Friday, May 25, 2007


Thanks Alan!

Good stuff from Al Gore last night on the Daily Show, watch the 2 part interview



DEN said...

Good reading @ Firedoglake this AM.

DEN said...

From Raw Story:

Rove, Fielding pay mysterious visit to Capitol

Senior White House aide Karl Rove and White House Counsel Fred Fielding were just spotted leaving a meeting room just off the Senate floor in the Capitol. But neither gave a reason for their trip to the Hill.

Minutes later, Iraq War “Czar” Lt. Gen Douglas Lute was also spotted leaving the Capitol.

When asked what brought him down Pennsylvania Avenue, Rove remained mum, simply smiling and greeting the staffers who quickly surrounded him.

“Something big must be happening” a startled Sen. Arlen Specter (R-Pa.) said as he watched Rove walk out the building.

-Daniel W. Reilly

DEN said...

This strategy would sidestep controversies over bomber aircraft and overflight rights over other Middle East nations and could be expected to trigger a sufficient Iranian counter-strike against US forces in the Gulf -- which just became significantly larger -- as to compel Bush to forgo the diplomatic track that the administration realists are advocating and engage in another war.

There are many other components of the complex game plan that this Cheney official has been kicking around Washington. The official has offered this commentary to senior staff at AEI and in lunch and dinner gatherings which were to be considered strictly off-the-record, but there can be little doubt that the official actually hopes that hawkish conservatives and neoconservatives share this information and then rally to this point of view. This official is beating the brush and doing what Joshua Muravchik has previously suggested -- which is to help establish the policy and political pathway to bombing Iran.

The zinger of this information is the admission by this Cheney aide that Cheney himself is frustrated with President Bush and believes, much like Richard Perle, that Bush is making a disastrous mistake by aligning himself with the policy course that Condoleezza Rice, Bob Gates, Michael Hayden and McConnell have sculpted.

According to this official, Cheney believes that Bush can not be counted on to make the "right decision" when it comes to dealing with Iran and thus Cheney believes that he must tie the President's hands.

DEN said...

Impending "Pearl Harbor Event"

False flag will most certainly occur due to the ineptitude of Congress in removing the scoundrels in the WH.

Significant signals are slowly seeping out of the White House cesspool indicating something is going on.

Lord help us! Free us from those that would cause us harm to further a distorted political agenda.

DEN said...

Mark Fiores latest lampoons the local issue here in Sacramento, wayward Humpback whales, HERE

The latest local news can be found, HERE

Alan said...

must-see videos, part 1, 2, and 3... Greg Palast on US Attorney firings

I'm still watching part 1... waiting for it to load some more. I dunno why those youtube videos do that to me. Some will stream just fine, others stop and start similiar to the old dial-up days.

Alan said...

*quote at the top of the page where the Greg Palast videos are...

“If the American public knew what Bush was really up to, his approval(currently under 30%) could be expressed with a single digit.
Preferably the middle finger.”
-- SadButTrue --

DEN said...


DEN said...


About an hour ago, the Senate caved to President Bush and sent him another blank check to continue the war in Iraq.

This is a serious blow for all of us, but no one lost more today than the troops in the field who continue to sacrifice so nobly and their families still waiting back home.

It's a hard moment, but you and I don't have the luxury of getting discouraged. We must remember: This is not over. For those of us committed to change, it has only begun.

This weekend, thousands of us will take action in our communities to support the troops and end the war. We will speak out in public. We will send care packages to soldiers in Iraq. We will gather letters for Congress and the president. And on Memorial Day, we will remember and honor those who sacrificed everything for their nation.

Join us:

After tonight, one thing is now perfectly clear: No one else is going to end this war for us. Bush will not listen. Congress will not fight. There's no one left to lead the country now but we the people.

Each of us has a duty and a responsibility to our troops and to each other to do all that we can to end this war. Under the Constitution of the United States of America, we the people are the sovereign and the ultimate decider's--and by all that I know is right we will succeed in bringing our troops home.

Thank you for standing up.

--John Edwards

Alan said...

DefCon says... T
only three days to "creation museum" opening

you can sign a petition at their site.

David B. Benson said...

US stiffarms Germany and rabbitpunches Britian, with red ink blood all over the draft of the climate change proposal for the upcoming G8 meeting.

Peach Mint!

º¿carol said...

BuzzFlash Hypocrite of the Week

Ted Klaudt (never heard of this guy, but get a load of his crimes)

May 25, 2007

Welcome back to the BuzzFlash GOP Hypocrite of the Week.

First off, let us just say that we could start a new BuzzFlash GOP Sexual Predator of the Week site, based on the number of stories we come across. It is astonishing how many hardcore (so to speak) evangelists, ministers, congressmen, state legislators, mayors, and so on, of the Republican persuasion are exposed as perverts.

