Sunday, March 18, 2007

Sunny Sunday

Sunrise in New Zealand

Sunday morning means the start of a new week and this one promises to be a whopper.

Senate hearings into the US Attorney firings, White House on the hot seat, Gonzo getting his well deserved axe cutting the umbilical cord to Chimpie, I still think Deadeye Dick is a goner, along with Pudgy. Who will tell the Chimp-in-chief what to say, Tony Snow?

The heat is on and the anti-war ball is rolling too. Stock Market is wobbling along with tycoons coming untied.

All in all, barring a false flag event causing major mayhem and requisite madness, this promises to be a historic series of events that will lead us perhaps back to our political roots and bring some modicum of sense to the reckless and abhorrent behavior of the Administration.

The reign of King George is coming to an end. The cleanup is ahead, the White House has spread it's dirt far and wide, it will take guts and determination to restore what we have lost.

Lets get started.


DEN said...

Micki, excellent job on the limericks yesterday!

very apropos.

Enjoy your Sunday!

Gotta go.

Jeanne said...

I watched MTP this morning. Schumer was on. It appeared to me that Tim Russert was asking very pointed questions KNOWING what answers would follow. He gave Schumer a great opportunity to get the issue of the fired prosecuters out into the public. It was clear and straight forward. Something tells me Tim is a little ticked off at the white house.

ò¿óarol said...

I don't know why I torture myself watching MTP or the other Sunday morning shows. All I do is yell at the TV, I swear. All that crap this morning about Saddam being an evil man, how he WOULD have got WMD and used them against us, how we can't cut 'n run, blah, blah, blah. What a cardinal waste of time watching the yes men of Mr. Bush guesting on TV.

micki said...

Den, I admire your tenacity and belief that things can improve.

What appropriate blowback, if bush and his boyfriends get what they deserve on the eve of their preemptive, aggressive, anti-American values 4-Year (and counting) War of Choice!

micki said...

Oh, thanks, O'Den.

micki said...

Mr. Bush? Since when did you get so respectful, Carol? ;-))

micki said...

According to the, there were 132,000 American ground troops in Iraq at the beginning of 2007. When the "surge troops" finish arriving by the end of June, the total will rise above 160,000, more than at any point in the past four years.

Alan said...

Micki's limericks are the shyt! In her honor, I'ma post one I seen almost a year ago. I sent it on to Nick Lampson's campaign and seen it saved in my "sent mail" while ago.

Ode to the Bugman (Tom Delay)
By Madeleine Begun Kane

Tom's speech was jam-packed with some gems.
His withdrawal he blamed on the Dems.
It seems Streisand and Moore
Forced him out the House door.
Has the Bugman been sniffing his chems?

David B. Benson said...

Den --- I agree the heat is on but I believe we mean different things by that phrase.


Alan said...

Here's a US Attorney that quit on her own on Nov. 10th, as she was zero-ing in on repug former Appropriations committee chairman Jerry Lewis. Where did she go? She took a $1.5 million offer to the law firm of Lewis' defense attorney. "hmmmm"

check it out here

Alan said...

At "Crooks...", y'all should watch the partial skit from MadTV about Steve Jobs announcement of the new IRack. lol

Alan said...

Brit Hume and his ilk still won't accept that they are, and have been wrong, about Valerie Plame... saying now that she lied under oath. He needs to be smacked upside the head a few times.

©C©¬arol said...

Mr. Bush? Did I say Mr. Bush? I apologize to all! I just quit smoking and am not QUITE myself.

©C©¬arol said...

Alan, how cool to actually be able to look at a video someone suggests. The iRack one was good.

Carey said...


Russert felt belittled in front of his peers after it was revealed during the Libby trial that Cheney's office thought of him and MTP as under their thumb. A little ticked off? Oh yeah.


That's why I always check beforehand to see who's guesting on the Sunday shows. They have become simply a mouthpiece most of the time.

A MILLION HURRAHS FOR CAROL. YE BRAVE LASSIE! It's a hard path you've chosen but you'll feel so much better.

Carey said...


How wonderful! You're just a sweet gift from heaven you are. The limmericks absolutely delight.

And that sunrise Den! Wow.

I have a very rare Democratic socialist girlfriend, hard to find in Republicanland. She comes from New Zealand and can't stop speaking of the bountiful beauty on the island.

David B. Benson said...

Fred Pearce
With Speed and Violence

"Well-documented and terrifying review of the scientific evidence supporting claims that Earth teeters on the edge of climatic precipice..." --- Kirkus, starred review.

micki said...

For a change of pace...

Congressman says he doesn't believe in God

Democrat Pete Stark of California is the highest-ranking elected official in the U.S. to make such a public acknowledgement.

micki said...

Alan, that's a wonderful limerick about the Bugman DeLay!

I heard from one of my sisters that someone dragged out The Hammer for one of the Sunday talk shows today! Talk about bottom feeders!

Not to toot my own horn, but of all of my limericks yesterday, this is my fave:

micki said...
There once was a prof who asked for one more,
She tried as she might to write an encore,
Benson never hedges,
On warming he pledges,
To get the truth out as often as Gore!

3/17/2007 4:54 PM

micki said...

From C&L...

When asked on Meet the Press this morning if he "had any evidence that a U.S. attorney was removed and that removal jeopardized an ongoing investigation," Senator Schumer said he does and that the evidence is "becoming more and more overwhelming."

This is why the prosecutor purge is a genuine scandal. Not only is there clear evidence that the firings were unprecedented and purely politically-motivated, but Alberto Gonzales lied about it under oath and the White House keeps changing it's story. What conclusion can we draw from these lies and revisionisms other than they have something to hide? Namely, that these eight prosecutors were selectively fired because they did not sufficiently politicize their offices and succumb to pressure to do so, only later to be fired for "performance-related" reasons despite receiving exemplary evaluations.

ò¿óarol said...

Micki, Yes, DeLay was dragged out from under his rock. Made my blood pressure go up seeing his smirk. "What the fuck are YOU doing there," I yelled at the TV!