Friday, April 20, 2007


Thanks Carol and Alan!


DEN said...

After yesterdays grilling of the Gonzo, much humor is needed.

DEN said...

The psychos are fired up and causing mayhem throughout the country, even in my area of CA as reported here.

micki said...

Yes, thanks, Carol & Alan!

One thing I'm wondering as a new day has dawned -- will the media blast the insensitive (stooopid), inappropriate McCain rendition of "Bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran" all over the place?

They sure didn't waste any time bombarding the airwaves with Howard Dean's 'scream' back in '04.

Hello! Where is that liberal media when ya really need it?

MICKI said...


1. Reduce. Here's a bright idea: Swap out five standard light bulbs for energy-saving compact fluorescents. They use 25% less energy and last 10 times as long. Other ways to save: unplug unused appliances and take public transit. For more cool tips, go to the Natural Resources Defense Council website.
2. Offset. Once you've done what you can to reduce your impact on the environment, offset the rest. Make a donation to reverse the greenhouse gases you produce. Go to
3. Recycle. Have an old cellphone just sitting in a drawer? CollectiveGood can send these phones for use in developing countries, or safely recycles materials from them. To donate your phone today (the shipping is free), go to
4. Take Action. We need bold action to solve the climate crisis. The United States is currently responsible for nearly 25% of the world's greenhouse gas emissions, so we need to take the lead in solving the problem. Senators Boxer and Sanders have come forward with a bill to achieve 80% emissions reductions; click here to support the Global Warming Pollution Reduction Act.
5. Get a cool credit card. Get the credit card that plants trees and supports alternative-energy groups.

micki said...

Alan, this was a pretty good line, too, from Arlen Specter:

"I don't think you're going to win a debate about your preparation, frankly."

micki said...

...or Chuck Shumer's:

"He seems to be far less qualified than the U.S. attorneys that he's fired."

DEN said...

New stuff on the front page that I thought I would try.

First a YouTube video link for viewing and a scroll at the bottom of the page with the latest news.

Let me know if you would like me to put any of your music-vid artists up so people can watch. Must be on YouTube tho.

micki said...

...then the Decider-in-Chief offers his pearls of wisdom:

sez bush: Mr. Gonzales has "work to do" in repairing his fractured relations with lawmakers.

micki said...

Den, does it have to be music? Or can it be other video? What if it was something pertaining to MoveOn and and their project they rolled out yesterday?

DEN said...

Micki, anything on you tube, just need the name of the vid.

I have excellent music now but anything should work, I just need to edit and add to the list.

micki said...


The White House

Welcome back to the BuzzFlash GOP Hypocrite of the Week.

It's hard to pin down who exactly is responsible for this gem of Bushevik hypocrisy. The culprits are likely Rove, Miers or Bush -– or all three.

Essentially, the Busheviks set up a shadow e-mail system so top level Bush loyalists could work on sketchy –- and probably illegal -– political projects without having them recorded on White House servers. It is clear Rove wasn't expecting this scam to be exposed.

But it was. Now the congressional committees investigating ProsecutorGate want the RNC e-mails written by White House officials on RNC servers turned over for examination.

What is the Busheviks' response?

They are claiming executive privilege over the RNC e-mails, which were routed through the Republican National Committee specifically to ensure that they would not be considered White House records.

It's hard to conceive of a more brazen claim to executive privilege on behalf of a con game, but then the Bush Administration took its lessons from Al Capone and Joe Stalin when it comes to holding on to power.

And that's why the White House deserves to be named the BuzzFlash GOP Hypocrite of the Week.

Until next week, remember our motto: So many Republican hypocrites, so little time.

Catch up with you soon.

micki said...

You mean, if I sent you something you'd edit it?

I wouldn't want it edited.

I'd want it to run AS IS.

Is that possible?

micki said...

I might have something up my sleeve.


DEN said...