So we are selective about the ones we honor as BuzzFlash GOP Hypocrites of the Week, because otherwise we couldn't concentrate on the numerous other areas of GOP Hypocrisy.

But Ted Klaudt, a rather hefty former GOP honcho in the South Dakota legislature, deserves special mention. We'll go right to the news story from May 18:

A former South Dakota lawmaker is accused of molesting his own foster children and legislative pages.

Ted Klaudt, 49, a Republican rancher from Walker, faces a long list of charges: eight counts of rape, two counts of sexual exploitation of a minor, two counts of witness tampering, sexual contact with a person under 16, and stalking.

Court documents mention five possible victims. Three were foster children between the ages of 15 and 19 who lived with Klaudt's family. One is a cousin of one of those girls, and the fifth is a friend of Klaudt's daughter.

In the most disturbing accusation, the girls say Klaudt had them convinced they could earn up to $20,000 by donating their eggs to a fertility clinic. And even though he has no medical training, the girls say Klaudt did all the supposed "exams" and "procedures" himself.

We took note of another article from a South Dakota paper that began this way:

While Ted Klaudt served in the legislature, his name was attached to several bills designed to protect children from sex abuse. Klaudt served in the South Dakota House from 1998 to 2006. He served on the appropriations as well as the government operations and audit committees. And while in office, he co-sponsored several bills that took aim at sex offenders.

Klaudt was one of the house members who introduced legislation in 2006 that added more teeth to South Dakota's sex offender laws. The bill further defined sex crimes and spelled out new requirements for when, where and how sex offenders register in the state.

Klaudt also helped introduce a bill that created "community safety zones" where sex offenders are not allowed to live or hang out. The zones are within 500 feet of schools, public parks and swimming pools.


It's hard to snicker at Klaudt's repugnant hypocrisy. Children were allegedly sexually abused at his hands in the most deviant of ways: "Former State Representative Ted Klaudt is accused of manipulating, molesting, intimidating and threatening teenage girls whom the state of South Dakota paid him to raise."

If you live next to a Republican, all we can say is lock up your children. Don't take any chances.

Until next week, remember our motto: So many Republican hypocrites, so little time.

Catch up with you soon.

* * *

This is Ted Klaudt's first HOTW Award. Welcome to the Club.

David B. Benson said...

Regarding climate change denialists:

Gore 'em...

º¿carol said...


Thursday, May 24, 2007
Posted by Jim Hightower

Shouldn't chocolate contain, you know... chocolate? By which I mean cocoa butter and solids, derived from the cacao tree, which the dictionary specifically says is "the source of chocolate."

No, says Hershey, Nestle, and other industrial candy makers that are petitioning the Food and Drug Administration to let them blatantly lie to us consumers about what's in their confections. They want to be able to use no chocolate at all – instead substituting artificial sweeteners, hydrogenated and chemically-modified vegetable fats, and other artificial ingredients – yet still get to call their product "chocolate." You don't have to be a chocoholic to see that this is a raw deal.

To add insult to injury, Hershey even blames us for its proposed rip-off, claiming that the deceptive label is needed to keep up with the changing "consumer taste preference." Oh, right – I'm sure there’s an explosion of pent-up consumer demand all across America for that yummy taste of chemically modified trans fats. Who wants that old cocoa richness when we could have the waxy texture of the artificial stuff?

What we have here is a crass play by the big manufacturers to use cheap ingredients, then advertise and sell the product as fine chocolate. Gary Guillard of Guillard Chocolate Company is one of many real chocolate makers who are appalled by this perversion. He says that the manufacturers’ proposal would "cheapen chocolate's great taste, all in pursuit of shortchanging the consumer, and putting that change in their own pockets."

If you want real chocolate instead of the fake stuff, which one group calls "mockolate," now is the time to speak up. The FDA's public comment period for the industry's proposal runs until June 25th. For more information and for a direct link to the FDA for registering your comment – go to this web site:

"Food-O-File," Austin Chronicle, May 4, 2007
"Letter to Stakeholders,", April 2007
"Are Chocolate Standards of Identity the Same Around the World?", May 2007

º¿carol said...

Here's one for you, Dr. B.


Friday, May 25, 2007
Posted by Jim Hightower

As summer approaches, families all across our country are making vacation plans. But some people get bored with the same old trips, whether to the shore or to some exotic tropical island. Been there, done that, bought the t-shirt.

