Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Trigger Happy

Guns kill people, knives kill people, blunt instruments kill people, bombs kill people.

The common denominator in the above statement is what? People.

People kill people, no matter what sort of instrument is used to accomplish it. Sure it would be difficult to have mass stabbings, but how many people would die if some crazy had a razor sharp machete in a crowd of people, chopping at random. Of how about ammonium nitrate and fuel oil used as a bomb? OKC?

My point is there are many instruments of physical destruction that kill people, not just guns.

I am not a member of the NRA and as such cannot speak for them, but I like guns.
Big nasty machine guns, cannons, pistols, rifles. I like them as the intriguing mechanical machines that they are. As a guy I like target shooting and much to my friends dismay do not like hunting Gods' creatures. I like the power of guns and their ability to obliterate stationary objects, bottles, cans, etc.

Anyone that so chooses to enter my humble abode without my express permission better know they are risking their lives to do so. Deterrence of crime through the use of a well armed and trained citizenry is a must in todays' society where gang violence is an everyday occurrence, the police will not always be there to help and actually response times for a call are way too long.

This responsibility is not to be taken lightly however. Appropriate measures need to be taken to prevent children from accessing weapons, measures must be taken to secure weapons from theft which is the largest reason for the illegal sale of weapons to criminal elements in the first place. Locking gun cabinets are best for both. Training is important also as it has been noted that untrained gun owners will often become victims of their own guns.

We live in a free society(so far) and as a member of that society we are obligated to maintain some level of civility, but when it all goes very wrong we need to be ready, not victims.

This recent tragedy has brought an awareness that this can happen anywhere, anytime and with potentially more force of action. If we choose not to protect ourselves, we will keep being victims of it and embolden those who wish to do us harm.

I know all of you will not agree with my thoughts on this matter, however, it is not necessary to agree or disagree, just look at it as my opinion. Not a requirement or an answer for the crazy world we live in, just saying a person has a right to defend oneself and not become a victim.


DEN said...

Well I guess THAT went over big!

DEN said...

Aide Resigns from Lobby Firm
By Paul Kiel - April 16, 2007, 2:51 PM

It's a bad, bad sign when a subject of the Jack Abramoff investigation suddenly and without explanation resigns from his job. And that's what Kevin Ring did Friday, according to The Politico.

Ring, who worked as a lobbyist with Abramoff from 2000 until Abramoff was forced to close up shop in 2004, has come up again and again over the course of the Abramoff investigation. But he had a singular and important role in Abramoff's organization -- he was Abramoff's access to Rep. John Doolittle (R-CA), for whom Ring had been a senior staffer. Whenever Abramoff wanted Doolittle's help with anything -- and that happened often --, Ring was the man.

But Abramoff, being Abramoff, didn't expect help for nothing. And so it was Ring who served as the intermediary when Abramoff hired Doolittle's wife for consulting work, an arrangement that lasted for approximately two years. The payments suspiciously align with actions Doolittle took on behalf of Abramoff's clients.

Doolittle has been in investigators' sights since 2005. But it looks like they're finally closing in -- because if anyone could deliver Doolittle, it would be Ring.

As The Politico notes, Ring seems poised to follow the path of other aides who've pled guilty in the Abramoff scandal -- pleading guilty to lesser charges in return for delivering their former bosses to investigators. Ex-Rep. Bob Ney's (R-OH) former chief of staff Neil Volz, who also worked with Ring with Abramoff and then later at Barnes & Thornburg, resigned abruptly from that firm in January last year. He pled guilty to corruption charges in May, agreeing to cooperate and implicating Ney.
Doonothing is in constituent suck-up mode, trying to be mister nice guy to us locals, ain't working.

Gerald said...

Why I declined to serve

Gerald said...

Please God!

Gerald said...

Fear Factor

DEN said...

Eeny meeny, minee mo,

which email do I go,

mailserver for 31 domains

Site to follow

DEN said...

Democratic underground site here.

DEN said...

Had real problems trying to link the list so two entries were necessary.

º¿carol said...

Sorry, Den, but I didn't understand that site you posted.

micki said...

We are a nation of specialists.  And one of our specialties is mass murder. We even have a name for a popular murder weapon -- Saturday Night Special, a cheap easily concealed, and easily obtained, handgun.

We love guns.  They are hot!  Exciting!  In our increasingly confused society, we have convinced ourselves that we are more secure because we can arm ourselves to the teeth.  In our desire for *total* security, we believe that owning guns is the solution.  Nevermind that most of us will go through life, never, ever meeting a situation where we'd have to defend live and limb against an intruder or attacker. 

We are a violent nation.  When there's another mass murder in America, the horror and stupefying chaos never results in reflection on making changes in our culture.  No.  Instead we just dig in our heels and stay the course. 