Micki, no, no, I did not mean that, I would edit the list of vids, not the vids themselves, Right now I have Feist and Pink Floyd but I would merely add your vid name to the list.

I think I can have up to six different titles going, heck I'm just figuring it out myself.

DEN said...

Can select vids by artist or title I think.

micki said...

Well, this isn't music that I'm thinking maybe not.

I'm leaving for the day. But, I may email you something later about this.

Stay to speak.

DEN said...

Any vid, not just music!

DEN said...

A woman meets a man in a bar. They talk; they connect;
they end up leaving together. They get back to his
place, and as he shows her around his apartment, she
notices that one wall of his bedroom is completely
filled with soft, sweet, cuddly teddy bears.

There are three shelves in the bedroom with hundreds
and hundreds of cute, cuddly teddy bears carefully
placed in rows covering the entire wall! It was
obvious that he had taken quite some time to lovingly
arrange them and she was immediately touched by the
amount of thought he had put into organizing the
display. There were small bears al l along the bottom
shelf, medium-sized bears covering the length of the
middle shelf, and huge, enormous bears running all the
way along the top shelf. She found it strange for an
obviously masculine guy to have such a large a
collection of Teddy Bears, but doesn't mention this to
him, and actually is quite impressed by his sensitive

They share a bottle of wine and continue talking and,
after a while, she finds herself thinking, "Oh my God!
Maybe, this guy could be the one! Maybe he could be
the future father my children?" She turns to him and
kisses him lightly on the lips. He responds warmly.

They continue to kiss, the passion builds, and he
romantically lifts her in his arms and carries her
into his bedroom where they rip off each other's
clothes and make hot, steamy love.

She is so overwhelmed that she responds with more
passion, more creativity, more heat than she has ever
known, and even did a few things she had never done
with any other man.

After an intense, explosive night of raw passion with
this sensitive guy, they are lying there together in
the afterglow. The woman rolls over, gently strokes
his chest and asks coyly, "Well, how was it?" The guy
gently smiles at her, strokes her cheek, looks deeply
into her eyes, and says........................
>"Help yourself to any prize from the middle shelf!"

Alan said...

Pink Floyd is awesome! They put on what is no doubt, my fav concert I ever attended. It helped that I had a back stage pass, but that had nothing to do with their music... except I did the stage power as an electrician at the Astrodome. Not concert power, they do their own with semis filled with generators, but stage power the roadies use to build the stage and test it. Also, we ran power (3-phase 480v) to 4 temp platforms built on the 7th level for a buttload of speakers making the concert quadrophonic. It sounded great!
Also got to meet one of the group. I loaned a roadie that was repairing a shipping trunk, a drill bit to replace some hinges. Standing around watching him and chatting when I got a personal "Smashing!" and a handshake from Roger Waters. He said that trunk had 'been around longer than him', but I think it was a figure of speech. Anyways... it was a great concert and the best sound quality I've ever heard live.

DEN said...

Alan, I did not know you were a spark chaser! I have done AC in industrial apps and homebuilding.

I do low voltage TTL and t-shoot construction lasers now.

Pink Floyd has always been one of my favs too.

What do you think about Feist?

Just heard her this morning for the first time from FDL and she is good.

DEN said...

From the Duluth paper:

Who would you vote for in the DFL primary?

Mike Ciresi
Al Franken

View poll results »
Mike Ciresi 43 36.44%

Al Franken 75 63.56%

Looks like Al is gaining some friends.

DEN said...

Bringing Down the House of Lies: The Final "Leg" of the Journey

by Steve Bhaerman Page 1 of 3 page(s)

Tell A Friend

It’s a bit of a mixed feeling to realize that millions and millions of people who didn’t get this distinction two, four or six years ago now understand that the “political’ issues we now face aren’t about right and left, they’re about right and wrong. On one hand, what took you so long? On the other, thank God and welcome aboard.

