Thursday, March 22, 2007

Temper, Temper!

George W. 'Decision Maker' Bush Pitches Another Fit

A. Alexander, March 21st, 2007
Listen up people! The 'Decision Maker' formerly known as the 'Decider' has thrown his latest tantrum and made a decision. 'Decision Maker' has decided that regardless of the fact that he and his entire administration have been caught lying more times about the attorney scandal than Dick Cheney did shots of Jim Beam before blasting the face off his hunting partner, nobody from his Mafia-like administration will be allowed to testify under oath. That goes especially for the portly balding guy with glasses...the same guy who sacrificed Scooter Libby to the Prosecutor in the CIA leak case...the one guy who knows exactly where ALL the bodies are buried: Karl Rove!

When the 'Decision Maker' finally decides, the decision is final. And just in case anybody might have been tempted to doubt the decision decided upon by the 'Decision Maker'; he stuck out his lower lip, rolled his little hands into tiny fists, stomped his feet and insisted that there will be no partisan investigation of his partisan attorney firing. That's right - the 'Decision Maker' decided that he would not tolerate or allow those meanie and poopy smelling Democrats to play partisan politics with the lies told, regarding why he fired only the federal prosecutors whom Karl Rove and Alberto Gonzales didn't feel were sufficiently "loyal Bushies."

Read the rest here.

A silly look at a seriously mentally ill person that happens to be The President.

Frat-Brat-in-Chief until someone removes him from office kicking and screaming.



DEN said...

NEW YORK — Calvert DeForest, the white-haired, bespectacled nebbish who gained cult status as the oddball Larry "Bud" Melman on David Letterman's late night television shows, has died after a long illness. The Brooklyn-born DeForest, who was 85, died Monday at a hospital on Long Island, Letterman's "Late Show" announced Wednesday.

Micki said...

...speaking of people...

I sure hope and pray that Elizabeth Edwards is okay.

Micki said...

Breaking News: CHAPEL HILL, N.C. (March 22) - Presidential hopeful John Edwards says that his wife's cancer has returned, but is limited to a small part of her bones. His wife, Elizabeth, says she feels "incredibly optimistic" about recovering. Despite earlier reports of suspending his campaign, Edwards says he will continue on the trail. "It goes on," he says.

Sorry to be so cynical at a time like this -- but the anti-Edwards harpies ae going to have a field day, calling him a flip-flopper, etc.

Carey said...

Well. This changes the political landscape a tad.

What more do these two have to go through? They're lovely, caring, compassionate and wield duo superpower.

This is a new thing--this chronic cancer idea. But bone cancer?? Isn't that tops on the pain scale?

Apparently they haven't really suspended campaigning altogether. As Chris Matthews noted, it is the last week or something in a financial quarter of fundraising and would hurt the Edwards' treasure chest if they lost out.

My first instinct was people may not vote for a couple with chronic cancer, the presumption being that the Edwards would be permanently distracted.

Alan said...

I'm sorry, because it's a hella convo, but this one's only for the broadbanders. I'm still in part one that is almost 13 minutes, and there is 5 parts.

Two Who Got It Right: Scott Ritter in Conversation with Robert Scheer

Alan said...

K, done with part 1, and part 2 is 10 minutes.

Carey said...


That was sad about "Bud" Melman.

poopy smelling Democrats
A. Alexander

I've got to remember that phrase, poopy smelling. It's funny.

Howard Fineman of Newsweek assessed from Al Gore's appearance yesterday before Congress that he is pressing very hard on certain button-pushing topics. It's not as if he's looking to be president, another words.

That's distressing. I think Jimmy Carter is right though. Gore doesn't need to be torn up over petty issues likely to be brought up in a presidential campaign. He's the leader in publicizing the most critical problem facing the planet. He's where he wants and needs to be.

Carey said...

What an important post from yesterday Den on the heavy influence private contractors have.

"We have over 200,000 troops in Iraq and half of them aren't being counted, and the danger is that there's zero accountability," says Democrat Dennis Kucinich....

Oh my. Does this scorching issue have to move to the front burner or what?

DEN said...

Subject: Fair elections now


Top Democrats and Republicans just announced a groundbreaking bill to make our elections more democratic with public financing.

Can you imagine if people could be elected to Congress without massive wealth and without begging for campaign cash from big donors? Congress wouldn't owe corporate lobbyists any favors. That's why those very lobbyists will work overtime to kill this exciting reform.

Let's work to make Congress answer to the people. The first step is to gather 200,000 signatures for this petition: "Congress must pass public financing to make our elections fair."

Can you help out by signing this petition to Congress? It's really easy—just click the link below:


From Move

Carey said...

From yesterday's thread:


That editorial on Tom DeLay was fun to read. You're lucky you don't watch TV. He's on a damn book tour. OH YUCK!

When bush mentioned his regime's plan to supplement the military with a Civilian Reserve Corps in his SOTU address in January, we should have all come to attention!

Shit yeah!

DEN said...

Carey, there are so many things WRONG about this illegal war it's difficult to see what to fix first other than the obvious, GET THE HELL OUTA THERE!

Alan said...

This is 2 funny. Jesus General strikes again...

And they are helping Al Qaeda. We know that, because Khalid Sheikh Mohammed confessed to erasing those 18 days worth of emails. He hoped that it would weaken Our Leader, so that his allies in Congress would succeed in their plan to put "In Mohammed We Trust" on our money.
The whole article is here

Carey said...

From a couple of threads back:


It is my opinion that Bush with his phony 'coffee clatch' offer was intentionally attempting to deceive Congress and is prima-facie evidence that a CRIME has been committed against the people of the United States by WILLFULL withholding of evidence and INTENT to decieve the peoples representatives, Congress.

