Monday, March 19, 2007

Happy Monday!

Daffodils in Washington State
Picture courtesy of Micki's hubby Bill

The silence before the storm, yes today will be politically stormy with mostly cloudy sprinkled with lies and deceit. Tomorrow will even be overcast and raining bullshit all over DC.

The time has come for the proverbial shyt to hit the proverbial fan and no one will escape the blizzard ahead.

The Democrats are bring order back into dis-order, Senator Waxman is on a roll, he will open the door on a previously known but until now unexposed Administration the likes of which this great country has never seen. With all the sinister and crooked elements from Nixon, Ford, Bush1, and Reagan working to a crescendo of political corruptness all in one Administration, Bush 2 has drawn us into depths of which no one has ever believed possible.

Well it will soon be over for those mass murdering, draft dodging, neo-con, wacko warriors.

Hope they like the Graybar Motel, just don't drop the soap.



micki said...

What a great surprise, Den! I just called Bill in to take a look, and he sends his thanks!

It is a 'daffy' world, isn't it!

micki said...

Charles Schumer is thinking ahead and has suggested three possible replacements for Alberto Gonzales:

* Michael B. Mukasey, who returned last year to the private sector after serving as chief U.S. district court judge of the southern district of New York. Mukasey, a Reagan administration nominee, presided over the terrorism trial of Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman and 11 co-defendants.

* Larry Thompson, left the Justice Department in 2003 after serving as deputy attorney general under John Ashcroft. Thompson focused on terrorism and corporate crime, including a role in going after Enron Corp.

* James Comey, left the Justice Department in 2005 after serving as Thompson's replacement. Comey is trusted by some Democrats because of his perceived discomfort with some of the administration's terrorism surveillance policies and because he named U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald as special prosecutor in the CIA leak case that ended with the conviction of Vice President Dick Cheney's former chief of staff, I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby.

micki said...

Rome wasn't built in a day. It's going to take some time to undo all the horrible stuff that the busheviks/neocons have done, but I think the 110th Congress is off to a good start, in most areas, barely 2 months out of the gate.

But, as Den states, their reign of terror is beginning to unravel.

DEN said...

Micki, too nice to leave sitting in my inbox, i have not seen so many in one place, WOW!

Flowers and birds are THE coolest things in nature.

micki said...

It might be interesting for someone to look into the decisions/activities/behavior of the U.S. attorneys who didn't get fired.

...a passing thought

micki said...

Den...the daffs burst forth first in our neck of the woods...then the tulips! Skagit County produces more tulips and bulbs than any place on earth, except Holland.

DEN said...

The worst show on TV Sunday!

Tim Russert should be ashamed PDF Print E-mail
Written by Doug Thompson
Monday, 19 March 2007

I'm trying, and failing, to understand why Meet the Press gave an indicted former member of Congress, a corrupt politician who resigned in disgrace, a forum upon which to espouse hate and division Sunday as President George W. Bush's illegal and immoral Iraq war enters its fifth year.

Is Tim Russert so desperate for controversy that he has to book Tom DeLay, easily one of the most criminal political hacks in Washington, on the top-rated Sunday news talk show and let him call war protestors unpatriotic and claim that anyone who wants to end the Iraq war is "aiding and abetting the enemy?"

DeLay is political vermin, one step away from a jail cell for influence peddling and taking bribes and, yet, there he was on Meet the Press being treated with deference by lap-dog Russert.

Instead of pretending to any standard of journalism or decency, Russert let DeLay expound on why he thinks those who protest war are not patriots.

More here.

Loathsome individuals needed for impertinent commentary, DUH-Lay applied.

DEN said...

Burst forth indeed!

DEN said...

Fight over Rove Testimony "Murky"
By Paul Kiel - March 19, 2007, 11:25 AM

There are a couple good articles out from The New York Times and Roll Call (sub. req.) this morning on the potential upcoming battle between the administration and Congress.

The central conflict is simple: The administration seems to determined to avoid Karl Rove and other White House aides from testifying under oath, particularly public testimony; and leading Democrats are determined to get it.

But where the conflict goes is not simple: in fact, there seems to be no real precedent for the conflict -- while many of President Clinton's aides testified before Congress, that was done voluntarily, and as the Times reports, "each administration, in effect, writes its own rules."

So if the White House says no, and the congressional committees go ahead, as they've warned they will do, to issue subpoenas for Karl Rove's testimony, it's not clear what happens next.

More here.

More shuck and jive from the King of BS, GWB??
Subpoenas a bitch ain't it frat boy!
Take 'em down Dems!

DEN said...

The Politics of Music and Music As Politics
By Danny Schechter.

On Friday night, I was doing my usual channel surfing when I came across a rebroadcast of the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony. And there was Patti Smith thanking the people who stood by her all these years and singing her heart out.

You don’t see enough of her passionate music and sense of mission.

The show was so much better than the Oscars. Artists paid tribute to each other in deeply personal ways, as when Eddie Vedder offered an eloquent tribute and discussion of the art and impact of REM. Michael Stipe revealed to the crowd that his mom says REM stands for Remember Every Moment. And as a news dissector who got his start at WBCN, “The Rock of Boston,” I know how much I remember, and what the music scene has meant for my career and consciousness.