Although the media has downplayed it -- it doesn’t fit with the general stupidization program of creating a lot of heat but very little light -- more and more actual conservatives and even members of the religious right are coming to see the Bush-Cheney regime as a rogue administration and a thin cover for criminal enterprise. Such right wing stalwarts as former Georgia Rep. Bob Barr and Richard Viguerie (one of the architects of the far right wing) have formed an organization to protect our civil liberties from our own government. Chuck Baldwin, an associate of Jerry Falwell, has become an open advocate of impeachment and writes a very articulate column. These folks are far bolder than the Democrats in this regard, and they will play a key role when impeachment happens -- and it will.

Now some of you reading this who have a deeper spiritual understanding of love, forgiveness and the ways in which we do indeed create our own reality might be wondering “Gee, this whole impeachment thing seems pretty ‘anti’. Shouldn’t we be focusing on what we want instead of what we don’t want?”

Indeed, the point can be made that the failure of the Democrats in 2004 -- aside from the minor issue of voting fraud in Ohio and Florida -- had to do with John Kerry’s approach of “Vote for me, I’m not as bad as George Bush,” and failure to articulate any compelling positive vision. However, the real issue goes much deeper.

Ending The American Hostage Crisis

It has nothing to do with loving or hating George Bush, whose policies have educated and awakened more Americans than all of the “progressive” leaders combined. It does have to do with what we need to recognize as the American Hostage Crisis. The American people -- and particularly our soldiers in Iraq -- are being held hostage by a ruthless criminal cadre (this is not hyperbolic invective; the definition of “criminal” is “one who commits crimes”). The people up until now have been blackmailed into supporting a war of choice with the cynical cry, “Support our troops.” As if our troops sent themselves over there and now we have to rescue them.

The people of America are now at a crossroads that will determine whether the world continues hurtling down the highway to hell, or whether we change course in the direction of our true human potential, what Swami calls “humanifest destiny.” I say the world because if the United States honors the intentions of our founders and accepts the evolutionary role of genuine self-governance, the entire world will cheer -- and breathe a sigh of relief. Under the guise of true moral authority, we will be able to isolate the sociopathogens in the world and deal with them as criminals instead of what we’re doing now -- killing the people the criminal elements are holding hostage, and creating new converts for the criminals.

There is something positive to be built, but it cannot be built on a foundation of lies. That is why the so-called “surge” or any other policy to “stay the course” Iraq will not succeed. The entire structure -- why we’re there, what’s been happening since we got there, what our future intentions are -- all lies. Those troops we are “supporting” are being sent in as surrogate targets for George Bush and the American empire, an empire that isn’t even ours but belongs to a slew of multinational corporations that could care less whether America lives or dies. That’s what American soldiers are discovering, sadly, that their most ardent “supporters” at home have been unwilling to face. Until now.

Read the rest here.

Good reading!

DEN said...

From that article is this site worth reading also.

Gerald said...

The Friday Funnies had many funnies on this Friday.

DEN said...

Gerald, glad you liked them, sent by Carol and Alan for me to post.

Gerald said...

On the Diane Rehm show it was mentioned that our leaving Iraq will be difficult. Yes, we will be in Iraq like we are in Germany and Japan. There is no leaving Iraq!!!

The reinstatement of the military draft is ready to be implemented to fight Nazi America's endless wars.

Gerald said...

Thank you, Carol and Alan! The Friday Funnies should be a weekly happening to prepare us for the weekend.

Gerald said...

Why Bush Must Be Impeached

Gerald said...

But we are sliding into an election year. I heard only one voice once for impeachment. I don’t remember whose, but it has been squelched. After all, it’s almost an election year. One of our candidates, representing one party, has to win. Barak wants to be the first black, Hilary the first woman, and on down the line of who wants to be what. No one is standing up for the people.

Oh, they all have their little plans to appease the people. “If I’m elected, I’ll bring the troops home by such and such a date, etc. etc. etc.” Gosh, trillions of dollars for health care? For schools, for college scholarships. The demon is within, folks, within our midst wearing masks of honor, within all of us. We have lost our honor with this war.

