales today cut short a press conference about Internet safety, leaving the room at the Dirksen U.S. Courthouse in Chicago when reporters questioned him about the firings of U.S. attorneys.

DEN said...

The picture of Speedy on Hufpo looks like he was flipping off the crowd.

Such a nice guy.

Alan said...

I got an email from Teresa Kerry yesterday saying her and John's book went from 300-and something, to 8th, I think it was, on Amazon. Today John Kerry's email says it is now #1. I seen a blurb about it from Gore which shows Gore is about the cause (the book is also about climate change), not the attention.

Alan said...

I guess I shoulda qualified that to say it's the #1 non-fiction seller.

Alan said...

White House Withdraws Nominee

Fox Gave to 2004 Anti-Kerry 'Swift Boat' Group

WASHINGTON (March 28) - President Bush on Wednesday withdrew the ambassadorial nomination of businessman Sam Fox after Democrats denounced Fox for giving money to a controversial conservative group that undermined Sen. John Kerry's 2004 presidential campaign.

Alan said...

Talking Points Memo

This ties the White House itself, to the Duke Cunningham bribery case. It links back to David Corn's Capital Games as well.

Carey said...


Your opinion (in yesterday's thread) of whether we might attack Iran is based in a sane world. That ship has sailed as we all sadly know.

As Sy Hersh writes, one would hope for reason and sanity to prevail. But our hopes are based in the real world as we know it.

I'm, of course, hoping against hope, though. We all are.

Here's another article I just found in my email from a few days back--posted in ICH.

Iran Would Be Tackled at the Beginning of April (Russian military experts)

By RIA Novosti

Translated from French by Babelfish

03/26/07 -- - MOSCOW, March 19 - RIA Novosti. The Russian military experts estimate that the planning of the American military attack against Iran passed the point of nonreturn on February 20, when the director of the IAEA, Mohammed El Baradei, recognized, in his report/ratio, the incapacity of the Agency "to confirm the peaceful character


Fellow comrades, we will pray and carry good thoughts.

On the other hand, we better bunker down for a raucous Easter. It looks like Bush is heading to ruin it.

This, if it really happens, puts everything else on complete hold. We'll have a mighty struggle, all of us, if the insanity prevails.

Carey said...

What's her name, the senior aide to Gonzales who's claimed the Fifth Amendment? Yes, Monica (tee-hee) is one of those 150 graduates of the Pat Robertson Regent University.


I enjoyed the Greg Palast column. It makes sense that Miers was in up to her neck. She's weird. She certainly seems to have a mystifying crush on Bush.

Carey said...


Thanks for the Talking Points article. I like that Josh Marshall, at least from what I know of him so far. Kudos to David Corn too.

These layers and layers of filthy, gooey, slimy, oozing putules of corruption. Unbelievable.

Carey said...

Pustules. Sorry.

Now that I think of it, those layers are more like throbbing little mini-volcanos.

Carey said...


The FUCK CANCER outburst yesterday? I would have thought it obvious--cancer being so much in the news and all.

I've just been tested for melanoma which my father had. I'm waiting to hear, I had an icky mole. That's probably part of it. It just seems like all of a sudden cancer pervades everything.

Hanging over our heads like that. We have enough crosses to bear.

DEN said...

Carey, somtimes the obvious is the hardest thing to understand, I'm a chronic over-thinker.

Don't need no stinking melanomas!

micki said...

Carey, you're right -- I wrote that as though there is a chance that reason & sanity will prevail in this showdown with Iran.

But, if past performance is an indicator of things to come, the bushevik bombs will usher in April Fools Day, Palm Sunday, Passover, Good Friday, or Easter -- or maybe the nuts will just wait until April 22 to mark EARTH DAY with a few tactical nukes!

micki said...

Melanoma? No!

Fingers crossed for good report.

micki said...

Is that right? Monica Goodling is a Pat Robertson alum?

Holy macaroni.

David B. Benson said...

Den --- Diesels are AFAIK just lumped in with other fossil fuels.

The sulfer is very bad for you. I believe the EPA is being to require very low sulfer in diesel fuel.

On the other hand, if it gets into the stratospehere in the form of sulfate aeorols, it helps to cool the climate for 3--6 years...

Carol said...

Carey, how soon before you get the results???

carol said...

Carey, what's your shingles status?

micki said...

...speaking of fuel.

Some of you guys will love these photos...even though the subject matter is a "bone of contention" these days...

ºCºarol said...

Hey, I just got thru looking over a penny postcard site, came here and saw the old gas stations. Looks like we're both stuck in the past at the same hour, Micki.

Penny Postcards

ºCºarol said...

Penny postcards...again

Can't seem to link it. Have to do it this way.

Carol said...

Penny Postcards

Been fighting with making a link for a half hour! I discovered I can't make a link work if I have the site already open in another tab. Sheesh.