Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Fly CO2 Airlines

Well that turned out weird when attempting to copy/paste

Are you searching the web for cheap flights, bargain airfares? Look no further! Just two clicks on the map (right) will show you the price of any journey!
Perhaps you're thinking of flying off to a warmer climate, basking in the sun, listening to the waves from your bedroom? Or maybe you're looking for something more unusual? - Visit deserts which were once the cradles of ancient civilizations, see rivers of ice crack and flow down mountain slopes or paddle through flooded forests.

Neat site calculates the cost in ecological terms of your next flight.

Should keep you busy for a while with various flight scenarios, remembering of course there are over 3000 flights per day in the US alone.

Internet searches reveal the only folks taking an aggressive approach to aircraft emissions are Great Britain and Europe.


DEN said...

Neat site except for the little airplane following your cursor around, it messed up my copy paste, ARRRGGGHH!

Some sites were claiming that shipping emmisions were almost as bad as aircraft.

We have a lot of work to do to reduce CO2 emmisions, they are everywhere.

º¿carol said...

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º¿carol said...

I liked your post, Den. It looked like shouting. It looked like you were making a statement.

DEN said...

Carol It was WEIRD! I thought the screen would explode after a while.

7 out of ten pegged on the psycho test.

micki said...

3,000 flights per day in U.S.?

I went to a NASA site and found a report on the average number of non-military high altitude flights over the United States each day.

It said that there are, on average, 24,000 flights tracked each day over the contiguous U.S., above 25,000 feet.

This was for a period after September 11, 2001 through 2003.

Alan said...

I got 8 out of 10. The only serial killer I missed was the first one shown, wearing the ski cap.

DEN said...

Micki, I apparently got ONE airlines' flights per day, one site said 27,500 per day in 2003, times the number of engines putting out CO2 in TONS adds waaaaaay up.

Time to stop making the working stiffs driving cars responsible for every damn thing that comes along, always blaming cars, forget about soot spewing diesel trucks, tractors and trains, and airplanes, oh yea, ships too, not to mention factories and coal burning power plants.


David B. Benson said...

Carbon dioxide emisions due to all those US flights: 3.3% of US total.

Carbon added to the air per capita yearly in the US: 2 tonnes...

micki said...

27,500 - 24,000 = 3,500

So, does that mean that 3,500 flights a day don't get tracked?


micki said...

I think it is a mistake to place blame on "the other guy" rather than focusing on fixing the problem for the good of all. Sure, the airline industry should do its part to reduce CO2 emissions. No doubt about it. Air travelers should pay a carbon tax, or clean air tax, or cap and trade tax, or whatever it would be called.

Airline companies are working to increase fuel efficiency -- not necessarily for the right reasons, but nevertheless, they are doing it. The Boeing 787 Dreamliner due out in the summer of 2008 (I think), is made of lighter composite materials and has other fuel-saving design measures built in.

Airlines should pull their planes from the gate to the runway, reducing the amount of fuel used to taxi into position for takeoff. Our decaying air-traffic control system should be upgraded and ATC should reduce the number of planes circling airports waiting to land. Commercial airplanes follow ground beacons to the destination cities, which are often inefficient and indirect routes. If the system was upgraded, environmental performance gains would improve as much as 15 percent or more.

Unless there is a practical replacement for air travel, it's not going to go away. So, how about some improvements and solutions, instead of thinking in terms of "blaming" the air traveler. BTW, a lot of the working stiffs driving to work (solo) in their cars do have the option of using public transportation -- but they choose to stay behind the wheel for THEIR personal convenience. (Not saying that all have a choice, but many do...)

David B. Benson said...

Micki --- Not all flights go as high as 25,000 feet. Regional flights...

DEN said...

Micki that brings up another issue.

Who pays for the pollution?

Not the engine manufacturers, not the airlines, the end users.

As long as the system is setup to have the end users foot the bill, nothing will make much of a difference.

Like car emissions manufacturing expense goes right to the consumer as higher purchase prices, the working stiff gets a higher car payment.

Sure he could use public transportation but his car payment is still there when he gets home.
He still has to pay out the wazoo to fly too.

By making consumers responsible for manufacturers unwillingness to improve fuel mileage on transportation equipment the producers of that stuff have ZERO incentive to make it better and more efficient.

By making producers more responsible for carbon output it would encourage them to build more efficient stuff. Thats what I meant but was not real clear about.

º¿carol said...

I got 9 out of ten right. I missed the last guy, called him a serial killer even after I changed my mind. They said I would spot Hannibal Lector in seconds at an open source conference. "Your liver's safe."

º¿carol said...

We consumers can only buy what "they" make. And "they" won't make a non-polluting vehicle until our government makes them do that.

DEN said...

Yup, they make crap, we buy crap because there is nothing but crap to buy.

Governmental strong-arming is the only motivator for the crap producers, otherwise crap would be even worse.