The problem of a Republic is that the people themselves have to be both intelligent and courageous. They have to know what kind of government governs a Republic, what the duties of intention of leaders are, and what their own rights are. Then they have to stand up to tyranny.

So many of us remember Kent State, when our own National Guard murdered college students. Ironic. National Guard: those guarding the nation. We are the nation. They are supposed to protect the people of the Republic. It was their duty not to fire. So I ask you: Who can protect us from our protectors?

DEN said...

OK folks I'm heading out early but will check back later,

Carry On!

carey said...

I knew one of the first would be Pink Floyd.

NEWS: Johnson Space Center shut down with gunman barricaded in Engineering Building.

Shit, it just doesn't stop.

carey said...

I wanted to alert everyone with cable TV about a show called Planet Earth on the Discovery Channel Sunday nights.

Also, tonight, there's a special on NBC with clips from the show.

It's unbelievable. Truly unbelievable. It teaches, with incredible photography, like you've never seen before, the wonders of the planet and it's myriad ecosystems.

For you Micki, you'll want to purchase the DVDs. Really. This is amazingly beautiful and spiritual. I recommend it to all.

carey said...

I forgot to add that I found out about Planet Earth from my son Brandon's best friend. News of the show reached the children first, probably through school. Isn't that wonderful!

Global warming education is moving right along in the schools with thanks to An Inconvenient Truth and the efforts of many.

I realized this morning that this will be one of Brandon's vocations--saving the planet through his writing. It was one of those moments when it was all clear. We've raised a generation of troopers in the fight for the planet. Be proud and spread the word.

º¿carol said...

Darn, that veggie cartoon was cut off. It says,

"I dated a gorgeous tomato until she saw Paul Newman Dressing."

carey said...

Now I'll go try to see what the hell is going on in Houston. We'll hear firsthand from Alan undoubtedly.

No more gun violence. Please world.

I'd like to say no more violence period, but when you watch Planet Earth you are reminded that some violence is natural in the fight to survive. I love this show. It's so wondrous.


No it wasn't. I saw the complete line and loved it. Paul Newman undressed? Oh yeah. Know what I mean jellybean?

º¿carol said...

It's cut off on my screen. Hmmm.

º¿carol said...

I thought it might be my Firefox, so I brought IE and it's cut off there, too. Hmmm. Must be my computer.

carey said...

The psychos are fired up and causing mayhem throughout the country, even in my area of CA as reported here.

Are they ever Den.

I made a mistake. The Planet Earth special is on ABC tonight, not NBC. Try to catch it and you'll see what I'm talking about.

carey said...

Did y'all see that Gary Trudeau called for the impeachment of Bush and Cheney in his strip, Doonesbury? (In this week's strips.)

º¿carol said...

I changed my display from Windows 98 classic to XP and the cartoon is STILL cut off. Crap! Now I don't understand what it could be. I don't have a flat panel monitor. I have the old fashioned kind that takes up half the desk.

º¿carol said...

My kid's old school made the news, too. Bomb threat. Had to close the school down.

Those kinds of things are going on coast to coast! Wish the idiots would stop because that will just cause more stupid laws to be passed, more cameras on all of us, etc. Shit.

David B. Benson said...

Carol --- That is what happens when the world fills up. Over six and one half billion of us now, with over three hundred million in the ol' U.S. and A...

Gerald said...

Hot off the news services!!!

Disney investors are extremely nervous. The Disney Board of Directors will be meeting with Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton on Saturday, April 21, 2007.

Jackson and Sharpton are concerned about the Seven Dwarfs and their singing of "hi, "ho" hi, "ho" it's off to work we go!"

As more information surfaces from this meeting, I will share it with you.

DEN said...

Hey Carol!

I shifted the cartoons to center, forgot to when I posted it this morning, long cartoons are deceiving for position alignment.