Well, Bucko, don’t get all mopey. Perk-up your vacation life with something entirely different, something guaranteed to cause a buzz back at the office: a cruise! No, not the geezer cruise with shuffleboard and the endless buffet. I'm talking about a cruise with cachet and topical relevancy – a cruise to watch global warming as it’s happening! Yes, instead of just talking about climate change, you can literally go look at it, thanks to a boom in something called "global warming tourism."

For example, a company called Betchart Expeditions is offering a 12-day excursion up the Greenland Coast to witness the melting of the Greenland ice sheet. After traveling some 400 miles north of the Arctic Circle, you will lay eyes on a brand new landmark aptly named Warming Island. It was totally unknown until discovered in 2005 emerging from beneath the melting ice sheet. Just think - your very own Hummer might have contributed to the sudden appearance of this unique chunk of geography!

And you can see it in style aboard Betchart's 50-foot passenger ship. The bare-bones price for a steerage cabin with shared bath is $5,000. But add a $2,000 upgrade and you get a "superior" cabin with a private john. The cruise company notes that you can be among the first humans to see this spectacular island, which it describes as "a compelling indicator of the rapid speed of global warming."

Of course, this is a cruise loaded with irony. As a climate change expert says, "If enough people expend enough fossil fuels to visit Warming Island, they will ensure that there will be many more. "So bon voyage – and don't forget to buy the t-shirt.

"Holiday at the End of the Earth:Tourist Pay to See Global Warming in Action,", May 3, 2007

micki said...

Carol --

Someone is always willing to make a buck off of something! And...there are obviously people willing to pay!

I wonder when someone will offer trips to anti-nuclear activists to visit Hiroshima on nuclear missile submarines? Basically, that's what this cruise to "witness" global warming is: willingly contributing to the problem!!!

David B. Benson said...

Carol --- You just destroyed out my irony meter.

The fuse even failed!

Slow burn.

Well, warming...

micki said...

Okay -- take a look at the date on this NYT article. That's when bush's father was president.

Fast forward to Thursday, May 24, 2007...guess who bush picked as the next Surgeon General? Yup, the guy who was "on duty" when the 6 deaths were linked to poor hospital care!!!!!

Heckuva job, Dr. James Holsinger, Jr.!

U.S. Links 6 Deaths to Poor Hospital Care

Published: April 7, 1991 -- NEW YORK TIMES

The Government says six men who died at a large veterans' hospital in suburban Chicago were the victims of inadequate care.

The finding, issued Friday, arises from an investigation into medical practices at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in North Chicago, one of the largest veterans' hospitals in the country. Last month the agency reassigned the hospital's chief of staff to an advisory position at the 1,004-bed center. The agency also discontinued vascular and orthopedic surgery.

"Mistakes were made," said the Veterans Affairs Secretary, Edward J. Derwinski. "The medical care was clearly not what it should be."

The agency's announcement came a week after department investigators questioned poor supervision and delays between diagnosis and surgery, among other things.

After an extensive review of 15 deaths between June 1989 and March 1990, the agency acknowledged blame in six, said Dr. James Holsinger Jr., the agency's chief medical officer.

Dr. Holsinger and an agency spokeswoman, Donna St. John, said they would not discuss the six deaths that were linked to poor care until family members were notified.

The agency said it would invite the families to meet with its lawyers to discuss a financial settlement.

micki said...

Oh, now I see why bush picked this loser.

He thinks homosexuality is a sin, contributes to Repugs, and he's on the nutty side of religion. (for starters)

They gotta keep throwing those bones to the base!

micki said...

Regarding climate change denialists:

Gore 'em...

Vivid imagery! Good one, Dr. B!

{ò,ó}arol said...


Mich Senate votes to let counties charge cell users a 9-1-1 fee

There I was, reading the story in the Lansing State Journal, thinking that's a good thing. Only fair. If landline people pay for 911 so should cell phone users. My son and his wife don't have a landline and I know there are lots of people giving their landlines up.

This was the last paragraph of the article: Sen. Nancy Cassis, a Republican from Novi, said she voted against the legislation because it could be a "hidden tax increase."

See? Bizzaro republican example RIGHT there! The repugs are so used to screaming about taxes that they've lost their goddamn minds! Ms. Cassis completely ignored the fairness of all phone users paying for 911 and focused on the tax aspect. Is that not bizarre? To me it makes her look like an idiot.

If she feels like that why didn't she say no one should have to pay for 911.

David B. Benson said...

Time to go acquire a new irony meter.

Carol broke my 20th century one with her post about Warming Island.

Guess I need a much stronger one for the 21st century...

•c•arol said...

Sorry, Doc, but it had to be done. You'll be ok.

DEN said...

Friday funnies in Auburn, HERE

Sonny Barger is coming to town, the rooten-tootenist Hells Angel ever known.

Hide the virgins and tie up the dogs.

DEN said...

The comments are interesting.