ò¿óarol said...

If the government actually gave a shit about anything other than greed they'd get on packaging. Everything encased in plastic which last I heard was made from petroleum.

My husband's doctor gave him enough sample blood pressure pills to last 90 days. There were 7 pills in each little plastic bottle. I saved them for the recycle bins, but all I could think about was how many tiny sample bottles are out there in EVERY doctor's office from sea to shining sea with most of them ending up in a landfill. The government could so easily mandate biodegradable packaging...BUT THEY WON'T!

DEN said...

It's too bad the companies don't take the initiative themselves without being forced, kicking and screaming the whole way.

Capitalism is all about profit, at any cost, forget personal responsibility by corporate slugs, ain't happenin.

º¿carol said...

Businesses will NEVER do anything that isn't in their total self-interest. That's why governments need to regulate, regulate, regulate.

•¿•arol said...

Presidential spring training
Will Durst - WorkingForChange.com

04.03.07 - The World Series of Presidential politics may be 19 months down the road, but the players are already lacing up their cleats and playing pepper with fungo bats on the sandlots of Iowa and New Hampshire. Yes, my friends, it's spring training for the Presidency. A spring training where fundraising takes the place of calisthenics. And batting clinics are supplanted by fundraising. And the closet full of Ace Bandages is now packed with envelopes earmarked for... you got it, fundraising.

With no sitting President or Vice President running for the first time in 80 years, the '08 field promises to be more crowded than a trainer's table after the first day of wind sprints for pitchers and Molinas. Besides, this is America. Where any Dominican can become a shortstop, and any American can become President, although when they coined that phrase, I'm not sure they had George Bush in mind.

So here is our scouting report on some of the announced and presumed contenders for the upcoming political season in which everybody has faith that if just a few breaks fall their way, and a couple of opposing teams' managers get caught peddling steroids to preschoolers or bogus opposition research to the Washington Post, they got a shot. Except the Marlins and Dennis Kucinich, that is.


7 to 2. New York Senator Hillary Clinton. Like the Yankees she's become a "fan" of, acts miffed that the nomination isn't just handed to her; that instead she has to actually compete for it.

4 to 1. Illinois Senator Barack Obama. Might not be ready for hardball practiced at this level. Already got into a pimp-slapping contest with Hillary and lost.

7 to 1. Former North Carolina Senator John Edwards. Clinging to trademark "Two Americas" pitch. Extra 4 years of Bush might help public catch up to message.

15 to 1. Former VP Al Gore. Lurking on deck, ready to bop someone on head with his Oscar until the Florida Supreme Court takes it away.

50 to 1. Delaware Senator Joe Biden. Back on disabled list with persistent foot in mouth disease. A little too comfortable flossing with own shoelaces.

500 to 1. The Field. New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson. In it for the Vice Presidency. Connecticut Senator Chris Dodd. In it for the parties. Former Alaska Governor Mike Gravel. Who? Gravel? Alaska? Cool. In it for Secretary of the Interior.

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9 to 2. Arizona Senator John McCain. Wily veteran. Lost a few MPH on his fastball. Doubts persist as to whether he is up for long, grueling season.

6 to 1. Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney. Wearing Al Gore's oversized flip-flops. Also has the Mormon thing to get past. Might be a positive. Public gets bored with 1st Lady, can always move on to 2nd Lady, then 3rd Lady and so on.

15 to 1. Fred Thompson. Warming up in the bullpen, if needed to relieve. Of course America would never accept an actor as President. Oh.

200 to 1. Former Governor of New York, George Pataki. Bad timing. Country not ready for another President named George. Severe 3rd Degree George fatigue.

400 to 1. Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee. Bad timing. Country not ready for another Governor of Arkansas as President. Arkansas fatigue.

5000 to 1. The Field. California Congressman Duncan Hunter. In it for 2012. Texas Congressman Ron Paul. In it for Texas. Kansas Senator Sam Brownback. In it for the babies. Colorado Congressman Tom Tancredo. In it to get the illegals. Former Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson. In it for the cheese.

Comic, writer, actor, former radio talk show host and sod farmer Will Durst picks the Giants and the Yankees to meet in the World Series. (Eds. note: Hope springs eternal. Humm-baby!)

micki said...

Dr. B, I realize that. Hence the stooopid smiley face. I was being silly.

micki said...

Den, no, I don't think the end user should be the only one to pay out the wazoo. But, the end user should pay something, too. It's called responsibility.

When we lived in New York, we didn't own a car. No car payment. No monthy parking fees. No car insurance. We used public transportation all the time. If we needed (wanted) a car for a weekend, we rented one.

micki said...

Brown and Cameron battle over green air travel and phasing out old-style light bulbs

Den, this article from The Guardian/UK touches on your choice of blog topics! Great minds....and all that!!!

micki said...

Climate Science and The Politics of Economic Growth

Den, this is an interesting article as an adjunct to your topic today.