Can you see them now?

David B. Benson said...

Den --- Using Firefox on a Linux box, I cannot see the text in question.

DEN said...

Doc, maybe it is the monitor you are using, I have Firefox also, with Windows XP.

º¿carol said...

Paul Newman is still cut off, Den. Why just my monitor?

º¿carol said...

I have a Dell monitor.

Sorry, Doc, I did notice it's cut off for you, too. Hmmm.

DEN said...

You know you might be ok monitor-wise, Have any trouble viewing any other pages?

DEN said...

Carol, I added some spaces between the two, check now.

David B. Benson said...

I doubt the problem is with the physical monitor, but rather somewhere in the software configuration. I only have problems with wide cartoons. Everything else displays properly (on this site).

For the record, this is an older machine (Pentium III) and therefore a older version of Linux. Also, it is Firefox 1.0.

Anyway, this seems to be a rather tiny problem i comparison to...

David B. Benson said...

Den --- Still chopped off the wide cartoon...

David B. Benson said...

Dummy me! I didn't have the window for Firfox set to the full width of the monitor. At full width the entire cartoon shows up jus' fine.


DEN said...

Doc, you probably know that a lot of software changes have been made since your computer was new.

Probably something missing with your software due to its age and that old Firefox too.

I recommend to anyone that can afford it, get a new computer with minumum Windows XP and Firefox

I got mine super cheap at Dells' Refurbished/scratch and dent site,
right here.

Look at the new stuff to get an idea of what you want, then look in that link for availability. Takes some hunting but mine paid off, Dell 1505 Laptop, Media Direct, WinXP,Vista ready, CD/DVDBurner listed at $1200, got it for $646 to my door, no gas needed, just a credit card.

David B. Benson said...

Well, I suppose I'll consider a new machine when I figure out how to properly recycle the old ones.

But it will run either Linux or Unix. I need a reliable, virus-proof, worm-proof, always functioning without fiddling computer.

Like the old Tarytaton[sic] ads: I'd rather fight than switch!

DEN said...

Linux does complicate things.

I would park the old one in a closet for backup, not recycle just yet.

New Linux stuff is out there, let Google do the walking, forums and such.

DEN said...

Ladies and gentlemen, it is with solem heart that I bring you the news out of the Vatican today.


Yes it is true, theres this:

VATICAN CITY (Reuters) - The Roman Catholic Church has effectively buried the concept of limbo, the place where centuries of tradition and teaching held that babies who die without baptism went.

In a long-awaited document, the Church's International Theological Commission said limbo reflected an "unduly restrictive view of salvation."

The 41-page document was published on Friday by Origins, the documentary service of the U.S.-based Catholic News Service, which is part of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops.

Pope Benedict, himself a top theologian who before his election in 2005 expressed doubts about limbo, authorized the publication of the document, called "The Hope of Salvation for Infants Who Die Without Being Baptised."

The verdict that limbo could now rest in peace had been expected for years. The document was seen as most likely the final word since limbo was never part of Church doctrine, even though it was taught to Catholics well into the 20th century.

"The conclusion of this study is that there are theological and liturgical reasons to hope that infants who die without baptism may be saved and brought into eternal happiness even if there is not an explicit teaching on this question found in revelation," it said.

"There are reasons to hope that God will save these infants precisely because it was not possible (to baptize them)."

The Church teaches that baptism removes original sin which stains all souls since the fall from grace in the Garden of Eden.

Born Guilty! story here

DEN said...

That was weird, the last comment I did went to my e-mail as an error message, one of those Mailer Daemon things.

The Pope did it I think, or Google.

Anyway if you don't here from me in a couple of days, the Inquisition would have taken me away.

Seriously, I might not be able to log back in, Google has been acting weird, fingers crossed!

micki said...

REsponsibile REcyclers of Old Computers in Washington

The RE effect in action, recycle, reuse, repurpose, etc........