When U.S. Marines use "excessive force," as they allegedly did last month in Afghanistan, a machine gun rampage that left 12 civilians dead, including an infant and three elderly men, where were the shock and tears? What those Marines did is little different than the mass murder rampages on U.S. school campuses. And why did they use excessive force at all? Especially on civilians. The "why" I don't know, but they did because they are violent people, steeped in the culture of guns and violence American-style.

Our society turns guns and bombs into IDOLS -- the Gun Nuts worship them for their power. Our official and unofficial arrogance claiming a Constitutional right to gun ownership, including assault weapons, is rooted in our culture of violence in this country.

If the people who say they are against war, also said they are against private ownership of assault weapons, I might start to believe them when they say they find bush's war abhorrent.

DEN said...

Carol, sorry for no explanation. That was a forum that investigated the numerous e-mail addresses used by the RNC to conduct their shifty business.

I really had trouble trying to link it, boogie man was messing with it.

Many different addresses for the Rover to hide his sneaky doings.

DEN said...


In an ideal world your logic would apply, unfortunately it is a mean place, with no safe place to hide.

In my world target practice and self defense against attackers is the priority.

The old saying; "when they outlaw guns only outlaws will have them" is essentially true, bans increase demand.

Keep up hope someday we will no longer need weapons of any kind, and peace and harmony will reign supreme.

micki said...

Fear factor. Seems to be working.


micki said...

Peace and harmony will not reign supreme as long as people believe that settling scores is through the barrel of a gun.

Conflict resolution through violence is no resolution at all.

DEN said...

Verisign, the internet's most popular web credit card verification site has guess who for a server?

Times up!


DEN said...

The web hosting company for the Vets for Freedom website is SMARTECHCORP.NET, which is the Chattanooga, Tennessee-based SMARTech Corporation [1].

DEN said...

Ohio website for live Election Night Dashboard moves from State of Ohio to SMARTechcorp.net IP address managed by the Republican National Committee

Eplurbus media

DEN said...

Republican National Committee
310 First Street SE
Washington, DC 20003


Administrative Contact, Technical Contact:
Republican National Committee Whois Privacy and Spam Prevention by DomainTools.com
310 First Street SE
Washington, DC 20003
202-863-8670 fax: 202-863-8851

Record expires on 08-Oct-2007.
Record created on 08-Oct-2002.

Domain servers in listed order:


Staring to see a pattern here?

DEN said...

Micki, I am in total agreement with you on both counts.

DEN said...

WASHINGTON — It’s more than 700 miles from Madison Square Garden, but that won’t stop Chattanooga from "hosting" next week’s Republican National Convention in New York City.

Chattanooga based Smartech Corp. is serving as Web host for the convention, bringing the event to computer screens across the globe. The company will provide convention speeches, video-on-demand "streams" and live shots of events through powerful Web servers, most of which are at Smartech’s headquarters in downtown Chattanooga.

"The world will view everything from Chattanooga; that’s the best way to think about it," said Smartech founder and President Jeff Averbeck. "We’ll have one camera (in New York) that looks down from the ceiling on the podium, and then we’ll have several others placed around in strategic locations."

The company also hosts the Bush-Cheney campaign Web site, at www.georgewbush.com, and the national committee’s site, www.GOP.com. In the past year, the company has added six employees, bringing its total to 12. Smartech does not release revenue figures, but political work accounts for 25 percent to 35 percent of the company’s total business, Mr. Averbeck said.

DEN said...


carey said...

I picked up a cold so I'll be brief. I pretty much agree with Micki and I'll let her speak for me in her eloquent voice.

I did catch Rosie O'Donnell on The View this morning. She said, absolutely, it's futile to debate gun control in this country. She put her all against the NRA lobby for five years and came away with the knowledge that it just ain't gonna happen. The gun lobby is too strong.

Then I caught Candy Crowley early this morning saying she did not think gun control debate would be an issue in the presidential campaigns.

It's a no go.


Saladin said...

Good for you DEN. Stand your ground. Jumping from basic self defense to owning assault weapons is ridiculous. And settling a score is a far cry from a gun wielding lunatic breaking into your home, threatening your family with serious bodily harm and or death and finding himself staring down the barrel of a 12 gauge shotgun. That threat is what keeps them even remotely at bay. I'm with you, do not come into my house with bad intent unless you want to find yourself up close and personal with an AR-15, (for the paranoid gun grabber, that's a rifle with a scary name, but completely legal)I've never shot a living thing, not even a tree, in my life, and never want to, but I wouldn't hesitate if my loved ones are in imminent danger. I wish we lived in a world where guns weren't necessary, but that is not reality. I won't trust my life or that of my family to wishful thinking.