The Rock n’ Roll world, even as it was corporatized, and as its rebellious edge was dulled, always had an autonomy and attitude that often challenged big money and big companies. This year, Patti and Fred Sonic Smith’s song “The People Have The Power” was the closing anthem at the ceremony, a declaration of rock values and political concerns.

More here

Not all have VH1 Classic but I caught the same concert Friday night and to see Michael Stipe and Eddy Vetter performing together was a near 'religious experience'.

To me Patty Smyth could not carry a tune in a bucket tho. IMO

DEN said...


Alan said...

have y'all seen this?
VIP ward at Walter Reed gets scrutiny

There's a link to a 10-picture web page on how plush it is. As "Crooks..." put it, caviar for some, cockroaches for others.

DEN said...

Alan, thats our wonderful "Class" system at work!

micki said...

The Dems' slim majority in the Senate makes it very, very difficult to pass legislation when it's close to impossible to get any Repugs to cross the aisle. BUT, in spite of what the across-the-board denialists say, the Dems are making headway using their clout with Congressional oversight and investigative authorities, including subpoena powers.

* The House summoned the FCC for a grilling and intend to ask them more questions;

* Congress authorized subpoenas for the D0J officials regarding the firing of the eight U.S. attorneys;

* Valerie Plame had an opportunity to be a witness on her outing;

* the Dems are probing the FDA's numerous failures on protecting our food supply;

* the Dems are probing the disgusting techniques the bush agencies use to monitor energy markets;

* the Dems are looking into accusatons that the WH tried to muzzle federal climate scientists;

* Henry Waxman is making Condoleezza Rice realize that NOW she has to respond to letters from Congress, from the opposition party which is now the majority party.

* The Dems have forced the busheviks to turn over emails and documents to the House & Senate Judiciary committees -- they busheviks can not so easily ignore the Dems any longer.

* Judiciary committees have threatened to subpoena WH officials, including General Rove, the former "untouchable."

* The scandalous situation at Walter Reed is out in the open.

* Because hearings are underway on the Walter Reed situation, the Dems are able to REINFORCE the charges that bush has f**ked up the Iraq and Aganstan wars.

* busheviks are now routinely TOLD to explain themselves, their policies and actions -- a new thing for an administration that was rubber-stamped by the former bush-friendly GOP lockstep lemmings in Congress.

* Some Repugs are not so quick to line up behind the busheviks, in obedience.

* The Dems have reestablished investigative sub-committees -- the GOPers disbanded most such committees when they were in the majority.

* When the Dems threatened to subpoena a report on whether NASA suppressed safety investigations, the agency immediately decided to release it voluntarily.

* The list goes on...

micki said...

Alan & Den --From the article -- Sen. Strom Thurmond, R-S.C., spent most of his final year in office in Ward 72.

Gee, I wonder if all of his family members were treated equally on their visits to see him??!!

Alan said...

Wow, I FINALLY finished hearing the full 4 hours of Waxman's hearing. The two hours of Valerie Plame were the best, of course, but I wanted to hear it all. Victoria Toensing is such a bytch! ugh, she makes me mad! I'm betting if you duct taped her hands down to the table, she couldn't talk at all. About the fifth time she blamed the CIA for the WH's leaks, saying they should have warned Novak not to publish, etc... I just wanted ONE person on the panel to explain/overrule her, that the CIA COULDN'T tell Novak not to publish her name, or it would be verifying her status/outing her themselves. Them telling Novak NOT to publish her name would've been enough hint to any normal person. Novak shoulda been shot when he was a pup.

Alan said...

Ehh, that didn't come out right. The CIA spokesman asked Novak not to publish her name, but he couldn't say WHY, or it would be verifying her status.

Alan said...

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention another lie, that Victoria Toensing testified that Novak wasn't the first to out Valerie Plame, that DAVID CORN was.
Waxman closed the hearing with a statement that basically said they are gonna investigate whether or how truthful her testimony was. She should be charged with perjury. THAT would tickle me pink.

DEN said...

It’s STILL The Oil:
Secret Condi Meeting on Oil Before Invasion

by Greg Palast

Four years ago this week, the tanks rolled for what President Bush originally called, “Operation Iraqi Liberation” — O.I.L.
I kid you not.

And it was four years ago that, from the White House, George Bush, declaring war, said, “I want to talk to the Iraqi people.” That Dick Cheney didn’t tell Bush that Iraqis speak Arabic … well, never mind. I expected the President to say something like, “Our troops are coming to liberate you, so don’t shoot them.” Instead, Mr. Bush told, the Iraqis,

“Do not destroy oil wells.“

Nevertheless, the Bush Administration said the war had nothing to do with Iraq’s oil. Indeed, in 2002, the State Department stated, and its official newsletter, the Washington Post, repeated, that State’s Iraq study group, “does not have oil on its list of issues.”