Click on your state for computer recyclers

I recommend Macintosh -- an Apple a day keeps the doctor away!

I love my Mac!!!!!!!!!!

DEN said...

Still OK, Whew!

micki said...

Okay, this is not in the best formate, but here's the recycling pledge that responsible computer recyclers agree to:

Electronics Recycler’s Pledge of True Stewardship

We, the signing and registered recycling company, agree to uphold the following:
I. We will not allow any hazardous E-waste* we handle to be sent to solid waste (non-hazardous waste)
landfills or incinerators for disposal or energy recovery, either directly or through intermediaries.
II. Consistent with decisions of the international Basel Convention on the Control of Transboundary
Movements of Hazardous Wastes and their Disposal, we will not allow the export of hazardous E-waste we
handle to be exported from developed to developing countries** either directly or through intermediaries.
III. We will not allow any E-waste we handle to be sent to prisons for recycling either directly or through
IV. We assure that we have a certified, or otherwise comprehensive and comparable “environmental
management system” in place and our operation meets best practices.
V. We commit to ensuring that the entire recycling chain, including downstream intermediaries and recovery
operations such as smelters, are meeting all applicable environmental and health regulations. Every effort
will be made to only make use of those facilities (e.g. smelters), which provide the most efficient and least
polluting recovery services available globally.
VI. We agree to provide visible tracking of hazardous E-Waste throughout the product recycling chain. The
tracking information should show the final disposition of all hazardous waste materials. If there is a concern
about trade secrets, an independent auditor acceptable to parties concerned can be used to verify compliance
with this pledge.
VII. We agree to provide adequate assurance (e.g. bonds) to cover environmental and other costs of the closure
of our facility, and additionally to provide liability insurance for accidents and incidents involving wastes
under our control and ownership. Additionally we will ensure due diligence throughout the product chain.
VIII. We agree to support Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) programs and/or legislation in order to
develop viable financing mechanisms for end-of-life that provides that all legitimate electronic recycling
companies have a stake in the process.
IX. We further agree to support design for environment and toxics use reduction programs and/or legislation
for electronic products.

* Following best interpretation of the definitions of the Basel Convention, “hazardous electronic waste” will for the purposes of this pledge
include circuit boards, CRTs as well as computers, monitors, peripherals, and other electronics containing circuit boards and/or CRTs. It will
also include mercury and PCB containing components, lamps and devices. The definition of “hazardous electronic waste” will not include nonhazardous
wastes such as copper unless it is contaminated with a Basel hazardous waste such as lead, cadmium, PCBs, mercury etc. The
definition of “hazardous electronic waste” includes non-working materials exported for repair unless assurances exist that hazardous
components (such as CRTs or circuit boards) will not be disposed of in the importing country as a result. The definition of “hazardous
electronic waste” does not include working equipment and parts that are certified as working, that are not intended for disposal or recycling, but
for re-use and resale. The term 'hazardous e-waste' as used in this Pledge does not pertain to, nor is synonymous with any current legal US
definitions of 'hazardous waste', but is meant for the purposes of this Pledge only.
** Following the definitions of the Basel Convention and its Basel Ban Amendment, developing countries are any country not
belonging to either the European Union, the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) or Liechtenstein. For a
complete list of OECD and EU countries see and find countries shaded in gray.

DEN said...

Micki, have they made Mac's now that can use any Windows program or are they still proprietary?

You cannot use Firefox, right?

ºCºarol said...

If you mean by trouble viewing pages, sometimes I go on a site and the articles are wider than my screen and I have to scroll back 'n forth. That happens when I read the Lansing paper on-line. Some articles fit neatly, other are too wide. I figure that's the site doing that. I keep meaning to email someone on-line at that moment, have them go to that page and see if it's wide for them, too.

I checked since you put the spaces in and I can see some of the speech bubble, but it's still off screen. Now I have to look into what Doctor B said, something about an adjustment.