David B. Benson said...

I recommend learning Aikido as far more effective in most situations...

micki said...

Oh great.

micki said...

Not intended for the comment on Aikido...

micki said...

Harmonious idea, Dr. B!

micki said...

"To control aggression without inflicting injury is the Art of Peace."

David B. Benson said...

From Wikipedia, it appears that some schools of aikido teach disarming armed opponents...

David B. Benson said...

Also multiple attackers...

carol said...

Who the hell is talking about gun control except Saladin? Everybody knows it will never happen, so quit yapping about it as if it's a imminent threat. Christ almighty.

micki said...

You've certainly shot off your mouth on any number of occasions.

micki said...

I think the "shooter" knows who that is *aimed* at.

micki said...

Saladin, serious question.

Would you support a ban on private ownership of assault weapons and armor-piercing ammunition -- with no caveats? No private ownership of assault weapons and APA -- none, nada, zippo, zero?

Jeanne said...

Ok, I'll give my 2 cents. Guns scare the heck out of me. Most cops I know live in fear of guns. They're the ones who are coming in contact with people who have lost control and who have guns. You can't get through a career as a cop without at least one stand off. I had a friend who was a deputy and his goal before retirement was to make it through his entire career without shooting somebody or getting shot.

Nobody needs a gun. I have lived my entire life without one. There hasn't been a moment in my life where I have regretted not having one.

I will say in defence of the hunters...they have the greatest respect for life and nature of anybody I know. The hunters I know have family traditions that go back generations. They hunt every fall, they fish in the spring.

micki said...

Jeanne, didn't you tell us once that you rode with cops and got to know a lot of them?

Jeanne said...

Yeah, I am a volunteer with the police dept in my city.

micki said...

The reality is what we make it. If one thinks reality requires owning a gun for *self-defense* then that version of reality becomes one of his/her values.

One could also reject the imagined necessity of owning a gun and work on non-violent resolutions. It would demand creativity, however.

micki said...

Jeanne, first-hand experience is valuable, isn't it?

Jeanne said...

First hand knowledge opens your eyes in ways you can't imagine. Cops get tough skins but they are so much more compassionate than the average person. I remember hearing about a guy who was a real loser, causing his family all sorts of grief. He killed himself. I made some comment about him being less trouble for people. The cop I was talking to was really sad about it. He felt really bad that the guy could never find a good life for himself. It made me much more compassionate. I thought if this cop can be that compassionate about someone with all those issues then I could and should too.

Alan said...

Dr. B, I once knew a guy with a black belt in Aikido. He learned it while stationed in Japan with the Marine Corp. Went 'n watched him in a tournament also. Everybody and their brother in the tournament was taught in Tae Kwon Do, so he stood out like a sore thumb. He won the first day in Kata, then kicked some major azz the next day in actual fighting.

That being said, the last time I saw him he was in the hospital. He defended a girl from her b/friend hitting her. Layed the guy out and everything... then his friend got a sucker punch in and then stomped my Aikido friend into the hospital.
Aikido is great, but it also doesn't work well in a gun fight. There are no drive-by karate chops. To wrap up... if you're close, a punch will do. A little farther, a kick works well. Any farther than that, then martial arts are a distinct disadvantage to someone armed... unless you're 'the matrix' guy. haha

Den, I love guns too. Like you, I don't hunt. I'm a shooter, not a killer. I like skeet and just plain ol' plinking with a .22.
When my girls were still small... about 12 and 8... I brought out a .22 pistol (Ruger semi-auto). Took the clip out and made sure the chamber was empty, then gave it to 'em to 'play' with. Made them hold it and check it out for as long as they wanted to. Told 'em "get all your curiousity out". When you're done, bring it back and then I don't want you to ever touch it or any other gun again." As far as I know, it worked and they never messed with my weapons again.

º¿carol said...

Saladin is armed to the teeth in case some god-awful bad guy breaks into her house. What do ya wanna bet the bad guy would win. The gun would be in its case, the bullets somewhere else and by the time anyone could get their gun ready for "defense" it would be too late.

That said, I don't know anyone my whole 61 years that has had some thug accost them in their home,or anywhere. That means I don't know anyone who would have ever had to own a gun based on such a premise. Of course I've known a lot of hunters but that's another matter.

I think Saladin is part of a CA militia. That would explain her Fort Smith mentality.

For the record, we have a gun. Some kind of rifle, maybe a .22? Had it forever, can't remember why Bob bought it, don't know where the bullets are. It's leaning against the wall in the corner next to the bookcase in here collecting dust because I don't know where else to put the damn thing. It would be completely useless if someone broke in right now while I'm typing! Hmmm. Maybe I ought to find the bullets and learn to use it. I mean, just in case..........