But now, we’ve learned that, despite protestations to the contrary, Condoleezza Rice held a secret meeting with the former Secretary-General of OPEC, Fadhil Chalabi, an Iraqi, and offered Chalabi the job of Oil Minister for Iraq. (It is well established that the President of the United States may appoint the cabinet ministers of another nation if that appointment is confirmed by the 101st Airborne.)

More here.

micki said...

On Israel, America and AIPAC -- George Soros

Carey said...

Lovely photograph Mr. J. Aren't daffodils just incredibly smile-provoking? So yellow.

I hate Rove. I hate Rove. I hate Rove.

Sorry Gerald.....I seriously dislike Rove.


I'm sorry. Did you check the copyright on Bill's photo? Tsk, tsk, tsk.

OH MY GOD! You have wild tulips Micki?

Mom....not fair. Micki gets everything.

DEN said...

AIPAC the single worst lobby ever foisted upon the American way of life.

"Anybody who dares to dissent may be subjected to a campaign of personal vilification. I speak from personal experience. Ever since I participated in a meeting discussing the need for voicing alternative views, a torrent of slanders has been released including the false accusation in The New Republic that I was a "young cog in the Hitlerite wheel"

It maybe 'pro Israeli' but definitly 'un-American'.

Time for them to go, but since they have burnt all their bridges, it is difficult to say where, just NOT HERE.

DEN said...

DOH! Copywrongs!

Carey said...


I think the Democrats are doing rather well, considering how difficult it's becoming to oversee all hell breaking loose.

Carey said...

Tim Rutten of the LA Times really zeros in on the moral crisis of KSM's supposed confessions.

Major Question Not Asked: Why is There No Trial

Here you have a guy — Khalid Shaikh Mohammed — who has confessed to planning and directing the worst mass murder ever perpetrated on American soil and has admitted to personally murdering a U.S. citizen in what any reasonably aggressive American prosecutor would call a hate crime, and virtually nobody in the news media has called for putting the man on trial. Worse, virtually nobody has bothered to explain that the willfully erroneous way in which this administration has chosen to deal with the Al Qaeda prisoners from the outset has made it impossible to subject them to anything resembling the normative justice they so richly deserve.

Mohammed can't be brought to trial because the White House had him tortured and, therefore, virtually none of what you read this week could be used against him in a legitimate court of law. In fact, who knows which parts of it are true, which parts of it were given simply to stop the water boarding — simulated drowning — to which he reportedly has been subjected, which parts are perverted bravado and which parts are an attempt to draw attention from other Al Qaeda killers still at large? In secret proceedings based on physical abuse, who knows?

But then, when it comes to this issue, the nation's commentators and editorial pages have been derelict and complicit from the start. Their refusal to reject the White House's various euphemisms for torture and evasions concerning the existence of a secret CIA prison system in which suspected terrorists and real terrorists, like Mohammed, have been tortured and held for years without lawyers or recourse to any legal process is a categorical failure of moral responsibility without recent precedent.

Carey said...

Interesting George Soros piece Micki. I heard something about him recently that I couldn't believe was true. It was just a passing thing. Can't remember what it was.

Did anyone else hear anything? At the time my reaction was, wow, the swift-boaters are operating at full speed.

micki said...

Oh, gag, Alan...Victoria Toensing.

micki said...

Carey -- Bill O'Reilly, Laura Ingraham, Michael Savage, Sean Hannity, Ruch Limbaugh, and Saladin, among others, all have negative things to say about George Soros.

He is routinely vilified by the echo-chamber.

micki said...

Den, don't worry about Bill coming after you for copyright infringement.

Just please pay the bill when you get it from him, okay?


DEN said...


Jeanne said...

lovely picture. I can almost smell spring when I look at that picture. In MN smelling spring is a gift. It is why I was lucky to be born on Earth.

All we have in MN is dirty black snow. And dirty grassy areas. We have a threat for a thunderstorm on Wednesday. That will clean things up.

I agree. Why put DeLay on anything? The guy has been indicted. Why is he a spokesperson for anybody? Why would the Repubulicans want him representing them? Strange group.

micki said...

Statistical Analysis Debunks Climate Change Naysayers

Alan said...

White House Seeking Gonzales Replacements

Republican officials operating at the behest of the White House have begun seeking a possible successor to Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, whose support among GOP lawmakers on Capitol Hill has collapsed, according to party sources familiar with the discussions.
Republican sources also disclosed that it is now a virtual certainty that Deputy Attorney General Paul J. McNulty, whose incomplete and inaccurate congressional testimony about the prosecutors helped precipitate the crisis, will also resign shortly. Officials were debating whether Gonzales and McNulty should depart at the same time or whether McNulty should go a day or two after Gonzales.
In a sign of Republican despair, GOP political strategists on Capitol Hill said that it is too late for Gonzales' departure to head off a full-scale Democratic investigation into the motives and timing behind the firing of eight U.S. attorneys.

"Democrats smell blood in the water, and (Gonzales') resignation won't stop them," said a well-connected Republican Senate aide. "And on our side, no one's going to defend him. All we can do is warn Democrats against overreaching."

read the rest here