David B. Benson said...

Micki --- I must have missed the smiley face.

Anyway, as I understand air traffic control in the US, there are controllers up to 10,000 feet in some busy places, other controllers for 10,000 to 25,000 feet and still other controllers above that. The air traffic control radars see all of the lower 48 above 25,000 feet, but not everywhere lower down.

I surmise that certain low population parts of the US offer no air traffic controllers in the intermediate zone as well...

Gerald said...

Network of Spiritual Progressives

Dear Posters:

While my wife and I were visiting our son, I went to confession. After reciting my litany of sins to my spiritual advisor I said to the priest that I find myself going from believing to wanting and wishing pain and suffering for America and Americans. Unless Nazi America experiences pain and suffering, she will continue to inflict pain and suffering upon the world population.

The priest said to me that America is experiencing pain and suffering right now and I do not have to wish pain and suffering for our people because Americans will not repent and as long as Americans fail to repent pain and suffering will continue.

The priest counseled me as part of my penance to locate and read what the Network for Spiritual Progressives is saying and doing in the areas of justice and peace. The Network of Spiritual Progressives was co-founded by Cornel West, Rabbi Michael Lerner, and Sister Joan Chittister whom you will recall is one on my foxes. The Network is based in Berkeley, California.

Rabbi Michael Lerner has a Jewish magazine and he started the Tikkun Community Groups to pursue justice and peace. The home page for the Tikkun website has some very good articles about God, Israel, the Ten Commitments, the Spiritual Left, etc.

As you will recall, I have ripped and I will continue to rip on Israel as a Nazi state. In each Nazi state, like Israel, America, and England, there are people and religions that do seek justice and peace. The numbers may be miniscule but there are people who desire justice and peace for all of God’s children.

My Eighth Doctrine

The Extinction of Catholicism

I write this doctrine with a heavy and sad heart because by 2100 Catholicism will be extinct as a religion. If the trend continues, extinction is etched in stone. There were 460 million Catholics in the world twenty years ago and today there are 360 million Catholics. If Catholics dwindle by the same numbers in the years to come, the religion will be extinct.

The reason for our extinction rests with silence. Catholic laypersons, bishops and priests, and theologians have been silence on torture. 45,000 fundamentalists churches have spoken out against torture but the Catholic Church chooses to remain silent on torture. Plus, Catholics have become very complicit regarding Bush’s policies, programs, and practices of endless wars, mass murders, and war crimes.

Catholics will leave the church and convert to a new religion or they will not practice their Catholic faith. Catholic laypersons, bishops and priests, and theologians must locate their moral compasses in order to head off the extinction of Catholicism.



micki said...

...or the 3,500 "untracked" aircraft are Stealth Bombers.


micki said...

Well, howdy Gerald!

Gerald said...

Paragraphs from the Nonviolent website and the March 15, 2007 article!

To the question, "Where are you going, Lord?" the answer always returns, "I am going to be crucified for your neglect, your silence in the face of injustice, and the face of injustice that you so continually display to those who have done no wrong to you." The words should ring louder and louder in our hearts until, at last, we find the strength to respond.

"One 15 year old year old called Ban Ismet, hit in the legs, described how she had watched her friend Maha bleed to death. "The shrapnel hit her in the eyes," she said, "and there was blood all over her face. She was dead." These are the sights that Christians wish to hide from themselves, so that they don't have to understand what their civilization means to the other peoples of the world.

"The National Association of Evangelicals (NAE), which represents about 45,000 churches across America, endorsed a declaration against torture drafted by 17 evangelical scholars. The authors, who call themselves Evangelicals for Human Rights and campaign for "zero tolerance" on torture, say that the US administration has crossed "boundaries of what is legally and morally permissible" in the treatment of detainees."

Now if only the Catholics would make a similar repudiation of torture.

"Only love is more powerful than hatred," the teacher said simply. "Only
love can clean the world of evil." Believe in the power of love - there is no cleansing by violence. Violence can only cleanse us of life, as its brown and sandy footprints across the face of our mother so clearly reveal. It does not bring justice, heals nothing, and destroys the souls of those who practice it or tolerate it. The Christian martyrs knew this, why don't we, who have inherited a far enriched tradition, know it as well?

Gerald said...

That should be from the Nonviolent Jesus website. We enjoy visiting our son in March and the low 70 degrees for highs and leaving a state with low 40 degrees for the highs. Going to visit is great but I find myself in a state of discombobulation for awhile upon returning home.

Hello micki and all you last remnants of pursuers for justice and peace!

Our numbers may be miniscule but our messages resonate to all the corners of our planet.

Gerald said...

Ten Commitments

Gerald said...

On the top of the article we read send this article to somebody and print this article. At the bottom we read copyright 2005. Please assist me. There seems to be a contradiction in the use of copyright?

How can people be informed without some evidence of what an organization is doing unless there is sharing of information?