Well, I couldn't find anything like Doc described. My mystery is not solved.

micki said...


micki said...

The factchecker/proofreader/editor in me....

ºCºarol said...

Just like that there's no limbo. Well, just like that they could get rid of hell. They made ALL that shit up as it is. If you research hell or the devil you'll find there was a time Christianity didn't teach those things. They invented them to control the people. Or to TRY to control the people. Worked pretty well actually. Look what's in the White House.

micki said...

I have an eMac and Bill recently got an MB Intel Core #2 Duo (hey, I'm not the guru!) and his new Mac supports any Windows program, if he so desires.

As far as Firefox, I'm not sure about that. I'll ask.

MB - Mac Book

micki said...

I don't believe in hell. Except as it is lived here on Earth.

Limbo always sounded like a dance to me.

DEN said...

Micki, CA is not a recycle friendly place like one would think.

You can recycle hazardous waste locally only certain times of the year, unless you pay dearly, $114 to get rid of two king size beds isn't cheap. Pay to recycle anything other than bottles and cans means more ditch dumping here.

Hope they wise up soon, it drives me nutZ!

Dens rules of recycling:

Make products with recycling in mind.

Make recycling easy and NO cost.

Recoup cost through re-utilization of recycled materials to make new products.

Governator! Did you hear that?

micki said...

Hey, if you define "limbo" as a state of uncertainty, we live that every day.

DEN said...

Thought it was a bend backward under a stick dance and a song too, "how low can you go?"

Carol, control the flock of sheep.


DEN said...

Gotta go watch Maher

Nite all!

micki said...

Regarding hell (or Hell, your choice), when I went to Jesuit university, the Jebbies in my experience figured that hell is understood as a condition of complete and total alienation from all that is good, loving, and hopeful.

It's a condition -- not a place in the so-called hereafter -- that one can choose. It is not a punishment that is engineered by God (or god, your choice).

Even back in the Dark Ages when I was a college student, many Catholic theologians had dismissed the concept of hellfire and damnation which was described as hell.

Carey said...


I don't believe in hell. Except as it is lived here on Earth.

Are you trying to make me wet my pants?

micki said...

Den, I asked Bill and he said that the Mozilla Firefox browser, is...ah shoot...something about a cross-platform something or other....I've already forgotten what he said.... that works with various versions of Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux and maybe others (I forget).

This stuff is not my forte. But, I guess what that means is that Firefox works on the newer Macs.

Carey said...

The story I brought up earlier about a man barricaded in the engineering building at Johnson Space Center did not appear anywhere on the TV after a while. It just disappeared. It was quite strange. Then, just now I saw this headline. It was posted about 10 minutes ago.

Man Kills Hostage, Self at NASA Building

micki said...

Carey, did I say something funny?

micki said...

Carey, that story made ABC News tonight, much earlier.

If it weren't so serious, it'd be laughable at how SAFE and SECURE venues are such as NASA.


Alan said...

Alan, I did not know you were a spark chaser!

Well, by schooling/apprentice program, I'm a 'vator man'... an elevator constructor. But I haven't done that in years. It's a dangerous young man's job. I took a maintenance job at the Astrodome when all the vator work bottomed out here and I didn't wannna chase the work north (Chicago/Detroit/Boston, etc...). It takes alot of different skills to put one together, so I can do electrical/plumbing/sheet metal/carpentry/ironworker's work... we joked that we carried a whore's card = we can fk with anything. *cough* That's what kept the elevator work interesting, not doing the same thing day after day. One day you'd be walking the steel stacking the rails or welding brackets for the rails, the next day you might be sitting on a bucket in front of the controller terminating a couple hundred wires. I loved the work, but it IS dangerous most of the time, and I wanted to see my girls grow up! There were 5 killed locally (two were close friends) in the 12 years I was in it. So anyways, I've been a maintenance/operations guy every since.

I hadn't heard of Feist till you mentioned her, but I found this...