As such, Articles of Impeachment should be drawn up against Bush IMMEDIATELY.

You go lawyer guy! Right on!


Oh my, did I plunge into the NYT article on the beginnings of primate morality.

Totally fascinating stuff. Right up my alley.

What are psychologists thinking not allowing for emotions in animals? Then why experiment on them so?

Carey said...

Here's the link for MoveOn's clean elections petition posted by Den above.


DEN said...

Carey, if only I could earn 'lawyer guy' wages!

Where do I go to, git 'er done?

Blantantly obvious these goons are cheating us big time.

DEN said...

Carey, what? you don't like copy/paste?
Links are for sissies! LOL!

DEN said...

The crap just keeps rolling in;

Gonzales & Guam
Ari Berman

Last February, The Nation published an article of mine, "Can Justice Be Trusted?" raising questions about whether the White House and the Justice Department replaced the US Attorney in Guam, Fred Black, because of an investigation he had opened into Jack Abramoff's lobbying activities on the island in 2002. This story is worth revisiting in light of the Bush Administration's firing of eight top US prosecutors.

Fred Black was the acting US Attorney in Guam between 1991 and 2003. In November 2002, Black began investigating a contract between Abramoff and Guam's highest court and asked for DOJ's assistance. Since Black's communication happened to raise serious questions about the integrity of a high-level federal official who was being renominated to his post, Justice passed the information on to then-White House counsel Alberto Gonzales.

A grand jury, convened by Black, subpoenaed the Abramoff contract on November 18, 2002. The next day the Bush Administration announced that Black would be replaced as US Attorney and demoted him to Assistant US Attorney, after twelve years on the job. His replacement, Leonardo Rapadas, had close ties to the Guam Republican Party, including the support of Abramoff and another lobbyist with access to Karl Rove.

Read the rest here.

micki said...

Specter Detector - U.S. attorney scandal update: Who's to blame for those alarming Patriot Act revisions?

This article is a few weeks old, but worth reading in the context of more current events.

Yeah, what about Brett Tolman and Michael O'Neill -- are they included in the subpoenas?

Man oh man. These snakes are everywhere.

micki said...

Oh? So Tony Snow issues the false statement that the demand for sworn testimony is unusual?

According to a report compiled by Henry Waxman's staff, from 1997 to 2002, under Republican Chairman Dan Burton, the House Oversight Committee issued 1,052 subpoenas targeting Democratic Party or Clinton administration officials.

Is Tony Snot mentally ill?

micki said...


Well, come to think of it, he is a snot!

DEN said...

Speaking of SNAKES, how about a fellow named Poindexter and a super spy system named TIA (Total Information Awareness) are still at it, only in Singapore.

Son of TIA Will Mine Asian Data

By Sharon Weinberger
12:00 PM Mar, 22, 2007

Nearly four years after Congress pulled the plug on what critics assailed as an Orwellian scheme to spy on private citizens, Singapore is set to launch an even more ambitious incarnation of the Pentagon's controversial Total Information Awareness program -- an effort to collect and mine data across all government agencies in the hopes of pinpointing threats to national security.

The Singapore prototype of the system -- dubbed Risk Assessment and Horizon Scanning, or RAHS -- was rolled out early this week at a conference in the Southeast Asia city-state. Retired U.S. Adm. John Poindexter, the architect of the original Pentagon program, traveled to Singapore to deliver a speech at the unveiling, while backers have already begun quietly touting the system to U.S. intelligence officials.

Read the rest here.

Any guesses when it will appear here?

micki said...

One NYC official who has been assigned the task for planning to develop more of NYC's waterfront property has said that sea levels could rise as much as "five-tenths" of an inch. (Some models show levels could rise FIVE inches or more.)

Maybe this feller got his fives mixed up? Anyway, doesn't 5/10 = 1/2 ? Oh, well.

DEN said...

Received this a bit ago:

Dear Den,

Elizabeth and I are so grateful for your prayers and wishes. Your support means a great deal to us during this difficult time.

As you may have heard, yesterday we found out that Elizabeth's breast cancer is back, but confined mainly to her bones. Although this isn't the news we wanted to hear, we are very optimistic. Having been through many struggles together in the past, we know that the key is to keep your head up, keep moving and be strong. And that's exactly what we intend to do.

Elizabeth and I have been married for nearly 30 years and we will be in this every step of the way together. We will keep a positive attitude and always look for the silver lining—that's what we do.

Although the cancer is no longer curable, it is treatable, and many patients in similar circumstances have lived full, energetic lives. We expect nothing less for Elizabeth. She expects to do all the things next week that she did last week.

Our campaign goes on and it goes on strongly. We are so proud of the campaign we are running—a campaign based on ideas and reaching out to people. This campaign is not about me or Elizabeth—it's about all the people we have met these past few years and people like them all across America and the world—people worried about feeding and clothing their kids; people without health care; people facing hardships overseas.

Both of us are committed to this campaign. We're committed to this cause and we're committed to changing this country we love so much.

Thank you again for your support and for standing with us.

John Edwards

DEN said...

Five to ten inches is more realistic.

Give that guy a cupie doll! NOT!

DEN said...

Fast connection folks,

go here: watch the video.

Jeanne said...

Wow, I sure am sorry to hear about Elizabeth Edwards. They have a new drug to fight breast cancer for HER 2 patients. I wonder if she is in that catagory. Hope her the best.

Jeanne said...

Yahoo has a story about 2 GITMO detainees suing Rumsfeld and the leadership at GITMO for false imprisonment (I think). I don't think the "can't bring suit to trial by reason of protecting state secrets" is going to work anymore.