Sunday, March 11, 2007

Sunny Sunday

Bay Bridge Sunrise, San Francisco

Happy Sunday everyone! A wonderful day on tap for my area of California today, temps predicted to be in the 80's. For you folks suffering with Winter, your day will come, keep your snow shovels handy until then.

The illegal war continues with flag draped coffins continuing their solemn return.

The politicians are still accepting bribes from defense contractors to keep it running.

Citizens continue their program of self distraction about the war with TV shows not worthy of the air time they possess.

David Corn appeared on This Week with G.S. seems the panel is giving him a bit more respect and consideration of his opinion now than in the past, GO DAVID!!

Well those motorcycle tires won't wear THEMSELVES out, better get on that.

Meanwhile, coffees in the corner, with tea for you tea lovers, and fresh pastries on the side.

Say goodnight Dick!


Alan said...

The second of four reports from the IPCC about climate change came out, though it mentions that governments get to go over/edit it for the final release in April. Here's an article about the report, not the report itself.

Scientists Offer Dire Forecast for Earth

WASHINGTON (March 10) - The harmful effects of global warming on daily life are already showing up, and within a couple of decades hundreds of millions of people won't have enough water, top scientists will say next month at a meeting in Belgium.

Hajji said...

What's this "Winter" of which you speak?

70-degrees, mostly sunny here in the highlands of South Carolina...been like this for a couple weeks, now.

Diggin' post holes for a new stockade fence...

Always improving security at the "Compound"...

Spanky's due in country 3/23...


David B. Benson said...

Winter of our discontent?

ยบ¿carol said...

It was in the 40s the past couple days. Most of the snow is gone.

Tuesday I'll FINALLY be getting rid of my dial-up. Woo Hoo! Details Tuesday night.

erling krange said...

Hi! I'm here on a short visit to inform you about the case against the Norwegian government. The first court case, in a series of many, is on it's way. An article, written a couple of years ago, are linked HERE
All together, I was a diver for 19 years, not only with the oil business, but in construction and salvage as well. I had my training from the Royal Norw. Navy. If you click on the link within the article, you'll find more up to date information.

Take care